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Northern Lights Strain Profile: The Origin Of A True Indica Classic


If you’ve ever laid eyes on a cannabis plant, you’ve probably heard of the Northern Lights strain. Available from Rocket Seeds in Autoflowering, Feminized, and Regular seeds, Northern Lights is an iconic indica that is world-renowned for its effects.

First arriving in the cannabis industry during the early 80s, Northern Lights has racked up awards from cannabis competitions all over the world. Along the way, the strain gained notoriety as one of the most popular Indica strains on the planet. In fact, the widespread popularity of Northern Lights has been foundational for growing today’s legendary strains like White Widow and Chronic.

Originating from mysterious sources, the Northern Lights strain was said to have come from an island near Seattle, WA. The plant would eventually make its way to the Netherlands, where Nevil Schoenmakers would help popularize the strain as we know it today.

Northern Lights Plant Genetics

Northern Lights has a fascinating genetic history thanks to its unique crossing of Afghani with Thai Landrace. Northern Lights has become a popular Indica-dominant parent in many of today’s most popular strains (White Widow, Chronic, Haze).

According to legend, the Northern Lights strain was grown in isolation under 11 different phenotypes, named Northern Lights #1 through #11. After comparing the plants and their respective yields, the original cultivator found that Northern Lights #1 and #5 yielded the best resin production, the largest buds, and the heaviest yields.

Primary Flavors and Effects

While the mythos surrounding the Northern Lights strain is fascinating, the history of the plant would be irrelevant if its effects and flavors were not completely on point. While not the most potent of strains, noting average THC levels in the high teens and early 20s, Northern Lights can still provide potent levels of relaxation that span from head to toe.

A balanced Indica, Northern Lights provides assistance with pain relief while soothing aches and pains. Deep relaxation can lead to sedation which allows Northern Lights to offer relief from insomnia and general restlessness. Revered for its calming effects, Northern Lights is often a choice for individuals looking to ease their anxiety while attending to other mood disorders.

Flavor for Northern Lights is top-tier with a focus on earthy pine notes with a layer of sweetness atop it all. Consumers of the Northern Lights strain compare it favorably to the old-school flavor that strains of yesteryear had to offer. Rocket Seeds describes its Northern Lights as a blend of skunk and spice with an ever-present scent of citrus and pine.

Medical Benefits of Northern Lights

Due to its balanced yet powerful effects, the Northern Lights strain has become a favorite among both medicinal and recreational users. As a legendary Indica, Northern Lights brings about intense feelings of relaxation, bliss, and comfort. These feelings can combine to provide relief from pain, arthritis, and even migraines. Medical users will also find that Northern Lights can also present assistance with lack of appetite and sleeplessness.

On a physical level, Northern Lights imbues individuals with a deeply comforting, relaxing effect that quickly escalates into couch-lock. Larger doses of Northern Lights can lead to sedation and, eventually, sleep.

Growing Northern Lights

Northern Lights is a favorite among growers both new and old to the field. Regarded as something of a staple in most cannabis cultivation centers, Northern Lights grows quickly and with relative ease, finding flowering in just eight weeks.

As a legendary Indica, the growth structure of the Northern Lights plant lives up to its lineage. Northern Lights grows in a sturdy, compact, and bushy plant with firm buds that make for easy trimming. Space between nodes allows cultivators to trim as much as possible, allowing for the maximizing of resin and bud production.

Cultivators looking to get a head start on their cannabis production can opt for Northern Lights Autoflowering Seeds from Rocket Seeds. Autoflowering seeds will burst into full bloom within nine weeks when grown inside. When grown outside, Northern Lights will still prosper with relative ease so long as temperatures stay stable.

Due to the Afghani heritage of the plant, Northern Lights should receive plenty of sun throughout its growing cycle. Resistant to outdoor climates as well as drought, Northern Lights is a great project for novice growers to undertake as it is a robust plant. Depending on their cultivation process, growers can enjoy up to 550g of yield per square meter.

Growers looking to maximize their yield will want to get into the habit of perfecting a trimmed canopy. Pruned top leaves will allow light and nutrition to reach the buds that you prize and desire. Northern Lights buds are typically compact, which means mold is not as common an issue as other strains might suggest.

Available in Feminized, Autoflowering, and Regular Seeds.

Potential Benefits

An incomparable Indica, Northern Lights offers a potent experience in a relatively innocuous package. Northern Lights strains are ideal even when high in THC because they tend not to produce the psychoactive paranoia or anxiety that other strains may manifest. For individuals looking for a heavy-handed yet calming experience, Northern Lights by Rocket Seeds makes sense as an option for harvest.

On the potential negative side of things, individuals consuming high amounts of Northern Lights will likely experience some level of dry eyes as well as dehydration. For prolonged sessions with Northern Lights, opt to have a cold beverage on hand to help with hydration.

Buy Northern Lights Today at Rocket Seeds

Northern Lights Autoflowering Seeds are a great way to kickstart a cannabis garden. Easy to grow and easier to enjoy, Northern Lights is a potent Indica that delivers balanced effects backed by rockstar genetics. Purple-hued buds and a short flowering time (under nine weeks) allow growers to feel like they’ve leveled up their game, even if this is the first time they’ve ever cultivated cannabis.

To learn more about Northern Lights, autoflowering seeds, or cannabis cultivation in general, consult with the team at Rocket Seeds!

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