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Uncovering CBD for Athletes

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]CBD: Cannabidiol is a phytocannabinoid discovered in 1940. It is one of 113 identified cannabinoids in cannabis plants and accounts for up to 40% of the plant’s extract.

CBD is becoming more prominent in athletic recovery programs due to the suggested research that it helps to reduce pain and inflammation, which are the main issues pros have when participating in intense daily exercise. Although THC is also typically used for pain, it may cause unwanted psychoactive effects, thus making CBD a legal substitute to prescribed medications.

The World Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD from its list of banned substances in 2018. That same year NBA and NFL associations began studying the potential usage for pro athletes and requesting legality in the leagues. With its known effects to decrease inflammation and aid in muscle recovery without the potential harm of prescribed medications, CBD has become an asset to athletes worldwide.

Despite some mild side effects, CBD is relatively safe for use after a recommendation from a certified professional. Be extremely cautious if you are taking any other medications or have a medical condition and seek advice before using. If you’re new to CBD, try starting with a low dosage and try to avoid use before athletic endeavors until you’ve grown accustomed to the potential effects. There are many ways to consume and apply CBD such as tinctures, capsules, beverages, gummies, and topical balms. Everybody has a different absorption rate and tolerance, therefore learning the best solution for your body will help maximize the results.


Choosing the Right Seed and the Importance of Genetics

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]There are a plethora of variables to consider when shopping for Cannabis Seeds, but today we’re going to focus on how to choose the proper seeds for you while considering their genetics. Firstly, every seed has genotypes, that make up the genetic configuration, and phenotypes, that carry the physical composition, to assist in strain identification. Along with an extensive cultivation process and proper germination, purchasing top-quality seeds is just as important as the attributes of each strain. Let’s break it down even more into four main seed variations.


When germinated, regular seeds can produce male or female plants which are discovered only when flowering begins. Growing regular seeds may seem somewhat tedious since growers tend to prefer unfertilized plants and can choose to remove male plants when the flowering stage begins. This process ensures that there are no seeds in the buds and heightens THC potency. 


Feminized seeds undergo a scientific process that forces female plants to produce pollen sacs. This process pollinates their sister plants and ensures sensimilla. Sensimilla is a highly concentrated type of cannabis that contains no seeds and ensures that the female plant is solely producing flowers, leaving the plants unfertilized so that they do not produce seeds.


An auto-flowering plant is made possible when sativa, indica, or both are crossed to a ruderalis variety. Infusing ruderalis genes with indica or sativa produces a hybrid cannabis that flowers automatically without the need of a light cycle. Auto-flowering cannabis plants are ideal for new growers looking for a stealthy guerilla grow since they have a very short vegetative state and are short in height.


Last but not least, the second most abundant active ingredient in cannabis after THC is CBD. Cannabinol has a large range of medical applications with its most studied effects on internal nervous and muscular system relief. To ensure production of buds rich in CBD, it is recommended growers purchase strains that are feminized. Fortunately, you can find an extensive list on https://vancoastseeds.com/ for reference.

Each seed is unique and has its own genetic makeup. Understanding the importance of these genes and the properties of the strains you’re interested in is vital to cultivate the proper environment for a successful harvest. Pro-tip: Consider starting out with a Feminized Auto-flowering seed if you’re a beginner since it’s the easiest to grow. Then move on to Feminized, and finally attempt a Regular seed for a more enjoyable growing experience. Head to Vancoastseeds.com for top tier seed selection perfect for every kind of grower![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Germination Breakdown

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Germination – the development of a plant from seed after a period of dormancy

 What do you need to Prepare?

  • Absorbent Kitchen Paper towels (Do not use Kleenex)
  • Bottled spring water. Bottled water with additives or gas is harmful to seeds so avoid them. Make sure the bottled water is labeled with “bottled spring water”. (Reminder: Boiling water will only kill germs and not remove impurities so it’s not allowed as well)
  •  A clean glass
  • Tweezers
  • Paper Towels
  • Plate

Detailed Step-By-Step Cannabis Seed Germination Instructions

Step 1 : Prepare Your Workplace

You must ensure that everything is cleaned in your workspace to avoid cross-contamination and make sure you have all the necessary materials that you need.

  • (Optional Step) Light scuff the seeds using fine sandpaper or an emery board or shake them inside a pill bottle. This allows the outer shell to loosen. With this, the water will penetrate the seeds easily and will start the germination process. Do not overshake or over scuff as this can harm the seeds.

