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How Long Do Cannabis Seeds Last?: A Full Guide to Keeping Your Seeds Healthy

When you buy Cannabis Seeds in bulk, you can save a lot of money on your purchase. Some seed banks will even offer to give you free seeds with every order. No matter how green your thumb is, there might come a time when you have more seeds than you know what to do with. If you don’t have the space, time, or energy to commit to growing your seeds all at once, what can you do with them?

Germinating Cannabis Seeds can be a daunting task, and cultivating them all of the way to harvest can be even more intimidating. Yet, we can’t get anywhere without a seed that is ready to sprout. Thankfully, there are ways to maximize the longevity of your Cannabis Seeds while they are in storage.

Today, we are going to take a deep dive into how to store Cannabis Seeds, whether or not they can go bad, and how long you can keep those seeds in storage before their vitals are impacted.

How Long Do Cannabis Seeds Last?

Were you to discuss seed longevity with 10 different people, you’d likely get a bunch of different answers. Some growers suggest that Cannabis Seeds should be used within six months to a year after they have been packed. Other cultivators suggest that Cannabis Seeds can last for years when stored under the correct conditions. The longevity of your weed seeds will depend on several different factors, many of which we will soon delve into.

If you’re looking for the short answer; you can keep your seeds anywhere between six months and five years, depending on the packing, care, and handling of them. Multiple factors will impact the longevity and vitality of your weed seeds. So, can weed seeds go bad? Yes!

How Do I Know If Cannabis Seeds Go Bad?

The most obvious sign that a seed has gone bad is its unwillingness to germinate. Most seeds will germinate within seven to 10 days. There are a few other ways you can tell if your seeds have gone bad.

  • Visual Appearance: Cracked seeds are less likely to germinate. Seeds that are soft and easy to crush are also not likely to germinate.
  • If you’re unsure, you can always try the water test. To do this, place a seed in a cup of warm water. If the seeds sink to the bottom after a few hours, they are healthy enough to germinate. If the seeds stay floating, they are probably dead.

What Factors Impact Cannabis Seed Longevity?

Long before the seeds you order arrive in your hands, they will be harvested, packaged, and sent through the mail to you. This process is entirely out of your control and thus you must rely on a reputable seed bank.

As living organisms, seeds must be carefully monitored to ensure that they are protected for when they are ready to germinate. To make sure that your seeds are in the best condition possible for when their time to grow comes, try to pay attention to the following factors during the storage process.


Light is integral to the health of your cannabis plant, so why wouldn’t it matter to your seeds? Light tells your seeds that they should begin to prepare for the germination process. When poorly stored, light contamination can trigger the chemical process of germination in seeds, which will make them incapable of germinating at a later time. To keep your seeds healthy and ready to germinate, keep them in the dark as much as possible. Avoid light pollution when you store your weed seeds to maximize their value at a later time.

Oxygen Levels

Believe it or not, your seeds would prefer to exist within a vacuum in storage. Sealing your seeds away from the world will provide them with oxygen while preventing the introduction of fresh air, pests, or other complications to the germination process. A vacuum-sealed container is great at preventing pests from thriving.

Heat Levels

Did you know that high heat levels can send a signal to your seeds that they should germinate? Keep your seeds in a cool dark place where they won’t freeze but can still avoid higher temperatures. We recommend storing your seeds between 42 and 46 degrees F at all times. Of course, room temperature will work for storage but it may impact the overall lifespan and longevity of your seeds.

Environmental Changes

Environmental stability is of the utmost importance when it comes to storing your Cannabis Seeds. Don’t store your seeds in places where the climate isn’t controlled and the temperature isn’t dialed in. Garages and sheds are not optimal locations for storage as they can experience serious environmental fluctuations. If we are wondering how to store Cannabis Seeds, paying close attention to environmental changes should be where we start.

By locking in our environment, we can avoid the introduction of humidity, fungi, and unwanted bacteria that may cause issues with our seeds. High moisture levels can also lead to the death of seeds just as effectively as any pest, insect, or microorganism.

How To Make Cannabis Seeds Last Even Longer

Now that we’ve assessed some of the elements that may impact the health of your seeds, we need to put them into action. If you are looking to acquire seeds in bulk, you might want to begin taking a few of the following steps to maintain the longevity of your purchase.

