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Genetic Feminized Cannabis Seeds Are Genetically Engineered: Fact or Fiction?

Nearly anyone who wanted to grow crops or homes livestock for a living practices the ancient art of selective breeding. Those who aren’t willingly put themselves at a significant disadvantage and break with an established standard, or to use the more up-to-date method in cultivation.

Cautiously breeding plants or livestock to reduce or eliminate such characteristics and magnify others; in the development of a better plant, a very tasty fruit with high yields and good pest and blight resistance is something that has been done for centuries due to its great significance.

And what freaks out some people and some nations, including Europe, to ban GMO crops.

Whereas others, chief among them the United States, to accept warmly lab-honed crops, are that you can breed a certain gene in or out of one generation instead of 20.

Genetic feminized seeds are seeds produced in a way that maximizes the likelihood of female plants being the resulting cannabis plants. Or, it induces a normal female and not a hermaphrodite. This is essential because only female cannabis is capable of producing buds, which for most growers, is the main concern and the best beauty of it. The rate of success is labeled as about 99 percent, depending on the seeds you buy (you need to take some precautions in buying).  This ensures that feminized plants can produce the expected results efficiently and effectively. Thus, saving you from more works or needed to accomplished strategies.

“Feminized seeds are genetically engineered,” this is a common myth that worries some growers, but it is important to distinguish between “engineered” and “modified.” Therefore, let us define what is “genetically engineered” and “genetically modified.”

Genetic engineering involves the introduction of DNA into other species, such as lettuce and bean connections. Genetic modification, on the other hand, includes modifying the breeding process, which can occur naturally, ensuring that the whole system stays normal.

Cannabis has been genetically engineered for the underground and medical markets, but not using the modern methods that get called “GMO.” The alteration of cannabis genetics accomplished by combining traditional breeding methods with sloppy, “old-school” techniques such as chemical mutagenesis and induced polyploidy.

In other words, different business people used toxic substances to cause genetic changes, or used colchicine to induce the plants to double the number of chromosomes in each cell. Some of these plants were growing better and/or producing more THC.  Modern marijuana is, therefore, so much more powerful.

We can conclude that some marijuana strains or companies already genetically engineered some feminized Cannabis Seeds. Even though it is not surprising to know that, we should by far say that it is normal in this new era.

Application of Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering techniques are used only when all other techniques have been exhausted, i.e., when the feature to be introduced is not present in the crop’s germplasm; the feature is very difficult to improve by conventional breeding methods. And when it takes a very long time for conventional breeding methods to introduce and/or improve this feature in the crop.

Genetically engineered plants are commonly referred to as transgenic crops or GM crops. Current plant breeding is a multidisciplinary and organized system in which a large number of methods and elements are used and incorporated into conventional breeding techniques, bioinformatics, molecular genetics, molecular biology, and genetic engineering.

Comparing Conventional Breeding and Genetic Engineering

Conventional Breeding

Genetic Engineering

§  Limited to exchanges between the same or very closely related species.

§  Little or no guarantee of any particular gene combination from the million of crosses generated.

§  Undesirable genes can be transferred along with desirable genes.

§  It takes a long time to achieve the desired results.

§  It allows the direct transfer of one or just a few genes, between either closely or distantly related organisms.

§  Crop improvement can be achieved in a shorter time compared to conventional breeding.

§  Allows plants to be modified by removing or switching off particular genes.

And now, let’s bring some of the benefits and disadvantages of a genetically engineered seed.

Benefits of Genetic Engineering in Feminized Cannabis Seeds

  • Genetically engineered seeds implanted with soil bacteria proteins called Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) take on the insect-killing abilities of the proteins. Then crops grown from these seeds are safe from a specific plague (researchers say that Bt seeds are also less likely to spray insecticide).
  • The field can then be sprayed, leaving the modified plants unharmed.
  • Faster growing strains.
  • Medicinal seeds that could be used as vaccines or other medicines.
  • It can withstand weather extremes and fluctuations.
  • It allows farmers and growers to preserve the good quality of strains more efficiently by using special substances.
  • With genetic engineering, growers will have more income.
  • Higher yield but lower costs.
  • New kinds of products.

Disadvantages of Genetic Engineering in Feminized Cannabis Seeds

  • It can pose significant allergy risks to people.
  • When we remove a certain pest that is harmful to crops, we could also be removing a food source for a certain species.
  • It could prove toxic to some organisms, which can lead to their reduced numbers or even extinction.
  • May contribute to the reduced effectiveness of some medical ailments.
  • May impose unnatural taste.
  • Might encourage authorities (some) to implement higher tariffs to growers.
  • It can be a threat to human health as it can create a new type of disease.

But here comes another real question is the rising of the other type of altering the genes, the “Genetically Modified Organism,” which is by far different on to genetically engineered.

And since cannabis Sativa, both the taxonomic definition of recreational marijuana and the source material for CBD, is one of the hottest agricultural product in the word, the obvious answer to the obvious question: “Is there GMO weed?” It’s almost certainly yes, and there some stories about it.

Genetically modified crops are almost unheard of outside traditional industrial farming and are not currently available to the home gardener. The industry is highly regulated, and the alteration is the point of sale of such seeds. It would be almost impossible to buy Genetically Modified seeds erroneously.

Pharmaceutical companies are the first people wanting to produce GM weed; they have the cash to make that possible. They are on a wave’s edge as medical marijuana begins entering conventional medicine. At the moment this industry has an annual valuation of just hundreds of millions, but this business will grow exponentially, in a few years I expect the drug market for marijuana medical drugs to be worth literally billion, as cannabis starts to enter the mainstream medicine of pain relief, MS, ADHD, sleep problems, insomnia, cancer treatment, etc.

Genetically Modified marijuana could be produced to expand into large plants in the “leaf” form that could produce enormous amounts of harvest over perhaps several years.  Nonetheless, if and when the pharmaceutical companies begin to realize the true financial medicinal promise of ganja, Genetically Modified hemp will be pursued objectively.

Genetic feminized Cannabis Seeds could be genetically modified by modifying individual genes and specific parts of plant DNA in a way that specifically promotes the development of certain cannabinoid compounds. Natural cannabis contains more than 85 cannabinoid compounds, the most common of which is THC.

Pharmaceutical companies would find they have to persuade everyone that it is not possible to achieve the effects of a unique cannabis drug with regular plants. We will cultivate their own raw materials by embracing medical marijuana and use the various active ingredients of different medicines in different combinations. It is the perfect business model, a raw product that is easy and cheap to cultivate and numerous drugs, all with very little prices.

Pharmaceutical companies will invest heavily in the genetic engineering of a marijuana plant that generates ultra-high levels of the entire range of cannabinoid chemicals. The aim will be to remove and separate them from thousands of tons of bud into individual cannabinoids on an industrial scale.

I expect to find their way into drugs for very specific medical reasons until single cannabinoids are isolated. This is the only way to eliminate the “risk” of imported cannabis to pharmaceutical companies; they will simply say their formulations are more successful because they are more advanced.

Meanwhile, through working with growing cooperatives, the traditional cannabis seed breeders will continue to make the most useful contributions to the medical marijuana movement. Personally, I am sure that all marijuana is medically effective, but there are some strains that the medical users of marijuana often know better.

So maybe in the not-too-distant future, we’ll see genetically modified cannabis. I think it’s going to take five years to get the confidence to reveal plans to try it, and another five years to show us the results.

I’m sure the medical marijuana campaign will be very interested, but have you ever thought what might be the consequences and interactions for the average stoner? Can Genetically Modify marijuana offer you weed that is radically different from what we enjoy today? Maybe weeds that don’t stink when you cultivate them, or weeds with a different buzz? As ridiculous as these questions sound, I plan on them being posed for real one day.

Cannabinoid Biosynthesis: Reshaping Traditional Extraction Techniques

The marijuana or cannabis industry is, however, faced with lots of road-blocks. If it’s not issues concerning its legalization, it will be its cost of commercial production, the cannabis market is becoming a challenging sector with its numerous issues, but don’t lose hope as this will soon be a thing of the past.

A leading producer of medicinal cannabis, Organigram inc., however, made a whopping $10 million investment in Hyacinth biologicals, bolstering its access to the biotechnology production of bio-identical marijuana recipes in a laboratory without expensive growing process. All this is done through a process called cannabinoid biosynthesis.

Cannabinoid Biosynthesis, what is it?

In summary, it is an enzyme-catalyzed procedure which points to the production of a hard chemical substance from a basic pre-cursors in a living-organism. As regards cannabis, bio-synthesis might be utilized to alternate a cannabinoid which biologically, is identical to the ones provided by the material, not like the synthetic producing of cannabinoids.

It involves the insertion of a gene into yeast or similar organisms like E. coli, and allowing it to grow from three to five days intervals, and then utilizing the proprietary enzymes to produce the molecules into different cannabinoids

Human biology: Its role in the Cannabinoid Biosynthesis Process

As we continued our discussion, the endocannabinoid system is very vital in maintaining body physique. Science claims that cannabinoid and other compounds of cannabis plays an important part in regulating various physiological-systems in the human body and brain.

Aside from its legal delays on research ecosystem, a lot of minor cannabinoid takes place in bits such as .1, .01 or even worst still, .001% of the plant-material, thereby skyrocketing the cost of astronomical research. With cannabinoid biosynthesis, the cost of research methodology is reduced, making it very easy to carry out medicinal research discoveries and the understanding of the human endocannabinoid system (ECS)

Impact of Biosynthesis on the Cannabis Industry?

Traditional cannabis making has encountered lots of setbacks recently, which includes legalization, production costs, and also lots of fake products in the market.

As the manufacturing of synthetic cannabinoids, it is a potential avenue of running over the restrictions or rather the prohibitions of agricultural cannabis production. A lot of efforts in this area, however, never materialized. Biosynthesis is a very powerful technology that has a great impact on the manufacturing of cannabis.

  • Volume problem; the amount of produced cannabis gave rise to little amounts of cannabis for medicinal purposes.
  • Cost of savings; biosynthesis, however, might mean scaled manufacturing/production with half of the whole cost reduce or even bypassed.
  • Consistency; the increasing demand for cannabis production shows means that significant cannabis on resources. Strain-plants demands lots of watering, electricity and also land for cultivation. Strain ingestible and derivatives add up to a big extent, market sales. Biosynthesis helps to lower the production time and process if applied.
  • Cannabinoid; we have not yet left behind the understanding of minor cannabis and the endocannabinoid system. The access and the cost of testing, so to say minor cannabinoid. With biosynthesis, the cost of testing these new minor cannabis is lowered or even avoided.
  • Pure-cannabinoid, InMed, which is a Canada based biopharmaceutical company, makes use of biosynthesis to produce cannabinoid products with high purity, with no traces of pesticides and with a consistent fashion factors existing-cultivation procedures that cant is accomplished easily.

Leading Cannabinoid Biosynthesis Companies

Biosynthesis is microeconomics in contact with science and drawing increasing interest in the potentials of cannabis. Without sufficient cannabis-related products to carter to the increasing demand, it led to price skyrocketing.

