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The General Difference Between Autoflowering and Feminized Cannabis

Most people might have totally misunderstood the concept between these two, feminized seeds and autoflower seeds. This article will hopefully shed light on this matter and would then know the difference between the 2 and the way each of those will assist you achieve an ideal cannabis harvest.

Previously, cannabis growers would only depend on the conventional way of planting Cannabis Seeds. Now, with the help of genetic manipulation and science, more growers can find better ways to grow cannabis more effectively through either auto-flowering or feminized seeds.

What is the Difference Between the Feminized and Autoflower Seeds?

There is a big difference here. To start with, autoflowering isn’t a seed intrinsically . It is a cannabis plant type. This plant will simply and automatically flower despite the vegetative state or light period it is in. On the other hand, feminized seeds are actual Cannabis Seeds that are specially bred to display all females with no production of males, which should have been discarded.

Which is the Better Choice Between Feminized and Autoflower?

Although autoflower provides 100% flowering, one could not be able to clone them and that you have to buy new seeds every time for growing. Whereas in feminized Cannabis Seeds, you may only buy one seed, and you can get as many plants from it depending on your choice since feminized seeds can be cloned.

Autoflowering vs. Feminized: There’s More to it Than Fits the Eye

Alack, the stereotypical arc of this story does not do truth to the complexities of the real world. What we humans appreciate most are female cannabis plants and their unpollinated resin buds. Nowadays, seeds from Sativa and Indica (or hybrids thereof) strains are often referred to as feminized, while the seeds from strains that have been crossbred with Ruderalis go by the name of ”auto-flowering.”

This ignores the fact that most auto-flowering seeds have been feminized as well. A more fundamental distinction would, therefore, be ”photoperiod” vs. ”auto-flowering” seeds, but for the sake of argument, we’stick to the established terminology. So what should you take into account when choosing between auto-flowering and feminized seeds?

In general, if you prefer multiple harvests a year, auto-flowering strains are a sure bet. Smaller plants and shorter flowering periods will result in modest but reliable yields. Feminized strains grow over a more extended period and can attain an impressive size at harvest time.

They are more delicate in terms of flowering and can only be harvested once a year, even though the yield will be abundant, potent, and with less leafy residue among your buds. Pruning will not help your auto-flowering plants as they’re only in their vegetative state for a limited amount of time, which limits the development of new branches.

By contrast, your feminized plants will benefit immensely from well-executed pruning and can grow into impressive specimens.

An additional advantage of feminized strains is that they can be cloned. A clone of a plant, basically a cutting you can replant, will retain not only the genetic makeup of the mother plant but also its age. For the auto-flowering strains, this means a clone will start flowering when it’sits just a tiny little plant, resulting in a very meager harvest.

A feminized (photoperiod!) clone will still have heaps of time to go through its vegetative state, allowing it to grow into a sizable plant by the time you’ll want to harvest. Each new auto-flowering plant will require a new seed, while a single grain of a feminized plant will allow you to cultivate a sizable cannabis garden.

Aside from these general considerations, you may want to delve a little deeper into the pros and cons of each option, depending on whether you’ll be growing your plants indoors or outdoors.

Autoflowering vs. Feminized: Outdoor Growing

Autoflowering strains provide the distinct benefit that you do not need to fret over the amount of light your plants are exposed to. They will age according to their genetic programming, independent of light cycles.

The modest size of auto-flowering plants is perfect for environments where you’ll want your cannabis to blend in with the rest of your garden. Autoflowering plants have the additional advantage of being exposed to pests for only a brief amount of time before harvesting.

Planting feminized seeds are usually done around March/April and harvesting around September/October. The feminized plant will continue to grow in the vegetative stage as long as it is exposed to the right amount of sunlight, which is perfect for growers who want their cannabis plants to figure prominently in their garden.

Feminized Outdoor

  • They have a rigid schedule: the photoperiod governs feminized, so there is a maximum time for planting (usually in the Northern Hemisphere it varies between March and June) as well as for harvesting (often in September-October).
  • The size of this type of cannabis plants is more mouldable: as you have a growing season linked to sun exposure, while the days are long, the plant will grow; therefore, if there are no other factors determining their growth (pot size, pests) the longer the time you invest in the growing season, the larger the size your plant will reach.
  • You can shape your plant through pruning: since the growing season can take several months, you can correct the shape of your plant and mold it to your pleasure.
  • More production: Usually, a feminized marijuana seed will provide a higher output of flowers than an auto-flowering one.
  • More quality: although the quality of the auto-flowering has dramatically improved in recent years, the buds of a feminized plant will achieve higher levels of flavor and density than those of an auto-flowering one.

Autoflowering Outdoor

  • Flexible schedule: since auto-flowering marijuana plants do not depend on the photoperiod for flowering, and you can have several harvests in one location and season throughout March to October.
  • Misleading thieves: outdoor harvest takes place within the months of September-October, that’s when thieves concentrate their efforts to steal the plants loaded with buds. As the calendar of auto-flowering plants is flexible, it will allow you to harvest in those months when thefts are less frequent, like June, July, or August.
  • Programmable Harvest: auto-flowering cycles are fixed, i.e., since they don’t depend on light cycles to perform their vital development, you can calculate when your Harvest will be ready. Usually, we are talking about periods ranging from 60 to 70 days, depending on the strain. Thus, auto-flowering Cannabis Seeds allow you to schedule your marijuana harvest and, therefore, to know in advance when you will have your pantry full of delicious buds.
  • Light pollution: another advantage offered by these seeds is that you don’t have to worry about light pollution; i.e., it doesn’t matter if there is a lamp lit at night, and the light falls directly on your plant. This, in a feminized marijuana plant, could be a problem, because, to go through the flowering period properly, they need 12 hours of complete darkness.
  • Speed: the cycles of auto-flowering marijuana plants are shorter than those of feminized, as mentioned earlier. In about 60-70 days, your plant will be ready to harvest. This means that there is less risk of suffering pests because the plant life cycle is shorter.
  • Discretion: auto-flowering marijuana plants are ideal for those growers who seek choice. Depending on the size of the pot, we can determine the future scope of the plant (the more significant the container, the larger the plant will be), so this is a perfect choice for those that want to cultivate during a balcony, for instance .
  • Taste: as a general rule, auto-flowering plants produce more leaf material in the buds that the feminized ones. Consequently, the feeling of auto-flowering is a bit worse.
  • Pruning: It is not recommended to apply any pruning technique to auto-flowering plants, because there is no time for the plant to recover and pruning loses all meaning.
  • Early mistakes: even though auto-flowering plants are usually the right choice for beginners, they have a small drawback: an error will pay dearly. Since the cycle of these plants is concise, there is no time for them to recover. Therefore, if you make a beginner’s mistake and your plant is blocked, it will most likely be reflected in your Harvest.

Autoflowering vs. Feminized: Indoor Growing

Autoflowering strains will do just fine when following a regular 16 hours of light/8 hours darkness regime throughout their vegetative and flowering stages. Their relatively small size makes them perfect candidates for indoor growing when limited space is an issue. We have provided a more detailed guide on growing auto-flowering plants, useful for indoor and outdoor growing.

Keeping plants from feminized seeds in their vegetative state will require about 18h of light and 6 hours of darkness. As soon as you modify the sunshine cycle to a 12h light/12h darkness regime, the plant will start flowering, and there is no turning back. Pruning your plant, so it reaches its full potential requires some skill, and therefore the plant will eventually take up a substantial amount of space.

Feminized Indoor

  • Variable and programmable cycles: feminized marijuana plants depend on the photoperiod to flower. In the vegetative phase (the plant only grows and does not produce flowers), cannabis plants should ideally receive 18 hours of light. If you manage to keep your culture under 18 hours of light and 6 of darkness, plants will grow steadily.
  • By the time you change the timer controlling the lamps of your crop to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness, they will immediately start the flowering period. This is a great advantage when applying techniques like SCROG because we can extend the vegetative phase as much as we want.
  • Possibility of developing mother-plants: since you can lengthen the vegetative season of feminized as much as you want, this will allow you to select those plants whose characteristics (speed, power, endurance, from) are the best and produce mother-plant later to obtain crops from cuttings.

Autoflowering Indoors

  • Speed: an advantage of auto-flowering versus feminized is that their life cycle is shorter, so you will have access to your Harvest in a shorter period.
  • Default duration: as auto-flowering plants don’ depend on the photoperiod for their cycle, once it starts, you will know just about how long your crop will take.
  • Pests: since these plants have a shorter life span, the risk of plague infecting them or expanding so much that it becomes fatal is less.
  • Economy: we recommend cultivating cannabis plants in a single auto-flowering photoperiod of 18 hours of light and 6 of darkness for maximum performance. This, even though it results in increased productivity, will also imply increased spending on the electricity bill.
  • Pruning: we don’t recommend pruning auto-flowering plants in indoor cultivation because it makes no sense given the rapidity of its cycle.

Benefits of Feminized Seeds

  • Feminized seeds develop female plants. This prevents the pollination of male plants.
  • Every plant will grow smokable cannabis
  • Optimum utilization of the available space
  • Feminized seeds are almost 100% free of hermaphrodites.
  • Higher weed production than autoflowers
  • The quality of the taste and the effect is generally better than with autoflowers
  • Plants from feminized seeds produce fewer leaves than autoflowers
  • In contrast to autoflowers, non-autoflowers (female plants) are often pruned

Benefits of Autoflowering Seeds

  • Harvest Sooner
  • Get more harvests per season
  • Perpetual Harvests
  • Less hassle, Easier Growing
  • More manageable in size
  • More suitable for stealth growing
  • No need to bother about the light schedule
  • No problems with light leaks
  • Better resistance to weather and diseases
  • They only get better

Online Weed Dispensaries: A Game-Changer in The Cannabis Industry

For a transforming and growing business, it’s a must to use the world wide web or the internet to promote your product through creating an online shop or providing your service by the use of different platforms such as social media. Just like any other business who were utilizing technology, the cannabis industry has been using this way for a smoother and faster transaction, not only in a specific place but around the world.

What is an Online Weed Dispensary?

An online weed dispensary is an institution, a business, a group of people or organizations, an industrial plantation in which this becomes a provider and archive, or a keep safe place of a specific thing, such as marijuana itself, money or relevant documents. In this new era, where most people use social media and the internet as a mode of communication, this is a great gateway to connect and communicate with different potential buyers and investors around the world.

Using an online weed dispensary has been widely observed, since the legalization of marijuana in several states, as well as in other countries. From the black market going to a mainstream market, the sale has been boosted for the past years after the legalization. And up until now, it has been booming, and inevitably, technology has become the asset for the developed cannabis industry. 

What are the Benefits of Using an Online Weed Dispensary?