Pick Your Container

First and foremost, we need the right jar to contain our seeds if we are to store them for a long time. Ideally, you can select a container that has an air-tight seal without any porosity. Remove all of the air from the container, ideally through a vacuum seal, and place your seeds inside. The best type of container will be dark, cool, and completely sealed.

Tip: Most seed banks ship their products inside of appropriate packing materials for storage at a later time. If all else fails, the use of an envelope can work.

Pick Your Location

When it comes time to store your seeds, you want to pick one of three primary places: the basement, the refrigerator, or the freezer.

The Basement

The basement is cool and dark though it lacks the moisture control most people would want. If you still want to use your basement, consider sealing your seeds in a closed container with uncooked rice to absorb any excess moisture. Replace the rice as needed.

The Refrigerator

The refrigerator is one of the best places to store your weed seeds for the long term. The refrigerator offers steady temperature levels, controlled humidity, and easy access. Place your seeds in a container in the crisper to allow them to enjoy some additional warmth.

The Freezer

Finally, the freezer is a great option for long-term seed storage. Freezers are opened less often than refrigerators, thus providing a dark, cold, and more isolated experience. Check with your seed bank before freezing your seeds. If the seeds you acquired have been frozen, do not refreeze them. Reintroducing thawed seeds to the freezer may cause crystallization and its corresponding damage to your seeds.


Our Top 5 Strains for the First Half of 2022

Blue Cookies

Blue Cookies is an indica-dominant hybrid that pairs two of our favorite strains: Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry. A child of these industry heavyweights, Blue Cookies is also known as Blue GSC or Blue Girl Scout Cookies.

With reported THC levels in the low 20s and minimal amounts of CBD, consumers can expect a well-rounded experience grown from the comfort of their own gardens.

Flavors & Effects

With Blue GSC, effects are aimed straight at the head as euphoria quickly takes hold. After smoking it for a while, consumers will note that the high begins to impact the rest of their bodies in a deeply relaxing way.

More than just another GSC phenotype, Blue Cookies sets the tone with notes of cherry and berry that are impossible to ignore on the exhale. The bud itself is thick and green, coated with a frosty resin that gives way to hues of purple. This strain is not for novice consumers nor the faint of heart.

Growing Information

Harvests are ready by late September after roughly eight to 10 weeks of flowering. When cultivated outdoors, Blue GSC thrives in warm climates with temperatures hovering around the 70-degree mark. Thankfully, it can be cultivated indoors with relative ease thanks to its short body and bulky flowering stage.

Agent Orange

Considered a balanced hybrid, Agent Orange features uplifting and motivating effects that work well as an overall mood enhancer. With a deep citrus aroma, it can bring about uplifting feelings with little more than a smell.

Flavors & Effects

While the name may not inspire you to reach for a bowl, Agent Orange surely makes each hit worth the effort. Crossbred between Orange Velvet and Jack the Ripper, it brings about sativa-dominant effects that leave individuals both energized and ready to tackle the day.

Consumers of Agent Orange report feelings of well-being in addition to a significant reduction in pain caused by certain medical conditions.

Growing Information

This strain thrives most when it is grown outdoors in a warm, sunny environment. Mild nights are integral to the health and vitality of your crop as they will lead to a larger yield. To find success with this strain, it’s important to have appropriate lighting both indoors and outdoors. Flowering should ensue within eight to nine weeks.


Gorilla Cake

Gorilla Cake can be found where the genetics of Wedding Cake and Original Glue cross paths. A high-functioning hybrid, it is brimming with earthy terpenes and soaring THC levels. With caryophyllene leading the way, consumers of Gorilla Cake are in for a hybridized experience that addresses their body and mind on several different levels.

Flavors & Effects

This is a dynamic hybrid that features the best of its Wedding Cake and Original Glue roots. The balanced effects of its Wedding Cake genetics make for a lazy high that can leave you feeling like your arms are glued to the couch or chair. With a quick onset and relatively euphoric effects, Gorilla Cake is a popular strain for novice consumers and experienced users alike.

