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How to Make Bubble Hash from Marijuana Bud or Trim

Are you looking for a marijuana product with potent yields? Then you may want to try bubble hash. Albeit it’s already circulating around the cannabis sector for some time, many people still don’t know of its existence.

The continuous spread of the fame of marijuana across different locations helps in bringing bubble hash to the hands of cannabis connoisseurs. Read on as we help you discover information about bubble hash. We’re also going to give you a guide on how to make bubble hash from marijuana buds or trims.

What is Hash (Hashish)?

All cannabis plants regardless of heritage or genetics produce trichomes. These tiny outgrowths are unseen to the naked eye but tend to look like fine hairs upon closer inspection. Aside from having the appearance of hairs, these elements have a stalk with a round head. Trichomes have the form of very small mushrooms living on the surface of cannabis strains.

Now, cannabis plant manufacturers store cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes on the “head” of trichomes. These areas give cannabis users highs and may even help in relieving pain. Most marijuana plants offer several hundred trichomes mixed with other cannabis plant matter.

If you separate the trichomes, you get a highly potent extract from the marijuana buds. This extract is known as a concentrate which is also known as a hash. Otherwise known as hashish, the concentrate also has other slang names like weed wax, marijuana wax, and kief.

Regardless of the name you want to call it, trichomes bunched together help inventive marijuana consumers in experiencing more potent highs and effects. Bubble hash is a type of hash made with certain methods like ice water or hand-rolling extraction techniques.

Bubble Hash: A Quick Overview

The concentrate known as bubble hash is a cannabis concentrate created by acquiring dried and cured buds or trims. Users would pass the plant material to small screens the progressively become smaller until the trichomes are left.

Bubble hash acquired its name from bubble bags. It may also refer to the bubbles when the cannabis connoisseurs smoke the concentrate.

Things to Need in Making Bubble Hash

Bubble hash is a high-concentrate yield coming from old and pure methods of bringing more potent effects and highs to marijuana users. Some of the things needed to create the product include:

  • Stir sticks
  • 3 to 4 ounces of a chosen cannabis strain
  • Purified water
  • Bubble bags
  • 10 to 15 pounds of ice
  • A 5-gallon bucket
  • Cheesecloth

The Pros and Cons of Hash

While there are benefits to obtaining and using the hash, it doesn’t mean the concentrate is for every cannabis consumer out there. Let’s check the pros and cons of hash:

Pros Cons
It’s very strong. A small amount can get users high faster than traditional cannabis strains. It has a longer shelf life than regular weed. It can produce cleaner smoke. It has lesser tar.High potency may provide stronger pain relief benefits.Easier to consume as compared to smoking. Plenty of cannabis plant material gets thrown or re-used.It has lesser aroma and flavor than many cannabis strains. High potency may lead to stronger adverse effects like anxiety. More expensive to purchase or produce.

The Different Methods of Making Bubble Hash

As we’ve mentioned in an earlier segment, hash has been around the marijuana sector for a long time. Many cannabis connoisseurs now use different techniques to extract the concentrate from marijuana plant material. Continue reading as we guide you through some of the common methods in making bubble hash from marijuana buds or trims.

The Hand-Rolling Method

If you’re looking for a method to extract cannabis concentrate without spending a penny, then try the hand-rolling method. It’s a technique that virtually requires no equipment except non-dried cannabis buds and very clean hands. Take note that you shouldn’t use dried cannabis trimmings when opting for this technique. Also, this particular procedure produces smaller yields as compared to other known methods.

To use the hand-rolling method of extracting bubble hash from marijuana plant material, start by making sure you’re hands are squeaky clean. Ensure the most organic results possible by using non-scented hand soap that won’t leave residues in your hand. Now, take your chosen cannabis strain in your hand. Remove any visible leaves or stems from the plant.

Next, place the non-dried cannabis bud in between the palms of your two hands. Gently roll your hands together (with the bud in between) in a circular motion. Make sure you don’t apply too much pressure to the bud. Too much stress can contaminate the hash with other plant particles.

When done correctly, you should see a thick, black resin appearing on the insides of your fingers and palms. This residue is your concentrate. All that’s left to do is to scrape the bubble hash to a clean surface and press all the material together to form a block or ball.

The Dry Sifting Method

If you thought the hand-rolling method was easy, then the dry sifting technique in creating bubble hash is simpler (and less messy). Many cannabis connoisseurs even prefer to dry sift their hash as compared to rolling their hands together to extract the concentrated material. Before we teach you this procedure, you may want to freeze your chosen cannabis strain in a Ziploc bag first. Place it inside the freezer overnight to make it easier to split the plant material and trichomes apart.

The dry sifting method of making bubble hash requires cannabis trimmings, baking paper, silkscreen, and an old credit card.

Start the process by placing a sheet of baking paper on a clean surface. You can use your kitchen table for this procedure but ensure there are no food byproducts found on the surface before you begin. Also, the baking paper should have slightly larger dimensions than your silkscreen. You need the large baking paper to catch the material falling off the screen.