There are several impacts and benefits while using online dispensary. Here are some:

  • Transactions were secured– Since transactions were made online, you can have a tracking system to ensure that your product or service will arrive at the purchaser safe and sound. This will also assure you that you cannot lose your product or item while transporting. Online weed dispensary provides tools that you can use to handle transactions safely. 
  • Providing service and products is more open in the mainstream- the internet can be accessed by anyone. If you are planning to bring your business to the public, then you should invest in an online dispensary. This will also gain them data and information on how to enter this field, what are the precautions and their must-do or tips to remember, if they want to engage themselves in investing in this kind of area. 
  • More people can have access to purchase a transaction. This is a win-win situation for both the business owner and the buyer– the easy access on the business in line with cannabis enables more customers to purchase the product without or less in a hassle. 
  • Open the door for more potential investor-this will allows the investor to know the specific filed they want to invest, may it be in the production, or for medical purpose, as well as the delivery. 

Top 10 Best Online Cannabis Dispensary

  1. MTRAC

Cannabis banking has undoubtedly become one of the headaches and pain of investors and business owners. However, MTRAC is an online nest bank to secure your money. This works with the use of their cryptocurrency, or which is called the MTRAC token, which is not only using simple blockchain technology, but the purpose of a permission blockchain for payment has been observed. Meanwhile, the token can be exchanged as your own local currency, and this can work soon in an application also, which will serve as the e-wallet of the consumers for cashless payment. 

  1. TOKR

This online weed dispensary is in the form of an application, which is a reasonable app to provide an excellent service. It aims to organize, analyze, and have access to your past shopping history to determine the nearby cannabis shop and business. This does not only excite your shopping experience, but this is also good to have a sneak peek of the price and products that are available in your place. 

  1. Potbotics

This medical organization can be one of the best options to determine the patient or user’s unique strain that is suitable for him or her. This Potbotics aims to do extensive research and study about different strains and how can it affects one’s person. In this sense. This online company can help you to choose marijuana, which is needed the most buy your body, based on your condition.


This industry has still a long way until entirely being accepted by society, especially those who were not supporting marijuana or those who were promulgating the Cannabis Act. However, with the use of this online tech, this is a dispensary providing educational content, which can actually become a game-changer for this industry. Cannabis growers will keep an eye on this tech. This can help to spread the benefits of marijuana to a broader range of people in a more convincing or more friendly way, thus allowing people to understand the cannabis field completely. 

This can also call for the beginner to invest in this fast-growing field, wherein several businesses and areas can be learned and test. 

  1. Massroots

In people who have social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for a variety of people to interact with, Massroots also provides an online platform in which this serves as the public platform for both the cannabis provider and the user or purchaser. This has been significant in demand with millions of users, wherein this is an avenue for transacting with trusty and worthy people, for it also has access for an online tracker. 

  1. Eaze and green rush

Nowadays, online delivery is a trend. You can order food through the use of a downloadable application, and just by clicking the order button, after waiting for several minutes, the food will be served in your doorways. Eaze and green rush is a similar application, not mentioning that this was created for the delivery of weeds. This is mostly used for medical transportation, and these two companies were undoubtedly one of the best in terms of delivery. Aside from the faster and reliable transaction, this has also become of the most funded company, so if you are a beginner in this field, you can have Eaze or Greenrush for your cannabis start-ups, if you are looking for a good investment.

  1. Leaflink

Leaflink serves as the provider of all the brands and dispensaries or retailer in the world. This can provide you real-time information or update about the product or service, starting from the marketing, as well as it also offers online tools for tracking and monitoring businesses.

  1. Seedo

Seedo is a growing company providing you the device to grow your strain. This device is handy and easy to access to your home without it being bulky or consuming must space in your house. The app of seedo can help you to determine the specific strain you should grow, which is suitable for your health. This also provides a helping hand upon growing, cultivating, and monitoring. Without you being hands-on, it that much for seedo will provide. 

  1. Ehave

This is another medical platform, which includes research databases and information, which can help you to know if a specific strain can really help a person for his ailment. This is a good dispensary for assuring that every product that will be purchased by a patient or consumer can help him or her. Ehave also aims to disapprove of those strains that will prove that it does not have an impact on treatment. 

Through this medical tech, the organization of data for medicinal purposes has been a lot easier and more convenient. 

  1. Da Vinci

A vape company that has a new and unique service provided. Through the help of this tech company, people can have customized their vaping items through their inhaling patter and can choose the type of vapor they prefer. Da Vinci has been gaining much attention together with other vape companies.

How does technology become a game-changer in the cannabis industry?

Just what, like mention above, using online weed dispensary is such a big help for the cannabis industry. This will serve as a game-changer; there is various kind of system that does contribute to this, such as:

  • Seed-to sale Technology

It can ensure the quality and state of the product were all in the best condition. This allows a business owner to track everything that is happening in the business. 

  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency 

Blockchain and cryptocurrency have been a suitable vessel for carrying out service and products. Aside from the security blockchain can provide, Cryptocurrency has also been immersing in the whole industry for the money safety tools it offers. 

  • Perfect archives for new development and research about Cannabis 

Without technology, it is no doubt that research about the benefits of Cannabis will be difficult. But because this is an in-demand investment, investors have their money to help the data researching and testing for medical laboratories and testing areas. If people will grow to understand more about its benefits, it is highly not impossible to think that more countries and states will start embracing the legalization of this helpful weed. 


How CBD is Changing the Marijuana Industry 

In the year 2018, the Cannabis industry obtained high-scaled investment due to major developments. This incredible shift opens doors to new opportunities.

The legalization of both recreational and medical marijuana in many states of the USA gained many interested people. It’s also the same case with the legalization of the same plant in Canada.

The business competitors in the Cannabis industry gained high-profile achievements. CBD has contributed to this increase of enthusiasm given to marijuana in the market.

CBD or cannabidiol has its own marketing line that gained popularity. It will be worth $16.32 million by 2026 in the United States of America. 

Brief History

Cannabis is known to be one of the first herbs that were cultivated by humans. The products of this plant played a major role in establishing the foundation of the US economy during the Great Depression.

Although it brought good consolation in that time, prohibitions arose due to the psychoactive substance. It escalated around the 1960s.

This restriction fueled a rebellion against the harsh laws and system. Conventions of banning marijuana were held and supported by countries all over the world.

The proponents are very passionate in fighting for its legalization. This setting is still happening as of the present time. 

There are two types of Cannabis plants which are hemp and marijuana. The latter has gained popularity with its psychoactive properties that may bring negative effects when overused.

Hemp that contains CBD is covered by marijuana’s shadow as recreational use became rampant. But the change of luck happened.

All About CBD

CBD is short for cannabidiol and it is one of the hundreds of compounds found in marijuana. It doesn’t induce the psychoactive effect that most people expect when smoking weed.

Its role is to impart its healing and therapeutic properties. So there are two kinds of products made from this compound which are food or edibles and therapeutic grade. 

To be exact, it is sold as oil, creams, pills, oral sprays and edibles like lollipops and gummies.

MarketWatch that the therapeutic grade of CBD is valued as 59.90% of the market in 2018.

Cannabidiol Products

Cannabis plants include hundreds of chemical components. The extraction of CBD has been applied to many products such as bath bombs, drinks, vaping products and many more. 

This substance has been marketed to cure an array of ailments like insomnia. It can also work as an effective pain reliever.

It’s difficult to confirm this claim but it can’t be denied the immense widespread interest that it gained from the public. Individuals who are not concerned about getting high become fanatic of this compound.

The unstoppable proliferation of CBD products is expected for the months to come. It even entered the skincare products that would entice many people. 

The biggest glory of CBD is its medical properties. It’s what made medical marijuana famous and gained many patients that depend on it. 

A pharmaceutical CBD oil was the first-ever FDA approved Cannabis-based drug. Companies like Cara Therapeutics and GW Pharmaceuticals are on the rush in developing CBD-based drug treatments.

They need a lot of time but it will be rewarding once it’s refined. It would stabilize the CBD industry further and it would be proof that would strengthen the medical claim of the Cannabis plant.

Cannabis Drinks

The collaboration of Constellation Brands which is the producer of Corona and Modelo beers and Canopy Growth Corp hit the headline. The force of the top producer of alcoholic drinks and the largest Cannabis producer would create something interesting.

Another similar merging is done by Molson Coors and HEXO. Both of them are based in Canada. 

Individuals who depend on medical benefits that weed can bring would be thrilled to know CBD-infused drinks, seltzers, juices or coffee. They can be marketed as healthy drinks which can reduce inflammation and anxiety. 

FDA Softening Stance on CBD?

The current rule of FDA or Food and Drugs Authority on drugs containing CBD is on the category of Schedule 1 substance. It means it requires the agency’s approval. 

In 2018, it was the first approval of CBD which was derived from marijuana plants that came from the said agency. Epidiolex created by GW Pharmaceuticals is placed on Schedule V which is the least restrictive level. 

Schedule V is in the Controlled Substances Act of the US Drug Enforcement Administration. This category means there’s a low possibility of abusive consumption.

On the other hand, federal law is entirely different. It doesn’t allow to market any food or supplement that contains CBD.

FDA suggested that this law may change in the future. It said that allowing the pharmaceutical ingredient to be used in supplements and food is their means of evaluating the process should go on or not.

This statement was released after passing the Farm Bill which legalized the regulated production of hemp. 

It gives hope to companies even the legal status is murky. Does it mean that investors can count on having CBD listed in Schedule V or totally unscheduled soon?

It may not be completely closed to a final, clear decision. Th e USA has signed international treaties regarding these issues.

It’s only FDA’s authority to put something on Schedule V. It can approve a marijuana-derived drug that has low THC.

CBD Production

There’s no method to increase the CBD content that Cannabis plants normally produce. Cultivators can pick a certain strain that is high in CBD and grow it with optimal care.

In order to unlock the CBD content of the marijuana plant, there are necessary factors such as warm air temperature, warm soil temperature and lower levels of water. Higher CBD levels can also be achieved by positive general care and harvesting done at a specific time.

Beverages with CBD on the Rise

CBD might cause a shift in the stand of Cannabis legislation. This plant released itself from the black market and proceed into unexpected industries like big pharmaceutical companies, beauty products and the rising product from it is the beverages with CBD content.

CBD-infused beverage market would reach $1.4 billion by 2023 based on Zenith Global. It’s one of the fastest-growing sections in the entire industry. 

Subsequent challenges can’t be avoided and they will help to shape the future of the Cannabis industry.

Things you Need to Know about CBD Beverages

Drinking this kind of beverage is considered the healthiest ways of putting it inside your body. It’s available almost everywhere like supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants and even online.

It’s also a good substitute for coffee as you can get the same effect of caffeine from it. You can be alert without being on ‘edge’.

The dosage is set per serving so you’ll know how much you’re taking in. It’s usually around 2mg to 100mg per liter.

It’s not only the healthiest way of ingesting CBD but it’s also the most effective. It’s water-soluble so most cannabinoids are taken by the body.

Product Categories 

Non-alcoholic: water, tea, coffee, kombucha, sports drink, juice

Alcoholic: wine, beer, spirit

Companies that Merged to Create Beverages Mixed with CBD

  1. Molsoon Coors and Hexo

Non-alcoholic, Cannabis-infused products are what these two companies agreed upon. They may likely concoct hot drinks in the future.