Step 2 : Germinate the Seeds

  1. Fill the glass with bottled spring water then leave to stagnate at room temperature (between 68 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit).
  2. Drop the seeds into the glass filled with bottled spring water. Some will float and others will sink. Leave them to soak for 12 to 18 hours.

*This is the most important step as you need the water to penetrate the seeds to enable them to start germinating.

3.Check on your seeds after a few hours. Using your fingertips, tap the floating seeds. You may see them sink to the bottom.

  1. When you see the seeds crack and a small white root appears, then this is the sign that the seeds are starting to germinate. It is okay if you don’t see them crack after 14 – 18 hours.

WARNING: Do not allow the seeds to sit for more than 18 hours. This will oversoak them and potentially cause rotting!

Wait until you see the roots grow to a length of 3 cm or 1 inch long before you transfer them.

Step 3 : Paper Towel Method

Once the roots are 1-inch-long, then it’s time for you to transfer them to the paper towel set up.

Prepare : Take 2 or more paper towels and create a thick folded layer on the plate. Moisten it with bottled spring water. Wet them just enough to be damp and all excess water should be drained from the setup.

  1. After 14 to 18 hours of soaking, add the Cannabis Seeds in between the folded wet paper towels. Make sure to allow enough space between the seeds to prevent the new taproots from tangling.
  2. Put the germination plate in a closed dark space. Do not allow light, especially direct sunlight, in your germination setup. Put them away from warm appliances and any heat source so that the seeds can absorb the water perfectly. Do not forget to keep the paper towel moistened by dripping some water every few hours. Remember not to over saturate the paper towel with water.

WARNING: Do not let the paper towels dry out or the seeds won’t germinate. It is very important to check the germination set up regularly for dampness.

If you must handle the seeds, do not use your hands as they are very fragile and sensitive during this stage. Use tweezers in handling them instead. Avoid transferring or transporting the germination set up as it can harm the seeds.

  1. When the new taproot is about ¼ to ½ inch long, then the germination process is complete and you must transfer them into your grow medium with the taproots facing down.


Most seeds take 24 to 48 hours for them to germinate while others may take up to 7 days. This depends on the strain and your germination condition. For as long as you follow the germination method we have outlined in this guide, then you are assured of at least an 80% germination success rate (or 8 out of 10).

The paper towel has been designed to closely replicate the natural germination process of nature. While there are a lot of germination methods that you can use, this method is by far the best which we have used in years of growing and breeding.


All our seeds are handpicked by our experts to make sure of their freshness and viability so that we can assure a high germination success rate with our seeds. Here are the possible reasons why your seeds fail to germinate:

  1.  You have not given the seeds enough time to sit in the cup of water and absorb enough water.
  2.  The paper towels are too wet or dry.
  3.  You are germinating in extreme temperatures (too cold, or too hot).
  4. You used heat mats or plastic. Seeds need to breathe.
  5. You use tap water. They have many impurities.
  6. You did not follow our germination method to the T.

If you do not follow our guide then we do not guarantee germination.


If your seeds fail to germinate, it is most likely that they didn’t get enough water. As a last resort, drop them again in the cup of bottled spring water and let them sit until you see tap roots appearing. When you notice the tap roots appearing, then transfer them to the paper towel set up.

Talk to us if you are having some problems germinating the seeds even after following the steps outlined in this guide. Your success and satisfaction are of high importance to us.

The guarantee will be forfeited if you do the following:

  1.  You did not follow the guidelines outlined above.
  2.  You planted the seeds direct to your grow medium (eg. Soil).
  3. You used a seed starter kit or anything used for vegetables.
  4. You have used a plastic bag or anything that produces heat.


Why Feminized Cannabis Seeds are Preferred?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Cultivating marijuana doesn’t need to be hard, and it can be done by everyone; skilled or novice growers. However, you need to search for the basics of cultivating these plants. For instance, you need to choose your preferred marijuana strains, because it is one of the most important things to do on cultivating marijuana. Feminized Cannabis Seeds are one of the most famous seeds that both experienced and novice cultivators love to grow. Because it is very flexible in any kind of environment when growing. One of the techniques that the growers used to get higher yields is the SCROG method. To know more about feminized Cannabis Seeds and why it is the most preferred seeds, read until the end of the article for more.

