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Do you want to earn money the easy way through the power of the internet? Join Green Affiliates today! Whether you’re an expert-level webmaster or just beginning, all you need is to be of legal age to join our cannabis affiliate marketing program.

When you sign up with Green Affiliates, you won’t be alone. Your affiliate manager will help guide you every step of the way. Whether you need banners or you have an inquiry about commissions – no question is too small. We are here to help you succeed.


With affiliate marketing, anyone can earn good money using the internet. All you need is access to any digital platform that draws traffic. This could be a podcast or blog, an email list, a social media platform such as Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or SnapChat, a YouTube channel or a website that generates traffic. Your traffic does NOT need to be cannabis related!

Join Green Affiliates now and earn more money!


Green Affiliates is FREE to join, and you will never be asked to pay maintenance fees. In fact, you’ll receive a $100 USD signing bonus just for signing up! Once your application is manually approved you will have access to marketing materials such as banners & text links for all 7 of our reputable cannabis seed Merchants. Simply copy and paste the links provided into your website, email or social media bio, and get paid for the transactions that you drive.

For every completed transaction we pay you 20% commission. Cookies remain on your visitor’s device for 90 days, so there’s lots of time for your visitor to complete their sale – SO YOU EARN MONEY.


We pay affiliates in USD. There is a $200 USD minimum threshold to withdraw funds from your Green Affiliates account. Payments are made in the first 2 weeks of the month, for commissions earned the previous month.

We pay affiliates globally using e-transfer, PayPal, Bank Wire Transfer, Payoneer or paper cheque. Choose whatever method of payment is most convenient for you!


Colourful branded packaging (perfect to give as a gift!), famous strains from around the world, peace of mind with 80% germination assurance, global distribution, 24-hour toll-free phone assistance and Live Chat, as well as an unbeatable reputation! This is what sets our cannabis seed Merchants apart from all the others.

Green Affiliates offers marketing opportunities for 7 different marijuana seed companies. You can endorse any or all of these brands, including Rocket Seeds, all on one easy platform using Post Affiliate Pro. We provide a seamless customer service experience for your customers – and help you make extra money.


The average affiliate drives around 10 completed sales per month. The value of those sales averages between $100 to $200 USD. At 20% commission per completed sale, that works out to between $200 and $400 USD EVERY MONTH!

Remember, this is extra money in your pocket – just for driving quality traffic to our website and delivering us customers! Also, this is just an average. We have some of the best cannabis affiliates in the world working with us already. Many of these affiliates earn much more than this!

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