10 Best Selling Indica Marijuana Seeds Perfect for Selling

indica marijuana seeds

10 Best Selling Indica Marijuana Seeds Perfect for Selling

Once you have succeeded in finding a dependable wholesale cannabis seeds company to collaborate with for your best business’ sake, the next step on your journey to enjoying high profit and keeping your customers gladly coming back for more is to select a fine variety of marijuana seeds.

Cannabis strains are generally divided into two major categories, Indicas and Sativas.

Above all, there is certainly no golden formula when it comes to picking the best-selling Indica marijuana seeds.

It does take some time before you are able to understand better the needs and preferences of your clients. It is only true to say that the perfect Indica marijuana seeds for grower A might not be appealing at all to grower B. However, our experience with selling marijuana seeds has revealed crucial bits of insightful data highlighting some of the top-selling Indica varieties.

Top Best-selling Indica Marijuana Seeds

1. Original Skunk (Regular)

According to recent stats on the most searched cannabis strains in Canada shortly after legalization, the Indica legends Original Skunk, Blueberry and Afghani made it to the buyers’ top 20.

Actually, this comes as no surprise for wholesale cannabis seeds suppliers because all-time favorite Indica varieties like the ones we just mentioned and also listed as part of the best-selling Indica cannabis seeds have been ruling the global stage of ganja businesses for quite some time now.

It is very important to note that Original Skunk Indica seeds are regular and not feminized. Regular Original Skunk seeds they will give rise to both male and female cannabis plants since the genetics of the notorious Original Skunk are beloved among hobbyist and professional marijuana growers looking into creating their very own cannabis strains. For this purpose, the pollen of a male cannabis plant needs to pollinate a female cannabis plant, and that’s exactly why working with regular Original Skunk Indica seeds promises best results for both marijuana growers and marijuana retail businesses alike.

2. Afghani (Regular)

Another megastar among the Indica seeds you definitely need to consider selling as part of your winning business strategy is none other but Afghani.

Afghani cannabis strain is not the average Indica, for it is not a modern-day hybrid but instead, it is a landrace cannabis strain. Landrace cannabis strains are not created by the breeder. Growing freely in the wild, landrace cannabis varieties are created without human interference, thanks to Mother Nature doing her job as brilliantly as possible.

Landrace strains are highly sought after as they are perfect for cloning, large volume production, and nonetheless, cross-breeding.

With a relatively short flowering time, great yields and promising levels of THC hitting 20%, Afghani Regular Indica seeds are a must-have in your online or offline marijuana retail store.

3. Blueberry (Regular)

It has already been decades since Blueberry strain was first introduced as an intricate part of the menu of the notorious coffee shops in the Netherlands. A former winner of the Cannabis Cup, it is no wonder why Blueberry Indica seeds are so widely preferred among growers of all levels of experience.

Apart from the ease of growing this beautiful Indica variety, Blueberry cannabis plants spend a relatively short time in flowering. On top of that, Blueberry seeds are capable of providing yields that are well above the average. The cannabis flowers grow into delightfully purplish-tinted pieces of pure beauty.

4. White Widow (Autoflower)

An Arcadian cannabis strain that has turned into the absolute must-have for the adroit marijuana cultivators out there, White Widow cannabis seeds fall into the top-selling varieties.

An equanimous hybrid that possesses 60% Indica to 40% Sativa genetic heritage, White Widow is a favorite strain to grow from seed among recreational, medical, and occasional cannabis users alike.

Since White Widow seeds are among the most quickly selling ones we have in stock, the great demand has inspired breeders to create an autoflowering variety of these all-time celebs, allowing growers to reap the best that cultivating this remarkable Indica-dominant strain has to offer.

5. Northern Lights (Autoflower)

Yet another illustrious Indica variety on our list of best-selling Indica cannabis seeds, Northern Lights is one of those strains that every marijuana enthusiast craves to have in his/her home ganja kit. Northern Lights is a strain that has managed to keep its positions super high for well over 15 years, proving that the fame of cannabis varieties of top quality does never fade away as time goes by.

