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Rocket Seeds is a trustworthy seed bank, with faith and trust, you purchase marijuana seeds. In Rocket Seeds, together with safe and quick distinct delivery strategies, we offer the best quality cannabis seeds for sale at fair costs. We’re fortunate to counsel and represent clients globally as a multinational seed bank, offering our expertise and knowledge on every type of marijuana. We have been recognized by thousands of clients for being one of the most reputable seed banks worldwide. The credibility that we are confident of and thankful for.

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Established in 2005, Crop King Seeds is a Canadian seed bank that has been heavily involved in curating seeds for almost a decade.

In 2012 they began their first retail partnership but have since grown to over 100 locations now selling their seeds worldwide.

Since their beginning, CKS has been dedicated to quality and genetic strength when it comes to strain selection.

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Beaver Seeds

If you are looking for Beaver Seeds marijuana seeds, then look no further because we have this brand for you. We offer all kinds of cannabis seeds, including regular, feminized and autoflowering cannabis seeds from Beaver Seeds. If you’re looking for recreational cannabis seeds, then we have the best selection of high THC strains from Beaver Seeds. And if you want medicinal cannabis seeds, then you’ll surely find high-quality CBD-potent strains from none other than Beaver Seeds. We even have the most popular strains including landrace and organic seeds.

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Blimburn Seeds

If you need Blimburn Seeds marijuana seeds, then you came to the right place. We have regular, feminized and autoflowering cannabis seeds from Blimburn Seeds. We also know what you’re looking for when it comes to Blimburn Seeds. You want fresh, high-quality seeds that will give you the best results. Blimburn Seeds prepares and packages their seeds every two months, so it’s a guarantee that you’ll have the highest quality for your recreational or medicinal needs.

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Sonoma Seeds

If you want to buy Sonoma Seeds marijuana seeds, then we are happy to tell you that we carry the brand. You can buy regular, feminized and autoflowering cannabis seeds from Sonoma Seeds here. You can buy therapeutic indica seeds and grow your supply indoors and outdoors. You can also purchase top sativa-dominant strains with no more than 20% indica, and you can also buy a balanced hybrid, which is currently the most popular among customers.

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Sunwest Genetics Seeds

No need to look further because we have SunWest Genetics marijuana seeds. We have regular, feminized and autoflowering cannabis seeds from SunWest Genetics. We offer the latest feminized seeds from SunWest, including carefully cultivated and selected sativas, indicas and hybrid strains. All these seeds have high germination rates and have the best quality than other cannabis brands. You’ll also find top-selling strains, including Cheese Autoflowering Seeds, Northern Lights Autoflowering Seeds, Bubblegum Autoflowering Seeds, Purple Kush Autoflowering Seeds, and Jack Herer Feminized Seeds.

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Mary Jane’s Garden

For good quality, fresh, and very potent seeds, check out Mary Janes Garden. This is a seed bank located in Canada with a wide range of marijuana strains and seeds to offer. Mary Janes Garden has been around for many years serving not just local customers but also growers and marijuana enthusiasts all over the world.

Enjoy Wide-Range of Marijuana Seeds Online!

With more than thousands of types of cannabis seeds accessible to purchase, our collection of weed seeds is one of the greatest worldwide. A broad variety of feminized seeds, autoflowering seeds, regular seeds, fast-flowering seeds, and also a high CBD and THC marijuana content and medicinal strains with great genes from every part of the world. Our marijuana seed bank is split into multiple classes. You may scan specifically for a seed suitable for either outdoor and indoor production or choose feminized seeds that have been bred to develop only female plants, remaining true with their title. We also give regular seeds, of course, which both females and males plants produce.

Feminized Seeds

Our extensive collection of feminized marijuana seeds has been specifically cultivated so that only female marijuana plants are going to develop. For farmers to pick, female cannabis plants are guaranteed to have cannabinoid-rich flowers.

If you have feminized seeds, you are not required to cultivate male cannabis plants. Without the hassles of unintended pollination with feminized weed seeds with strong germination rates, you’ll enjoy increasing. Using our stealth shipping techniques, Rocket Seeds deliver to any location. Buy more seeds and reap the benefits of our free shipping for chosen clients as well as our lavish free seed offer.

Autoflowering Seeds

Regardless of the light period, our extensive collection of autoflowering seeds has been expertly bred to bloom. It takes less time to bloom and can be cultivated several times a season.

Enjoy developing autoflowering cannabis seeds of all your favorite cannabis strains. We guarantee protection and shipping no matter where you are. The marijuana seeds within the breeder’s package are still fresh and of good quality. These weed seeds can save you energy, time, and money then you’ll get your beloved weed instantly. Order your favorite auto-flowering seeds and enjoy growing Rocket Seeds’ best quality cannabis plants.

Regular Seeds

Regular marijuana seeds develop male and female descendants in nearly equivalent amounts. It’s also chosen, possibly for their breeding experiments, by old school growers trying to produce male and female plants.

Rocket Seeds have standard seeds of the highest quality, all ready to offer the best yields. Within sealed containers, all seeds are packed, so they will arrive secure and fresh to your location. There is a large range of regular seeds in Rocket Seeds, with the best germination rates. Just obey their germination guide, and the moment you plant, your seeds are ready for development.

CBD Seeds

Our very high CBD weed seeds are an excellent prospect. The high CBD cannabis seeds can grow into cannabis with low THC- and high CBD-containing buds.

Rocket Seeds provides the highest line-up of CBD strains of strains that are ideal for aches, discomfort, and inflammation, as well as mood-boosting strains. If you’re searching for a specific strain required for a particular form of medical problem, then trust that we’ve got what you need. We guarantee shipping to every location. At your doorstep, you will get your fresh and potent CBD seeds at the fastest time.

Fast Version Seeds

Rocket Seeds’ quick cannabis seeds are very fast flowering period, meaning they bloom 1 to 2 weeks quicker than the normal versions.

Quick genetics from the mix of their classic strains with their strongest autoflowering varieties have been produced by Rocket Seeds. For restless growers anxious to receive their precious harvests, as well as for growers in northern regions with harsh environments, the Fast-flowering strain is perfect for developing our iconic Rocket genes while maintaining all of their top qualities.


Rocket Seeds has a large array of hemp seeds from the world’s renowned weed breeders. We can have your one-stop cannabis seed shop after looking far and large for the best marijuana breeders. As we have selected marijuana seeds that we enjoy, our expectations are high And, seed customers enjoy purchasing seeds! In selecting marijuana seed firms, we have strong expectations so that we can sell seeds globally to all. With an emphasis on popularity, our interest is Cannabis. In-demand seeds for hemp. Although we currently carry a large variety of strains of marijuana, we are always searching for different strains and labels to represent them.