What are Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

In the Cannabis Seeds cultivation industry, the feminized Cannabis Seeds were significant since it’s the only female plants that produce flowers that are consumable. Feminized m seeds cultivated primarily to remove male genes. That means when you cultivate a female marijuana plant using feminized seeds. Exactly what most growers want, since smokable buds are only produced by the female marijuana plant. Compared to the male marijuana plants, female marijuana creates significantly more functioning compounds including CBD and THC. Although the parent crop may be regarded as genetically altered, the seeds themselves are totally natural as they are generated by photosynthesis naturally.

With feminized seeds, you can get large plants and a higher yield, for smokeable weed often more powerful than marijuana produced through autoflower seeds. Due to higher yields as well as the possibility that this is possible to clone feminized plants, some committed cultivators prefer to grow using feminized seeds and therefore are not put away by the need for more room, the most attention, and care, as well as a more demanding light cycle.

The Benefits of Using Feminized Seeds

Due to the many benefits provided by them, the entire marijuana industry favors female plants. In exchange, this has generated a high demand for feminized seeds in the industry. As no crop would be hermaphroditic or male, by use of feminized seeds provides assurance for the producers. It is possible that due to stress factors like poor lighting, low nutrient availability, or over, the yield value can fail. The use of feminized seeds, though, is generally a sure way to save time, increase the yield, freely clone, waste fewer plants, and get a greater value from seeds. But on the other hand, any use of male plants, if other plants really aren’t easily detected, will destroy a crop. Any use of feminized Cannabis Seeds is an absolute necessity for home growers with limited space to achieve higher yields.

Female seeds are also used to allow producers the ability to produce clones from the feminized plants. In the earlier stages, male plants appear to develop more thoroughly, which allows them a normal cloning preference. The male plants are, though, first needed to be sexed. Generally, there is indeed a tendency for the best early plants to be trimmed, but the picking of a male plant could accelerate development and threaten a whole crop.

How to Feminize a Marijuana Plant?

Through a conventional breeding process, feminized Cannabis Seeds were produced. The concept is, basically, to induce female plants to produce pollen. Usually, pollen is produced only by male plants, but if you really can actually make a female’s production pollen, then pollen comprising just female genes is what you get. To make this possible, there are a few ways:

  1. Spray colloidal silver on a female marijuana plant as it develops and progresses into the flowering period. This chemical stimulates the growth of pollen sacs, and it carries female chromosomes since this pollen originates from a female plant. Use it on normal female cannabis to pollinate the flowers after the plant begins producing pollen. Feminized seeds will be created by these pollinated flowers.
  2. Sprinkle a young female cannabis plant containing silver thiosulfate in a method somewhat close to the colloidal silver system. The production of ethylene that is essential for the flowering method is inhibited by this chemical. You enable the plant to produce pollen by feeding your female plant silver thiosulfate, which can be used to fertilize other female plants and create feminized cannabis.
  3. It is an all process, but it does not yield results as reliable as the methods of colloidal silver or silver thiosulfate. Rodelization needs to take advantage of a natural mechanism in which its own pollen sacs can often be organically sprouted by an unpollinated female plant. Feel of it as a last-ditch attempt by the plant to reproduce. In this strategy, you compel a female plant to continue for so long in the flowering process that the self-pollination process of the plant sets in. When this occurs, on a normal female plant, you can use the pollen produced by the female plant and pollinate the flowers, which will then generate feminized seeds.

Advantage of Growing Feminized Marijuana

For growers who start their gardens by using feminized Cannabis Seeds, there are numerous benefits. Feminized seeds streamline the growing process, saving time and space by reducing the guesswork of germinating standard seeds. For patients with medical marijuana and amateur growers, this information is essential. While most marijuana laws restrict crop counts, growers who develop a small marijuana crop for personal consumption want to make sure they get the most from their development.

Not only do male plants take up space in a greenhouse, either. They also can drain growers’ time and money. If both female and male crops are active, once their genders are obvious, cultivators need to grow both. Although other strains will display early symptoms of their sex until flowering starts, before they begin to grow beyond the vegetative stage, most cannabis plants don’t begin to communicate their sex.