Best used late in the day, this Cake strain can help address insomnia, headaches, chronic pain, and even stress without completely sedating the consumer. With that being said, consume enough of this strain and you will be quick to find your bed.

Growing Information

This strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors with relatively little difficulty. With a reported flowering time between 45 and 50 days and a yield surpassing 150 grams per plant, it’s easy to see why this Cake strain has become so popular among novice growers. 


Pink Runtz

A hybrid cross featuring genetics from Runtz, Zkittlez, and Gelato, Pink Runtz packs a certified punch of sweetness and fruit flavor. Best reserved for the morning, it brings about uplifting effects that are said to be long-lasting.

Flavors & Effects

Considered a balanced 50/50 hybrid, Pink Runtz tends to deliver the best of both worlds to consumers as it provides a euphoric high that is balanced by a relaxing body lock. Some consumers describe the strain as both a pleasing and slightly “out of body” experience.

This strain features soaring THC content which can bring about an intense level of body buzz, making it an ideal choice for medical users looking for stress, nausea, and mood swing reduction.

Growing Information

If you want to bring Runtz to life in your own garden, be prepared to pay close attention throughout the growing period. This strain features THC levels upward of 25 percent with minimal CBD levels.

Growing this strain requires growers to give roughly eight to nine weeks of their lives to the flower before it’s fully ready to harvest. With colorful, dense, and dark buds, this Runtz cross has everything you need to impress.

The flowering time for this strain is between 45 and 50 days with nearly 150 grams per plant in harvest quantity.


Blue Mylk

Does a jug of blue milk sound good to you? If so, you are either Luke Skywalker or a true cannabis aficionado. A high-yielding indica-dominant strain, Blue Mylk scores soaring THC levels with minimal to zero levels of CBD.

As fun to smoke as it is to explore, this unique Mylk strain is a double-bred indica cross that features genetics from Blueberry as well as a host of other indica strains.

Flavors & Effects

Blue Mylk offers consumers the best of its genetic parents by providing scents of blueberry, bread, and chamomile. With a leading terpene of myrcene, consumers of Blue Mylk will quickly find that their aches and pains have reduced in severity. Continued consumption of Blue Mylk can lead to a unique jolt of mental energy that is balanced by its more physically relaxing nature.

Growing Information

Blue Mylk feminized seeds are revered not just for the delectable indica cannabis they produce but also for the towering plants that they eventually yield. These huge plants grow well regardless of indoor or outdoor placement.

With a pungent aroma emanating from purple-speckled buds, growers will have to withstand the urge to touch their trichome-coated plants until it is time to cure. This strain has a flowering phase of just 45 days and an indoor harvest period at some point in mid-to-late September.

Top 10 Marijuana Strains for Anxiety

The concept of using cannabis to help mental and physical health goes back years and years.

But when you’re wondering if the cannabis plant can truly reduce anxiety, things can get a little more complicated. While there are plenty of satisfied people who felt that cannabis reduced their stress, others ended up experiencing stronger anxiety plus a heightened sense of paranoia. This is definitely not relaxing!

Part of the reason for things being so varied is the THC content. This natural compound is what causes the psychoactive effects we experience while using cannabis. But not everyone knows that there are different levels of THC, and some cannabis plants and seeds contain very little THC, with instead larger amounts of CBD, which is another compound. High CBD or high THC strains can provide entirely different experiences for someone with existing anxiety symptoms, and what fits you perfectly might be somewhere in between.

Discover the Right Strain

When searching for the ideal anti-anxiety strain, a good starting place is understanding your body and how it handles cannabis. Do you know your general sensitivity and tolerance? How much experience have you had with different forms? Have you tried a certain strain before, even if you weren’t aware of your anxiety?

It’s a good idea to try different types to narrow down what you like and understand what helps your anxiety, or what might be less effective. It may not be easy! With hundreds of strains out there, there are a lot of combinations to choose from. If you’re on the hunt for your ideal match though, we’ve been able to provide you with a headstart in this blog.