  1. AbInBev and Tilray

It costs $100 million venture on the needed research and production of non-alcoholic CBD drinks.

  1. Newage and Docklight

The target of this duo is to create a globally recognized CBD beverage for relaxation in the US market.

  1. Youngevity and Icelandic Glacial

A premium water brand company collaborated with another company to create CBD drinks that will be at the forefront to attract potential of working together with other companies.

How to Shape the Future of CBD Beverages Based on Trends

  1. Bringing Change to the Preference of Customers

The taste of customers changed based on the decline of alcohol sales around the world. Some people might be conscious of their health.

The decrease in sales of alcohol may continue as more and more people turn to Cannabis products.

  1. Innovation

Transparency on ingredients, sustainable packaging, personalized strain, convenient and ready drink solution are the factors that can create a product innovation in this aspect.

  1. Big Players and Influencers

Terrel Travis – He’s a former NFL player. He launched his own CBD-infused drink called DEFY. This drink’s purpose is to alleviate pain or ache from working and hasten recovery.

Willie Nelson – He’s a famous singer who started ‘Willie’s Remedy’ which is whole coffee beans infused with Cannabis. It is the first of the numerous products he put his name into.

Primary Focus for the Future of CBD Beverage

It was mentioned that transparency on product ingredients, product labeling, and dosage level are important details that most customers want to know. The mandate set by Indiana is a good example.

The manufacturers should QR codes on the label of their products. Consumers can scan it so they can check if it has adequate and passable quantities of THC, CBD, other compounds or if there’s any presence of pesticide.

Many companies that produce CBD drinks use nano-emulsion to let the CBD steep in. This is one of the new methods to transform the beverage market. 

But fat-based microscopic particles accumulate in the organs so it develops health concerns. So it’s the reason why it’s a priority to create CBD as a compound that is water-soluble.

Learn How To Get Paid Just By Smoking Weed

Things have turned positive for the medical and recreational use of marijuana. States and countries legalizing its use and trade are increasing, giving way to a new industry that is now generating revenues and especially new jobs.

New job titles and descriptions for weed-related works are now booming, and many are shifting into the marijuana industry. You might as well benefit into this whether you smoke weed or not but is jobless and in need of work. You can see lists of jobs into the lower part of this article for non-weed smokers.

For weed smokers, you have various jobs to apply to so you can smoke some free weeds and get paid for it. This can vary in other places, depends if weed is legalized where you are or not. You can check about it and see what jobs can be applied to you. 

There are states where medical use of marijuana is legal but not for recreational. Nevertheless, you can still land a job as there are many dispensaries that could be found in areas where it is not legal for recreational use and also growing and breeding cannabis plants.

Thanks to the continuous research and studies that prove the effectiveness of marijuana in certain illnesses and health conditions. Now, the negative view on marijuana is being lifted due to its positive effect and help it gives to people that need it.

Weed has had its negative views for many years because of its illegal trade and use. But there is currently a change of direction with the help of research and science. As studies show the positive and effective use of cannabis medically, states and countries are making it legal. 

Now let us look into the various jobs you can do whether employed or self-employed so you can begin your career in the marijuana industry.

Marijuana Products Tester and Review Provider

This job covers a broad scope that could be dissected according to the need and purpose of the employer.

Product Review Provider for Online Weed Companies

Product reviews are very important to make sales for any products, and this is also applicable to marijuana products. Companies can make a search for themselves of weed smokers that are located within the area where they are operating to be a product reviewer. If you have a physical address, a social media account, or a website related to marijuana, an experienced weed smoker, or anything that they find useful, they can contact you for the job. 

You will be provided free weed buds to try or any weed-related products they are selling. In turn, you are to give them an honest and reliable review based on your test. You can directly post the review on their site or make a link from your site for your published review. 

There are many weed-related products you can review that includes vapes, extracts, edibles (food products, capsules, and lozenges), gears, bong, and many more. They can generate high income. If you have an existing website or a YouTube channel, this will add points to you getting this job. You can contact companies yourself and let them understand why you can be a product reviewer.

New Strains Evaluator

This same approach is being carried by cannabis dispensaries for their new products to be released. You will be sent with a cannabis strain and test them. You need to make a record in detail judging from their appearance, potency, smell, flavor, trichomes, effects, and others according to the requirement of the company. Evaluators out there have even received a microscope so they could make a detailed evaluation of each strain received. 

This is differentiated from the marijuana tester as it has a more in-depth analysis and detailed recording of each strain, and they could be tested more than once for more reliable evaluation.

New or Existing Strains Tester For Medical and Recreational Dispensaries

You will be given different strains to test and give some reviews that are helpful for customers of companies, especially patients that are looking for the perfect weed for their specific need. You have to provide a detailed and specific review so they can know things like how the strain works when smoked in parts of the body, the negative effects, how long the effects last, and other essential information.

You can either post your review directly on the website of the company or posts it on your own website or social media accounts. You can also submit your review to be posted by the company.

Other companies require video documentation in various parts of the testing process. It could be during the unboxing process and after you had tested it. Others require you to be on camera while you are high with the strain for a more accurate observation and documentation.

Traveling Marijuana Strain and Related Products Tester and Reviewer

You are given the privilege to try products that includes vape, extracts, strains, and others for free and travel to events promoting these products and meeting other personalities. Companies look for heavy hitters for this job as you can be high on testing a strain and still required to socialize.

If you like weed and traveling, your earnings are just a bonus. You can be required to use your own social media account to posts and promote the products you are testing.

Marijuana Ambassador For Online Cannabis Dispensaries

Cannabis dispensaries are found throughout the United States and Canada where cannabis has been made legal (though not all states are legal). Most states had legalized cannabis for medical and recreational use, and that calls for a marijuana ambassador that will promote the cannabis brand online.

You will get paid through the referrals and purchases being made through your affiliate link provided. Other online dispensaries would require you to use a specific platform to promote the products. 

Marijuana Blogger 

If you can run a website, you can make one and write things related to marijuana. You will not receive payment through the writings you are doing but through the sales generated through your sites. 

You will earn through affiliate product promotions, advertising, and selling marijuana-related products like books and bongs. 

Marijuana Topics Article Writer

If writing is your niche and wants to earn through it, you can by writing articles for various sites. You can be a regular writer or will do ghostwriting for these marijuana sites. 

Be a Marijuana Book Writer

If you love weed and writing, you can try being a weed writer. You can write and publish a book if blogging is not your niche. The difference in this from a marijuana blogger is you do not need to maintain a website. 

You can choose any topics related to cannabis and make it into a book like marijuana recipes, tips gathered, how to grow marijuana in your area, how to smoke a marijuana strain for harness its best effect, and experiences while smoking weed. 

Marijuana Journalist

You can also choose to be a marijuana journalist that is now a job role newly opened by some newspaper companies where marijuana is legal. Part of the job is to make a review or critic of certain products and specific strain on a journalistic and professional way. 

Volunteer For Clinical Trials

Studies and research can be completed with clinical trials, and companies pay people to join and be part of these clinical trials. You can be part of the team that is studying how marijuana affects cancer cells, body pain, sleep, and other health concerns.

Posting Original Pictures of Weeds and Related Items on Your Social Media

Utilize your social media and earn income with weed and related items pictures. It can be a picture of your newly bought marijuana or a cannabis gear favorite. You can post as many pictures as you like and see which one will bring income.

You can post them on Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, and other sites like Reddit and Quora. Attach a social media site with an affiliate URL related to cannabis. It can be a cannabis affiliate, amazon product, or any affiliated link. You will earn an income through the purchases made through your affiliate link.

Other Opportunities to Earn Through Marijuana

Invest in Marijuana Stocks

Welcome to the era of investing in legal marijuana. There are many profitable possibilities for marijuana that people and businesses are now setting their eyes on. You can now earn through individual stocks or mutual funds investment.

It does not require you to be an expert investor or day trader to try this investment. Search where you can start investing now.

Jobs in Dispensaries

Job dispensaries job opening you can apply to include being a budtender, edible makers like cookies and brownies, vaporizer retailer, store manager, cashier, security guard, product manager, website manager, delivery person, harvester, and others. 

Dispensaries are hiring for these positions, and if you want to have a higher career in the cannabis industry, you can start from any of these positions you are qualified for.

Eco-Friendly Marijuana Packaging to Save the Day

As the weed industry keeps on flourishing, the disposal of wastes intended for packaging also booms. But businesses and companies are already taking their steps to create and help with this matter. They are integrating sustainability into their goods, packaging, and overall physique of their products.

Many consumers are not just looking for what’s inside but also what’s outside. They are concerned about the packaging of Marijuana. They take into consideration the overall appearance of Marijuana. What they are searching for is if the packaging of Marijuana is eco-friendly.

Marijuana companies are also having a hard time thinking about what they would use for the packaging of the weeds. The operators require the packaging to meet the criteria. It should be harmless, eco-friendly, and reasonably priced.

Plastics are now being minimized all over the world. If not eliminated, at least try to minimize the use of it. Since plastics take hundreds of years to breakdown on earth, these go directly to the ocean. These mismanaged plastics pollute not only the landfills but also the oceans out there, most importantly the marine life. Mismanaged plastics cause harm to all forms of life.

The community is hastily shifting away from plastics meant for good reason. The marijuana industry is also taking its step to finding a better solution to this serious matter. They thought of many different ways to help and to contribute a solution to this dilemma.

Knowing Why Our Environment Needs Packaging That’s Eco-Friendly 

There are numerous reasons why our environment needs packaging that is eco-friendly. Our environment is at risk every single day because of wastes and mismanaged materials from different industries.

Mismanaged plastics are all over not only in the landfills but also in the oceans. Mismanaged plastics cause harm to all forms of life, specifically marine life. 

Many aquatic animals swallow these plastics that cause them to suffer and eventually die. When this plastics over occupied the oceans and seas, there will be an inadequate amount of oxygen that can pass through the bodies of water that is needed by marine resources.

The environment is being at stake all the time because of human experiments. These plastics take hundreds of years before these totally decompose. Microplastics are being swallowed by marine life, which increases the chance of illness and reproduction problems. Microplastics are small sections of plastic that came from larger plastics that have decomposed over a period of time.

Materials that do not decompose immediately cause severe coercion on the health of human beings, marine animals, land animals, and even birds out there. 

Plastic bags and other forms are clogging the sewer lines. Because of this, the water flowing becomes stagnant and filthy, causing it to accumulate most of the living spaces, roads, and homes. The stagnant water becomes the den of disease-carrying insects that threatens human life.

Plastics, in any form, cause low water ground level since these plastics stay on earth’s surface and forms a layer that will not allow rainwater to penetrate the layer deep within the earth.

Strong and harmful elements that can cause life-threatening diseases are introduced to the environment, resulting in a severe threat to the human race and even animals.

The need for a sustainable and eco-friendly source of packaging is an urgent case. Marijuana producers and businesses are now thinking of many different ways to help and to contribute solutions to this problem.