This transition happens as the photoperiod changes to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness or the sum of darkness and light that the plant receives. This progress can be made naturally with both the outdoor environment or, in more controlled settings such as indoor gardens, by human involvement using light detectors. When these plants are old enough, growers have to go to the challenge of actually deciding their gender, monitoring each plant to guarantee that every male is removed before their female counterparts can be fertilized. By using feminized seeds from any marijuana seed bank, the growers may avoid spending weeks cultivating plants with only a 50% chance of presenting themselves as females and optimizing the space and plant count in their gardens. These light-sensitive seeds improve to 99% the likelihood of developing a female plant.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

How Are Feminized Seeds Made?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]There are several methods for efficiently producing feminized Cannabis Seeds. Interrupting a stable female plant’s light period throughout flowering is a classic strategy for stressing it out. Although this approach works to some degree, spraying female crops with silver thiosulphate solution or colloidal silver is a more common and regulated method. Without even any genetic tweaking or alteration, this approach allows you to monitor the sexuality of the plant.

The outcome is a female crop with pollen sacs that grows male flowers. Female genetics are the only genetics carried by such pollen sacs, and they grow on the plant only with female genetics. If such flowers pollinate some female plants, the seeds that result are often female.

What Are Feminized Cannabis Seeds? 

Feminized seeds, as the name suggests, produce only female plants. Growers want to see these Cannabis Seeds also be feminized for a purpose such as just female plants having buds, a smokable component of the marijuana plants. Female cannabis plants contain more beneficial cannabinoids, such as CBD and THC. The CBD is well-known for its potential medical benefits, especially painkillers, although THC is an effective mood enhancer. Cannabinoids such as CBN and CBDA, which are less common, are just as potent as THC and CBD. The cannabinoids in high doses can provide an unpleasant and possibly beneficial effect.

Techniques on Making Feminized Seeds

When it comes to marijuana reproduction, growers will deliberately pollinate their female crops to achieve specific characteristics in their offspring. The breeder will not aim to cross different strains to reach a particular phenotype. If a breeder has established a particular phenotype, he may attempt to generate offspring with that trait massively. They can do this by feminizing seeds produced by the “mother plant.”

Feminization is a method of forcing a plant to grow as often female seeds as necessary by tricking it into believing it is nearing the end of its life. Since a limited number of male plants will pollinate many female plants, the plants will often create female seeds and a relatively small amount of male seeds to stay alive and disperse their genetic material as widely as possible. Feminization refers to the method of inducing a plant to grow female seeds in significant quantities. Seed feminization can be done in a variety of ways. – one is unique, but they all revolve around the same goal: obtaining female seeds. Few approaches are more effective than the others; that’s why many farmers and growers favor them.


 These are some of the most commonly used techniques:

  • Silver Thiosulfate Solution

Undoubtedly, among the most commonly practiced strategies for cultivators and seed banks. Its sustainability emphasizes filtered water, silver nitrate with sodium thiosulphate, which, upon spraying on female plants, prevents their ethylene function, leading to male flowers’ development until induced flowering. STS is quite simple to produce, but its period is concise after mixing the two elements, only a few days and probably when it is well maintained. It is necessary to note that you do not use any portion of the plants sprinkled with this sort of product, as this will be odd as crops also “become” males and will not grow buds. 

  • Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver is often a purified, water-based product suspending tiny silver pieces. The existence of colloids ensures that particles can never settle and cannot be separated by regular filtering. The Colloidal silver is commercially available, or you can produce your version if you’re entirely nerd out. It has many complementary medicine applications. 

First, pick a plant with the features you want to retain. Feminized cloning is the standard procedure as the mother’s development, growing, resin properties are established. No vegetation time is required if the clone is very well-rooted. Just pot the clone to a tiny pot, allow it a day or two to regenerate, and instantly launch a 12/12 light period. The pollen-generating plant just requires it to be minor, as marijuana contains ample pollen.

  • Rodelization

Out of these three techniques, the modelization process is perhaps the slowest, least efficient, and least sure to succeed. Rodelization is the practice of pressuring a plant to become male to protect itself rather than collecting flowers until they have bloomed. You must leave the plant in this condition for several weeks after it has flowered. The crop would then become stressed and produce several male flowers to re-pollinate itself. When the plant grows well, you’ll have to wait a couple more weeks for good seeds to be able to plant. Remember that this approach is less practical than the others because it produces fewer seeds. That’s also “nature’s way of feminizing plants,” but it takes a long time, as it does with everything in nature. In comparison to STS and colloidal, it takes a lot longer.