Top Cannabis Strains for Anxiety

1. Grandaddy Purple

This strain is intended to help your brain and body relax. Whether you’re working with Cannabis Seeds or the cannabis plant first, Granddaddy Purple is a satisfying Indica cross of Purple Urkel and Big Bud, which have created buds with lovely grape overtones. It has a reputation for creating a relaxed experience with a bit of euphoria thrown into the mix. With this strain, your mind can wander, your body feels light, and you’re uplifted. The relaxation can also lead to a lovely sleep.

Granddaddy Purple is recognized as helping depression and anxiety by encouraging more positive thoughts and feelings.. It’s also recommended for those who have difficulty sleeping, poor appetites, or those going through painful medical treatments.

It’s important to note though that Granddaddy Purple includes some THC, which means there is a possibility of feeling dizzy and paranoid, especially if you’re not as familiar with this strain.

2. Jack Herer

People who have experienced Jack Herer say it’s all about feeling good. After just a few puffs, you may feel energized and like you’re finally giving your brain a break.

Jack Herer can provide an uplifting experience which causes worries to fall away and gives off the energy to power through a tough task or a tough day. People call it a “daytime” strain since it gives them a boost and helps shake off feelings of fatigue and pain. Some even use it in the afternoon, so they can remain focused and worry-free until bedtime.

It can, however, cause feelings of paranoia and dizziness, especially if someone hasn’t tried Jack Herer before. It also is known for its natural analgesic properties that reduce pain through the body, including headaches, sore muscles, and much more.

3. Cannatonic

Part of this hybrid strain’s appeal is its 1:1 CBD-to-THC ratio. This means it can soothe pain, help you to relax, and work to cut down some feelings associated with high-THC products like paranoia.

The secret ingredient is myrcene, which is a natural terpene that makes you feel relaxed while boosting energy levels and chasing away negative thoughts. It’s recommended for those who like to multitask but still keep focus.

At the same time, it is known to cause dry mouth, headaches, and dry eyes. You may experience dizziness or anxiety, but these symptoms are less common in smaller doses.

Cannatonic remains popular recreationally and medically. It can help you relax and sleep or just manage any pain you’re experiencing.

4. Girl Scout Cookies

The youth organization really isn’t a fan of this unlicensed name. However, the cannabis plant and the spring treat are both intended to make you feel good. GSC is designed to relax the brain first and then the body next. Many users say it makes them feel comfortable and hungry, and that it welcomes feelings for those battling pain, insomnia, nausea, or a loss of appetite. The “munchies” are very much possible with this strain too, so plan accordingly.

Part of the appeal of Girl Scout Cookies is that this strain relieves pain and elevates mood. It also reduces feelings of stress, depression and fatigue.

5. Canna-Tsu

This hybrid strain brings together Cannatonic and Sour Tsunami to create a special strain that’s low in THC, but high in CBD. This removes some THC effects while enhancing CBD properties, such as reducing pain and improving focus.

Planting and growing Canna-Tsu Cannabis Seeds can be useful for those who want to experience a mellow day, but fewer negative thoughts, along with less stress.

6. Strawberry Cough

This Sativa strain is great starting with the first whiff – mmmm, strawberries. Along with an aromatic boost, consumers will get a soothing burst of positive energy that has a duration of several hours. It helps with alertness and energy, so you can jump into a new project or jump back into a past effort that you needed to put on the backburner in the past.

Some also recommend this strain for reducing social anxiety at social events. The energy boost can translate into self-confidence and a lack of fear to make small talk, introduce yourself, and do all that socializing that you’re usually afraid to tackle.

Users of this strain do say dry eyes and dry mouth are possible, along with some headaches and restlessness (that energy sometimes keeps going even when you’re ready to crash). With this being said though, a moderate amount should be a great starting place.

Several people swear by Strawberry Cough when they need help with stress and depression, as this strain boosts their mood and reduces unhappy thoughts. In addition to this, the mental and physical fatigue that might come from feeling depressed regularly can be combated using these buds.


Another strain that many say gives a boost in social situations is ACDC. It’s high in CBD, which can help users feel relaxed, focused, and confident. The impressive CBD-to-THC ratio is about 20-to-1, which could bring forth healing properties for brain and body, but leave some THC psychoactive effects behind.