Minimizing Ecological Impacts through Sustainable Packaging

The government, consumers, and corporate agencies are seeing eco-friendly materials for packaging to be a solution in reducing ecological impact. These offices demand businesses to put into practice eco-friendly solutions for packaging issues. In actuality, it would be able to help business owners to save money in the future by this implementation.

Completely sustainable packaging is a vague thing. It is a continuous finding of a solution. But, the objective is to construct incremental packaging sustainability development over time to minimize its environmental effects generally.

The foremost intention of these eco-friendly solutions is to guarantee the quality of the human race, to conserve the world’s entire ecosystem, and to achieve the feasibility in the long run.

Identifying the Benefits of Eco-Friendly Materials for Packaging

Sustainable packaging is not just using recyclable materials, but it is a continuous concern and promotion of improved life-cycle account and evaluation, diminishing the ecological impact and tracks.

Eco-friendly means of packaging are safe to be used by both consumers and the communities. Its materials use renewable energy when manufactured and recycled. It performs the 3R’s: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

The conventional packaging process and resources significantly increase the possibility of global warming and other ecological concerns. Making use of eco-friendly sources of packaging enables you to trim down the quantity of plastic that you utilize.

Energy and materials are optimized with their physical designs. It reduces carbon traces and ecological effects.

It meets the corporate standards for cost and performance. Minimizing your delivery expenditures reduces the number of raw resources that are utilized to pack the products.

It does improve brand imaging. Businesses will present clients that they are a responsible and accountable association that concerns about the environment. It greatly contributes to the marketing advertisement and strategy.

Recognizing Eco-Friendly Marijuana Packaging

The number of plastic bags and plastic bottles the Marijuana consumers are using daily may not be that easy to account for. The weed industry is responsible for reducing its plastic wastes. This is for the benefit of both the consumer and the environment.

Businesses take their steps, making their packaging ecological friendly as possible, helping both their business and Earth at the time since several citizens are trying to be environmentally aware consumers.

Some Marijuana suppliers and businesses are using glass jars instead of plastic packaging. These glass jars vary in sizes and even colors. These jars are tight that keeping the freshness of the weeds and its buds.

Others make use of child-resistant containers made from hemp: metal tins, squeeze-and-pull-designs, push-and-twist caps, exit bags, and metered-dose containers with special sealing features. These containers are made with cornstarch and hemp. If not disposed of properly, it will be able to degrade twelve to fourteen months. 

Reusable bamboo tube containers are also used. These bamboo tubes are one hundred percent eco-friendly. These tubes are great storage of pre-rolled weeds and joints.

Hemp fabric stash bags and Compostable zipper bags are also trends in the Marijuana packaging industry. These bags are made of corn and hemp. It has varying sizes. Through its hasty development succession, durability, and flexibility, hemp offers resilient packaging solutions with a nominal effect on the environment.

Paper Tubes are widely used. These are one hundred percent environmentally friendly and reusable. It is made from paper board material. It protects Marijuana flowers perfectly.

The recent trend in paper tubes is the paperboard canisters.  Corrugated cardboard tubes are stylish and elegant. You can customize it whatever designs you want to make it an eye-catcher. It is a unique way of market strategy and image branding. These tube packagings are natural, sustainable, and can be used again.

With the lawful and legit recreational weed continues to roll out across the continents and around the world, it’s not surprising that different medical weeds providers are examining strictly and designing new stuff and accessories, particularly when the insisting demands outpace what everyone has been projected. Even the packaging of Marijuana is an issue together with this booming industry.

The environmentalists support the anti-plastics movement throughout the entire world; some companies are avoiding the use of plastic on the packaging. Research exposes that the consumers anticipate business proprietors to replace one-time use plastic with eco-friendly substitutes willingly.

It has been tackled that the present condition of sustainable packaging and how the government, the consumers, the corporate, and the business stakeholders are taking actions to minimize the problem. It is building a better yet sustainable world for everyone.

The importance of sustainable packaging becomes the topic of an alternative solution. It is set to develop, change, and nurture. It is an approach to battle climate change.

The packaging is an essential factor to consider when it comes to selling Marijuana. Producing Marijuana goods in best yet eco-friendly packaging should be the goal of every business professionals. 

It would be an excellent help for brand imaging and can develop brand recognition extensively. If you are aiming to acquire your weed industry off the ground, this is one factor that could significantly affect your marketing strategy.

It is very important to dedicate time to research the policies and regulations before proceeding to the carrying out of the packaging method or resource procurement. Producer of packaging supplies and equipment will regularly have a seize of the rules. However, it’s the merchant’s discretion to guarantee that the packaging satisfies the policies when identifying which manufactured goods to display.

The whole world is hastily shifting away from plastics for good motives. Marijuana Industry is also taking its measure to discover a better answer to this serious matter. They are thinking of many different ways to help and to contribute a solution to this dilemma.

What The World Needs To Know About Cannabis-Made Eco Car

In today’s time, people have been searching for ways and innovations to make use of cannabis to get the most out of its benefits.

Cannabis now is not only used for smoking or to make you high. It can also help treat various medical conditions. Researchers have been innovating to make use of cannabis as a treatment for cancer and cancer-related symptoms.

People will never stop creating new products out of precious cannabis because nobody can resist the potentials of the plant.

The First Cannabis-Derived Car

Cannabis is making a noise in the world of automobiles. I don’t know if you have heard of a car made from the hemp plant.

If it seems familiar to you or you might have heard some news regarding this, then you are not mistaken, indeed.

In the year 1941, Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motor Company, has been thinking and researching about a car made entirely from the hemp plant, one of the cannabis categories.

Henry Ford was able to build a hemp-derived car that was fueled by hemp biofuel. It is considered the greenest car ever in history, long before the arrival of electric powered vehicles.

Why Was It Built?

The conceptualization of eco-friendly cars has been derived from the world’s worst problem today, climate change.

With all the problems happening now like global warming and ozone layers getting weaker, researchers finally decided to make an innovation without harming the environment.

By this, people are leaving the engine combustion behind as it is one of the leading producers of hazardous chemical compounds like carbon dioxide.

Also, Ford was hoping to build something that could resist massive impact like a car crash without giving at least a scratch. At that year, there was also a shortage of metal.

Finally, after twelve long years, Henry Ford was able to make this idea come into realization by showcasing the first car made from the hemp plant and fueled with hemp oil or vegetable oil.

The panels of the car were made from seventy percent of a mixture of wheat straw, sisal and hemp plant. The thirty percent was from the resin binder. Altogether were molded using hydraulic pressure of 1500lbs PSI. The car’s tubular welded frame was the only mental made in the whole car.


It was reported that the car was lighter as compared to steel cars for about 300lbs. The inventor also brags that the vehicle can withstand an impact of ten folds.

According to several car tests reported by Henry Ford, the car can handle an impact without a dent as it is ten times tougher compared to steel.

During the car show of the hemp-derived car, Henry Ford used an ax and attempted to cut through the body of the car, but it was a failure. The ax just bounced back, proving that indeed the car derived from hemp is stronger and tougher than steel cars.

Moreover, Rudolph Diesel, father of diesel motor, was also part of the collaboration for the hemp-derived car. He was the one responsible for the engine to be able to run using hemp oil or vegetable oil.

What Happened To The Car?

Due to the occurrence of World War II, the production of all automobiles, including this car, was discontinued. After WWII, they started the production again but eventually abandoned it because the energy was organized for the recovery efforts from the war.

Coincidentally, the price of gasoline during that year dropped significantly, along with the ban on illegal cannabis plants.

Nonetheless, the car was not able to be a showcase in the museum; it continues to be the rise of design for innovation.

Now, a lot more have implanted the prevention of emitting greenhouse gasses, and legalization of cannabis in a lot of states could have been a better setting for Henry Ford’s to realize again.

The Kestrel

Kestrel is a hemp-derived car, named after a bird species. It is considered the most Eco-friendly vehicle as of this generation.

The eco-friendly car is generated from the hemp, a cannabis category. It drives approximately 90 kilometers per hour powered BY TM4 Electrodynamics Systems.

Although the Kerstel demands to be replenished for every one hundred sixty kilometers hustle.

Illegality of Cannabis

Hemp cultivation remains questionable up until today. It cannot complain that the materials used in the car were cost-efficient and friendly to the environment and mother nature.

Thus, the generation of hemp plants exhibits an incredible amount of potential in the world of auto and engineering.

Fortunately, in Canada, where Kerstel was built, the government is enthusiastic in investigating hemp and its advantages for the atmosphere, climate, and environment. 

Impact Resistant

The car was made from the combination of stalks from hemp plant and resin. Altogether, it made a tough and resistant to any impact car.

In comparison to steel cars or average cars, Kerstel’s composition made it efficient and adequate performance.

On top of that, it acknowledges to the eco standards that we have established today.

Although the eco-friendly car, Kerstel, is not prepared for production yet, it has already made an uproar and been on the limelight globally.

The price of Kerstel is estimated to be around $25,000. It is not as bad as expected, given that the car itself is environmentally friendly, fuel-efficient, and made from reliable lightweight materials.

The Renew Sports Car

From the concept of Henry Ford, a new car was made from cannabis. This is called The Renew.

Bruce Michael Dietzen, a former executive of Dell, has been investing a lot of effort and time in creating his brand of a sports car.

When making this sports car, all he was thinking was the environment and how to make use of eco-friendly materials. Dietzen was able to make a car from hundred-pound cannabis with coverage of incredibly tough resin.

He also wanted to wipe off the stigma attached to the reputation of cannabis plants as it is still deemed as harmful as cocaine and heroin.

Most Durable Car There Is

Similar to Ford’s car, Bruce Dietzen is ten times tougher than steel. This is an insight he gave during the showcase of his sports car at Jay Leno’ Garage.

He also added that cannabis could make attainable material for building cars in the future.

During the show, Dietzen showed off the potentials of the cannabis car by slamming the car hood over and over. Unfortunately, the slamming attempt did not make any scratch on the Renew’s body.

The production of the car was not as easy as you may think, given that in Florida, where Dietzen lives, cannabis is considered illegal.

He had to import materials from another country to make the production possible, and there is also a scarcity of facilities to manufacture cannabis.

Carbon Neutral

Additionally, the car is not the only eco-friendly here but also how it was made. The process of building the Renew was carbon neutral.

Carbon neutral allows the manufacturing to prevent from releasing excess dangerous and harmful gasses into the atmosphere. It is quite different from steel cars that emit an estimated ten tons of carbon dioxide while on production and another six tons of the same harmful chemical annually when driven on the road.

It is considered the first carbon-free vehicle in the world. Cannabis efficiently eliminates carbon in the atmosphere. Surprisingly, It even does the job better than trees.

Cannabis plants grow faster than trees. In about three to four months, you will have a mature plant already and can be regrowth many times annually.

Cannabis is outstanding in storing carbon dioxide while it grows. When this ability is used in a car like the Renew, it can be the most beneficial approach to fight climate change and make a change in the emission of harmful chemicals in the atmosphere.