As seen in the same way as Genentech made access to insulin much easier. However, insulin was gotten from the pancreas of cows and pigs and as well as aspirin being produced from the bark of the tree. Below is a list of the company into cannabis biosynthesis.

  • Hyacinth Bio; This is a biotechnology company having its base in Montreal and is the leader in the area of cannabinoid science.
  • Anandia Labs; this company was bought by aurora cannabis in the year 2018. Anandia Labs is a leader when it comes to cannabis testing, genetics, and researching and development.
  • Ginkgo bio-works this company was founded by MIT scientists and had a partnership with Canadian LP, Chronos group, and it has become a leading cannabis company.

There are many ways of cannabis extraction and removal from its plant matrix, according to pharm-out consultants. They posited that medicinal marijuana has considerable experience in cannabis extraction signs and processes.

This team of consultants promises to give out detailed information on the different alternatives of medicinal marijuana extraction methods and designs to extract strain materials into various chemical segments. These processes are used to separate particular compounds, such as this listed 113 cannabinoid, inclusive of medicinal cannabinoid products and medicinal cannabis having THC content.

Commonly medicinal marijuana extraction processes are as follows;

Medicinal marijuana extraction

Medicinal marijuana depends on the alcoholic solvent, like ethanol, which dissolves the strained material, usually the filtered, and going further, removing the alcohol employing evaporation.

However, there are international regulations on the residual solvents in pharmaceuticals. The major challenges faced recently is the polarity of these solvents, which means that its tendency to have a mixture of water and dissolve water-soluble molecules such as chlorophyll.

It should be noted that there are some regulations and standards in the solvents that are permitted for pharmaceutical uses which are dependent on toxicologically driven information, methanol, for instance, has a two-class solvent and the end product should have less than 3000-ppm and a permitted-daily exposure of about 30mg per day.

Going further, you will see that Ethanol is a third class solvent which has better limits.

This process can be carried out at the normal atmospheric pressure or possibly, under a vacuum, which often consumes lots of time. The tool should be well prepared as ethanol is very prone to combustion.

Carbon-dioxide marijuana extraction

Rather than use alcohol, this process separates marijuana contents from the plant matrix with carbon-dioxide. Although its high heat pressure is used to convert the carbon dioxide- which means that it is consecutively in a gaseous and liquid state. Making use of any re-agent might add a cost and clean up-time, which gave rise to considering different processes in which carbon dioxide extraction is one.

The apparatus expenditure for this process orders bigger than the alcohol extraction, however, it gives off higher yields, and the lower value is wasted. The cannabis contents already extracted, this super-critical carbon dioxide migrates into a liquid form which is reusable. As a result, a few re-agent is utilized. Making this process very economical and reducing the rate of wastage.

Hydro-carbon extraction

Making use of butane as the extracting solvent creates a substance called butane-hash Oil. To do this, this method begins with cannabis and liquid-form butane, which is put in a heated and pressured system. Making use of the evaporation-vacuum, it is, however, possible to separate the butane-solvent. This vacuum starts the conversion of the butane from a liquid state into a vapor state, enabling easier removal process.

Extraction using Solvent-free 

It’s noteworthy to mention the fundamental process which is applicable for the preparation and possibly, extracting a large portion of contents from the plant-matrix. Grounding and filtering can be used to remove Kief from the buds of marijuana.

These trichomes are used by female cannabis flowers as a protective structure during their flowering periods. Its sour taste with blends of pungent aromas makes the plant cannabis unapproachable by pests and herbivorous animals. Research also suggests that these trichomes also inhibit the growth of fungi.

The removal of Kiel from the cannabis inflorescence makes it look like a pollen grain. The terpenoid and cannabinoid production is specifically found in the trichomes; however, this powder can be put together to improve the potent or can also be consumed separately as a single product.

Hashish, or traditionally hash, is also a solvent-free, primary cannabis extract. The bottom line is to make sure that trichomes are removed from the plant-material as it may have some particles. There are two major processes involved in the creation of hash, which include using frozen cannabis buds and smashing it open into much smaller pieces.

As this is done, the trichomes are left out and would be sieved out, then follows packaging into block forms. Another primary process of solvent-free hash removal utilizes icing-water to extract the trichomes from its buds. After exposing to the sun for drying, next is packing in a hashish block.

Over the years, Rosin becomes very popular. Gotten from flowers, kief or hash, it is a transparent compound having a sap like simultaneously.

Its produced by heating and applying pressure to the material that one intends to extract from and produces a product that has the same time frame, costly, and solvent-based extraction.

This process which scientist says is very economical for separating terpenoid and cannabinoid with lesser remnants of butaneous solvents. This method’s simple and most effective way is best to none.

A normal heating mechanism is utilized to extract the material; however, at a designated boiling and pressure point, the extraction is scraped off or ultrasonically, is increased.

Low-Stress Training For Your Cannabis Guide

Life is, indeed, unfair. You may think that the discount item you bought for $10 at the store was cheap, and just a few meters away, a thrift store sells the same item for only $3. I mean, how sad is that? Extremely soul crashing. The same goes for our beloved cannabis plants. One stem will get all the sunlight while others are left lonely in the dark. Luckily, in the gardener’s world, Low-Stress Training exists. What is it exactly? How will it benefit the plant? Isn’t giving stress to the plant bad? You will know all the answers in a few.

Low-Stress Training For Your Cannabis is a Good Stress

Low-Stress Training (LST) simply put into words is to bend and tie the plants in order to train them into a shape that grows more efficiently. It does not involve harming the plant.

Auxin is a plant hormone that dictates a plant’s growth. It is highly concentrated at the top of the plant, and more of the growing focus is upwards through the main stalk. Training techniques are utilized to reduce this focused upward growth and encourage the growth of an even canopy with an increased number of buds instead of one main bud. Overall, low-stress training is a gentle way to make sure all parts of the plant get enough sunlight and for the plant not to get too tall. So, it isn’t bad.

Low-Stress Training Throughout History

Cannabis connoisseurs most probably know that plants normally develop a few healthier buds toward the top of the plant, with several smaller buds below. The same happens to many other flowers, fruits, and veggies on earth.

Over centuries, propagators have thought of ways to get more out of their plants using simple training techniques. Techniques such as topping and pruning plants, bending, Screen of Green, and all manner of other methods. Although different from each other, each one ensures the best use of space, light, and resources.

The ancient Egyptians are thought to have used low-stress training to horizontally grow fig trees more than 3,000 years ago. A famed method known as espalier was talked about in 17th century Europe. Espaliered hedgerows of fruit trees were a common sight. Aesthetically used in apple and pear orchards, it resulted in beautiful landscapes. Thus, low-stress training is a modern term for an old technique used to force fruiting trees to grow in a flat structure.

The Science Behind Low-Stress Training for Your Cannabis

Phototropism is a phenomenon known when plant growth responds to light stimulus. The parts of the stem that are bent and now shaded will start to produce more growth hormones called auxins. This increases cell elongation on the sun-deprived side of the plant, with the effect of directing the growing tip towards the light. The lower branches will now be able to take in more energy and light. You can bend the secondary stems once they are formed, giving way to the tertiary stems to receive sunlight. You can now decide to begin flowering, depending on the available surface area and the number of plants being cultivated.

Advantages of Low-Stress Training for Your Cannabis

  • You can expect bigger yields from the exact same setup without the need to adjust to other factors.
  • Plants produce many big colas. Instead of just a single main cola and lots of tiny ones, your plant will grow plenty of large and healthy colas for toking.
  • Advantageous in situations with high humidity during the flowering period, as growing one enormous bud makes the plants more prone to mold or bud-rot since air is concentrated at it alone. If we develop a larger quantity of smaller flowers, the air is evenly distributed over the plant.
  • An even light coverage means all the buds will be ready at the same time, contrary to untrained plants where the upper flowers mature before the lower ones. This allows harvesters to work more efficiently, cutting down whole plants rather than having to remove one and then come back for another.
  • Total control over the height, shape, and size of the plant. Indoor growers’ most likely benefit on this, especially those with limited spaces that need to stunt the vertical growth of the plant. Also, this keeps the tops of the plants at the proper distance from grow lamps. Outdoors, growers who need to maintain a discreet height and to keep the garden out of sight below a wall or fence can take advantage of LST.

Disadvantages of Low-Stress Training for Your Cannabis

Its only drawback so far is that since the low-stress training is done hands-on and continuously (until no lower buds exist), the grower of a large cannabis garden may be exhausted at the end of the day from all the manual labor he or she will do.

When Do I Start Low-Stress Training?

The plant has to establish a strong root system before you can start. The best indicator is to count the nodes of a young plant.

The top of the plant is the main node, and under this, a second and third node will grow. The secondary nodes are developed after the main stem and will always stay behind the main top. Wait for the second node to form, and then you can start the training. Although not advisable, you can also apply LST a few weeks into flowering. Just make sure the stems are still flexible and won’t just snap. The flowering stretch is still considered a part of the vegetative phase, and the plant will still be able to be trained. No low-stress training should be done after this.

To Cut or To Top?

Some growers pinch or cut off the tops of their plants before starting low-stress training work. It is not a requirement but can be helpful as doing so can break the apical dominance of the marijuana plant, divides the main cola, and creates a more uniformed base of the plant for easier training.

It is a separate preparatory step and not part of LST. Other plant training methods are often used combined with LST to achieve the optimal results, and topping a young plant is very common to prepare the ground for low-stress training.

The 2 Types of Low-Stress Training (LST) Methods

The LST method involves bending the plant as it grows and tying the branches down. We will further discuss this on a step by step basis on a later part of the article.

The Screen of Green or ScROG

This method involves using a screen to create a ceiling. Instead of tying it down, you wait for the plant to grow through the screen, or you pull them through it. The entire plant is spread out to allow for better light to reach the entire plant. Once the branches begin to make their way through, you simply thrust the branches back down into the screen, weaving the branches around it. You will have a well-supported growing area that will produce more even colas.

Low-Stress Training Using a Trellis or Mesh

You can use a trellis or mesh to separate and support the branches as this is practical and easy on the budget. The trellis is situated horizontally above the plant, and the branches weaved through the holes to hold them in place and shape the plant according to the growers’ needs. Vertically placed, this allows the grower to train the plant in two dimensions and a great way of supporting plants and saving space in the garden.

You can also employ a tubular trellis entirely surrounding the plant. This is a method preferred by outdoor growers in places where plants can grow to truly monstrous proportions, cultivated on soil or in huge pots of 400 gallons or greater capacity and with one or more layers of trellis mesh surrounding the plant to ensure full support for long branches with heavy buds.

Low-Stress Training and Weight Training for Plants

You can use small weights to gently and gradually bend branches. This has the same benefits as using a trellis, and at the same time, it strengths the branches and prepares them for the weight of the buds to come. It is particularly useful in outdoor cultivation, where using small weights offers the advantage of allowing plants to move and sway in the wind.

The weights themselves should be small, and not too heavy. You can improvise from many household objects like steel nuts and washers attached by a thread, or old wine bottle corks with a wire pushed through the center and bent to make a hook at each end. Don’t forget to remove the weights as the buds increase in size and weight to avoid breakage.

