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Rocket Seeds Will Be Joining Space X on a Mission

On Apr 1, 2022 Rocket Seeds announced their partnership with Space X. The two companies have set forth the first ever space exploration mission focused on Cannabis Cultivation. Although Rocket Seeds and Space X navigate different realms of the universe, one thing united them: marijuana legalization. Ever since they two met, the CEOs have been discussing a partnership and it is finally here. 

“We will be looking into ways where space grow can help save the planet,” said a Rocket Seeds spokesperson. “This is all very nuanced and exciting. We can’t wait to share our findings with the world.” 

Space X representatives shared similar views, adding that this may be the most innovative mission the world has ever seen to date. 

“No one has ever attempted studying other planets for growing cannabis,” a Space X representative said. “This is definitely a first for any industry.” 

Cannabis cultivation has become more and more accepted in American culture, and with this new scientific questions arise. Cannabis is a wild and natural plant, and despite not being commonly harvested, seems to be adaptable to almost any weather or climate. This is what RKS and Space X will be focusing on: just how far this plant can go.

We will continue to update the public on this project as the month progresses. 

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