Very Expensive

Although Dietzen was not the pioneer in conceptualizing the cannabis as cars, he made it possible to upgrade the original findings and put effort into thoroughly researching to modernize the idea.

The Renew is not the most affordable car there is and certainly the most expensive way of building a car. With whooping $200,000 invested in making the project happen, it is quite valuable and expensive. However, it is efficient given by the fact that it is eco-friendly, and the materials and products used were distinct.

Anyways, nobody mentioned that the future is not an expensive investment, especially if it is for the sake of innovation and preservation of mother nature.

Dietzen also collaborated with Cool Tech, a Colorado-based company in creating alternative vehicular fuel to save and preserve the environment.


The potentials of cannabis to surpass the ability of artificial materials is an excellent discovery by Henry Ford. It only proves that he was right, and his effort will not be put into waste.

Researchers should look into the harvest year to make use of agriculture in producing innovative products that could change the perspective of today’s generation and their stigma on cannabis. In this way, we could help reduce the emission of harmful chemicals in the atmosphere and possibly prevent climate change from continuing.

Making use of cannabis not just in medicine or food, but also in fabrics, automobiles, and many other ways that could potentially make a tremendously positive and significant impact in the world.

The Science Behind Regenerative Farming As The Future Of Cannabis Growing

As the light has shone on the cannabis industry that permitted its legalization, farming cannabis is now openly discussed. With the limitations and sanctions are gone, more activities are being revealed in the cannabis industry and many people are shifting their attention to this plant.

Cannabis could be cultivated normally just like other plants but because the world is already concerned with the pollution that is being contributed by farming, growing them using regenerative farming is now becoming a must.

Though it has just permitted in most countries to grow and farm cannabis, it is already catching up to grow those using regenerative farming methods. 

There are already many cannabis growers that are using this method and more studies are being made about it. 

Farming methods and tools like pesticides have been considered as a great help when they were just discovered because of the help they had contributed to the society. It has helped mitigate hunger and poor living conditions.

Now, it became a problem due to oversupply and the impact on the environment is already noticed and being felt. What has been great before does not stand forever.

Some of the disadvantages it has brought include the loss of billions of topsoil, waterways are being choked, and the pollution it has given to the atmosphere, deaths due to pesticides, and more.

Now, regenerative farming of cannabis is a new way to help the environment and even produce a crop in good quality that can supply the demand.

Defining Regenerative Farming

There can be a broad definition of regenerative farming and each can have their own focus. It includes practicing of companion planting (this practice enriches the soil without needing chemicals), diversification of crops, using rainwater catching system, and using cover crops (this protects the soil). 

It also involves using working animals for weed control (raising animals while farming is a good combination), use of non-toxic pest management, no tilling, composting, using worms, and other methods that has the goal of soil improvement.

It emphasizes the practices above to make the watershed conditions improve, increasing biodiversity, and enhancing the ecosystem. This practice had been used for many years all throughout the world but was forgotten when commercial farming took over.

The soil itself has many living organisms that make it ideal for planting crops without the need for pesticides.

That also provides the consciousness to help small scale farmers so they could be sustainable.

Regenerative Farming Of Cannabis

Regenerative farming is now in effect in the cannabis plant. More studies and experiments are being done to attain its highest effectiveness and meeting the goal of not just using the method but also being sustainable.

Cannabis farming using the regenerative method allows using the materials from the farm itself and all-natural. This ensures that the weeds produced are of great quality and are organic without the use of harmful pesticides and chemicals.

Knowledge of how to apply regenerative farming into cannabis cultivation is very important. Many growers are already applying it but more is to be done so that more are to be educated for the proper and best use of the practice.

That is why the cannabis growers are having meetings and gatherings to share ideas and even seeds that are of proven quality. They are willing to help each other understand more of the cannabis and the use of regenerative farming.

It is not easy when you have no background and idea about regenerative farming. But do not be dismayed as you can learn it and you can do well. You can use the resources shared online or get the help of a regenerative cannabis farmer near your area and get direct help and information.

A slowly shift from normal cultivation to regenerative cultivation had been the subject of study and had already been in practice. You too can join in this effort and will be able to be one of the educated cannabis regenerative farmers. 

Understanding Indoor vs. Outdoor Farming of Cannabis

Cannabis Indoor Farming

There is an advantage that makes indoor cultivation better than outdoor cultivation. Moneywise, outdoor is cheaper than outdoor. The indoor growing of cannabis has become popular over the years. With the limitations and laws that do not allow cannabis cultivation, indoor growing has grown in practice and soon many learned to practice it commercially or privately for personal use.

With indoor cultivation, you have to prepare what is needed including lights, air ventilation system, nutrients needed, and others. It seems to be a disadvantage but it can be covered up with its advantages. Growing cannabis indoor gives good yield in terms of the scent and its look and the THC level is higher. 

Another concern for indoor growing is that diversity is not promoted and farmers spend farming in crowded rows of cannabis plants when cultivating indoors. It is a different scene when outdoor having the natural light of the sun and fresh air.

But with the limited space of growing in other areas, and when it is only on a slow scale where the grower grows for a personal need, indoor farming is preferred and is the ideal method.

Cannabis Outdoor Farming

This is what has been practiced many years ago and is advocated by many. Because of its many advantages, outdoor farming is still the top choice when it comes to farming cannabis.


It is noted that plants grown in an outdoor setting are tastier and more attractive than indoor-grown cannabis. It is even cheaper as there is not much cost as compared to indoor growing. Besides its benefit as earth-friendly, it is also consumer-friendly and farmer-friendly products.

Farming cannabis outdoor allows your plants to enjoy the space, the sun, and the natural air that you as a grower can experience.

The outdoor growing of cannabis is more recommended because you can combine it with regenerative farming to promote better farming practice helping the environment.

Understanding the Science and Tips of Farming Cannabis

Behind this entire goal to be good at regenerative farming, you as a cannabis farmer should understand the science behind farming cannabis. Understanding your crop is one key to the success of your plan to use regenerative farming for cannabis growing.

Cannabis has different strains with different flavors, aroma, effect, and medical benefits. If you are new and wondering what would be the good strains to cultivate, you may be overwhelmed.

One clue that was given is that know the basics of marijuana. You can group the strains with the flavor and see what people like the most. If you do it for your personal use, you can then group them according to what you like.

As you had already grouped them, you keep a good quality stock of strains that are popular and sell. You can use them to produce more strains and you do not have to keep all available strains on that particular flavor.

As it is not ideal to have as much as you can because of the cost, you can manage your stocks and keep more variety and stock on what sells higher than the flavors you have. You can adjust your stock when the trend has shifted to another flavor. 

For example, you can have a 60% stock on gassy varieties, and the rest for the other varieties. You can reduce the stock or increase them according to demand. 

It is important to know your market. Who is buying your products? Through that, you can know what strains to produce more and focus more. Remember to keep the quality products so you can grow them when change arises.

Safe practice in cultivating and storing cannabis is to have the old weeds that have the best quality. They do not necessarily be the best flavor that will sell but you can use them to produce the one that is on-demand in the market.

The flavors or strains promoted on social media do not always sell forever. The taste could change and people, when they have no choice, will just use what is already in the market. 

If you will make your own cannabis that is in good quality, consumers would come to you. They can also explore the other flavors and so keeping a good quality stock makes it sure that they are available.

Science of Cannabis and Regenerative Farming

If you combine this with regenerative farming, you will be able to reap the best benefit you can with growing cannabis. Whether you grow cannabis for your personal use, you can apply this method so you will not be burdened with keeping many stocks. 

Regenerative farming of cannabis has been already proven to be productive and you too can do it. As you enjoy growing your marijuana, you are also helping with the effort to help the environment and not contribute to pollution. 

Regenerative farming of cannabis is now the new trend. It has many advantages that have been reap by growers for years already. Many more are expected to happen with this cannabis cultivation.

The Role Of Cryptocurrency In The Growing Cannabis Industry

Two of the greatest trendy expressions have been cryptocurrency and cannabis. The two ventures have seen a colossal deluge of speculation from individuals attempting to exploit these new business thoughts.

Obstructions to banking and progressively complex guidelines make maintaining a cannabis business exorbitant and muddled, hampering what could be galactic development for the business. Cannabis digital forms of money can take care of the two issues, be that as it may, similar to all cryptographic money, cannabis cryptographic forms of money weren’t made equivalent. Some cryptographic cannabis forms of money exist as a way to contribute to the industry. Others were intended to deliver cannabis business’ failure to process Visas, and little else.

Organizations and administrators that sell and additionally circulate recreational and restorative pot are as yet banished from utilizing banks for their exchanges as a result of government enactment. The improvement and utilization of marijuana explicit virtual monetary standards have increased to react to the gap in this market.

Cryptographic forms of money make it simple for individuals in the cannabis business—or just the individuals who need to get some weed—to do an exchange. While Bitcoin has gotten broadly well known in the virtual cash space, there are a couple of elective cryptographic forms of money providing food explicitly to the pot part.

Cannabis and Cryptocurrency

The cannabis business is an exceptionally directed industry at the state level, and marijuana stays a carefully controlled substance under government law. To forestall robbery, item redirection, and other crime, states have expected organizations to utilize state-run track-and-follow frameworks. This framework likewise tracks the number of cash organizations is making and where that cash is coming from.

Cryptographic forms of money are shared systems of decentralized monetary standards that are exchanged on an open record by utilizing blockchain innovation. A cryptographic money stage could enable cannabis organizations to execute with advanced cash rather than money, making the business more secure for all players, and bypassing the requirement for banks by and large. It seems like a characteristic fit. Things being what they are, the reason won’t it work for the present?

Because of the irrefutable cover between these two kinds of organizations, it’s just regular that they wind up converging in different manners. Consistently new cannabis/cryptographic money “mixture” organizations are turning out with some kind of cannabis-related digital currency.

Different Cryptocurrencies

1. HempCoin

HempCoin was likewise among the initial 30 monetary forms created in 2014. HempCoin isn’t only for cannabis, as it is based on the wellspring of Bitcoin. It is profoundly engaged computerized money, intended to be utilized by medicinal, recreational dispensaries and pot producers, just as tobacco, cannabis and hemp reapers. It was the main cannabis digital money made for ranchers instead of buyers, its unique design being to encourage obtaining cultivating supplies in mass through THC coin.

It can supply a maximum of 300 million dollars.

2. KushCoin

KushCoin is cannabis cryptographic money that appeals blockchain innovation to the whole therapeutic pot inventory network in each viewpoint, from the way toward developing to sell pot: land obtaining, capacity, transportation, offering to qualified clients, conveying item. All while agreeing to government, state, and nearby laws. KushCoin’s unique need stays right up ’til the present time: to have to change degrees of the inventory network and purchasers dodge consistent charges and bother, by paying with cryptographic money. Through KushCoin, any measure of money can be rapidly and securely moved with no charge for the exchange. KushCoin can be purchased or exchanged on Cryptopia and YoBit.

