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10 Gift Ideas for Your Stoner Buddies

If you’re one of those cool friends who is looking for the best gift ideas for your stoner buddies, then you came to the right place. Giving gifts is indeed a beautiful thing. Different people have different likes and favorites in life. Now, if you know someone who enjoys cannabis just as much as you do, then you should give him or her a gift which he or she will never forget. But giving a gift to your stoner buddy can be a little tricky, this is because there are so many products related to cannabis these days.

Luckily, this article should make things a lot easier for you when choosing a gift for your stoner buddy. There are thousands of products that you can buy in the market today and give it as a gift. Because of the number of options, finding the best one can be a very overwhelming experience. This is why you have to consider several factors first before you make a purchase. You want to make sure that your friend will be able to enjoy and appreciate that gift that you are about to give.

Cannabis can bring friends together. It’s a wonderful herb that can rejuvenate friendship and relationships. This is because the herb contains compounds or properties that can give you a euphoric high. The herb is also known to boost one’s mood. This is why it’s perfect to be taken with friends. And we all have that one friend whom we trust our lives. They are the ones that stick close to use, just like our brothers and sisters. And on his or her special day, or perhaps in a special event, it’s highly recommended that we show them our appreciation by giving them the best gifts.

We’ve compiled a list just for you, and we made sure that you and your friends will not only treasure the gift but will also use it. Keep in mind that not all gifts that you can give to your friends are useful. If you’re planning to give someone a gift, you should give them items that can be used in their everyday lives. Here are some of the 10 gifts ideas for your stoner buddies.

1. Easy Cannabis Cookbook

If you and your friends wanted to explore cannabis more, then it’s best that you start cooking edibles and create delicious recipes that you all can enjoy. Cooking cannabis is a fun activity that brings all the friends together. By searching the web, you’ll easily notice the number of recipes that you can find on the Internet today. Because there are so many cannabis recipes that you can cook, choosing the best one can be a daunting task. Fortunately, you can purchase cookbooks today. And if you have a friend who loves to cook and experiment with cannabis, then the best gift that you can give to him or her is a cannabis cookbook.

What is great about the cannabis cookbook is that they provide accurate measurements and easy to follow instructions on how to add cannabis to your most favorite dishes. Like for instance, if you and your friends love to eat pizza and smoke marijuana, why not make a pizza that contains cannabis properties? And one of the best and easiest to follow cannabis cookbooks out there is the one that is created and written by Cheri Sicard. What’s great about this particular cookbook is that it does not only provide you steps and instructions on how to cook delicious cannabis meals, but it also provides marijuana information, cooking tips, and how to infuse certain ingredients and cannabis.

2. Lava Lamp

Another cool and awesome gift idea that you can give to your stoner friend is the lava lamp. The lava lamp has that amusing design and gives you that retro 60s feel. Any stoner would love to see lava lamps inside their room. It brings a certain kind of amusement that is unique to the lamp. For many years, lava lamps have been very popular among cannabis enthusiasts, and it remains that way even today. It’s a guarantee that as your friend hits the bong, he or she will find mysterious beauty in this lamp.

You can find many lava lamps in the market today, and we recommend that you buy high-quality ones. Always check for reviews before you purchase. Also, don’t forget to check the favorite color of your friend and what like the lava lamps emit. Think of these things, and your gift will surely be treasured.

3. Rose Gold Dipper by Dipstick Vapes

For those who are planning to give their stoner buddies dippers, we highly recommend that you check out Rose Gold Dipper by Dipstick Vapes. This is an awesome gift to give to your dear friends since it’s one of the sleekest and most elegant Dippers available in the market today. You can give it to your friend during Valentine’s Day or on his or her birthday.

What is great about Rose Gold Dipper is that it’s a multi-functional concentrate vaporizer. This can give your friend an excellent dab experience –minus the torch and rig loading. Also, it has received lots of positive reviews and high ratings from many users.

4. The Leather Dugout by Silverstick

You can also give your stoner buddy something that can hold his or her cannabis set, such as poker, pipe, and lighter. While there are many bags or small leather wallets that you can buy in the market today that is perfect for storing weed set, the Leather Dugout by Silverstick is way better and is on another level. The product offers discrete and compact storage that can fit in your friend’s palms. It’s made in the USA product, which means that you can expect incredible quality from it. The leather is also high-quality, and all contents are secured.

Aside from being very handy, it’s also very stylish. If you have a friend who is particularly obsessed with marijuana smoke accessories, then you can’t go wrong with this one. You’ll find countless of stoners who have brought this product already. The number of orders speaks of how useful and well-made this accessory is.