ACDC, which is a Sativa-dominant strain, is suggested as a useful tool to help you stay focused and keep your head clear. Besides having recreational value, it also provides relief for people suffering from a variety of health conditions, including severe pain, epilepsy, nausea, and a poor or non-existent appetite.

Side effects for newcomers can include restlessness, dry mouth, and dry eyes. It’s also a relatively simple strain to grow, which definitely gives it some extra points in our book!

8. Northern Lights

If you’re ready to chill, this could be the perfect strain for you, as it provides all-over relaxation. You’ll feel comfortable, with many mental and physical pains being put on pause, especially when consumed moderately. Once it wears off, it usually leads to a good night’s sleep, which many users have been missing due to pain or other health conditions. Many also discover another benefit afterward: a boost of hunger, which could be incredibly helpful for those struggling with a poor appetite.

Of course, a great need to sleep and a great need to eat could be seen as liabilities in some situations, but could also be appealing for many people.

Northern Lights is considered potent and known to cause dry mouth and dry eyes, headaches and a small degree of paranoia as it relaxes you, and the level of comfort often feels deeper than first expected. Again though, moderation is always key.

9. White Fog OG

This Sativa hybrid of Fire OG and the White contains high amounts of myrcene and limonene, which are terpenes that provide relaxation and stress reduction. Though this strain does contain THC, it also helps you relax, but not so much that you want to stay in bed. It’s definitely handy for social activities and having fun.

It’s also recommended for those dealing with health conditions that come with a lot of pain. It improves blood flow and can make you feel good.

Those interested in cultivation should know that White Fog OG is considered fairly easy to grow in many conditions.

10. Blackberry Kush

Beautiful to look at with bright purple buds and a pleasant berry smell, Blackberry Kush is also prized as a strain that helps to reduce the effects of depressive thoughts. It can take effect quickly and divert anxiety attacks, so it has a lot of value both recreationally and medically.

Blackberry Kush, a potent Indica strain, is recommended for those who want to feel less stressed and be in a better mood. Its sedative powers cut through pain, reduce inflammation, and can help to increase mobility for some users.

This strain is also known as an easy way to secure a good night’s sleep, especially for those battling insomnia.

The Best Gifts For Your Stoner Dad in 2022

So your dad loves to get stoned? That’s awesome. If you’re ever wondering what to buy your dad for Father’s Day, cannabis gifts are an incredible option.

And with the growing popularity of cannabis, there are many possibilities to consider.

In this article, we’ve listed some of the best gifts for your dad:

1. Grinders

Grinders are essential for all weed smokers. By breaking the cannabis down into tiny pieces, your father will enjoy the airflow required for the best inhalation. In addition, grinders make cannabis easier to carry and ensure that it produces a smoother smoke for your father. 

Regardless of what device your dad uses right now—a weed bong, joint, or pipe—he needs to grind his cannabis. The RKS Grinders are perfect for this task; they make grinding weed easy for your father. 

2. A Pot For a Pot Grow Kit

If your father is interested in growing cannabis, you should buy the Pot For a Pot Grow Kit. These kits contain everything your father will need to learn how to grow cannabis from the comfort of his house. 

With every kit, the team at Pot for Pot will provide ongoing coaching based on their 25 years of cannabis growing experience. Your father will also save tons of money if he learns to grow his own cannabis at home.

  1. Autoflowering Seeds

It’s challenging to find a better gift for your father than the best autoflowering seeds worldwide. When your father uses these seeds, he will save time, effort, and money. He’ll also enjoy his favorite cannabis right away. 

Autoflowering seeds grow fast, fit in a small indoor growing area, and are the best option for first-time growers. RKS has some of the best autoflowering seeds worldwide for your father; these are ideal for the auto season. 

4. An Ashtray 

Whether you’re smoking outside or indoors, an ashtray always comes in handy. Using an ashtray is the ultimate way for your father to clean up his space and stop ash from flying everywhere. 

Ashtrays with lids are also an excellent choice because they can contain the smoky smell of cannabis. The RKS Small Metal Tray is perfect for keeping your father’s house clean.

5. A Smell Neutralizer

You’ll soon realize that your dad’s house smells of cannabis. Sure, it’s not always a problem, especially if he adores the aroma of good cannabis. However, a smell neutralizer is essential when he’d rather hide the smell.