Materials for Low-Stress Training

  • A young marijuana plant seedling. If you want more, then you may add.
  • Plant Twisty Ties or plastic clips are used by many to secure stems in place after bending them over. You can get creative and use everyday household items such as pipe cleaners, cloth hangers, etc. Don’t use anything “sharp” like chicken wire because it cuts and damages the plants as it grows.
  • A Pair of sharp scissors
  • Duct tape – For securing ties and for patching up snapped branches. A quick graft in using duct tape won’t cause any lasting damage to your cannabis plant, and it should heal quickly. Try adding a bit of aloe vera to the interior plant to improve healing even further.
  • Thin wood or bamboo stakes of about 30 centimeters for support.
  • A small hand drill- You can drill several holes on the sides of the rim for attachment of the wires.

A Step by Step Guide on Low-Stress Training

Step 1: Select a Flexible Stem

Carefully feel how flexible the stem or branch is that you want to bend, so you know if you can work with it easily. If there is a tendency to snap, choose another. Visualize the type of shape you would like your plant. If you want, you can also pinch out the top leaves.

Step 2: Tie the Loftiest Branch

Tie the highest branch of the plant around the last internode, the space between the last set of leaves and the second-last set of leaves. It should be at a lower level than the rest of the plant. It is essential that you start low-stress training as soon as possible or when the plant is still young.

Keep all the stems about the same distance from the light. Bend using a twisty tie to secure it gently but firmly in position. Bend it in the direction you want it to go.

Here are some reminders that can help you when it comes to bending the stem:

  • Remember to “Aim for The Sweet Spot.” The sweet spot is that space where the right intensity of light falls. As it gains distance, light intensity drops, and so does the energy for photosynthesis. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that the leaves occupy the sweet spot in the grow room.
  • You help them find the sweet spot of light energy as you bend branches lower and in contrast to each other. With a proper distance, you can expect an increased yield.
  • Be Gentle. Do this very slowly and carefully. Once it breaks, you can’t undo it.
  • Only bend soft growth – New is soft and pliable while old is stiff.
  • Start Training Early – Start training them when they are still young. It is much easier to bend and saves you time as it has fewer nodes.

Step 3: Arrange According to Your Wants

Continue by organizing your canopy by bending the stems to the right places. You may arrange according to a shape you have in mind.

Step 4: Watch and Wait

The branch will begin to grow up again after 24 hours of bending. Under a powerful light, it can take as fast as three hours. It will start low as the rest of the branches. As the secondary branches start to receive more light and grow up, you need to train them as well.

Step 5: Tie and Repeat

Once your canopy is properly filled and uniform, you can repeat the tying process.

Step 6: Flowering

Once your cannabis plants start to flower, they will grow hastily. At this stage, pruning the lower branches that have zero chance of reaching or getting any light is a good idea, it will encourage the plant to be more productive up top where it matters. It also will allow better ventilation for your plants.

Another technique some growers do is to turn the lights off two full days before harvest. The light should not touch the plants at all. This tricks the plant, making it think it’s dying. It will then release all the resin in its system, placing it right onto the buds that have formed. At harvest, you will have beautiful crystallized trichome-rich buds in no time.

Does Low-Stress Training Have Any Effect on Auto-flowering Plants?

Auto-flowering plants depend on age to fully mature and produce buds. Less light or more light does not change its flowering cycle. Because of this, it can reach full maturity within just two or three months.

One thing to keep in mind for auto-flowering plants, they should never be cut. Plants typically need some time to recover an invasive procedure such as cutting, time that auto-flowering plants just don’t have.

All is Fair in Low-Stress Training

Now that you have read upon the stress-free effect your cannabis plant can get from Low-Stress Training; you may start early with a young seedling waiting to be shaped into a perfectly uniformed canopy and with lots of large buds to grow. It’s as easy as bending and then securing the stem to be able to produce crops of higher yields.

I hope this guide was helpful enough for you to realize that when a cannabis grower’s skill gives plants an equal chance of healthier growth, then you can truly say that all is fair in Low-Stress Training.

Why PH Monitoring Is Essential to Guarantee Weed Growing Success

The letters “EC” represent Electric Conductivity. The EC stands for the amount of salt substance – or the measure of supplements in the soil or the water – you’re giving your plants.

The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14. The pH estimation of unadulterated water is 7. We call this neutral. At the point when the pH of a substance is lower than 7, it’s acidic; any worth higher than 7 is called basic or fundamental. Lemon juice is acidic and has a pH of 2. Lime has a pH of 9 and is subsequently fundamental.

The pH is a logarithmic scale: if something is twice as acidic (multiple times all the more free hydrogen particles), the pH drops by one unit. If a substance is twice as acidic, the pH drops by two units.

Soil with a pH of 4.5 is along these lines a hundred times more acidic than soil with a pH of 6.5. Soils with such a low pH have a turnover-bringing down impact. Cannabis plants that develop in such an acidic soil will doubtlessly experience the ill effects of an absence of nutrients because the roots are less fit for retaining supplements in such an acidic domain.


The Importance of the Right pH Cannabis Growing

Plants utilize certain supplements from the soil to grow and bloom, for example, nitrogen, phosphor, iron, and magnesium. These supplements act distinctively at various pH levels. This is because the pH figures out what the mixes of those supplements will do; break up.

You can contrast it with calcium in faucet water. In case that the water is cold, you won’t see it by any means, and it’s disintegrated. Be that as it may, when you bubble it, the dissolvability diminishes, and it hastens. Or on the other hand, when you break down calcium in with disintegrated magnesium, it encourages and transforms into gypsum.

The pH does a comparative thing. At a specific degree of acridity, a few components structure different compounds that aren’t absorbable by the underlying roots of the plant. In a condition where the pH is excessively low, for example, when it is exceptionally hard for your cannabis plant to assimilate magnesium. This leaves remaining magnesium in the soil; however, it’s never again accessible to the plant. This can prompt an absence of magnesium, making your plant stunted.

Low pH

High pH

For this situation, your plant will give indications of a magnesium deficiency. The center leaves turn yellow and white, while the veins stay green. Giving your plant more magnesium, be that as it may, isn’t the remedy, because there’s as of now enough of it in the soil. The plant can’t ingest it. The remedy is to build the pH of the soil, so your plant can assimilate the magnesium once more.

As a rule, composts and mineral supplements are less retained at a higher pH. If there should arise an occurrence of a low pH, the accessibility may be excessively huge, causing an abundance. If you cultivate cannabis on soil, it’s ideal for keeping up a pH of 6. In case that you cultivate it on Rockwool or on another kind of hydro, attempt to keep up a pH of 5.5.

Step by step instructions to measure the pH Cannabis Growing

  • Turn on the meter
  • Put it in the water
  • Read the worth

The water you provide for your plants impacts the pH estimation of the soil they live in. To accomplish ideal outcomes, you ought to give your plants water with the correct pH. There are a few different ways to identify your water’s pH cannabis growing.

The least expensive method is to utilize pH strips. Hold the strip submerged for a few seconds and hold up 30 seconds. The shading 3D squares will change, and by contrasting them with the hues on the crate, you can decide the pH of the water. The disadvantage of these strips is that they’re not precise. Likewise, you may need to quantify on various occasions for each watering whether you need to modify the pH worth or you continue utilizing another strip.

  • PH ought to be 6
  • Use pH down
  • Take any drops
  • Add pH down
  • Mix well
  • Until pH is 6
  • Expanding or diminishing the pH value
  • Diminishing the pH value

Since faucet water consistently contains some mineral supplements, the pH of the water will never be correct (pH 7), yet it will, for the most part, be higher. This is additionally because of the way that acidic water influences copper channels. The manure you give your plants through the water will bring down the pH, yet to get to a definite pH value of 6, you, for the most part, would need to bring down.

The ideal approach to do this is with pH down. You can buy this at stores since it’s additionally utilized for pools and aquariums. pH down normally comprises of nitric or phosphoric corrosive and has a pH of 0.3. One drip of nitric corrosive on 2.5 gallons of water will bring down the pH by 1.

Expanding the pH value

If your water’s pH is too low in the wake of including your supplements, it’s conceivable to expand it a piece. The ideal approach to do this is by utilizing pH up (potassium hydroxide), likewise accessible at stores. One drip of it in 2.5 gallons of water will build the pH.

In case you’re cultivating pines, it’s better to accept that the soil is acidic, in light that the pine trees germinate in acidic soil. A simple method to expand the pH of acidic soil is to sprinkle lime. Lime improves the structure of the soil and invigorates the hydrogen particles, expanding the pH. Sprinkle a full hand for every 10 square feet and let the rain retain it into the soil. Measure the pH of the soil after a decent retain.


Importance of Estimating the pH for Successful Cannabis growing

The benefit of cultivating on the soil is that it shapes a pathway for water and supplements, so a pH won’t quickly be adverse to the plant. Notwithstanding, the effects are that supplement salts can gather, expanding the EC value, and bringing down the pHs. For this situation, the incentive at the underlying root of the plant will be altogether different from the supplement water you’re giving, which could mess up the whole thing. A wide range of elements impacts the admission of supplements.

Suppose it has been a piece excessively cold in your cultivating room. A low temperature diminishes the vaporization through the leaves. This brings down the suction intensity of the plant, which is, in reality, imperative to ingest supplements through the roots. These supplements will stay in the soil and will gather, making the roots increasingly acidic. Also, a high sharpness of the soil thusly diminishes the working of the root hairs, further compounding the plant’s capacity to ingest supplements. Along these lines, the EC and pH of your supplement water can be great; however, the plant can, in any case, experience a lack or overabundance of supplements. That is the reason it’s imperative to gauge the pH and EC estimations of your soil once in a while.

Likewise, in case you’re developing outside, it’s a smart thought to take an example of the soil you’re giving your plants a chance to develop in. It’s simple and can counteract a lot of issues later on.

  • Estimating the pH
  • Mix 1 section soil with 1 section demineralized water
  • Let it sit for 24 hours and mix it every so often
  • put it through an espresso channel
  • measure the pH estimation of the water

Presently we’ll examine an increasingly bit by bit portrayal, and you’ll be given a shopping list. To start with, how about we talk about the materials needed;

  • Estimating the pH of your soil
  • pH meter
  • Demineralized water
  • 2 Measuring cups
  • 4 Coffee channels

Take 3.5 fl ounces of soil, as near the roots as could be expected under the circumstances, and blend this in with 3.5 fl ounces of demineralized water in your estimating cup. Demineralized water doesn’t contain salts along these lines having an EC of 0. The pH at room temperature ought to be 7.0. You can buy demineralized water at a supermarket or drugstore. Give the blend a chance to sit for 24 hours and routinely mix it a piece to ensure all salts will appropriately break up in the water.

Following 24 hours, you put the blend through an espresso channel into the other estimating cup. Rehash this procedure until you have an unmistakable fluid. Measure the pH estimations of this fluid to discover what the qualities around the underlying roots of your plant are. The pH ought to be around 6.