Advantages of Growing Feminized Cannabis Seeds

The advantage of developing feminized Cannabis Seeds is that they only produce female plants. The home marijuana grower should expect to get 12 female plants from 12 feminized seeds. Growing females becomes their primary target since few home producers are involved in raising their breeds. Other than developing all females, the feminized seed has benefits for novice growers. The plants will typically expose their sexes around two to eight days after the grower switches the light cycle from the vegetative stages to the flowering phase. When developing regular seeds, the ratio of female to male plants would be roughly equal.


Males are most likely to announce their sex first. It’s critical to identify these male plants and remove them from the growth as soon as possible. Males proliferate and produce pollen at a particular time. If they are not removed promptly, males may pollinate females, resulting in massive seed production. If breeding is the target, firmly seeded flowers are attractive, although they are nearly worthless for consumption. The THC-rich trichomes which create sticky, crystal, lovely flowers so appealing are no longer produced by seeded flowers. Seeded flowers are not only weak in terms of efficacy, but they also have a bland flavor. The exclusive terpen[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Top Cannabis Seeds in 2020

The best marijuana strains are still replaced with something trendier each year. For many years now, the marijuana production industry is already bursting with specialized strains. Because of that, growers get the freedom to discover strains with some of the strongest genetics which have ever existed and the greatest results. When searching for the best Cannabis Seeds online, the very first thing you’ll find would be that the range is just enormous. It could get complicated fast with all of the various types of crops, strain labels, and even strains with the same names yet different farmers! There’re many regular seeds, instead of feminized, and also autoflower after that. Some may be Sativa, and others are Indica. Those indoors will do better, while others outdoors will only earn reasonable yields. And then there is the taste, impact, period of growing, length of the plant, production, potency, and a lot more. Here are the top 10 marijuana strains for 2020 to help them to make a move forward in selecting a high-quality plant.

Top 10 Strain in 2020

Super Silver Haze Feminized

Super Silver Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds is a single Sativa strain that grows indoors and is moderately hard to cultivate to maturity. This has a 10-week flowering period and an average high THC level, which generates a highly creative form of consumer. Super Silver Haze strain could produce a full-body high and could make your mind active. To develop Super Silver Haze, you don’t need a lot of space, however, it does grow very tall, so make sure you have enough path ahead in your growing area. During harvest, the size of this crop will give good producers up to 450 grams of product per sq meter.

Gelato Marijuana Seed

As one of the best marijuana seed strains to purchase and grow in 2020, Gelato is always praised, although much of all that benefits in its history as one of a very popular Girl Scout Cookies family. Gelato is the best of all worlds, derived from Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet. With a THC level of 25% and higher when grown with lots of light and space, it is extremely potent! After the first few puffs, the high you’ll get from this strain would be almost instantaneous, with a sense of peace, happiness, and playful euphoria that could sweep away. This is not only strong, Gelato is one of the great flavor marijuana strains around here, too. It has a taste typical of berries and sweets in full bloom. Some even mention subtle lemon hints as well. Feminized Gelato crops are about 120 to 180cm tall, and flowering takes about 8 to 10 weeks. With the correct conditions, the yield might reach 500-600 g of thick, sticky buds, and it’s well worth the time or effort it takes to develop.

Trainwreck Marijuana Seed

Due to its high Sativa level yet solid Indica features, Trainwreck is a highly sought-after strain of cannabis. The Trainwreck is the result of the combination of marijuana strains of Mexican, Thai, and Afghani. Since it has existed for many decades, this strain’s genetics are robust. The Sativa material of Trainwreck provides people with cerebral effects that are extremely euphoric. A hard punch packs the tiny Indica material, giving the user a lazy, comfortable feeling perfect for severe pain and muscle tightness. This strain thrives on both outdoor and indoor development. Since it is a dominant strain of Sativa, these crops grow quite high, approximately 10 feet high. A single plant can produce up to 700g under the proper conditions. Cooler greenhouse temperatures are accepted by Trainwreck. In the flowering season, they live around 8 and 9 weeks.

Girl Scout Cookies Marijuana Seed

With a combination of top flavor and potency, Girl Scout Cookies has become one of the best and most common seed strains among marijuana cultivators. The results could anticipate having included a high quick-acting head accompanied by a more excellently buzzing of the body. You could estimate a THC content level of about 22% in terms of potency, while amounts as much as 24% have been registered with the correct rising environments. It is assumed that this indica-dominant hybrid weed seeds blend of Durban Poison and OG Kush components, however, its complete genetics is unknown. Girl Scout Cookies are always on a moderate scale as they grow, hitting heights around 100-180 cm.