Growing Northern Lights from seed allows both medical and recreational users to take the best advantage of this highly resinous variety, perfect for producing homemade cannabis concentrates. Thanks to the sturdy genetics of Cannabis Ruderalis, Northern Lights autoflowering seeds have become even more popular because of the short flowering phase, making up for being able to cultivate this strain perpetually.

6. Early Miss (Autoflower)

True to its name, Early Miss strain takes only 7 weeks into flowering, thus, allowing growers to benefit from high yields all-year-round.

Early Miss Indica cannabis seeds are nothing less but bestsellers, and it is effortless to realize what is driving clients towards purchasing the Early Miss “magic beans.” Early Miss cannabis plants are very sturdy creatures, and they can tolerate low temperatures (as long as these do not fall below 10°C) brilliantly well. Because of this, growers can take the best advantage from planting Early Miss seeds in their gardens for the purpose of being able to grow weed literally any time of the year.

Early Miss plants are easy to grow, with a very compact structure, and can be the perfect choice for cannabis enthusiasts dealing with a tiny grow space.

7. Purple Kush (Feminized)

At the very mention of this redolent cannabis strain, most marijuana users will immediately smile widely and wholeheartedly, anticipating the precious moment of being able to harvest the exquisitely purple-tinted cannabis flowers of Purple Kush.

A versatile plant that can offer mesmerizing yields, growing Purple Kush from seed does require some skills and previous experience with marijuana cultivation, though.

A U.S-born “child”, Purple Kush is one of those Indica cannabis seeds that are sure to make your customers feel like in the ganja seeds heaven. Purple-hued cannabis varieties are growing in popularity and demand among occasional and newbie cannabis users, too, thanks to the high content of anthocyanins, making this cannabis variety the perfect health enhance weapon for raw juicing.

8. Black Indica (Feminized)

For the sagacious cannabis seeds business-minded individuals, making sure that Black Indica seeds are part of the fine selection your customers can benefit from is a no brainer. This Indica cannabis variety differs from the rest on this list as it comes with elegant, moderate, below the average THC levels that do not exceed 13%, and are further beautifully combined with high levels of CBD that reach up to an estimated of 2.50%.

Because of these attributes, Black Indica cannabis seeds can make the most suitable choice for beginner cannabis users who do not possess a high tolerance to towering levels of THC. This strain can just as well be extremely well-suited to recreational and medical users alike, searching for a finely balanced, smooth hybrid strain to promote sublime relaxation and restful sleep without the effects feeling too overwhelming.

9. Candy Cane (Autoflower)

For the sweet-toothed cannabis connoisseurs, having the opportunity to grow Candy Cane in their indoor or outdoor marijuana garden is a true blessing. Living up true to cannabis enthusiasts’ expectations, Candy Cane is one of the most delicious, sweetest Indica ganja varieties one can choose to grow from seed.

With a super quick flowering time of 7 weeks, autoflowering Candy Cane cannabis plants are a real gemstone for the Canadian growers, especially when taking into account the fact that the summer season in Canada is rather limited.

The growing popularity of Candy Cane Indica seeds can be summed down to this strain’s wonderful combination of excellent effects and flavors.

10. Girl Scout Cookies (Feminized)

With a delectable cookie-like flavor, Girl Scout Cookies is among the most highly cherished medical cannabis varieties. When growing Girl Scout Cookies from seed, marijuana users can enjoy reliable and lasting pain relief, accompanied by a mighty appetite boost and a happy, relaxed state of mind.

Apart from its high medicinal value, Girl Scout Cookies is nonetheless popular among recreational cannabis users looking into spending a super relaxing, head to toe unwind evening after a tiring day.

Being high in THC and a myriad of healing and flavorful terpenes, you should not deprive your customers of being able to lay their hands on top-quality Girl Scout Cookies Indica cannabis seeds, bringing you yummy profit in return.

Best Selling Indica Marijuana Seeds: Conclusion

With an exceptional selection of excellent Indica marijuana seeds to choose from, Rocket Seeds is proud to be constantly working towards expanding the list of cannabis varieties available for cannabis enthusiasts to enjoy to the fullest. When picking the best-selling Indica marijuana seeds from our wholesale seeds menu, you can mix and match the magic beans accordingly, as to be able to provide your customers with a broad and sweet range of seeds featuring 80% success germination rates.

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