  • Take plant from the pot
  • Shake off some soil
  • Mix with demi water
  • Stir and let sit
  • Filter
  • Measure pH

Following 24 hours, you put the blend through an espresso channel into the other estimating cup. Rehash this procedure until you have a reasonable fluid. Measure the pH estimations of this fluid to discover what the qualities around the underlying root of your plant are. The pH ought to be around 6.

On the off chance that your EC in the soil is 1.0 and you need it to be 1.5, whenever you water the plant, use water with an EC estimation of 2.0. With this strategy, the EC estimation of your soil will get about 1.5. Take another estimation following two or three days to be it’s.

Estimating the pH Estimation of Rockwool

Rockwool is touchy to crummy pH levels since it doesn’t make a cushion for supplements or hydrogen particles. Most Rockwool cubes that are made for cultivating have a pH of 7. You should bring down this before you can begin cultivating. You can do this by leaving them in 5.5 pH water medium-term. The Rockwool will assume the estimation of the water.

Since Rockwool doesn’t have support, you need to give much nearer consideration to your pH. Other than washing the sections, you’ll likewise need to routinely quantify the pH estimation of the chunks. This is entirely simple; take distinctive water tests in the mats with a syringe. The best spot to direct aright pH estimation is near the roots. Put all water tests in an estimating cup and measure the pH.

If this is excessively high, you’ll need to flush it for more. In situations that it’s excessively low, you’ll need to expand the pH of the supplement water a piece until you get the right qualities.

Making Use of Nutrient Film Technique in Hydroponic Cannabis Growing

While every single hydroponic cannabis growing framework offers better approaches to develop plants, cultivating progenitors couldn’t have even envisioned, however, Nutrient Film Technique hydroponics frameworks are the main ones that rely upon flowing of supplements to sustain plants, with the root dangling down into the water as though plunging their toes in. 

In NFT, the plant roots are suspended over a surge of constantly flowing supplement solution that furnishes them with all the water, supplements, and oxygen they need to have solid plant development. 

This gives the perfect condition of having a steady flow of supplement, disregarding the very tips of the roots while the upper part is left to the sticky condition made inside the developing chamber, which gives the roots a rich supply of oxygen. 

NFT gives an extreme measure of oxygen to the roots, in a sodden-domain, while yet giving the supplements the plants need. Nutrient Film Technique is a flexible hydroponic cannabis growing framework that incorporates segments similar to Ebb and Flow yet very easy. This framework is magnificent for lesser plants like herbs, lettuce, beans, and strawberries, to give some examples. 

How Does a Nutrient Film Technique Hydroponic System Work? 

There are different approaches to structure a nutrient film hydroponic cannabis growing technique framework; be that as it may, generally, each of them utilizes a tubing framework to run a shallow supplement solution over the root of the plants. The uncovered roots of the plants will ingest the supplements when they come into contact with the water and use the air to assimilate oxygen. It’s, in reality, better to have flattened channels for these units as it gives more conducive space for the roots. 

The NFT framework is like the Ebb and Flow in that the two of them use a water pump to convey the supplements to your plants. 

In Nutrient Film Technique hydroponics, the chamber that the roots develop in appears as a cylinder-like channel that is set at a slight grade so the supplement will move through it. However, various short-run channels will be stacked, one over the other in an A-Frame kind of setting with the supplements of the top channel streaming into the following one and further down into each channel and afterward at last again into the repository. 

The plants are placed in openings in the highest point of the net pots with hydroton in them, so the roots are suspended over the supplement inside the chamber while the crown stretches out above. Since the water is being pumped up from the store into the highest point of the elevated channel and afterward streams down all through the framework before depleting once more into the supply, NFT is a shut framework that reuses the nutrient solution enabling you to moderate water and supplements. 

NFT and Aquaponics? 

NFT can likewise be joined with Aquaponics. Simply swap out the repository and supplant with a fish tank! 

Apparatus used to construct NFT 

  1. A supply to contain the supplement arrangement
  2. Nutrient siphon
  3. Air siphon
  4. Airstone(s)
  5. Tubes to disperse water from the supplement siphon to the NFT developing tubes
  6. Channel for the plants to develop in
  7. Net pots to contain plants and developing media to begin seedlings in 
  8. Return framework (tubing, channel) to direct the utilized supplement arrangement back to the repository 

Some NFT producers discard the air machines and airstones and simply depend on the moving water to give enough air circulation to the roots; however, it is suggested to ingest the most extreme measure of oxygen to the supplement solution as could be expected under the circumstances. The pump and airstone can be bought cheaply in any pet store and will guarantee ideal development. 

In the NFT framework, there are 2 fundamental parts: the develop channel and the repository that contains water and supplements. In the develop channel, there are net pots that contain the developing media (Rockwool and hydroton) to hold the plants and enable their underlying foundations to dangle down into the channels. The developing channels must be slanted at a proportion of 1:30 or 1:40 to keep the water moving and not pooling. The supplied size relies upon the number of plants that you need to develop. If you need to grow a solution of 40-50 plants, you need a supply with a base 5-gallon limit. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of the NFT System For Hydroponic Cannabis Growing


  1. Low water and supplement utilization 
  1. Environmentally well disposed of – limit the danger of utilizing restricted groundwater 
  1. Relatively simple to sanitize roots and equipment in correlation with other framework types 
  1. Plant roots can keep up a uniform PH and conductivity. 


1 If the progression of supplement stops, the roots will dry out and become focused rapidly 

2 The channels can get hindered by foundations of fiery developing plants 

3 Pump disappointment can cause the demise of harvests in a couple of hours 

4 Not appropriate to develop plants with enormous tap-root frameworks like carrots. 

Supplement Film Technique Kits 

Note that the bigger ones requiring their repository never accompany one so you should go to your nearby shop and purchase a Rubbermaid (or whatever brand of misty, nourishment grade plastic container with a tight-fitting cover) and drill an opening in the top to bolster the tubing and wiring for the siphons in. This enables you to purchase the supply size that you require for the number of plants you plan on developing. 

CropKing Desktop NFT Kit 

A total NFT hydroponic developing framework with 6 plant destinations planned and fabricated by CropKing. This unit incorporates a nourishment grade supply, 2 nourishment grade NFT channels with 3 plant destinations in each channel, a siphon, 1-inch shake fleece 3D shapes, 2 little packs of manures, bibb lettuce seeds, pre-amassed tubing, and directions. 

Complete NFT hydroponic unit for developing new lettuce, herbs, and other verdant greens 

1 6 plant destinations intended to acknowledge 1-inch Grodan shake fleece 3D shapes remembered for the unit 

2 Includes point by point guidelines to rapidly gather, work, and develop new verdant greens inside 

3 No soil required, just include water at home and compost included with the pack 

4 Grow lettuce, herbs, and other verdant greens for the freshest plates of mixed greens and most delicious dishes 

Advantages of using CropKing Desktop NFT Kit: 

  1. Flat bottomed channels for ideal root inclusion.
  2. Comes complete with totally all that you need. 

Disadvantages of using CropKing Desktop NFT Kit: 

No airstone is given in a framework; however, the arrival water falling into the repository ought to be sufficient 


This is the littlest and most minimized framework ever out there. If you don’t need a bigger framework, this is the ideal one for you! 

Main Tube with 36pcs of net Cup Hydroponics System NFT 

Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) NFT gives no medium help to roots. Ordinarily, it sits in a long inclining water system channel. The supplement is presented at the channel and permitted to stream over the roots, after which it channels into a supplement store. It is then re-siphoned over into the channel to rehash the watering procedure. 

You can undoubtedly develop your preferred herbs, a plate of mixed greens, strawberries, or other little verdant greens in your home with no sloppy chaos and requirement for watering the plants consistently. Hydroponics is the perfect strategy to develop plants in urban regions. It makes a great diversion that causes you to unwind, and it is enjoyable as you watch plants develop in NFT hydroponic garden for your weed.

The water repository is excluded from the unit. One unit incorporates, 1, tube outline 1set; 2, Hose-1.5Meter; 3, siphon 1pc; 4, Foam 3D square and net plate for beginning seed-1set; 5, Mechanical clock 1pc; 6, Net cup-36pcs 

Advantages of using Main Tube with 36pcs of net Cup Hydroponics System NFT;

  1. The vertical unit, so it takes up less square feet for the number of plants contrasted with a level unit 
  1. Comes with froth solid shape and net plate for beginning plants 

The disadvantage of using Main Tube with 36pcs of net Cup Hydroponics System NFT: 

  1. Needs a repository 
  1. You should purchase your very own supplements; however, that is standard in a unit of this size where they don’t know precisely what you will develop. 
  1. Needs an airstone 
  1. Comes with net pots however you will, in any case, need hydroton to fill around the froth blocks 


Since it is vertical, it occupies less room than others that will develop the same number of plants which way it is used. 

CropKing NFT 4-6 Hydroponic Leafy Greens Growing System 

A starting framework intended to slide cultivators into utilizing the supplement film strategy to develop hydroponic plants. Appropriate for verdant yields, for example, lettuce and herbs, this framework lands with all that you have to begin, aside from a repository. Removable top covers make cleaning a breeze. The entirety of our channels is made of a nourishment grade PVC to guarantee that all plants are developed without the dread of granting destructive synthetic substances. 

Food-grade NFT channels with 1″ square gaps intended to acknowledge 1″ Rockwool solid shapes or other developing media 

Enhance Cannabis Growth with Perlite as Growing Medium

Are you new to cannabis cultivation? Did you ever ask yourself, what those Styrofoam-like pebbles peeking out of your friend’s marijuana garden are? Are you timid enough to ask him or her? Let me help you with your trouble and introduce you to one of gardening’s essential ingredient, “Perlite.” It is an airy, non-toxic, and easily handled medium that can enhance the growth of any marijuana plant. In the next paragraphs, you will be stumbling upon the vital information we have gathered.

Sit back and start the cerebral high with a mental clarity that lasts long as you focus on this article. Have a euphoric read!

Things You Need to Know About Perlite

Perlite is a type of volcanic rock, obsidian. It is inert in nature with a pH of 7.0. For a long time, this shiny black glass absorbed moisture from its environment. Once mined, it is crushed into small pieces. It is exposed to 850-900 Celsius of heat. The moisture inside evaporates, and the rock will expand hastily. And the result is a white popcorn-like lightweight substance that is occasionally called expanded pyrite or volcanic popcorn.

Industrial settings use this as a mix to lightweight plasters, ceiling tiles, masonry, or as an insulator. It is a famed filtration agent used for filtering grain and other solids out of beer. It is also used in the biochemical industry.

The chemical composition of Perlite varies slightly. Typically it consists of 70 to 75% silicon dioxide. Other chemicals include aluminum oxide, sodium oxide, potassium oxide, iron oxide, magnesium oxide, and calcium oxide. These are natural minerals that are often part of other soil blends.

In the gardening world, it is the most common soil amendment commercially available. It is paired with soil or coco mix. It increases the draining ability of the plant, increases root penetration, and prevent unnecessary nutrient build-up. This results in faster and healthier plant growth.