It can supply a maximum of 9.35 million dollars.

3. Budbo

Budbo is another digital money token gave on the Ethereum stage. Budbo works as a decentralized blockchain innovation, which is intended to take into account various kinds of cannabis organizations while helping them remain in complete consistency with the law. All the more explicitly, Budbo’s objective clients are cannabis makers, analysts, cultivators, retailers, and merchants. Bubo is a kind of utility token. HitBTC is the most dynamic trade exchanging Budbo.

It can supply a maximum of 200 million dollars.

4. CannaCoin

As depicted by its creators, Cannacoin is a gathering of cannabis devotees progressing in the direction of things to come to the advancement of digital money applications. It is identified with cannabis creation, seed generation, remove generation, glass blowing offices, vape and spot station producing, crypto improvement, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It is an open-source cannabis altcoin that sudden spikes in demand for its own decentralized blockchain. Altilly is the most dynamic trade exchanging Cannacoin.

It can supply a maximum of 4.63 million dollars.

5. CannabisCoin

Some portion of CannabisCoin’s primary goal is to make both digital money and cannabis all the more socially adequate CannabisCoin was made as a proof-of-work, shared open-source cash, to disentangle installment communications among business and buyers, by making exchanges smoother and simpler for restorative cannabis dispensaries/clients. The most dynamic trades exchanging CannabisCoin are Bittrex, Cryptopia, and YoBit.

It can supply a maximum of 106 million dollars.

6. DopeCoin

DopeCoin’s point is to work with any kind of weed business, legitimate or something else. DOPE enables access to quality promoting channels that address and serve the issues of the business. Merchants in both the United States and Europe currently acknowledge DopeCoin installments. It is conceivable to change over different digital currencies to DopeCoin on Bittrex. However, DopeCoin has its own cryptographic money wallet.

It can supply a maximum of 116.8 million dollars.

7. Paragon

Not at all like a large number of the cannabis cryptographic forms of money as of now accessible, Paragon isn’t for buying weed. Rather, PRG token was created to help distinctive weed organizations develop. All together for all cannabis organizations to pay lease there, Paragon created ParagonCoin (PRG), the main money acknowledged at ParagonSpace, regardless of whether you are renting an office or essentially getting a few snacks in the offices.

It can supply a maximum of 165 million dollars.

8. Tokes

This specific cannabis digital currency works on the Waves blockchain. Tokes fundamental objective is to evacuate money structure all weed production network and client exchanges. Representatives and providers in the business can get Tokes tokens as installment, rather than tolerating money or customary cash solely. Aside from streamlining organizations and diminishing costs, Tokes gives a similar sort of security to a money related establishment, agreeable to budgetary industry administrative specialists.

It can supply a maximum of 50 million dollars.

9. Potcoin

As one of the most untimely cannabis digital forms of money to have at any point turned out, PotCoin was at first propelled as a Canadian coin utilized to finance for weed-related merchandise and enterprises. It turned into the primary decentralized digital money, explicitly intended to encourage installment arrangements by helping with poorly designed and muddled financial methodology in the legitimate cannabis showcase.

It can supply a maximum of 420 million dollars.

10. GreenMed

GreenMed is a cannabis digital money token gave on the open blockchain stage, Ethereum. GreenMed’s whitepaper tends to the business’ developing need to process Visa exchanges immediately and safely. To begin with, you should exchange USD into GRMD. At that point, GreenMed’s tokens can be moved to an approved cannabis business’ record, for the careful measure of a drug in USD. A functioning trade that exchanges GreenMed is HitBTC.

It can supply a maximum of 14.9 million dollars.

Helpful Guide to Making Your Own DIY Cannabis Drying and Curing Racks

Having deliberately been sprouting your seeds, giving the delicate love and safekeeping to bring your cultivation into life, and making the ideal conditions for your blossoms to develop, it’s currently gone to the hotly anticipated reap! The way toward developing cannabis doesn’t stop at collecting time. Appropriately drying and restoring your new cannabis stash is central to avert mold infection from occurring. These techniques will likewise bring about buds that taste better and offer a predominant high. Despite the fact that it’s enticing to attempt your buds after collect, regardless, you have to dry and fix your cannabis harvest to guarantee that it remains sound, smokes well, and creates a quality high. 

Curing and drying weed is a basic post-collect component since it can essentially affect the taste and general nature of your cannabis crop. It is anything but difficult to inhale a murmur of help subsequent to collecting your plants in the mixed up conviction that the difficult work has been finished. Relieving includes drying your cannabis buds gradually in a uniquely controlled condition. Next, you have to keep the dried buds in glass bricklayer containers for half a month. In the long run, you will have weed that scents and tastes better and, maybe more significantly, is significantly progressively powerful!

Before we supply you onto manufacturing your own cannabis drying and curing racks, let’s take a look first on the importance of drying and curing your cannabis cultivation and how to do it.

Why Do I Need to Cure My Newly Harvested Cannabis?

The first reason why is that curing your cannabis increases its potency.  There is no point in experiencing the whole developing and gathering process except if you’re resolved to getting the strongest weed conceivable out of the experience. During a procedure known as biosynthesis, cannabis plants produce THC Acid (THCA) and different cannabinoids. The procedure includes certain mixes getting changed over into various mixes. For example, THCA becomes THC during this procedure. 

Curiously, this procedure of biosynthesis proceeds after you choose to chop down your plant, and, luckily, for THC sweethearts, the non-psychoactive cannabinoids in your buds will start to change over into THCA when kept in the correct conditions. Specifically, this implies keeping them at temperatures that fall somewhere in the range of 60°F and 70°F and mugginess levels of 45% to close to 55%. By doing this, you encourage the biosynthesis procedure and guarantee your yield is loaded down with THC. The inability to appropriately fix weed implies it eventually contains a lower level of THC and different cannabinoids.

Second, curing enhances its savor and caliber of its smoke. On the off chance that you didn’t have the foggiest idea about, the charming and one of a kind smell and kind of cannabis you experience are because of its terpene content. In any case, these unpredictable and delicate mixes are in peril of dissipating and debasing even at exceptionally low temperatures, which implies they rush to corrupt and vanish off into the ether when they get excessively warm. Truth be told, terpenes can start to separate at simply 70°F, consequently the need to keep your reaped bud somewhere in the range of 60 and 70°F Companies that mass produce second rate maryjane frequently utilizes a fast fire hot cannabis drying process. For better quality bud, utilize a moderate relieving procedure to safeguard the terpene content. 

Just with a moderate fix, will you have the option to appropriately welcome the best flavors and tastes of your plant so don’t release all your difficult work to squander at the relieving stage since you are urgent to give your convenient work its initially run-out? At the point when the pot is ineffectively relieved, it makes the perfect condition for proteins and microscopic organisms to separate undesirable materials. It additionally brings about the separating of the unfortunate sugars shaped when chlorophyll decays. These sugars and minerals are what caused the undesirable throat-consume you now and then get from smoking.

Lastly, curing preserves your cannabis cultivation. In the event that you plan to store your cannabis for quite a while, top-notch relieving of the weed is basic. At the point when you fix the plant accurately, you can spare it in a sealed shut compartment for roughly two years without a critical misfortune in power. Else, it will lose its cannabinoid content and turn out to be progressively vulnerable to form development. 

Great restoring strategies empower you to keep your cannabis for any longer. While you probably won’t be accustomed to having more buds than you can smoke when you develop your very own, you may discover you shock yourself, so you’re not going to need to pass up smoking it since you can’t keep up the pace with its debasement. 

In as much as you fix your weed appropriately, at that point, you won’t need to stress over a shape or your bud losing its cannabinoids. Simply make a point to keep your buds in a hermetically sealed compartment and in a cool and dull area and, incredibly, your bud is fine for use for near two years.

How to Dry your Weed?

Be that as it may, since we realize you will make the best decision for you and your buds, how about we proceed to how to viably dry and fix your cannabis. 

Step 1

Cut down your plant(s), laying them on a defensive sheet until you can hang them. 

Step 2

Trim away any additional fan leaves from your stalks. (you could likewise decide to do this before you chop down your plant in the event that you think that it is simpler) 

Step 3

Hang your stalks topsy turvy to dry in a faintly lit, moistness controlled ‘room.’ Generally, a storeroom is adequate, insofar as you can give an air course and keep light out. Make a kind of clothing line for your stalks to hold tight, or get imaginative utilizing garments holders or other family unit things. But don’t worry, we’ll get to it later to help you make your own. 

Keep your drying room around 70 degrees F and the dampness between 45 – 55% utilizing a hygrometer to screen. This procedure can take around 10 days. Then again, you may utilize a work tower drying rack and spot your reaped buds (removed from the stalks) spread out in each different compartment and drape the whole tower in a temperature-controlled room or storage room. 

Step 4

Your buds are dried enough when littler stems snap off as opposed to twisting. On the off chance that any of the stems are still too bendy, don’t expel them as there is still water inside the plant that will discover out, later on, making the potential for shape. 

Keep an eye on your yield each day or so to screen where your drying procedure is at and make vital changes with your wind current, A/C in the event that you are utilizing it, humidifiers, and so on, in the event that you notice your buds appear to be excessively wet or dry during the procedure.

How to Cure Your Buds?

Step 1

Place your recently dried buds into artisan containers, with about 25% breathing room at the top. On the off chance that you utilized strategy 3a in the drying procedure, utilizing great nursery scissors expel the buds from the stalks and quickly place them in artisan containers. Keep these containers at 60 – 65% mugginess, again utilizing your hygrometer to screen. Bricklayer containers are significant over others as they remain totally fixed and don’t give buds a chance to dry out and lose intensity. 

Step 2

Shake it like a polaroid picture! Joking, don’t shake it that hard. Give the container a delicate shake with the cover on to guarantee the buds can move around. In the event that they are remaining together, keep the tops off the containers for a couple of hours, and check once more. 

Step 3

Over the following, hardly any weeks, open the entirety of your containers each other day or something like that. This is designated “burping.” It enables the bud to inhale, ought to there be any additional dampness left, avoiding mold generation. It additionally offers you a chance to examine how the buds are relieving and in the event that you have to haul any out should despite everything they are excessively wet around then in the restoring procedure. 

Step 4

Sample your bud! 

Now that you already know everything about curing and drying your buds, here are some tips on how to make your own racks for it.

Branch Rack

Materials Needed:

  • A branch from a tree: choose any that could handle your newly harvest weed well
  • Thick Rope
  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • And of course, your weed!

Guide How To:

  1. To start, utilize a standard bunch to attach the jute rope as far as possible of the branch, leaving a bit ‘tail’ free.
  2. At that point, fold the twine over the rope and the ‘tail.’
  3. Tie a couple of bunches in the twine as I went to ensure it wasn’t going to self-destruct following a moment.
  4. Next, do something very similar on the opposite side of the branch.
  5. With the weed drying rack completed, tie a heap of your buds to the branch.
  6. Finally, leave a tad of room in the middle of packs to enable air to flow unreservedly as the buds dry.

