Growing Cannabis from Seeds Vs from Clones

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Growing Cannabis from Seeds Vs from Clones

After choosing your cannabis strains and secure space to where you will be growing your plants, you will have to proceed with the actual work and occupy the allotted space with your chosen marijuana plants. There is countless joy in flourishing your own choice of the cannabis plant.  Sustaining the plants would require diligence and endurance. A common enthusiasm can greatly bloom into a genuine dedication.

There are two available methods to begin the planting of the cannabis – using seeds or using clones. Perhaps you are asking yourself now, “How can I best start the growing of my plant?”

It is good to know that only the female cannabis is able to generate buds. The male cannabis does not generate buds and the existence of the male cannabis during the cycle of flowering can only lead to fertilized female cannabis which gives seeds. Hence, you will not like to put the male cannabis in your garden except if you intend to do the breeding.

Comparing Cannabis Seeds versus from Clones

Now if you have been contemplating in trying to grow cannabis plants for the first time, then you might have taken the initial step to transform a genuine cannabis aficionado. Being a first-time planter and grower, you are expected to make one primary decision before beginning your newfound endeavor. How do you want to do your plant growing – would you go for seeds or are you going to use clones? At this point in time, you might have not been aware that there are actually two methods for growing cannabis plants. Just like any other multiple selections out there, each has their good and bad sides. Thus, selecting for the best choice can relatively correspond between triumph and defeat. Here is some information that aims to discuss each strategy and probably this information will finally guide you on which method to use.

Growing Cannabis using Clones

Clone is done by cutting a portion of a mature cannabis plant so that it can be replanted, and eventually bear buds. You may think that growing a cannabis plant using clone is an easy task to do, but in reality, growing using clone can be more complicated compared to growing with seeds.

All plants are characteristically extremely exposed to various diseases like an infestation of bugs or fungus. When we say clone, it refers to the definite genetic image of a mother plant where the clone is taken from. Thus, if the mother plant had issues on health, there is a great chance for the cutting to suffer the same health issues. Normally, growers who are just starting to explore with this kind of endeavor do not have the knowledge yet on how to handle issues such as these, hence the plant can most likely die.

The state of the clone can present other hindrances. A newly cut clone requires plenty of affection and care, and if it is first replanted, the clone can be greatly receptive. A commencing duration of transplant jolt is to be anticipated. During this period, the clone will really need a very particular quantity of nutrients and light to nourish it throughout this stage. Failure of a transplant is very prevalent. New growers may encounter difficulty in keeping the young clones in good condition.

Another main issue in growing cannabis plant with clones is that they may be difficult to search. You will have to acquire a connection to a mother plant that is mature and then get the license of having it cut. In this particular case, how can you be sure of what kind of cannabis strain you will be using? You will remain clueless about this thing unless you finally put yourself ready for test it. Although there are clones that are available online, this option is a relatively dangerous option of purchasing plants. Shipping the clones can be dreadful for them, thus you are expected to receive the clone but in a weak state. Plants that are sold commercially are occasionally administered with fungicides or pesticides, and clones taken from these kinds of plants will most likely take in the same elements too.

The only concrete advantage of cloning for new growers is the fact that the plant is heretofore beyond ahead in progress that those cannabis seeds. Further, you can also look forward to definite yield earlier. If you do not see time as an issue, then this should not bother you at all. It commonly compresses the complete cycle of growing by around one month. Moreover, a lot of people attest their fun encounter while learning to grow cannabis plant starting its primitive stages.

Advantage of Clones:

  1. Consistent – Clone is the only method to keep a particular strain. This explains the numerous strains which are designated as ‘clone only’.

Disadvantages of Clones:

  1. Endurance – Put in mind that cannabis is known to be an annual plant. By illustrating it, the plant finishes the complete life cycle starting from the fertilization to generating of seeds within a year, and then eventually dies. Therefore, clones are characteristically unnatural. There is an extreme discussion whether the clones would eventually depreciate their endurance over a certain period of time, however, one thing is very certain – the health of the clone is very significant in keeping endurance.
  2. Access – Getting access to clones can be extremely hard if you are residing in a legal state. It will be critical to source the clones from a reputable garden to guarantee you obtain the kind of strain that you want. Moreover, a lot of restricted genetics are firmly held by particular grow circles.
  3. Pathogens – Another explanation why it is significant to acquire the clones from a reputable source is the danger of presenting the clones with occurring diseases and pests. This is enormously happening – as a matter of fact, the sharing of a clone is the top triggering factor of mold and pests among cannabis gardens.

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