When Do I Need to Use Perlite?

Soil, peat moss, coco mulch have a tendency to compact. As the media is watered, each particle gets closer to each other, thus shrinking air pores. As a consequence, water will not drain very well, and air will not easily penetrate. A decrease in plant vigor and production will occur.

Due to a lack of oxygen and high moisture retention, roots may fail to grow. They will be more susceptible to diseases. Lichen may spurt on your medium if it remains wet most of the time.

Be a keen observer in your garden. If by any time, you notice that the medium you are using, may it be soil, hydroponics, or coco mix, is becoming compacted or hard and seems to drain out water slowly, you may go and buy yourself some Perlite.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Type of Perlite to be Used

Depending on your growing needs, you can choose from coarse grade or fine grade perlite. The former has advanced drainability and less prone to be blown away by the wind. While the latter is useful for retaining water. The quality and where you get your perlite supplies are factors you have to think about when acquiring perlite.

You have to buy high-quality perlite from a trusted store or supplier. Go for a manufacturer that is highly knowledgeable and has mastery over the product they are selling. You can ask for free samples before purchasing. Find out where the product is produced. This affects the price and delivery time.

Cannabis and Perlite

Perlite is often used as an addendum to grow mediums when cultivating marijuana. You can combine it with organic soil or coco coir. It also goes well with hydroponics. For growing marijuana, fine perlite is the best option.

Most nurseries add perlite to the soil to make handling easier as weight is decreased. If you tend to move your plant a lot to adjust to lighting conditions, this material is perfect for you. It also acts as an insulator that reduces relatively high ambient air temperatures from penetrating the soil.

Perlite is inorganic; thus, there is no risk of introducing harmful fungi, pests, or bacteria. It will not decay or shatter. It is clean, sterile, and poses no harm to the plant.

Perlite and Vermiculite

Perlite and Vermiculite are best used in conjunction with each other. Perlite does not hold more than 1 percent moisture, and Vermiculite holds more water. It is very moisture retentive. It holds a 30 to 50 percent of its volume in water and 200 to 300 percent of its weight. With a balanced 50:50 ratio with Perlite, it will provide media porosity and air. It also prevents plant drought.

The Perks of Using Perlite

  • It improves drainage. It is a natural filtration system. Excess water is drained, and enough nutrients are retained. This results in an almost zero chance of drowning your plants.
  • Increased aeration is achieved. Oxygen gives life to the roots. Thus, expect a healthier growth from your plants.
  • Neutral, as it is, it will not disrupt nutrient concentrations.
  • This is ideal for clones. New roots can penetrate perlite easily as it is lightweight. This leads to faster root growth and quicker turnaround time from cutting to growing the plant.
  • It can be recycled. It is easy to re-use than others available in the market. It can be cleaned in minutes. Just remove all visible organic materials and rinse off until it measures less than 150 ppm. If you need to sterilize, soak it in a 10% solution of bleach. Soak for 20 minutes then rinse thoroughly.
  • It is cheap and lightweight. It provides superior drainage at a low price and fewer chances of physical exhaustion.
  • Considered a staple in gardening, perlite is available in most garden supply stores.

The Downside in Using Perlite

Perlite’s dust is a mess. Though not required, you might want to rinse off the dust before mixing it in your hydro approach. It blocks the tubes and pumps and is detrimental to your health. Listed as a nuisance dust, it can irritate your eyes, mouth, throat, and lungs. It contains alumina silicate that can worsen asthma and with chronic exposure, cause Silicosis (a non-cancerous disease).

Use personal protective measures such as goggles and masks to prevent this. Some cultivators are wise enough to fill the bags with water first before opening to remove dust particles.

If you leave the plant unattended for a long period of time, then perlite is not for you. It is dependent on your input and will not thrive well.

You cannot use Perlite in grow systems where flooding is common. Perlite is inappropriate for deepwater cultivation and ebb and flow. The particles may float and travel towards the surface of growing pots causing uneven distribution.

  • It has a damaging effect on the local ecological environment because it is strip-mined.
  • Due to the filtered nutrients, you need to control and check the pH level of the plants every time you water.
  • As drainage is increased, your watering schedule should be more frequent, as well.

The Best Way to Use Perlite

Perlite can be used solo in hydroponics, or you can combine it with soil or coco coir.

Most sold mediums consist of perlite content. If not, you can put 10 to 50% by volume of perlite. Perlite volume provides a ratio for moisture retention and runoff.

For coco coir and soil, you have to add 10-50% of perlite volume. For a modest nutrient cycle, aim for a 10 to 20%. If you want to go heavy with the nutrients, you can mix 30 to 50% to counter the risk of a nutrient lockout.

How Useful is Perlite in Hydroponic Gardening?

Perlite doesn’t hold water. That alone makes it perfect for the hydroponic method of gardening. It has a neutral pH, non-reacting to water, or liquid nutrients used within the system. A basic reminder, though, is to use it within a hydroponic system in which the plant roots continually stay wet.

One of the most favored ways to use it in hydroponics is in propagating plants using cuttings. Coarse perlite and its well-draining nature tend to provoke the roots to grow quickly as they search for nutrients and moisture hidden within the mineral base. Clonex, a rooting compound, can be utilized to stimulate the growth of your roots. Also, make sure that your cuttings are well-drained to prevent root rot.

If you’re planning to use perlite as a standalone media, drip systems, and bucket systems will operate better than ebb-and-flow systems. It poses a problem in ebb-and-flow systems or deep water culture. Naturally lightweight, perlite, and its high air content will float, and you don’t want them to be washed away by the current.

Another reminder, be cautious not to use perlite in aquaponics as the fish can breathe in the small particles, leading to its death.

Perlite in Soil and Potting Mix

If you buy a potting mix, it is a high chance that you find perlite as one of its ingredients. Its superb soil drainage capabilities make it highly in demand.

When you mix perlite in a container, balance it out with water-retaining and aerating materials. It can also be mixed with your regular garden soil but has less effect due to the increased volume of soil. If you have plants with special water needs, then perlite will be of great help. It won’t affect the pH of the soil since it is neutral. Much significantly, you will not find a finer soil aerator than perlite.

Perlite may be small and light, but it plays a heavy part in a cannabis grower’s world. You need to start using Perlite when you see your medium hardening and not draining properly. You can buy it in small bags or by bulk in most gardening stores. It is advantageous as it is mixed and matches with soil, coco coir, or goes solitary in hydroponics. You can pair it with Vermiculite for better water retention. It improves overall root growth as it aerates, drains, and retains enough moisture on the plant. Though with the disadvantages, the perks of perlite have more weight than its downside.

Using Perlite as your growth medium will inevitably enhance any Indica or Sativa plant growth. With its potency to bring about healthy growth, this brilliant white stone may be a future mainstay in your garden.

Cannabis Cup: Everything You Need to Know About Stoners’ New Favorite Show

With more countries authorizing cannabis and the marijuana practice developing on a universal degree, the marijuana experiences are growing in prevalence. From fresh assemblies to all-out events such as the Cannabis Cup, there is a running record of attractions to pick from for 420 and skyward.

In the career of marijuana gatherings and celebrations, there is nothing extra popular and powerful than High Times ‘own Cannabis Cup celebration series. This broad-scoping glorification of all matters marijuana has erupted in modern ages to grow a worldwide aspect, with exploits traversing Europe, Canada, U.S, and more.

What is the Cannabis Cup?

The HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup is the population’s greatest cannabis celebration and commerce presentation, commemorating the creation of weed through tournaments, instructional workshops, exhibits, star presentations, recitals, merchandise exhibitions, and a lot more. Facilitated in countries that have authorized medicinal and nonprofessional cannabis, the Cannabis Cup holds as the principal meeting spot for the marijuana population to interface and praise.

Historical Event

Propelled in 1974 by founder Tom Forçade, High Times Magazine is a famous magazine. It stood, and yet is, a landmark alternative society campaign that grew across the ages as quick as grains were planted and yields were accumulated. Concentrating principally on entirely matters marijuana, High Times is at present the chief root presenting the War on Drugs, pushing authorization endeavors, incorporating modifications in farming, all while remaining connected with modern crafts and recreation.

In 1988 at the guidance of Steve Hager, a writer, journalist, and American filmmaker, High Times started the Cannabis Cup. The High Times Cannabis Cup is taken every November in Amsterdam. The celebration works as a natural break where marijuana farmers, producers, business administrators, and lovers meet to feast their passion for the shrub, as well as to support authorization actions. It is likewise an all-out commerce presentation with shows, not different from that you would get in some different enterprise.

In 2010, High Times positioned its leading Cannabis Cup in the United States. The publication presently operates Cannabis Cups in Seattle, Michigan, Denver, and in Southern and Northern California. The High Times Medical Cannabis Cup commemorates medicinal cannabis in nations that have established medicinal cannabis regulations.

The U.S. Cannabis Cup rejoices cannabis in nations that have legislated statutes that authorize cannabis for the grown-up, nonprofessional application. Cannabis strains are assessed, and Cups (awards) are given in various divisions, similar to the High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. Companies of proficient authorities decide on the most eminent balance of CBD in cannabis merchandises, best edibles, best concentrates, best hybrid, best Sativa, and best indica. Guests decide for best glass, best products, and best booth of each Cannabis Cup expo.

All marijuana merchandises are furthermore examined for CBD and THC concentrates by autonomous marijuana experimentation workrooms.

In 2014, following 27 ages of the cup in Amsterdam, the state witnessed its ultimate and concluding High Times Cannabis Cup. This was somewhat caused by the increasing difficulty regarding Dutch weed regulations, the presently accessible more temperate, licensed marijuana places in the United States and numerous separate nations, and the unfortunate and initial policemen assault on the 2010 Amsterdam Cannabis Cup place.

The celebration commemorated its 30th festival last 2017. The celebration highlighted a prize program facilitated by Danny Danko.

It was carried during summertime, last 2018, from 13th to 15th of July, deviating apart from its natural calendar

What to Expect at a Cannabis Cup Festival in the USA

Festivals of marijuana experience have been taken at diverse locations all over the nation. Calmly expecting for the opportunity to visit a Cannabis Cup celebration? Learn more to identify the secret concerning one of the popular marijuana lifestyle experiences!

The High Times facilitated the original Cannabis Cup in the United States in 2010. Because then, the yearly celebration has extended to incorporate various celebrations all over the nation. Considering the event’s US inauguration, people have stood carrying cannabis cups in Seattle, Michigan, Denver, Southern, and Northern California, and Nevada with proposals for a Rhode Island cannabis cup this forthcoming year.

The Cannabis Cup’s goal is to support the emerging marijuana industry.

It’s rather apparent that the Cup gets a bunch of capital every year with card interest, but one of the purposes of the festival is to compensate the marijuana growers population and support out with regional companies and launch. There are numerous distinct strains here in the state, and as for the cup alone, this enables businesses to show the realm that they possess commodities at their shops that are the peak of the trade, and more characters desire to seek out those strains.