The Ona Gel Pro 25.8 OZ Odor Neutralizer will do the job for your father. It works by contacting and evaporating the odor molecules. And in the end, your father will enjoy a clean, fresh smell without cannabis odors. 

6. A Glow Tray

Does your father hate having a dirty tray at home or a filthy workspace? He’s not alone. That’s why many cannabis smokers have a glow tray. When using fresh-ground herb, expert smokers know how messy rolling can be; the weed can end up on the sofa, carpet, pillows, clothing, etc. 

Furthermore, if your father wants to keep his weed use a secret, having marijuana crumbs everywhere is a problem. What about rolling a cannabis joint when traveling? It’s likely to spill everywhere. 

Glow trays can prevent all of these problems by stopping crumbs from falling. Some trays have unique styles, different sizes, and lids to ensure the cannabis stays inside of the tray. The best option for your father is the Glow In The Dark Rolling Tray; it looks fantastic and glows in the dark.

7. A Bong 

If there’s one thing a cannabis smoker loves, it’s a good bong. They are incredibly straightforward to use, cost-effective, and easy to maintain. However, bongs have been around for centuries. As technology has progressed, so has the quality of bongs.

An excellent option for your father is the Cheech & Chong® Glass 12″ Sister Mary Elephant Donut Tube Water Pipe. The bong is 100% borosilicate glass and comes with a clear or color-changing style. It provides a tremendous smoking experience and looks great in any environment. 

8. A Grow Tent 

If your father wants to grow cannabis indoors, he’ll likely need a grow tent. This will allow your dad to use suitable lighting, keep annoying pests out, circulate clean air, grow all year, and use energy efficiently. 

The perfect option for your father is the VIVOSUN 5×5 Grow Tent. It keeps all of the light in the tent, provides an extra-thick canvas, and permits easy observation of all plants. 

9. Grow Lights 

If your father is interested in growing cannabis indoors, you should buy him some grow lights. He can achieve the maximum yield from his Cannabis Seeds by using them. The best options produce no noise, are flexible, and have the ability to connect to a controller or APP. 

A great option is the High-Efficiency 300W LED Growth Light with SMART Full Spectrum & Samsung LEDs | Growealth G3000. It includes high-efficiency Samsung LM301b LEDs and an adjustable dimmer. You can switch between four light modes. 

10. Cannabis Stickers

If your father loves cannabis, he will love the stickers available to weed fans. He can place weed stickers in his car, on his grow tent, or even on his bedroom wall. The Script Sticker is the perfect humorous sticker for your father. 

11. A Marijuana Cooking Guide 

Suppose your father is learning or wants to learn how to cook cannabis? There’s no better way than reading a cannabis book. You’ll find high-end recipes for desserts, cocktails, and cookies in a cannabis cooking guide. 

The best option is Bong Appetit: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Weed. The popular MUNCHIES and Viceland TV series inspired the book. Your father will learn to infuse oils, butter, milk, and alcohol with cannabis. Within a few weeks, your father will be the ultimate marijuana chef. 

Final Thoughts 

In 2022, cannabis gifts arrive in all shapes and sizes. What are you waiting for? It’s time to make his smoking experience even better!

How to Stay Hydrated When Using Cannabis

More than 75% of Americans walk around dehydrated on a day-to-day basis. Whether in the hot summer months or the cold winter months, water intake is important to our overall health, impacting our skin, our organs, and our entire bodily health. As marijuana continues to grow more and more popular in North America, two common side effects are becoming more and more noted: cotton mouth and dehydration.

Whether you are a chronic consumer of marijuana or a newcomer to the plant, you’ll want to know all about the most common side effects of marijuana as well as how to overcome them.

In honor of the next glass of water that you drink, let’s explore how to stay hydrated while enjoying your marijuana consumption.

Does Cannabis Cause Dehydration?

When was the last time you sat down with your favorite bowl of Jack Herer? What about those G-Purps before bed? No matter what you are smoking, the odds of feeling slightly parched are going to increase after consuming marijuana. A logical extension of this fact would lead us to state that cannabis is the direct cause of dry mouth and dehydration, but is this the actual case?