Bubba Kush Feminized Seeds

Bubba Kush Fem is a high-yielding strain with a high THC content level and an indica-dominant, that generates a calming high effect. It is a combination of Bubble Gum and the Initial Kush. Her earthy and sweet flavor could make you full-body high and could make you smile all the time. This is a perfect strain for the use of recreational therapy and therapeutic purposes such as pain relief, stress and anxiety reduction, or insomnia. If you just have to sit in and relax, in no time, a few hits of Bubba Kush strain can give a peaceful, happy night. This strain can be grown successfully indoors or outdoors, has an average flowering time of 9 weeks, and can yield up to 500g per sq meter if developed indoors, or 300g sq meter if developed outdoors.

Bruce Banner Marijuana Seed

Bruce Banner originally comes from a superhero comic series named The Hulk, or, more specifically, the human alter ego of the Hulk. It is easy to see where it won its name with one sample of this potent strain. A Sativa-dominant marijuana strain that delivers a strong punch. The effects easily come on and provide the consumers with a gentle euphoric feeling which is well for artistic activity and stimulation. This strain could reach a height of 6ft tall and can take 60 to 70 days to harvest. In contrast to some other strains, it’s moderately hard to cultivate and therefore are disease and insect immune. They provide dark green leaves with deep green leaves, coated entirely with crystals and vibrant red and orange fur.

Purple Kush Seed

Purple Kush, a hybrid between the Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani, is considered one of the best strains of marijuana seed to be purchased online for both recreational and medicinal purposes. Many people use it medicinally for help with pain management, stress reduction, or insomnia. Just like most of the marijuana indica Cannabis Seeds, the Purple Kush grows a small yet bushy plant that stands often 80 to 120 cm, however, if it’s grown in the right condition with strong lights it could reach 150cm to 180 cm. This strain could generate 400 to 500 grams in the right conditions and be ready to harvest in 8 weeks of the growing period.

Grand Daddy Purple Seed

Grandaddy Purple is a popular strain in the marijuana industry, consumers said that its effects were very fast-acting and turned to relax the body high. It is perfect for treating pain and has been said to be effective in alleviating anxiety, sleeplessness, and depression. It is a crossbreed between Purple Urkle and Big Bud strain. Its thick buds are extremely prone to mold. Growers must maintain the temperature from around the plant within 70 and 80 º Fahrenheit for the greatest result. This crop has large yields and maturation takes around 7 and 9 weeks.

Durban Poison Seed

As a pure Sativa strain coming from Durban Poison, South Africa, an award-winning marijuana strain, is remarkable. It is also effortless to produce, so with experienced and inexperienced producers respectively, it is widespread. Many people have found it to be the ideal range of energy without feeling “very high” to have the full effects of energy, an invigorated feeling, and greater imagination. The effects of this strain are very classic Sativa, a great thing for this strain. In comparison to other plants, it has a longer flowering period of about 12 to 14 weeks, making it possible to handle. With optimum growth circumstances, Durban Poison produces up to 500 to 600 grams/m2.

Zkittlez Seed

Zkittlez is indeed a delicious strain since its release and has received many “Best in Class” titles. This indica-dominant marijuana strain was very potent and has a lot of colors showing on its flowers. Zkittlez provides a multifactorial high which represents in its lineage both the Indica and Sativa strains. The high is rapidly coming on and is mainly a heady, euphoric sensation. The results are, however, pretty subtle, making it a great strain for those who are just becoming used to marijuana smoking. Zkittlez is a reasonably easy plant to develop and thus can reach around 6 feet tall.

Tips in Choosing a Website When Buying Cannabis Seeds

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]You want the process to be just as easy and simple as possible if growing cannabis for the first time. But if you buy Cannabis Seeds for the very first time may feel like overloading the decision. Ordering Cannabis Seeds online is a disheartening experience the first time you do it, even though you live in a country or state where it is legal to grow weeds. As there is a possibility that your order will not show up. In this article, we have summed up all the tips in choosing a website when buying Cannabis Seeds to properly guide you on the right path. 

Choose a Reliable Seed Bank

This is important. There have been a lot of unreliable and black shady seed banks around here. Sadly, the unrestricted nature of buying Cannabis Seeds online makes everything just ripe for fraudsters, as this is probable that users purchasing marijuana products will take their concerns to the authorities. Choose a cannabis seed bank that already has a good track record of keeping its customers satisfied. It is really important that you’re not just looking for cheap prices, but also for customer feedback. Are orders coming safely and then on time? How are the germination rates? Purchase from seed banks that have a high level of public online feedback and reviews, and also don’t bet on seed banks with no or little online reputation. If a seed bank does have a good score mostly on Seedfinder or Trustpilot, it is safe to buy there.