This is a comprehensive marketing investment; it is a representation of the marijuana lifestyle. People wouldn’t be preparing this, except they held all those individuals who promote cannabis. Some so several personalities thought they were rejected before they began smoking cannabis. Some people understand that marijuana is transforming stories in exciting approaches.

As declared before, the state treats people. This is breeding territory for High Times. People are supporting to drive ahead and improve the marijuana market. There is no switching back momentarily. The Cannabis Cup is a festival of all those businesses and personalities who have committed their careers to the enterprise. The Cannabis Cup is an exhibit for the marijuana business.

High Times loves Colorado.

People all acknowledge that Colorado relishes High Times and the remarkable events that they provide to them each time, but obviously, the excitement operates both approaches. Marijuana is a portion of Colorado presently. It constantly has implied, and promptly it is out in public and growing a highly regularized essence or products if people will. The Cup is a symbol of the business here. Colorado is treating High Times; High Times is not treating the Cup.

Colorado is a great pride and joy for the enterprise because of the prolific nature as well as the inclination for smothering. People in Colorado, they worry about health and the atmosphere, one of the oddest stuff is the ancient publication that marijuana would hinder impulse, Colorado has authorized marijuana, and likewise one of the quickest developing markets in the state and great health degree. It reveals the accuracy concerning what marijuana is.

Why is the State such a Perfect Location for the Cannabis Cup?

We considered briefly that its area was important when the Cup held to shift to a new place, and that state is the center for both since the business and the positive approach that the states possess. Generally, this gives them the most suitable place feasible for such an enormous festival.

There’s a competition?

The tournament is what gives a cannabis cup. Since 1988, HIGH TIMES has transpired delivering out prizes to the greatest of the greatest in cannabis, and every year they’re recreating their contest, giving each municipality a “Regional Competition” that will complete at the close of the term, with the “World Championship Cannabis Cup.” Contestants present admissions before each Cup in the subsequent divisions: Medically Infused Products (MIPs, includes Caviars, Moon Rocks, etc.), Vape Pen Cartridges, Topicals, Edibles, Non-Solvent Hash, CBD (Edibles, Concentrates, Flowers), Concentrates (Hybrid, Indica, Sativa), and Flowers (Hybrid, Indica, Sativa). At the close of the term, businesses conquering in the Best 10 of each division in their local tournament will pass for admission toward the World Championship Cup.

Why Everyone Should Attend Cannabis Cup

Demonstrations and business presentations are excellent spots to either relate with business specialists or to merely enjoy oneself. There are recitals and exhibits, discussions, and even marijuana brewski. Certainly, marijuana brew, which is delightful in passing. Loads of instilled and natural edibles may be observed as fine. You will likewise attain all kinds of equipment, hemp garments, vaporizers, glass art, and a lot more.
Moreover, yet, you go to catch the mad professor following your preferred strains. If you are a farmer, you will unquestionably receive priceless advice and skills from dietary organizations, lighting manufacturers, hydroponic system makers, and soil producers.

You will likewise go to witness head-on the newest and vastest technology improvements. You can even obtain great transactions by speaking instantly with merchants.

Beyond all, being present is a convenient approach, according to the authorization drive. Regulations are positively conscious that marijuana is an indomitable business. Solely by advocacy and strength of figures can people inclusively transform the community. Therefore, by solely frequenting and having pleasure, you will be taking your decent part to support decondemn marijuana again. The scope will be packed with similar-inclined individuals, and it is not unusual to create new buddies throughout the celebrations.

What to Know If You’re Attending

In agreement with host-state medicinal cannabis regulations, if you need to verify marijuana merchants and their commodities, you will demand to possess a legitimate Medical Marijuana Recommendation.

Please remark that outside of state credentials are not allowed. If you want to receive your credentials, celebration coordinators suggest preparing so as early as possible, as it generally needs 15 working days to perform the method.

According to celebration coordinators, you may accept your credentials within Chronic Rx Solutions. And if you access cipher, you’ll obtain a commission.

Individuals without legitimate credentials can nevertheless mob in the fair’s General Spot. Though, they won’t be capable of moving toward the event center.

It’s unbelievable to perceive how the universe is gradually starting up and allowing cannabis into such free attractions. Both extensive assemblies before-mentioned as the Cannabis Cup as well as tinier performances that hold a particular note of enabling ladies to explicate the flourishing cannabis lifestyle. These happenings are essential to make the precise expression out and attest to the assistance and recognition of this old-fashioned shrub from all classes of personalities.

Will the Expected Cannabis Business Gains Live Up True to Experts’ Claims?

While the rest of the world was watching as Canada stepped into the limelight by becoming the first G7 country to legalize recreational cannabis, the business landscape got loaded with anticipation related with the promising gains expected to come along with the rise of the Canadian pot industry.

Almost a year after legalization, one of the hottest questions remains as relevant as it used to be prior to Canada joining the #freetheweed movement: Will the expected business gains live up true to experts’ claims?

Furthermore, what is to become the most profitable cannabis business segment? Should businesses stack on Cannabis Seeds for sale, or maybe target the in-vogue CBD fever by selling CBD Oil and/or other CBD-laced products? Then what about the boom of high-end cannabis smoking devices, and nonetheless, the highly promising cannabis-infused foods and beverages sector?

Ultimately, if there is one thing for sure in the ongoing post-legalization massacre, then it’s certainly the growing acceptance and appeal of cannabis to a broader and broader number of people, ranging from healthy lifestyle enthusiasts, hardcore veteran pot users, medical marijuana users, random weed consumers, and nonetheless, the curious gardeners who simply want to enjoy growing a plant that has been demonize for far too long throughout the course of history.

The Pot Industry in Canada Is Ready to Bloom, and Businesses Are Ready to Ride the Highly Profitable Opportunities that Come along

Ever since October 17, 2018, and in fact, even prior to the date marking the revolutionary legalization of recreational cannabis nationwide in Canada, the public officials have been into balancing a rather complex, three-component mechanism, consisting of safety, health, and revenue, striving to not only ensure a controlled, safe supply of cannabis products but also trying to keep cannabis away from the reach of minors, and nonetheless, trying to undermine the illicit market.

If the government’s approach to shaping and regulating the newly established pot industry is to be successful, Canada is sure to win global recognition, and moreover, to set an example for other nations that can leave a lasting imprint on the entire history of mankind.

Up-to-date, the government’s push for legalization has already managed to pose an extremely strong effect when it comes to sparking a huge, unprecedented wave of innovation in the field of cannabis science and research, accompanied by massive advances in entrepreneurship sharing that we-can-do-it-spirited, fast-growing cannabis technology sector.

However, navigating the pace of a brand new industry with such a GIGANTIC moneymaking capacity, marked by such a massive-scaled consumer market definitely proves to be easier said than done. Ultimately, patience, consistency, and ability to embrace and learn from trial-and-error make up for the secret ingredients of enjoying the same insanely high success attributed to the Canadian pot business at the very beginning of its establishment.

Questions like what will the legal cannabis market in Canada look like a year from now, a decade from now, or several decades from now, remain unclear, at least as for the time being, although marketing agencies are into severe competition of coming up with the latest, most relevant facts and stats on that matter.

There are experts who confidently state that partnering with wholesale Cannabis Seeds suppliers is one of the best business moves, especially with bulk Cannabis Seeds’ prices being literally a bargain that promises succulent paybacks for the canny entrepreneurs. Yet others swear by the prospective business gains of selling cannabis oil and targeting the veteran pot consumer market through alluring discounts, personalized deals and that special kind of we-feel-you-bud-buddies attitude which is believed to turn more of the hardcore cannabis enthusiasts who already have years of experience with the green medication into loyal customers.

In reality, the truth about the highly revered cannabis business gains is somewhere in the golden middle. There is plenty of room for any business operating in Canada to take the best advantage of the ongoing cannabis fever and to give you a better taste of the dimensions of this huge market segment, we have a list of intriguing stats shared below.

1. It is expected that the total marijuana market in Canada, encompassing the medical, recreational, legal and illegal products, is evaluated to generate about $7.17 billion (mind the B, we’re not talking about millions!) as soon as by the end of 2019, more than half of which, or more precisely, $4.34 billion are expected to come from the legal recreational pot market.

2. Medical cannabis alone is expected to generate anything from $0.77 billion to $1.79 billion, while the illegal market is anticipated to make up for $0.51 billion and up to $1.04 billion.

3. Stats on the first quarter of 2018 pointed out to 8% of all medical cannabis users obtaining their green medication by growing weed themselves or by friends who grow weed for them. This number is expected to triple by 2020, although no further highlights on whether the medical or the recreational cannabis growers share are bound to rise, pointing out to a high probability of the expected increase of at-home cannabis growing to actually surpass experts’ projections on that matter.

4. In general, cannabis consumption through legal channels is anticipated to grow by up to 35%, and especially with the tendency of new pot consumers offsetting the proportion of current users, the latter still gravitating towards illegal channels.

5. The money Canadians are expected to spend on cannabis are also expected to rise with some whopping 58%. However, there is actually a catch, as the expected rise is primarily due to prices for legal pot products getting higher.

6. The Canadians who are most likely to consume pot are not neophytes. 74% of marijuana users in Canada share that they have had antecedent experience with recreational pot. 41% reported having consumed cannabis at some point in the past five years. But most importantly for Canadian businesses looking into profiting big from the newly established legal status of cannabis, experts highlight that legalization may come with the opportunity for conservative Canadians who were never really into consuming the herb on a regular basis to occasionally enjoy returning to their younger days.

7. 74% of women shared that they use cannabis for relaxation and/or sleep, vs. 59% of men reporting to use cannabis for the same reasons.
69% of females said to consume pot for stress and/or anxiety relief, as compared with 55% of men opting for cannabis because of trying to cope with the same concerns. 48% of cannabis consumers overall (69% of daily consumers) shared that the major reasons for consuming pot are to improve their mood, while about 35% of daily marijuana users reported to opt for the ancient herb to help them with concentration and thinking.

The Cannabis Business Gains after Legalization: Conclusion

With Canadians willing to pay more for cannabis but still remaining extremely sensitive to price, growing weed from seed remains one of the favorite options to enjoy more of the green medication at fraction cost, even though the number of at-home cannabis growers and future pot cultivation enthusiasts in Canada is not at all a big focus of the government’s ongoing battle to balance between health, revenue, and safety.

As the Canadian society is still in transition, faced with the newly established pot industry, all ready to boom but somehow still far away from reaching its fullest potential and living up true to experts’ claim, the business landscape is conquered by those who are brave enough to take a step ahead of their competitors, even if forced to work their way into bathing in high paybacks with big doses of creativity and vision.

While the legalization of recreational cannabis marks a crucial change in Canadian society, with expected legitimization of consumption and diminishing of the stigma that keeps surrounding pot use up-to-date, the industry is certainly to become one of the biggest competitors to the already well-mature and controlled tobacco, beer, wine, and spirits in general, business segments.

Experts believe that recreational pot consumption will eventually outreach medical cannabis consumption, and moreover, it will become mainstream, eliciting no different reactions than what having a pint of beer elicits up-to-date, further highlighting that the same will most probably happen to cannabis cultivation, with the elicited reactions to growing weed at-home best to be described as about as much the same as to enjoy a batch of fine craft beer.

