Germinate Marijuana Seeds

We are excited that you decided to launch your garden with Rocket Seeds! The most exciting part of your journey is barely getting started! Now that you have our seeds with you, it’s time to learn how to germinate them and get them ready for your garden.

So first things first, you need to learn about the process of germination and why it is so important for your seeds.

What Is Germination?

Germination is how the life of a cannabis plant begins. Luckily, Rocket Seeds only sells viable seeds with a guaranteed 80% germination rate. Traditionally, growers will germinate their seeds through a variety of methods to induce the sprouting of a small white tendril of root growth, also known as tap root.

What are the differences between Regular, Feminized, and Auto-Flower marijuana seeds?

Modern cannabis cultivators can find seeds in several varieties to best suit their growth goals. We’ll briefly highlight the most common types of marijuana seeds.

Auto-Flower Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Autoflowering Feminized seeds are ideal for beginner growers, they won’t have to worry about the sex of the plant or when to shift the photoperiod. With fixed and shortened life cycles, autoflowering seeds develop much faster than their photoperiod alternatives.

Autoflower Feminized seeds are not a photoperiod plant. They do not need to be manually flipped from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage. Growers don’t have to concern themselves with specific lighting conditions. Unlike their Sativa and Indica photoperiod counterparts, autoflower weed seeds are crossbred with a ruderalis strain. Ruderalis cannabis is a short, stalky plant that begins to induce flowering within 21 to 30 days after planting seeds – regardless of their light cycles.

Photoperiod Cannabis Seeds

Photoperiod cannabis plants have two different life cycle stages, known as vegetative and flowering which are influenced by the hours of light the plant receives. Photoperiod plants rely heavily on undisturbed hours of darkness to flower. If these plants must receive an undisturbed dark cycle, they will revert into a vegetative state and start to display hermaphroditic qualities, produce smaller yields, and possibly fail to flower.
Photoperiod plants can be trained “cut or topping”, revegetate, as mother plants, to breed new strains and generally have larger yields, unlike autoflowering counterparts.

Growers looking to germinate photoperiod seeds will want to provide an accurate environment whether it’s indoor or outdoors – including climate and lighting.

Regular Cannabis Seeds

Regular seeds are an affordable and long-time favored option for home growers around the world. As a result, Rocket Seeds provides growers with a wide variety of regular seeds for cannabis cultivation.

The oldest, natural way to grow seeds is with regular seeds. They have a 50/50 chance of becoming a male or female plant. Male plants are less desirable than female ones. Male plants do not produce desirable buds for consumption. They are generally pheno hunted, with their pollen to be utilized for breeding. Identifying a male plant early on is imperative for your garden’s well-being as you should not grow male and female plants together if you are looking to harvest buds for consumption.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized, or female seeds are ideal for growers looking for guaranteed female plants. When growing feminized seeds you will not need to worry about sexing your plant and removing males. Female cannabis plants are highly sought after due to their production of rich terpenes and cannabinoids found in its flowers. It is recommended to monitor your plants closely as they are maturing.

CBD Seeds

CBD seeds referred to as hemp seeds are ideal for growers looking for high cannabidiol levels and are also non-psychoactive. Most strains are typically higher in THC, a psychoactive cannabinoid. Over the years CBD strains have become increasingly popular due to research and potential therapeutic properties. Rocket Seeds’ wide variety of high CBD genetics can be found in both photoperiod and autoflowering.

Does the germination process change depending on the seed type?

No, germination is the same for any seed type you choose!

While germinating marijuana seeds is not rocket science, it is incredibly easy to make a mistake along the way. That is why we are here to help! If at any time you feel that you need any additional information or assistance, please feel free to reach out to our 24-hour LIVE Seed Concierge team!

How To Germinate Marijuana Seeds?

No matter which type of seed you may have chosen, Rocket Seeds has mastered the germination process. While there are many approaches to germinating seeds, we’ve found the following is highly effective yet simple enough for both new and experienced growers.

Before we get into it, here are some tips for your garden:

  • Beware of excessive touching of the seeds
  • Keep the seeds between 75-80ºF during germination

Our Guaranteed Germination Method.

First, you will need to grab

  • Your Choice of Weed Seeds
  • A Cup of Bottled distilled water
  • Paper Towels
  • Two Plates
  • Spray Bottle

To start the process, place the seeds in a cup filled with room temperature water for approximately 14-18hrs. Do NOT soak them beyond this time, it will drown your seeds.

Step Two

Put 2 pieces of paper towel on top of a ceramic dinner plate.

Step Three

Pour the glass of water with seeds onto the paper towel. Make two folds on both sides of the paper towel to cover the seeds. (Like a burrito) Be sure to pour out any excess water and do NOT cover the plate or use a ziplock bag. Seeds require oxygen, warmth & moisture at the same time to ensure a successful germination

Step Four

Place the plate in a warm, dark and open room (75-80ºF). Assure the paper towel stays moist by periodically adding water, but not drowning seeds.
* Do NOT put a ceramic dinner plate with seeds into a cupboard, drawer, or any small enclosed area, as seeds will have difficulty opening.

Step Five

Seeds will begin to crack open as taproot develops. Allow taproot to grow ½” to ¾” before transplanting into PLAIN POTTING SOIL. During this phase, it is absolutely pivotal that you do not touch the taproot with your hands. Begin the process of transplanting by placing your seed into its new medium with the root facing down.

  • Moving seedlings may cause them stress, be gentle.
  • Each strain will take 2-7days to crack open


If you do not completely follow the instructions provided in our germination guide.
You planted the marijuana seeds directly into the soil.
You used a seed starter kit, rock wool, peat pellets, or any other germination device for vegetable seeds.
You did not germinate using bottled distilled water transfer to moist paper towel’ method described

Common Questions Regarding Cannabis Germination

Today, we tackle a few common questions when it comes to germinating seeds.

How Long Does It Take For Cannabis Seeds to Germinate?

Marijuana seeds will germinate at different rates based on a number of different factors. Simple things. We also have to look at environmental factors such as the temperature, humidity, and light exposure that your seed experiences. Traditionally, seeds will fully germinate within 2-7 days.

What Temperature and Humidity Are Ideal For Cannabis Germination?

Ideally, seeds will be germinated at a temperature between 75-80 F. Fluctuations in both temperature and humidity can cause delays when trying to sprout seeds.

Should I Use Grow Lights For Germinating Seeds?

The germination process for weed seeds does not require the use of any lights.

When Should I Begin To Germinate Cannabis Seeds?

Outdoor growers must pay close attention to the seasons for a specific time to begin germination, Rocket seeds follows the growing seasons outlined within the farmer’s almanac. Since cannabis plants are harvested yearly, traditional outdoor planting happens within spring or summer.

Indoor grows are perfect for any time germination as you can manipulate the environment to desired conditions.

As cannabis plants are annual, they will traditionally grow in spring and summer before flowering in the shortened days of Autumn. To meet the needs of this timeline, account for between 12 to 72 hours for your plant to germinate.

Why Aren’t My Seeds Sprouting?

  • Poor Grow Conditions – Uncontrolled humidity levels and a lack of moisture can lead a seed to fail before a taproot ever begins to appear. While it can be annoying to micromanage your seeds, pay close attention to every step of the process, and you will be better for it. 
  • Temperature Swings – While cannabis is a hardy plant once its root system has been established, seeds that are still fighting to germinate don’t have the same durability. Control the temperature of your germination room to ensure your seeds are given the best chance at life.
  • Suffocation Seeds – While it is important to give your seeds attention and hydration, they can’t have too much of either. Seeds can drown when they are overloaded with water or suffocated by plastic.


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