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Sunwest Genetics


Welcome to SunWest Genetics Seeds

Welcome to SunWest Genetics, where advanced cannabis breeding and cutting-edge science intersect. As a seed bank, SunWest Genetics preserves a diverse gene pool of cannabis strains, while continually expanding its portfolio with new chemovars. SunWest Genetics has emerged as an authority for home growers, providing expert analysis on the best methodologies for improved results. SunWest Genetics aims to preserve and improve cannabis genetics for the next generation of growers.

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Why SunWest Genetics Seeds?

SunWest Genetics seeds have a high germination rate with excellent quality control across more than 500 strains. Furthermore, SunWest Genetics offers organically-grown seeds that are safer, more potent, and have a sensory appeal that rivals competitors. SunWest Genetics has developed seeds with diverse aroma and flavor profiles throughout its Autoflowering and Feminized seed offerings. The seed bank maintains this high level of quality because of its strict attention to seed potency, freshness, and organic grow practices.

Many growers and breeders trust SunWest Genetics because its organic seeds consistently produce strong yields. The seed bank’s most popular strain is Bubblegum Autoflower Seeds, a potent indica-dominant with a relaxing high. The plant produces a small and compact body, making it the perfect strain for indoor growth. Chemdog Feminized Seeds is another sought after strain and powerful hybrid, considered one of the backbones of modern cannabis strains. It has a distinct flavorful smell and visceral effects.

Community Partners

SunWest Genetics developed out of a need to provide better resources and options for a wide range of health ailments, from minor joint pain to cancer. SunWest Genetics has created a safe space for caretakers and home growers to learn more about the benefits of CBD and cannabis, as well as insight on proper plant care and best practices for cultivation.

SunWest Genetics supports STEM programs and academic research to help further cannabis medical legalization initiatives.y elevating the plant narrative through scientific, data-driven dialogue, SunWest Genetics hopes to encourage safe access to medicinal cannabis across all 50 states, and then, globally.

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