Your Grocery Store Products and Cannabis Seeds Will Get along like Coffee and Milk: Here are the Top 3 Reasons Why

With Canada becoming the second country in the world to have officially legalized recreational cannabis, a GIGANTIC new consumer market has opened up, ready to let the visionary business owners bathe in sufficient profit from tapping into the still shaping, yet rapidly evolving marijuana sales segments by selling Cannabis Seeds.

For grocery store businesses in Canada, the never-seen-before opportunity to legally sell Cannabis Seeds alongside a wide range of other products that customers are already well-familiar with has brought waves of massive euphoria with taking the whiff of the highly promising Cannabis Seeds sales business segment.

Your grocery store products and Cannabis Seeds can and will get along like coffee and milk (or even better!), provided you take the time to consider what are the secret ingredients to establishing a winning strategy that can greatly boost your business profit, apart from taking best advantage of the brilliant savings you can enjoy by partnering with wholesale Cannabis Seeds suppliers.

Join us below to find out the top 3 reasons why selling Cannabis Seeds in your grocery store can shoot you miles ahead of the competitors and bring you high paybacks for years to come.

1. Your business already has years of experience with selling controlled products but zero experience with selling Cannabis Seeds.

In just about any business venture, it is an experience that makes up for polishing your marketing and/or advertising tools and approach. Nonetheless, it is an experience that greatly helps grocery store operators to learn more about what shapes and drives the consumer market’s needs and demands.

But if your business already has years of solid experience with selling controlled products such as alcohol and tobacco, the case is not the same with selling Cannabis Seeds. Yet this is exactly what you can make work in your best business’ favor.

Just think about the untapped cannabis growing enthusiasts market that your business can reach out to, provided you can proudly announce that your grocery store has Cannabis Seeds available for sale.

Unlike any other cannabis products, the tiny marijuana seed offers a fantastically versatile, multi-purpose, perfect-to-tailor-towards-a-strictly-individual-taste experience. In a similar sense, boosting Cannabis Seeds sales can feel like a breeze precisely because of the unique, multi-faceted approach you can undertake when advertising/marketing “the magic beans.”

Furthermore, it is much easier for grocery store businesses to come up with alluring ways for attracting both new, as well as already existing customers with the addition of Cannabis Seeds on the shelves, and that’s because your business works with an extremely wide variety of products that can grant you hundreds of fantastic ideas on cross-marketing practices.

For instance, you can come up with various discounts or special promos on products that get along with growing cannabis from seed and/or cannabis use, such as coffee (oh yes, coffee and cannabis are the new mac and cheese in the world of best combos ever), or why not brownie mix for the purpose of profiting from the DIY-spirited marijuana-infused brownies aficionados.

2. Joining the battle for a greener, better world.

September 27 – 28, 2019 marks the unprecedented and one-of-its-kind global strike for fighting the climate crisis, supported by Green Peace, among other of the most reputable non-government organizations.

The truth is, this is only the very beginning of what experts point out to be the most important battle mankind has ever took a step into: the battle for making this world a greener, better place not simply because we have managed to reach a state of consciousness allowing us to finally realize the importance of placing ECO above EGO but because there is no other chance for humankind to make it into the next centuries if we don’t find a way to put a stop to the plastic massacre, air, soil, and water pollution, deforestation, wildlife loss, and climate change.

The next decades are going to evolve around sustainable solutions, and around reducing, reusing, repurposing, while limiting waste and over-consumerism for the sake of saving humanity from a tragic ecological catastrophe.

Growing cannabis from seed is the most relevant way for recreational and medical users alike to have fresh produce without having to forever remain dependable on the pot industry to give them access to the green medication.

By having Cannabis Seeds available for sale in your grocery store, you do not merely make room for a brand new market to take advantage of your services, and hence, bring you big paybacks in return, but you also join a global movement for a greener, better world, thus, placing your business’ promise at the limelight and taking a giant leap in front of your competitors.

3. Acknowledging the fact that the future of cannabis lies in seed.

To the naked eye, a cannabis seed is basically no different from a rosemary seed, or a tomato seed. Sure, the differences in appearance are obvious, however, a seed is pretty much a seed, right? What special surprises one could possibly anticipate when dealing with something as seemingly simple as a seed, one might ask, regardless of what type of seed it is.

But for the people who use cannabis, no matter if it comes to daily, almost daily or occasional use, the tiny cannabis seed holds the unlimited potential of the cannabis-plant-to-be.

For scientific masterminds all across the globe, the tiny cannabis seed is what hides great hope for becoming the all-natural, safe remedy for millions of people suffering from a number of hard-to-treat-through-conventional-medications diseases.

For breeders, the cannabis seed is a miniature Universe that hides secrets still patiently waiting to be explored as we get to discover more about the genetic background of the ancient marijuana and hemp plants alike.

Ultimately, the future of cannabis lies in seed.

From large-scale cannabis producers who have entered a multimillion-dollar dance with marijuana to hobby cannabis growers, getting access to any of the products created with the use of cannabis flowers and/or other parts of the cannabis plant, is simply impossible if it is not for the miracle of life encoded in the precious cannabis seed.

Acknowledging the cannabis seed’s unlimited potential is the very first step towards appreciating what marijuana users look for when choosing which shops to purchase “the magic beans” from, and in a nutshell, that’s the shared love and respect for the tiny, all-mighty marijuana seed.

When combined with your clientele’s trust in the quality and fair pricing of your grocery store products, it becomes effortless to enjoy high Cannabis Seeds sales, since unlike other business establishments, people who shop at your grocery store do possess that almost automated association of your products’ menu being a diverse, well-worth it, fresh, and quality one, making the Cannabis Seeds extremely appealing, and in fact, seeming of better quality than their counterparts sold across other online or offline stores.

Provided you manage to establish a fruitful relationship with wholesale Cannabis Seeds suppliers in Canada, your grocery store business can truly stand apart from the rest by offering fantastic weed seed deals, promos, discounts, and nonetheless, by simply providing the cannabis community with what is the very backbone of the cannabis culture: the joy, pride, and high rewards of growing cannabis from seed.

Cannabis Seeds for Sale in a Sex Shop: Unlimited Prospective Gains

Ever since October 17, 2018, when the Cannabis Act came into force and Canada became the second country in the entire world to legalize recreational cannabis, the national and global business landscape have changed forever.

Buzzing with anticipation to take the best advantage from the unparalleled and unprecedented cannabis consumer market that opened up with the ban on marijuana crashing into pieces, the unlimited prospective gains provided by the pot industry allure more and more savvy business owners into profiting from selling Cannabis Seeds.

Cannabis seeds for sale in a sex shop operating in Canada is a brilliant idea that does no longer sound only like a distant fantasy for the millions of cannabis enthusiasts out there.

But even more importantly, from business owners’ perspective, selling Cannabis Seeds in a sex shop is not merely about accumulating quick paybacks in the short run that are only limited in this particular business niche. Instead, it is about being able to grasp the big picture, or in other words, to learn how to make the most from the profound, ancient bond between intimacy and cannabis.

Provided sex shops business operators upgrade their knowledge in the incredible ways cannabis use can help to spice up things in the bedroom for their best customers’ sake, selling “the magic beans” can become a game-changing business strategy that is bound to bring big gains to the savvy entrepreneurs engaged in the sex shop industry.

Cannabis Use Can Increase and Enhance Sex, Studies Confirm

A research study published in the JSM (Journal of Sexual Medicine) has revealed that cannabis consumption is “independently associated” not only with a significant increase in sexual frequency but what’s more, marijuana use was found not to appear to lead to an impair in sexual function.

For the record, daily users from across all demographic groups have further reported having been having at least 20% more sex, as compared to those who have never really used cannabis.

By using a nationally representative sample of both women and men in reproductive age, the very goal of the revolutionary study was to elucidate whether or not there is an existing relationship between sexual frequency and marijuana use.

But the thing is, the explicit study that investigated analysis representing a total of 22 943 men and 28 176 women questionnaire-surveyed by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) did not prove anything that the veteran cannabis users did not already know so far. For years, anecdotal evidence on the sexual enhancing properties of cannabis use has been spreading among cannabis connoisseurs.

Recent scientific studies What recent scientific studies on sex frequency, enhancement, and satisfaction related to marijuana se have substantiated is actually something that a huge number of marijuana users have claimed all along. Cannabis does enhance sexual relation, although when consumed in higher doses than needed, it can lead to experiencing exactly the opposite effects, fortunately, only temporarily.

With both researchers who headed the study having being affiliated with Stanford’s University Department of Urology, Dr. Andrew J. Sun and Dr. Michael L. Eisenberg, the experts accessed the Center for Disease Control study in search for solid evidence on the effects of marijuana on male reproductive and sexual function.
Furthermore, an additional study conducted at the Missouri-based Saint Louis University and published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine revealed 29% of all surveyed women to consume marijuana before copulating with their partners, with 68% reporting more pleasurable sex after cannabis use.

About 62% stated that cannabis use prior to sex greatly helps in enhancing the “quality of their orgasms,” and nonetheless, libidos as a whole.


Cannabis Seeds for sale
Cannabis plant bud in hand close up. Farmer examination marijuana (Cannabis sativa) flowering cannabis plant and bud, alternative herbal medicine concept. Photo Source: bigstockphoto.com

Sex Shops Businesses and the High Paybacks related to Cannabis Seeds Sales

With all of what we have already highlighted in this article on cannabis use and the enhancement of sexual pleasure and frequency, it is utterly important to note that the provided information is merely the very tip of the iceberg.

Forbes’ cannabis reporter Sara Brittany Somerset approached the hot topic on cannabis use and sexual intensification by sharing a picture of an arrangement that seems to be the perfect sex magnification kit, entitled “sexpot” equipment, or to be more precise, “accoutrement,” consisting of aromatherapy diffusers, a seduction candle, an emoji-patterned clutch, a vape pen, patent boudoir shoes created and patented by Christian Louboutin, cannabis-infused caramels, and rolling paraphernalia. Somerset’s photo beautifully sums up the core essence of using marijuana to increase sexual satisfaction, and that’s creativity!

It almost goes without saying that sex shop businesses are well-familiar with the huge part creativity plays when it comes to spicing up things in the bedroom.

But apart from selling funny sex toys among a myriad of sex-amplifying products, it is high time to consider adding Cannabis Seeds to your sex shop’s inventory or else, you are pretty much giving up all the succulent potential profit to your competitors.

Certainly, selling dried cannabis flowers in your sex shop is not possible unless you pour a massive amount of money into obtaining a license for a separate business, however, trading with Cannabis Seeds is deprived of much of the fuss while also providing your customers the unique opportunity to grow the marijuana strain they enjoy the most by themselves, thus, laying hands on well over 100 grams of high-quality cannabis in a sustainable, affordable, and ultimately, beautifully enjoyable way.