Good Customer Service

While checking your seed bank, pay special attention to how great the customer service is. Sending international deliveries of their products inside is never heading to be 100% simple and clear. Even for the best seed banks sometimes have problems. If this starts to happen, it is really important that the seed bank responds quickly and provides you generous alternatives. Just take a closer look at online growing discussion boards to see how infuriating destitute seed bank customer service has to be.

Germination Guarantees

Cannabis Seeds are fragile, and trying to send them through postal service is strenuous to them. Over this, it is really doubtful that you’ll ever get a 100 percent germination percentage. This is why the guarantees of germination are vital; it gives an assurance that your pricey weed seeds would be substituted if they wouldn’t germinate. Numerous seed banks may not offer a germination assurance, while some offer it in different degrees.

First, Order a Small Number of Seeds

Ordering a small amount of seeds enables you to track things such as germination rates, shipping times, customer service and without having to risk much more money.

Pay with BitCoin

There have been numerous benefits of using Bitcoin when purchasing Cannabis Seeds online. Firstly, your operation would be 100% untraceable and anonymous if you need to be much more discreet. Secondly, numerous seed banks offer huge discounted rates of around 20% if you pay with Bitcoin, which can significantly reduce the price of your order. A lot of people are intimidated by using Bitcoin because they believe you need to be a kind of scammer to do it. It was as simple as making up a PayPal account.

Fast Shipping

Most of the concern that is going around is about ordering seeds online come from slow delivery time, with several orders having to take weeks to arrive. The possible explanation for this is because most online seed banks are located in Europe, whereas other cannabis growers are based in North America. This may seem pretty evident, but if you really want faster shipments, select seed banks that are significantly closer to you. If you live in the United States, Canadian seed banks could get your Cannabis Seeds quicker than European seed banks.

Know the Marijuana Laws in your Country

Buying Cannabis Seeds online is generally regarded as safe in many other parts of western Europe. Cannabis Seeds really aren’t pretty much illegal; germinating Cannabis Seeds are a matter of concern. Reliable seed banks bundle their Cannabis Seeds discreetly and have a really high rate of success of delivery.

Final Thought

Overall, buying Cannabis Seeds must be discreet, and for you to make sure you won’t get scammed by anyone only, just always remember the things that are mentioned in this article because it might help you in the future.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Tips on Storing Your Cannabis Seeds

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]After working hard in germinating weed seeds, it might be gratifying to throw your unused seeds in a bag for another time. Conversely, you will be in for a nasty surprise when the time comes to germinating weed seeds for another batch of seeds. Cannabis Seeds would no longer be best suited for planting if stored incorrectly. So keep reading if you wanna learn the tips on storing your Cannabis Seeds.

Why is the proper storing of seeds important?

Cannabis Seeds can stay intact for 5 to10 years with the right procedure of storage. The storing of seeds is significant for a lot of reasons. Someone who has produced their high-quality genetic makeup may also want to keep the Cannabis Seeds to recreate the strain. Some marijuana growers that live in areas in which there is a lot of marijuana activism and restructure are currently storing Cannabis Seeds of their favorite strains to grow if it is legal in the future. And whatever the reason could be to have seeds, keep that taking care of them is among the most important things you could do for your crop.

Proper temperature for storing seeds

The perfect temperature for storing your Cannabis Seeds is between 43° to 47° F. The lower the temp, the less likely your marijuana seed will germinate unusually. Experienced cannabis growers appear to have special refrigerators in place to store their weed seeds. Preferably, your refrigerator is a non-frost model. Unless you can put the Cannabis Seeds in the vegetable and fruit section, it’s even better. Another alternative is to freeze your Cannabis Seeds. And if you’re going that way, please make sure you’re vacuum packing it first. Then placed it in a dark container. As well, this would help if you were to germinate such seeds promptly after they came out from the freezer. Don’t let them defrost first.

Proper Humidity

Your Cannabis Seeds need to have a certain amount of moisture for germination. When the humidity level is too high, your Cannabis Seeds will rot in the storage container. The incredibly low moisture content of about 8 to10% is only suitable for long-term storage. If it falls below 8%, you will give any pests present in the seedlings the possibility of becoming active and begin reproducing.