Macrame Rack

Materials Needed:

  • Scissors
  • Embroidery Hoop: you can choose any size you want for your own rack
  • Small S Hooks
  • Twine
  • And oh, don’t forget your buds!

Guide How To:

  1. Cut six pieces of twin in a length of 10 ft each.
  2. Assemble your strings in gatherings of two and crease them into halves. Circle each collapsed, gathering around the loop. Spot the collapsed end under the circle and force the closures over the band and through the circle made by the collapsed end. Rehash with the other two gatherings and space them similarly separated around the band, around 10-1/2 inches separated.
  3. To make a square bunch lay your four strands from one of your groupings level on a table. Take the outside string on the left-hand side and spot it over different strands. Take the outside string on the correct side and spot it over the string going over, at that point under the two focus strands, at that point through the extreme left circle. Force tight and rehash these means beginning the right. Spot the extreme right string over different strands. Take the extreme left string and spot it over the crossed strand, under the middle strands and through the circle on the left. Draw tight, and you have finished one square bunch.
  4. Keep including square bunches until you have 3 full bunches on each gathering of strings.
  5. 3 inches from the highest point of your square bunches, you will begin the winding. To make a truly winding impact, you just recurrent the primary portion of the square bunch. Lay your strands level. Spot the outside left strand over the rest of the strands. Spot the outside right strand over the string over, under the middle strings, and through the left circle. Force tight. Rehash, continually beginning with the outside left string. (Rather than rotating which side you start the bunch, start on a similar side and the macrame will curve.) Continue the half bunches until your winding estimates 1-1/2 inches. Rehash on the other two groupings.
  6. To make intrigue, separate the strings into up to the minute sets. Place the circle level and settle the strings of two gatherings of strands that are alongside one another level on the table. From the left-hand gathering, take the two strands on the privilege, and from the right-hand gathering, take the two strands on the left to make another gathering of four. Three crawls from the highest point of the spirals get this new gathering together with 2 full squares hitches. Rehash this means with different strands.
  7. 6 inches from the last bunches get every one of the strands together with the half bunch. Pick two long outside strands. Spot the outside left strand over the various strands. Spot the outside right strand over the strand running over, at that point under focus strands, and through the circle in the left. Draw tight and rehash until you have a winding estimating 2 inches.
  8. Add the last square bunches to make a circle for hanging. 6 inches over your huge winding, total three square bunches, climb an inch, and afterward make two all the more square bunches. Trim the strings, and your portable is prepared to hang. Utilize the hole between the gatherings of square bunches to drape your versatile from a snare.
  9. Gathering your buds into packs and tie with string. Supplement one side of the S guide into the circle of the string.
  10. Hang your portable and snare your buds on the ring. Enable your buds to dry totally and appreciate them until one or 2 years from today’s gathering.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your ass up and do it!

Are In Bred Lines of Cannabis Attainable Through Hybridizing?

As a novice breeder, you may feel nervous and uncertain about the outcome of your prime cannabis project. This is normal. All breeders experienced that same anxiety and hesitation in their first grow. Do you have a strain to cross in mind? Are you going for hybrids? Or do you want an inbred offspring? These are the usual questions you should have an answer to before you start hybridizing cannabis. If you are ambiguous still on these things, then you must continue reading this article to help shed some light on the darkness that secludes you.

Breeding and A Long Cannabis History

· Cannabis was the first plant used in the making of fiber for paper and ropes as early as 8000 BCE.

· Canvas was made from cannabis. The word canvas came from the Greek term kannabis and Latin word cannabis.

· Emperor Shen Nung, the Father of Chinese medicine, described marijuana as one of the dominant plants in Chinese medicine as early as 2700 BCE in Chinese history.

· In 1865, Gregor Johann Mendel, an Austrian scientist, began his well-known pea hybridizing cannabis experiments that gave us the basic rules of inheritance (now termed as the laws of Mendelian inheritance). It was through his observations of how certain traits seemed to surface and go through the generations that he concluded some genes must be dominant and others recessive.

· By the middle of the 19th century, most cannabis species were legal almost everywhere in the world, aside from a few Islamic countries.

· In the 1960s, wild landrace sativas began showing up in the United States. Seeds were being grown in greenhouses in southern and central California.

· The 1970s came, and little-known indica sub-species were introduced and soon revolutionized the indoor grow the scene.

· In the 1980s or the “Golden age of breeding,” the West Coast exploded with the cornerstones to almost every strain we breed today. The most popular of these strains include Northern Lights, Hash Plant, Skunk #1, and Big Bud.

· In the middle of the 20th century, hybridizing Cannabis divided into strains producing fiber, seeds, and drugs.

· Cultivars meant for making drugs were forbidden, mocked, and labeled as marijuana – a term that originated from the language of a native Mexican ethnic group.

· Bypassing laws and punishments, the cultivation of psychoactive (high THC) cannabis strains was carried out by stealth to match the high underground demand.

· By the end of the 20th century, cannabis laws were loosened, and the open planting, cultivation, and creation of new strains started. The Netherlands was the first nation to legalize cannabis. In 2015, Uruguay first legalized recreational marijuana, and Canada followed suit in 2018.

A little bit of cannabis history helps you understand the importance it played so many years ago and the part it still plays until now. So, next, we define the word breeding.

What is Breeding?

Breeding is used as a noun that means “a process of combining plants to produce targeted traits.” Breeding purifies and strengthens a strain. A backbone of the cannabis industry, most growers experiment and become breeders to achieve a strain perfect for their needs.

The Mechanics of Plant Reproduction

Cannabis has two chromosomes or a diploid genome, one from the mother strain and another from the father strain. When you breed, you take a male and female plant to cross with each other allowing each to contribute its genes to the child strain.

A copy of each parent plant’s chromosome is supplied by the plant’s sex cell, which is ovule in the female and pollen in the male plants. During reproduction, these cells join together, mixing the two genes in a process called recombination.

Recombination allows the genetic material to become congregated in one area on the chromosome, making the selection and removal of traits easier. This makes it less troublesome to cultivate a strain of its highest potential and a better adapted one.

Cannabis can be reproduced asexually or sexually. Asexual reproduction uses the same plant to be produced again and again. Sexual reproduction involves crossing different parents. There are also vegetative methods that include cutting, cloning, and even division of roots.

To which strain you are to reproduce really depends on what characteristics (size, autoflowering or not, resin quality, terpenes, yields, color, effects, resilience, THC, and CBD levels and resistance), what species and type of breeding you opt to select. You may choose from an indica, sativa, or ruderalis. Indicas are short and bushy plants. Sativas are tall and tree-like, while ruderalis are autoflowering strains. Mix and match any two or three strains as inbreds or hybrids. Here is a quick rundown on the 2 types of breeding.

Two Types of Breeding: Inbred Lines vs. Hybrid Lines

Inbred Lines or IBL-

Breeding of a mother to son and daughter to father, a transfer from generation to generation from the same family to ensure that a stable trait of marijuana will be produced and show little variations on their phenotypes. It simply is the act of crossing a group, variety, or family of plants with each other. The offspring cannabis from inbreeding is considered an inbred line. It takes lots of time, patience, and hard work to achieve inbred lines. These are paid off with good results of having healthy uniform plants that tend to produce consistent offspring. A good example is Skunks. They were hybridized, and after many generations, they developed into the Cheese family. Other examples of inbred lines are Blueberry, Columbian Gold, and Thai.

An extreme form of inbreeding, “selfing,” happens when a plant pollinates itself, producing a new strain with the same genetics. This results in “stale genetics” or “inbreeding depression,” where the lineages produced become less vigorous over time. This can surface as a reduction in potency or a decrease in yield or rate of growth. To deal with this dilemma, breeders would often hybridize or out-cross the plant to restore health once inbred depression show.

Anyhow, here are some signs that would help you determine when a line is becoming too closely inbred:

It becomes more prone to disease.
Exhibit new colors from what is expected of it. From a generation of dark greens, a lighter shade of green may appear along the way.
Abnormalities or simple undesirable traits may surface through the generations.

Hybrid Lines

When you recombination vastly different genetic information by crossing a true inbred line with another strain from a different family or from a distant relation, then a hybrid line is produced. This improves hybrid vigor that increases genetic diversity and the health of the lineage. Tangie is one of the famed and loved hybrids. Created between a cross of Cali-O and Skunk by Crockett Family Farms, this strain is widely sold in the online market. A wide variety of phenotypic traits, such as varying heights and leaf shapes are noted from one bag of seeds that all share the same Tangie genotype. Despite their peculiarities, the characteristic tangerine aroma will be the same for all of these plants.

A man-made attempt at customizing cannabis with characteristics of different species, here are 5 kinds of hybrid strains that can result from your crosses:

1. An Indica plus indica: Two different indica varieties are crossed together.

2. A Sativa plus sativa: Two different sativa varieties are combined together.

3. An Indica plus sativa: This variety will have characteristics of both, but is more potent on the indica side. It may result in a short plant with light-colored buds.

4. A Sativa plus indica: A hybrid strain with dominant characteristics of a sativa . However, it has traits of both varieties of cannabis. It could be a tall and lanky plant with resinous buds, for example.

5. Autoflowering hybrids are strains that have been mixed down the generation with ruderalis genetics.

Hybridizing In Bred Lines Simplified

Are you ready with answers to the questions we had earlier? Have you picked a female and male strain for breeding? Did you carefully choose characteristics you want to flourish in your plant? Are you going to breed two strains from different groups? Or do you want to strengthen your plant’s traits through inbred lines?

Still having a hard time? Life can be easy once everything is simplified. Let’s summarize what we have learned. Breeding cannabis involves choosing the best female and male plant for pollination. You should know what characteristics you want to boost in your strain. Take note of a strain’s color, smell, amount of yield, auto-flowering or not, CBD level, and the cerebral and physical effects it gives, etc. Once decided, choose from inbred or hybrid breeding. Hybrids, usually a mix of indica, sativa, or ruderalis, bring about diversity in the plant’s genetics through time. If you want to go for stability in your plant’s traits, inbred lines are perfect. Just remember not to overdo it too much as it losses vigor along the way.

That was smooth sailing, wasn’t it? From here, you can go ahead and turn that anxiety into excitement. Start your garden with inbred lines and hybrids that are easily attainable through hybridizing.

Tips On How to Dry Weed Buds Fast

What Are Weed Buds?

Marijuana plants, or cannabis, if you prefer, is considered a unique plant that can be utilized for a variety of ways. Mainly, marijuana is used to enhance the mood as well as to cure certain illnesses. Cannabis plants are grown indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse and have a wide range of strains that offer different flavors. They need both basic and some specialized, caring techniques to grow healthy and beautifully. However, the most favorite part of cannabis enthusiasts is the buds. Along with this question, how to dry weed buds fast?

From the seeds to the flowers, and the buds of a marijuana plant, growers can find some delight. However, the most favorite part of cannabis enthusiasts is the buds. Marijuana buds are the most flavorful, tasty, and aromatic section of the plant. They can smoke it or extract oil that can be added to other goodies.

