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Growing Cannabis Plants with Seeds

Now, the option of growing a cannabis plant with seeds is apparently more trouble-free, assured strategy for the newly growers. This is the most complacent and the most doable approach to creating access to the cannabis plants. You can also choose cannabis seeds based on your desired size, flavor, flowering times, and effects. If you think that it is terrorizing to grow plants that came from seeds, then perhaps you can rest yourself now because it actually suggests less...

cannabis plant

How to Clone a Weed Plant

There are two ways to grow a cannabis plant. One, you can grow almost all strains of cannabis from seeds. Second, you can grow some cannabis plants using clones or cuttings. Growing from seeds is the most traditional but some strains are not available in seed form anymore. This is why some cannabis growers resort to using cuttings to grow plants. But not all plants may be cloned so consider this information when choosing the strain you want to...

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germinate weed seeds

How to Germinate Weed Seeds: The Definitive Guide

Germinating weed seeds refer to the process of making your seeds sprout, that is when white, little tendrils pop out of the seeds. Your marijuana cultivation project usually starts with this process. It could be challenging if you are not familiar with the method just yet. To help you out, read through this guide and learn more about the water soaking + paper towel germination method as the best way to germinate cannabis seeds. Cannabis Seed Germination – Cup of Water +...

Growing marijuana seeds

How to Grow Marijuana from Seed

Growing marijuana seeds are entirely attributed to the quality of the seeds. There is no chance for the plants to grow better than the seeds to which they grow from. Back then, seeds shops were nowhere to find. Hence seeds were preserved from unique buds – however, this was entirely a shot in the dark with plenty of tests with possibilities of errors. Fortunately, people now understand more about marijuana seed growing. The growing of marijuana seeds is not a...

bubble hash from marijuana buds

How to Make Bubble Hash from Marijuana Bud or Trim

Are you looking for a marijuana product with potent yields? Then you may want to try bubble hash. Albeit it's already circulating around the cannabis sector for some time, many people still don't know of its existence. The continuous spread of the fame of marijuana across different locations helps in bringing bubble hash to the hands of cannabis connoisseurs. Read on as we help you discover information about bubble hash. We're also going to give you a guide on how...

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dry ice hash from trim or bud

How to Make Dry Ice Hash from Trim or Bud

Dry ice hash is one of the easiest and fastest ways that you can make hash from trim or bud. This method of extraction of that psychoactive resin from those awesome bugs is said to be the most efficient way to do so. Not only that, but it does not require you to use any solvents in the process.  Making dry ice hash from trim or bud not only helps you avoid inhaling any harmful chemicals but also allows...

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How to Make Hash – Your Ultimate Guide

One of the most potent forms of cannabis concentrates is hash. This goes by different names but to concentrate makers, this is simply known as hash. If you are growing cannabis and you would like to venture into making hash, it’s important to learn how to make one safely and efficiently.   Different Types of Concentrates What is hashish? One of the earliest forms of cannabis concentrates is hash or hashish. This term is recognized all over the world as a potent...

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