Now, place the silkscreen above the baking paper. Place the cannabis trimmings on top of the silkscreen and proceed to move the screen around. Don’t make any sudden rocking movements as it won’t generate enough fine movements to extract the concentrate. Instead, use your hands to gently move the marijuana trimmings around the silkscreen. This movement helps separate the trichomes from the other plant materials. To know if you’re doing it right, there should be a small amount of black resin starting to form on the baking paper.

Continue to sift the marijuana trimmings through the silkscreen until you see about 10 to 20% of the total number of trimmings used. For instance, if you’ve been using 200 grams of marijuana trimmings, then you should now be looking at approximately 20 grams of concentrate.

Collect the concentrated cannabis material after you’ve sifted the trimmings. Use the old credit card to push all the bubble has to form a pile on the baking paper. You can also use the card to press the material to form a hash block.

The Blending Method

Another simple technique in extracting bubble hash from marijuana strains is the blending method. You’ll need your chosen cannabis plant, a blender, a coffee filter, ice water, a silkscreen, and one extra large glass jar.

Start by placing the trimmings of the cannabis plant in a blender. Fill the kitchen appliance with enough water to cover the marijuana in it. Add plenty of ice and blend all of the ingredients together for about one minute. You should have a thick, frothy mixture afterward.

Next, drain the mixture by passing it through the silkscreen to the glass jar. After you’re done, let the mixture settle for at least about 30 minutes. After going back to the glass jar with the mixture after the time period, you should now see sediments forming at the bottom of the container. These particles are essentially the bubble hash.

Pour about 2/3 of the water found inside the jar. To this process slowly to avoid losing the concentrated cannabis material found at the bottom. Fill the jar with more ice water next. Let the mixture settle for another 3 minutes after. Repeat the process of pouring off water from the jar, filling it with ice water again, and settling the mixture to separate as much has as possible.

Once you see that there’s little substance left at the bottom of the container, you can now drain the water off of the jar without worry of losing hash. Strain the remaining mixture found in the jar with the help of a coffee filter. Remember to squeeze gently to remove any excess moisture from the concentrate.

All that’s left after that step is to dry the material and enjoy consumption.

The Bubble Bag Method

Unlike the other known methods in making bubble hash, the bubble bag technique is relatively new. However, many cannabis consumers now see it as an extremely efficient method in gaining a large yield from chosen marijuana trimmings.  

For this method, you’ll need cannabis mesh bags, ice water, two buckets, a wooden spoon, and your preferred marijuana trimmings. Start the procedure by putting plenty of ice in one bucket (the more ice the better). Next, place the cannabis trimmings in the ice-filled bucket. Add enough water to submerge the ice and marijuana mixture.

Stir the ingredients in the bucket for roughly 15 minutes. The cold water helps in making the trichomes on the marijuana trimmings brittle. Also, the agitation caused by stirring allows the trichomes to break off when they’re thrown into the water.

The next step is to place your mesh bags in the other bucket. Curl the tops of the bags over the edge and secure them. Start with the finest mesh when placing the bags in the bucket. Now, carefully pour the ice and cannabis mixture to the bucket with the mesh bags. Wait for about 15 minutes for the mixture to sit and drain through the mesh bags.

Remove the first mesh bag you placed into the bucket and hold it above the container. Pour more ice water on the mixture afterward to help wash the remaining trichomes still present. Shake the bag slightly by doing small, rocking motions with your hands. This part of the process helps drain the mixture of moisture and water.

Repeat the process with each bag until you remove the last bag with the finest mesh from the bucket. Remember, don’t mix the different qualities of hash together. Once the mixture is dry, press each pile together to form a ball or block.

Tips to Acquire Quality Bubble Hash

Just like using any technique, there are ways to help guarantee the quality of the bubble hash extract. For starters, you can freeze your cannabis before attempting to remove the trichomes. Also, don’t forget to use clean water when using some method. Take advantage of purified water as tap water may contain chlorine and fluoride. Last, never use bad quality cannabis. There’s no remedy to using bad quality marijuana strains in attempting to extract trichomes from low-quality plant materials.

How to Use Bubble Hash?

After extraction, there are a number of ways for you to enjoy bubble hash. For instance, you can use the concentrate as an ingredient mixed with certain food. Sprinkle it on many food items like butter, honey, tea, or even candy. You may even want to sprinkle it on a salad for a healthy kick.

You may also want to sprinkle some bubble hash on joints and blunts. It’ll give your smoking experience a dash of flavor and an explosion of psychedelic effects. Sprinkling it in bongs and pipes may also be great ideas.

Make sure to stay patient when extracting the trichomes from other cannabis plant materials. Being hasty may lead to dire consequences, regret, and unwanted results. If a step requires you to wait for 30 minutes, don’t get too excited and move to the next step before the timer runs out. All your patience will pay off in the end as you can finally enjoy bubble hash from your chosen marijuana buds or trims.

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