5. Special Day Kush Cards

Giving your friend a simple card is a thoughtful act, but giving your stoner buddy some Joint-Ready Cards Kush Cards is more memorable. Considered as the “Hallmark of Cannabis” industry, Kush Cards have become very popular these days and have made lots of stoners happy and excited. Created by Herb.co and Merry Jane Magazine, it’s perfect for those individuals who are planning to give special cards to their dear ones.

From special holidays to simple occasions, these cards will undoubtedly bring a smile to your friend’s heart. You can choose lots of beautiful and unique designs. It’s also the perfect card to give during Valentine’s Day. Remember that if you’re giving something to someone special, then even if it’s just a simple card greeting, be sure to make it special.

6. Giant Bean Bag

One of the many health benefits that cannabis can provide to users is that it gives a very relaxing and chill experience. No wonder why there are so many people out there who are consuming cannabis whenever they feel stressed out. It’s also important to note that these herbs can also knock someone out. You can find many individuals who have problems sleeping take cannabis just to feel more relaxed and be able to sleep.

Speaking for relaxing and sleeping, one of the best and most thoughtful gifts that you can give to your stoner friends are giant bean bags. These bags can be their special chair or spot where they can chill out and feel comfortable. And before you purchase any giant bean bag, you have to make sure that you check the quality of the product. Look for giant ones that offer giant plush comfort.

7. The Black Rock Smell Proof Backpack

If you have a stoner buddy who loves to travel and always bring weed him or her, then there’s no better gift to give them than original Black Rock Smell Proof Backpack. We all know how weed can be pretty smelly. Just like what they always say, “it smells like a dank weed!”. There nothing we can do about the smell of marijuana. In fact, for some people, the smell of marijuana is beautiful. But of course, we don’t want to smell like weed wherever we go. Hence, this backpack.

The Black Rock Smell Proof Backpack is the perfect company for those individuals who wanted to have a sleek bag that is lined with an activated charcoal filter to get rid of smells. It’s a sleek bag that is made from excellent quality and water-resistant materials. It’s definitely worth investing for stoners who wanted to travel but don’t want people to smell what he or she is bringing. If your buddy is a stoner and at the same time, a traveler, then there’s no better gift for you to give him that this product.

8. Nuggy Hybrid and Nuggy Dab by Nug Tools

Do you have a friend who loves working on his or her dabs? Then the best gift that you can give him or her is the Nuggy Hybrid or the Nuggy Dab. This is the swiss knife for dubbers. NugTools have already earned its reputation as one of the best and most reliable products that you can buy in the market today. This particular product offers 6 tools that are great for working out with flowers and concentrates. It’s built to last since it’s made from superior quality materials.

The Nuggy Hybrid is a spring-loaded multi-tools which comes in handy for those who love to load their dabs and hit it on the go. It’s the perfect gift for those individuals who wanted to have something that can help them prepare their next high trip. You can give this to your dear friend or fellow stoner and send it in a white gift box. The shipping and packaging are very discreet. He or she will love the construction of this product since it’s made from heat resistant aluminum oxide shell, which is very useful as a carb cap.

9. The Maya Handbag by Annabis

We’ve already provided you bag and storage gift lists, and now, for those who wanted to give their stoner buddies a handbag, we highly recommend that you give them Maya Handbag by Annabis. This handbag is made from superior quality materials. It’s made from Italian leather exterior and comes in different colors. It’s an elegant gift which your friend will surely treasure for life.

But apart from having an awesome design, the Maya Handbag is also superior in quality and pricelessly useful; this is because it’s made from Aroma-Bloc patented technology. From zippers to the leather, you can expect this bag to not give out any smell of weed. Regardless of where your friend is going, he or she will have peace of mind knowing that all her things inside the bag are well-organized and that the weed that he or she is carrying won’t smell.

10. Moon Rocks

Last but not least, Moon Rocks. If you’re looking for a rad gift to give to your friend, then we highly recommend that you give them Moon Rocks. It’s safe to say that Moon Rocks are priceless for every stoner. If you have a friend who has not tried these, then we advise you to give this item a try. It’s made from rosin, flower, and cannabis kief-rolled in one. This is for stoners who wanted to explore and feel more adventurous. With a THC level of 37.5%, your friend will surely experience that signature euphoric high like never before.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what are the best gift ideas for your stoner buddies, it’s time for you to make a decision. Choose the best one and make sure that you consider the needs and personality of your friend. Also, make sure that you consider your budget and your resources. Buy only what you can afford. And more importantly, make sure that you always check the quality of the item before you purchase it.

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