The Right Time for Weed Bud Harvesting

Growers must be alert in checking their crops, especially during harvest time. Harvesting too early and too late may result in a low-quality of buds. Collecting the plants at the right time is as important as how one grows cannabis. They might lose potency, and the yield may be less.

Therefore, to help seasoned growers and newbies, here is a list of the steps to follow for the right time for harvesting your beloved crops.

1. The Knowledge of When the Right Time for Harvest Is

Either from a manual or research you conducted, you should keep in mind the exact day for harvest.

2. Keen Observation and Eyes for Visual Inspection

You should be able to notice considerable changes into the appearance of the sensitive parts of your cannabis like the pistils, buds, and the leaves. They tell so many things about you cannabis aside from ripening.

3. Use of a Magnifying Tool

There are some parts and attributes that are not visible to the naked eyes, which calls for a little help of devices like the magnifying glass to see even the smallest changes in your crops.

Preparing the Weed for Consumption

When you already know the right time for harvest, the next thing to do is perform the yield of cannabis crops.
To begin the harvest, you must also prepare the necessary tools listed below beforehand:


Specifically, this includes handheld scissors, mechanical, and electric trimmers, which are very important in the process.

Trim Trays

This tool helps in holding harvested crops as well as in catching the excess kief and sugar leaves through its wire screen. It makes harvesting easier since you do not need to take a table with you during collection.


This hand tool shall protect your hand in terms of the sticky resin of the plant, including the stinky odor that may last long after trimming and then prevent the contamination of the buds. Your gloves may be nitrile or latex.


Clothing lines are where you are going to hang the plants. It doesn’t matter what material it is, but make sure that it is sturdy enough to hold the cannabis up until drying is done successfully.

Tips on How to Dry Weed Buds fast

After harvesting your precious weeds, what you need to prepare for next is the drying of the marijuana buds. Just like in harvesting, specific steps need to be followed in doing it the right way.

Tip #1 Use Brown Bags, and Computer Fans

Brown bags that you get from bakery and groceries are suitable materials for drying up cannabis. Leave the marijuana in the brown bag for 2 to 3 days and then another three days for another complete drying. After that, use your laptop computer for the next step. Notice the exhaust fans that release hot air for keeping the internal parts of the computer working well. Place the half-dried cannabis buds in a brown bag to the direction of the hot air. After 10 minutes, the herbs will be ready.

Tip #2 Sun-dry The Weeds

This is the traditional way of drying the buds that have been practiced many years ago. However, this may not be the most efficient method to perform because the sunlight and the heat can lower their quality. If you do not find this one successful and productive for your purpose, try using a rock to weigh down the bud bags exposed in direct sunlight and wait for a day or two during warm or sunny weather. After that, you shall have a bag of crunchy buds to smoke.

Tip #3 If You Have a Drying Room at Home, Convert it Into a Drying Room

With the boiling water keeping the room cozy and less humid, drying the bud is undoubtedly natural. Just keep them in that room for a day or two.

You must not feel bad or tired of the things that you must do for your marijuana crops, for at the end of the process, you shall receive the most beautiful reward of great enjoyment.

Learning How 12/12 Cultivation System Works In Cannabis Growing

Would you like to go from seed to bud faster and less expensive? A quicker, space-sparing and practical approach to development is the no veg, seed to bloom, 12-12 light cycle strategy. Is 12/12 from seed justified, despite all the trouble? Is it a decent method to get enormous yields as fast as could reasonably be expected? 

The answer is no; however, there is truth to the thought behind starting the blooming stage as quickly as time permits! At the point when changed marginally, a similar essential system will give you a lot greater yields while adding next to zero additional time before collect. 

What is the 12/12 Cultivation System?

12-12 just alludes to the long periods of light and haziness; a cannabis plant is presented to 12 – 12 of each. Ordinarily, a cannabis plant is presented to an 18-6 light cycle. This tells the cannabis plant conditions are useful for development, and it centers around working upsize and foliage. At the point when the light cycle is changed to 12-12 (either normally or through human intercession), it tells the cannabis the seasons are changing, and the time has come to blossom. By compelling a 12-12 light period from the beginning, the cannabis plant goes straightforwardly into a blossoming, in an offer to imitate. You are basically fooling the plant into a deduction. The developing season is reaching a conclusion, so it needs to deliver blossoms as soon as possible.

For quite a long while, it has been doing an elective method for developing inside, setting aside time and cash on the power bill. It is a straightforward procedure that doesn’t require noteworthy additional endeavors, just a little better control of culture parameters. 

We talk about the way of life at 12-12 from seed. Indoor crops are generally constantly offered four to about a month and a half of development to seed before changing their light cycle and pass them to blossom.

Developing 12-12 from seed isn’t just conceivable, yet in addition will spare us vitality, which converts into cost investment funds for our pockets. 

The way of life procedure is indistinguishable, however, with a couple of minor alterations as definite underneath for anybody keen on evaluating this technique.

12/12: Its Method

Developing with a 12-12 photoperiod is an answer for space and asset issues. This strategy disposes of the vegetation period of development and powers the plant to go straight into blossom from a seedling. Yields are lower than that of a normally developed cannabis plant; however, results are acquired a lot quicker, with a couple of favorable circumstances.

Growing 12-12 is as basic as changing the planning on your light cycles, giving your plants equivalent measures of day and night directly from when they grow. The plants will appear to be unique to a cannabis plant that experiences vegetative development. Photosensitive hormones in cannabis make the most noteworthy point the largest cola. This technique is everything except it ensures just fundamental bud development on each little plant. Basically, you will grow a cola with a couple of short, matured side branches – with the plant fundamentally being a bud in itself. Make certain to stake your plants. 

Everything to which you would focus on a typical development stays unaltered are still similarly as significant. pH and water quality, supplement blending, bug control, develop medium conditions, EC, and ppm all still assume their significant jobs in the wetness and weight of your completed item.

Developing along these lines still requires all the information that would be expected to blossom plants with some other strategy, and upkeep schedules still stay unaltered. After weakened supplements, while still youthful, treat your plants as you would during an ordinary bud cycle. Be that as it may flush more regularly, like clockwork probably, in order to maintain a strategic distance from salt development in the little pots. 

The 12-12 lighting strategy makes the development cycle 7-9 weeks all in all, as opposed to any longer time required when giving plants a vegetative stage. For the space-obliged, and those ready to trial and give it prior, it very well may be a fantasy worked out as expected.

Finished with master practice and a willing strain of Cannabis Seeds, it isn’t obscure to create 1 gram of ganja for each watt of lighting. That is a noteworthy 250g in 7-9 weeks for a 250W light in a little organizer!

12/12: Choosing The Right Genetics

One of the requirements to develop with this strategy is choosing the correct hereditary qualities for indoor. This is habitually done by choosing at least one known strains or strains with favored hereditary qualities and afterward, growing a number of plants to discover which display the attributes generally attractive. These hereditary qualities ought to regularly yield in any event 1 gram for each watt every long stretch of blossom. The Indica assortments don’t develop quick and simply sprout to twofold their stature during blooming; they additionally don’t build up the root framework much like different assortments, so absolutely it’s not prescribed to be refined to 12-12 with Indica assortments. 

Sativa or hybrid diversities are generally appropriate for this harvest. Their energy and developing root advancement during the entire culture make them a perfect contender for this assignment. 

The way of life must be made beginning from seed or from cuttings since the cuttings need a time of adjustment and pre-blooming root advancement.

Plant attributes are commonly chosen for include: 

  • Generally, yield 
  • Time of enjoyment
  • Protection from bugs
  • Geometric attributes (consistency, smallness, blossom thickness, and so on.) 
  • Shading 
  • The flavor and additionally fragrance 
  • Advance to an end purchaser (known as “pack offer”) 
  • Psychoactive characteristics 
  • Trichome thickness and type (stalked or sessile)

12/12: Advantages

  • Lights have full infiltration to the floor. Watch out for the dirt wetness as lights will dry the medium snappier than if secured by a shade 
  • This strategy is quick. 7-9 weeks all things considered 
  • Less dramatization cutting as there are far fewer sugar leaves to manage 
  • Plants are simpler to deal with for upkeep 
  • Can develop in minor zones 
  • Spare mileage on moving parts 
  • Economical-friendly

However, there’s only one significant issue for 12/12 from seed cultivation system. It causes hindered development and little yields. The outcomes in yields that are frequently under 1 ounce for every plant, considerably under solid develop lights.

12/12: Start Your Own

Utilize a little parcel of your blossoming room (or a different bureau or grow box) for planting under two or three glaring lights. Start 19-22 days before you intend to reap. Utilize 9×9 cm or 10 x10 cm plastic compartments loaded up with soil, or use Rockwool starter attachments of 7.5×7.5 cm. On the off chance that you choose to utilize starter plugs, flush them well and include a minor piece of nourishment to the water. Spot the fittings together firmly and try to include a layer of 2 cm Hydrodensa or perlite underneath the starter attachments to avoid root harm. While sprouting in starter plugs, make a point to include 1-2 cm Hydro or developing soil over the seed.

To ensure you get even germination, absorb your seeds for 50 hours wet cotton fleece before putting them in compartments or starter plugs. At customary, ordinary indoor temperatures planting the seeds will develop inside 50-55 hours. Every one of the seeds, including the ones that have not so much opened, are then set in the following medium. Spot one seed in every compartment, ideally each at a similar profundity of 0.7 mm! Ensure you use Hydrodensa or an exceptional seed-starter blend containing some sand, or blend in any event 40% argil with the fertilized soil. 

On the off chance that you avoid this progression, the seed coat (or testa) on a portion of your seedlings will adhere to the leaves and go along when the seedling grows. The plant won’t stay stocky and minimal as we need; however, it will begin to extend and become leggy in light of the fact that the little plant ‘thinks’ it is still underneath the dirt and keeps on extending looking for light.

On average, your plants will arrive at a tallness of around 75-80 cm. It might sound peculiar to develop plants under 12 hours, yet you will be flabbergasted. By adhering to 12 hours, the seedlings are compelled to very quickly pick sex with the goal that when you collect three weeks after the fact, your crisp women are prepared to consume the develop room since you have cut off the guys around day 16-18. So as to get enthusiastic plants, it’s significant to give your seedlings a great deal of splendid direct light from the earliest starting point. The fluorescents should be near the seedlings, only an inch over the foliage is perfect. 

On the off chance that that in one way or another is incomprehensible at most two inches. The best fluorescents to utilize are Philips 33 Cool White! Keep away from Cool White Deluxe! Add a few Philips 830 to get enough of the red range. One red to each white is perfect. Lack of red light makes such a large number of guys develop. On the off chance that your store doesn’t convey Philips fluorescents, they typically have reference tables accessible that show the comparing shades of different brands.

There are a few haters of this technique; however, many love it. The individuals who despise it regularly have not really attempted it. It is tied in with giving it a go and seeing what works for you. Regardless of whether you rule against it in the wake of attempting it, everything extends your insight as a cultivator.

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