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Will the Expected Cannabis Business Gains Live Up True to Experts’ Claims?

While the rest of the world was watching as Canada stepped into the limelight by becoming the first G7 country to legalize recreational cannabis, the business landscape got loaded with anticipation related with the promising gains expected to come along with the rise of the Canadian pot industry. Almost a year after legalization, one of the hottest questions remains as relevant as it used to be prior to Canada joining the #freetheweed movement: Will the expected business gains live up...

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10 Exciting Games Perfect for Pot Parties

So you’ve been enjoying cannabis for quite some time now, and you’re planning to take the fun to a whole new level? Luckily, we’ve written this article to help you find exciting games perfect for pot parties. If you and your friends are searching for fun activities where you can laugh together while soaring “high” up above in the sky, then you came to the right place. Aside from providing incredible medicinal benefits, cannabis or marijuana is also a remarkable...

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