Growing Cannabis Plants with Seeds

growing cannabis plant

Growing Cannabis Plants with Seeds

Now, the option of growing a cannabis plant with seeds is apparently more trouble-free, assured strategy for the newly growers. This is the most complacent and the most doable approach to creating access to the cannabis plants. You can also choose cannabis seeds based on your desired size, flavor, flowering times, and effects. If you think that it is terrorizing to grow plants that came from seeds, then perhaps you can rest yourself now because it actually suggests less trouble compared to growing plants using culticlones.

There are several seed banks available which propose products that are proven and tested. Seeds coming from seed banks are most likely efficient. Since you can maneuver the variety of your choice, it will be easier for you to determine the best cannabis strain for you. For sure you do not want to waste your time and money by purchasing products that are low in quality.

It is also good to understand that there are three various types of seeds for cannabis plants, namely:

  1. Autoflower Seeds– These seeds are cultivated by mixing ruderalis with either Indica or Sativa. These seeds instantly start flowering with few numbers of weeks of fertilization without having to change the cycle of the light. Autoflower seeds are mostly suggested to beginners who have limitations on height and time.
  2. Feminized Seeds – These seeds are cultivated by mixing two female cannabis plants. One of them was strained to produce male pollen sacks. Since the feminized seeds do not have male chromosomes, they are likely always female. The feminized seeds are commonly recognized as more cost-efficient because anyone can anticipate for all the seeds to become female.
  3. Regular Seeds – These seeds are cultivated by mixing the male and female cannabis in order to generate offspring. Characteristically, these seeds will consist of male and female cannabis plants. This illustrates that approximately one-half of the total seeds you fertilized will have to be culled in order to distinguish the male plants from the female plants.

Another thing that can justify the significance of seeds over clone is that it is commonly what is common to the cannabis plant. Marijuana is known to be an annual plant, which means that its life can only extend up to one year. Marijuana is not equipped with the capability of being active for a longer period of time and it does not flower for a longer period. Thus, clones taken from mature mother plants may be getting old already and might yield minimal buds compared to seeds.

Cannabis plants that are grown from seeds will possess a cordial structure of root. People who do not have any knowledge of gardening, the main part of the full root system of a plant are the taproot. The taproot penetrates deeply in the surrounding soil and ingests a huge quantity of nutrients. A clone plant is not capable of flouring a tap root, therefore, it can never be as solid and hearty as the plants grown from seeds.

Advantages of Seeds:

  1. Pathogens – With seeds, you can have a clean beginning.  You are assured that there is no inheritance of risks such as diseases and pests.
  2. Endurance – Seeds produce more enduring plants since seeds have a taproot.
  3. Acquisition – Seeds are easier to get and easier to produce all by yourself. The seeds can be shipped in any part of the world and can be delivered right in your door.

Disadvantages of Seeds:

  1. Variable – Seeds are completely dissimilar. It simply means that if you purchase one bag of seeds, the unique gene expression will be present between the cannabis plants. Although this is a fun type of variety, it can also signify that there is no chance that you can ever grow similar plant again except if you use clones.
  2. Sexing – When growing with the regular seeds, it will be required that you figure out the sex of every plant and eradicate the male plants. The step of figuring out the sex can be tough. This will normally require a microscope and some practice to effectively determine the sex.
  3. Viable – Well, not all seeds are already mature or hearty enough to fertilize. Normally, hearty and fully enhanced seeds are color brown as contrary to yellow or white.
  4. Time – Growing with seeds will normally take longer as compared to clones, except if you use autoflowering seeds. The extensive period of the growing seeds is due to the procedure of figuring out the sex. Big thanks to the modern technology; this procedure can now be finished during the first two weeks of fertilization with a tissue specimen.

Yes, there was a point of time when clones were famous and well acknowledged. However, growers had concerns on the odd characteristics of their plants have brought them back to the technique of seed growing.

By understanding the differences between seeds and clones in growing a cannabis plant, it will be easier for you now to come up with a decision of which side you will go. At least, you now have a better picture of what these methods are after comprehending the best and also the worst facts of each growing strategy. Whether you plan to plant indoor or outdoor, either seeds or clones can be used in growing the cannabis plants. You can also solicit advice and tips from your fellow growers if you want to be certain with your choice.

Growing cannabis plant either through seeds or clones can serve well depending on you really need. You must be certain of what kind of result you are looking for. Seeds and clones both have their good and not so good aspects and all you have to do is to weigh and evaluate these things. At the end of the day, it will still go back to the personal preferences and taste of the growers. Needless to say, one should really be wise and be careful when deciding which method to apply as it will completely affect the absoluteness of the growth of the plant.

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