Below is the following probability on what is likely to happen to Cannabis Seeds at various humidity levels:

  • 61%+ – You are putting your seeds at risk the higher this humidity level is. When it reaches 80%, your Cannabis Seeds would then wilt and end up dying in about 12 hours.
  • 31 – 60% – It’s a germination zone, especially when the humidity level exceeds 40%.
  • 21 – 30% – Ideal humidity level for storing cannabis seed.
  • 9 – 20% – the seeds are more prone to developing outdoor and indoor fungi. They start sweating at less than 20% humidity. Nevertheless, 8 to 10 percent is a ‘sweet spot’ for long-term storage under the right environment.
  • <8% – Seeds are going to attract insects as well as other pests.

Right Storage Options for Cannabis Seeds

You now know that you need to keep your seeds away from direct light. Here is the outlined need for comparatively low humidity and cooler-level temp. There are different options available based on how long you plan to store the Cannabis Seeds.

Short-Term Storing

If you want short-term storage for your seeds, a cupboard or a dark drawer is enough. The most significant thing, despite the duration of storage, would be to prevent fluctuations in humidity and temperature. Fast temperature variations, in specific, could also ruin your Cannabis Seeds and if you live in a place with hot daytime temps and cold nights, avoid storing your seeds outside. Put your Cannabis Seeds in a desiccant container for short-term storage. Seal it, and put it in a dark, cool place.

Medium-Term Storing

After entering medium-term storage (a few months), it’s also time to use the airtight container. These include a ziplock bag or a mason jar. Put this sealable bag/container in the refrigerator. Keep in mind that opening your refrigerator can cause major temperature changes. As a result, it’s indeed suitable if you have a second refrigerator that is rarely used. You must also note that modern refrigerators have low humidity levels. And if the humidity is too low, then your seeds will start using nutrients.

Long-Term Storing

If you’d like to store your Cannabis Seeds for about 6 months, then use a vacuum-sealed bag/container. This effect can be achieved by detaching all the air from the Ziploc container/bag. And also, special vacuum sealed bags are available online. Place the sealed bags in the dark containers and place them in the refrigerator. You also have the option to place your Cannabis Seeds in the freezer. Even though you have to germinate immediately after removal.

Tips on germinating the old Cannabis Seeds

Here are some tips as to how to germinate your old Cannabis Seeds:

Pre-soaking to enriched carbonated water

Before actually germinating your old Cannabis Seeds, try to soak them in a germination booster, carbonated water enriched with fulvic acid, hydrogen peroxide, or gibberellic acid. For optimum quality, use room temp water and soak your Cannabis Seeds in a dark place for 12 hours.

Scar your Cannabis Seeds

Old Cannabis Seeds often have an additional amount of hard outer shell. Slowly scratch this shell with some sandpaper that could help to bring warmth and moisture to your cannabis seed at the time of germination. Try to gently scar your old weed seeds just before they can be soaked to help them sprout.

Remove the ridge of the seeds

The ridge is the slightly raised side of the seed. Like many other parts of the shell, the ridge could become super hard over time. Slowly remove it with a sharp blade that can help your weed seed sprout.

Slice open the seeds

In the last attempt to germinate your Cannabis Seeds, it may be helpful to make a small cut in the seed’s shell. Conversely, it is not a magic solution, and you’ll need to be sure to avoid damaging it inside. Keep in mind that some older seeds just don’t germinate, no matter how very much you try. If possible, stop purchasing too many seeds just like you plan to plant in order to avoid any problems at the time of the germination.

Final Thoughts

If you buy and intend to use Cannabis Seeds right away, you must not have any problems. Besides that, it is also best to just keep them away from the direct light. For short-term storage, a dark cupboard is enough as long as the humidity and temperature are appropriate. If your goal is to store marijuana seed for months instead of days and weeks, everything adjusts. You need to have an airtight bag/container that you need to store in a refrigerator. These include vacuum-sealed bags if you are planning to store the cannabis seed for a few months or even longer. If storing Cannabis Seeds, you must guarantee that they’re not exposed to germination environments. This implies that they are kept away from the direct light. Store them in 20 to 30% humidity (or 8 to 10% for long-term storing and cool temperature. Keep the surroundings clean to prevent pests, and take into account the tips mentioned for germinating old Cannabis Seeds.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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