According to the Mayo Clinic, dehydration occurs when your body loses more fluid than it is taking in. If you go into a smoking session without enough water or fluid in your body, you will become more easily dehydrated after consuming cannabis. That does not mean that marijuana causes you to dehydrate though.

The Mayo Clinic goes on to suggest that cotton mouth and dehydration are commonly associated with smoking in individuals who are already dehydrated. According to the Mayo Clinic, marijuana does not typically cause you to dehydrate.

Signs and Symptoms of Being Dehydrated

Even though cannabis may not directly cause dehydration, it sure can lead us to notice some of the signs and symptoms pertaining to the condition. If you find yourself lacking fluid intake throughout the day, you might find a few of the following symptoms to be familiar.

  • Darkened Urine
  • Fatigue and Dizziness
  • Cotton Mouth
  • Confusion

While the aforementioned signs and symptoms can point to dehydration, they can also allude to other medical issues. If you have concerns regarding your health, consult with a professional physician.

Cannabis and CHS: Rare Side Effects

While MMJ is not traditionally related to dehydration as a significant contributor, it can be related to a condition known as cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (CHS). According to a study published by the British Medical Journal, CHS manifests in roughly 6% of patients reporting to emergency departments with recurrent vomiting.

CHS, as we understand, is associated more with long-time cannabis users. Symptoms of this rare condition include severe vomiting and fluid loss, as well as significant abdominal pain. To find relief from this condition, patients reportedly resort to hot water baths as well as hot showers.

While CHS isn’t thoroughly understood, the team at Cedars Sinai explains how THC can impact the digestive tract when regularly consumed. Cedars Sinai went on to explain, “With repeated use of marijuana, certain receptors in the brain may stop responding to the drug in the same way.”

Cotton Mouth and Cannabis

While there are certainly rare conditions associated with the regular intake of cannabis, cotton mouth is not one of them. Also known as dry mouth, this condition brings about a feeling of thirst alongside the consumption of marijuana. As the most common side effect of the drug, dry mouth is caused by a decrease in saliva production caused by THC impacting cannabinoid receptors.

While cotton mouth may be considered an annoying or frustrating side effect of marijuana consumption, it is not considered dangerous. Long-term exposure to cotton mouth could allow bacteria and plaque to flourish, speeding up inflammation and tooth decay.

How to Combat Dehydration While Using Marijuana

If you want to continue enjoying cannabis while fighting against the downsides of its consumption, you might want to get into the practice of learning how to hydrate throughout the day. Already a dehydrated nation, American cannabis consumers can dramatically improve their symptoms by attempting the following hydration tips and tricks.

  • Drink More Water – The easiest way to hydrate is to simply drink more water. According to the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, the average daily fluid intake for men should be 15.5 cups of water versus 11.5 cups for women. Did you know that drinking room temperature water is better for your body? It’s true! Water at room temperature can help to improve circulation while assisting in bodily detoxing.
  • Enjoy Oats in the Morning – Did you know that oatmeal can help more than your heart, it can help you to stay hydrated? Oats expand to absorb liquid, so mix in plenty of fruits and milk with your morning oatmeal. This is a tasty way to make sure that your body has access to hydration throughout the day.
  • Eat More Fruit – Nearly 20% of our daily water intake is sourced directly from food. Vegetables and especially fruit contain high levels of water content. Consider eating more strawberries, watermelon, celery, and lettuce to improve your water intake. If you hate eating fruit, you can drink your way to hydration too. Consider creating a healthy smoothie in the morning to really accommodate your water intake requirements.
  • Reach For Coconut Water – Instead of switching up your drinking rotation with sweet drinks or other junk beverages, consider reaching for a bottle of coconut water. Coconut water possesses several major electrolytes while reducing your intake of sodium and complex carbohydrates. Coconut water beats sports drinks a million times over when it comes time to stay hydrated.

Staying hydrated isn’t just important when you are smoking, it is something we should strive to accomplish at all times. When the human body is properly hydrated, it helps to boost our health, our daily activities, and our overall well-being. Consider incorporating the tips listed above to help stave off cotton mouth and dehydration during your next smoking session.

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