Furthermore, by partnering with dependable, local wholesale Cannabis Seeds suppliers, you can take the best advantage of the unparalleled discounts on bulk Cannabis Seeds, and this is an asset business must not underestimate as it allows for a competitive marketing strategy to be applied for greatly increasing weed seeds sales.

In the fullness of time, cannabis consumption is looked upon as the new big bang, or in other words, the miraculous, all-natural green medication in helping people become more sexually active with a mind to profoundly benefiting one’s health and well-being in general, and not merely as far as one’s sexual satisfaction is concerned. Sex shops operators across Canada who are eager to delve in the unlimited prospective gains of having Cannabis Seeds available for sale should best get down to action ASAP while the targeted consumer market is still rather immature, not overly populated, and absolutely endless in successful business opportunities.

Cannabis Seeds Business Times: Go Hard or Go Home?

What Canada is currently witnessing, as well as participating in, marks the very beginning of the most exhilarating and fascinating for Cannabis Seeds business times to go hard or go home.

It’s nothing less but thrilling to realize the huge opportunities for business growth, considering the unparalleled and unprecedented boom of legal cannabis, making the entire world eye the country, hoping to learn from the example set by the Canadian marijuana industry. And the very backbone of this industry is a rather poorly understood epitome of all things cannabis-related: Cannabis Seeds.

So, how about the Cannabis Seeds business times in Canada? Why is it that so much is being said about the expected revenue about to be obtained from the sales of edibles, cannabis-laced beverages, CBD products, and cannabis flowers, but the data regarding Cannabis Seeds sales is still rather scarce?

The Challenges and Opportunities in Front of Cannabis Businesses in Canada

To start with, the lack of sufficient data available on the Cannabis Seeds sales in Canada is a logical result of the ongoing switch from cannabis being illegal to the final legalization of the product. It would be too naïve to believe that the country’s billion dollar dance with cannabis will reach its culmination point a mere year after the Cannabis Act came into force. Of course, there are various stats highlighting the rise of Cannabis Seeds sales in Canada, with a focus on the increase of Cannabis Seeds sales among recreational users vs. medical Cannabis Seeds sales that remain at steady rates without abrupt peaks in demand reported.

In the meantime, a crucial shortage of Cannabis Seeds available for the consumers to enjoy in order to grow their own cannabis plants has contributed to some form of tension and pressure lingering in the air. Businesses want to profit from the cannabis consumer market, yet the situation with Cannabis Seeds supplies still seems rather dim.

Is it possible that the Canadian cannabis business landscape has got to embracing a rather Go hard or Go home attitude?

This is mostly a matter of personal perspective, however, there does seem to be quite a strong point on that note, especially when taking into account all the hype, the great hopes, and nonetheless, the tons of hard work for the purpose of legalizing recreational marijuana in Canada.

Actually, all these efforts have already started to pay off. And more importantly, they will only keep paying back big in the upcoming decades. The legalization of cannabis has boosted Canada’s economy, while further setting Canada’s reputation as one of the most visionary countries around the globe at the very forefront of public awareness.

The way the cannabis landscape actually feels from the Canadian business owners’ perspective vs. how it looks like when discussed by representatives of other countries are two completely different games, so to say.

Canadian business owners know that the promising cannabis market is full of slippery milestones. Much more needs to be done before the huge expected profits everybody has been rumoring of can be actually enjoyed by the business-minded individuals who have put a large amount of their time and efforts into establishing a winning cannabis business strategy.

The many opportunities in the cannabis niche do not necessarily mean many ways to earn quick money for businesses, and why the rush anyway? Successful Canadian business owners know that it is all about being patient and diligent when paving your path into the mesmerizing world of the cannabis industry, so challenges are welcome, as there is much more yet to learn about the market’s real potential. Yet the one particular niche where business success is simply inevitable with the right dose of patience and motivation is definitely the Cannabis Seeds sales sector.

Cannabis Seeds Business Times in Canada: Understanding the Consumer Market’s Needs

Did you know that the very origin of the phrase Go Hard or Go Home is believed to be intricately related to a sales slogan from the 1990s? The phrase is said to have first appeared on the packaging for oversized Harley Davidson parts manufactured in Southern California.

The reason why the origin of this phrase, as well as the phrase alone, have something intriguing in common with the still immature cannabis business landscape in Canada resides in the ability to find the wisdom in something that might seem like a mistake or even a failure at the very first glance.

The cannabis industry in Canada is in the process of making its baby steps, so instead of keeping their expectations exaggeratedly high, business owners should best go with the flow and enjoy the ride.

Huge progress is bound to be what describes the Canadian pot industry in the following years, and in the meantime, businesses can claim their spot and build a solid cannabis-friendly reputation by granting customers access to high-quality Cannabis Seeds, among other cannabis products that a business owner might find to fit his/her target market.

What is crucial to realize is that having Cannabis Seeds for sale in your store is not merely about the benefits related to potential profits.

The very presence of Cannabis Seeds is your business’ promise, and your way to show your customers that you truly, deeply, and sincerely understand their needs. One can never have too much cannabis flowers, there are so many amazing ways to play with various homemade extracts, concentrates, edibles, potions, lotions, and that’s just to name a few!

The mere fact that your online or offline store does not provide access to a fine selection of Cannabis Seeds can ward off many potential customers because people want to feel that their needs are understood and appreciated and that their point of view on cannabis is one that a business does share with them, or else, why should people trust you?

To business owners, it is much about deciphering the consumer market’s needs. But to the people who make up for what we refer to as consumer market, it is all about being able to feel that their needs are respected and apprehended, and not simply looked upon as a tiny part of an enormous, succulent-profit-promising consumer market.

Cannabis is not only bound to change the course of the history of mankind for the better but it is also bound to change the way people experience the world. For any business owner who wants to make the most from what the cannabis market has to offer, it is best to start by partnering with reliable wholesale Cannabis Seeds retailers, and to keep expanding your business with an open mind and heart towards the endless opportunities out there, without ever forgetting that it is the tiny cannabis seed that makes an entire industry even possible.

Cannabis Seeds at Wholesale Prices: 5 Ways to Help your Cannabis Seeds Business Thrive

Without any doubt, the best way to enjoy high profits from purchasing Cannabis Seeds in bulk is to establish a lasting relationship with wholesale suppliers.

However, making the most from purchasing Cannabis Seeds at wholesale prices with a mind to helping your business thrive and rake in a sustainable payback from selling the “magic beans” is not possible without approaching this business niche smartly and creatively.

1. Select a Fine Range of Cannabis Varieties.

There are various Cannabis Seeds available, ranging from pure Sativa marijuana varieties, through pure Indicas, and hybrids. On top of that, there are also regular, feminized, and autoflowering Cannabis Seeds. Some Cannabis Seeds will give way to plants that feature high levels of CBD, while others will give way to plants that feature high levels of THC.

It is a must that business owners make sure to include both all-time favorites, as well as new, modern-day superstar strains because with the Cannabis Act coming into force, the Cannabis Seeds consumer market is literally buzzing with anticipation to enjoy the different effects and benefits associated with consuming different marijuana varieties.

2. Display Cannabis Seeds Properly.

Whether your business is engaged with selling Cannabis Seeds online or offline, displaying Cannabis Seeds properly is one of the most fantastic and important moves you need to undertake.

Cannabis seeds should be easy to spot while one is roaming your physical or web store, or else, customers might quickly turn to what your competitors have to offer.

For marijuana store business owners, it is highly recommendable that Cannabis Seeds are neatly divided into the particular category they belong to. Not only does this make the selection process easier for your customers but it also demonstrates your understanding and respect for the tiny yet mighty Cannabis Seeds.

3. Store Cannabis Seeds in Bulk the Right Way.

Generally, Cannabis Seeds are very easy to store, as long as a business owner follows some pretty basic rules, such as making sure that the seeds are kept away from direct light and hot temperatures that will inevitably lead to decreasing seeds’ quality.

However, many business owners tend to underestimate the importance of proper storage and don’t really get well-prepared on how to store seeds the right way prior to ordering them. Before your bulk Cannabis Seeds arrive, it is a must to have already dedicated a suitable storage space, so that you limit any chances of causing damage to their quality.

4. Price your Cannabis Seeds Accordingly.

Wholesale Cannabis Seeds retailers can grant you access to excellent discounts on the broad variety of seeds you can choose from. Because of this, every business owner is free to choose for herself/himself how to price Cannabis Seeds to enjoy high profits. But that doesn’t mean a business owner can afford to forget about keeping track of how competitors are pricing Cannabis Seeds.

Before you start selling Cannabis Seeds, it is highly advisable that you do a thorough check-up on the competitors’ pricing, especially when it comes to marijuana retail stores and dispensaries located close to your store.

Above all, customers crave for quality, so as long as you can offer nothing less but top-grade Cannabis Seeds for sale, you can be positive that people are bound to come back again and again for more of the wonderful seeds available, yet the price is always an essential factor determining the customers’ buying decisions, so you need to act accordingly.

5. Understand your Target Market’s Needs.

Some marijuana retail stores report a high demand for recreational Cannabis Seeds while others report a high demand for medical Cannabis Seeds.

When taking into account the fact that the consumer market is still shaping, as well as the fact that recreational marijuana users are also looking into reaping the therapeutic benefits of cannabis consumption, apart from using weed for merely leisure and entertainment purposes, it can become quite confusing when trying to figure out your target market’s needs. However, as with any other aspect of life and business alike, practice makes perfect, so as time goes by, you will inevitably be able to understand better what type of Cannabis Seeds your customers are most likely to search for and purchase.

Marijuana Plant. Cannabis Sativa Plant with Female Flowers. Cannabis and Marijuana is now legal in the United States for Recreational and Medical purposes. Photo Source: bigstockphoto.com

Cannabis Seeds at Wholesale Prices: Final Notes

The Cannabis Seeds sector in Canada represents various business opportunities for companies both large and small.

In the upcoming years, we are about the witness the Canadian pot industry adopting advanced technologies that are currently used in the healthy cultivation of other crops, such as rice and corn, among others, in order to accelerate the successful breeding of cannabis, paving the path to an even wider, better understood and utilized range of cannabis varieties available to be grown from seed.

What still remains far away from the hot public discussions on all things cannabis-related are the thousands of extremely intelligent and highly reputed scientists that work day and night, united by the mutual goal of being able to improve cannabis in quite a similar way in which these same scientists have been working to improve the crops that feed the world, like barley, rice, wheat, and corn, for years.

As noted by CSGA executive director Glyn Chancey, Cannabis Seeds experts are now working to partner with the Government of Canada in order to explore Cannabis Seeds certification services. But in the meantime, cannabis breeders and many other visionary cannabis enthusiasts will keep making new discoveries with a mind to ensuring the crop evolves with time, and that our collective understanding of the vast cannabis realm also continues to evolve.

Most certainly, the best way for business owners to help their Cannabis Seeds business thrive does not sum up merely to forming a lasting relationship with wholesale partners. Instead, this is only the very first step of a journey that is bound to be full of beauty, wonder, and nonetheless, huge potential profits, closely related with the more explicit, in-depth study and development of the Cannabis Seeds business and wellness niche.

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