10 Best Autoflowering Cannabis Strains

autoflowering cannabis

10 Best Autoflowering Cannabis Strains

Cannabis ruderalis has beautifully transformed to become a beautiful sister of the breeds, dropping its acceptability as a feral weed. During the twenty-first century, the varieties of autoflowering cannabis are a hybrid mixture of sativa, indica, and ruderalis strains. However, this trend has gradually changed and this was because of the next generation autos.

Those flourishing cannabis understand that there are various choices for cannabis strains. Some choose to grow cannabis seeds for medical use. Some grow autoflowering cannabis seeds, while others prefer feminized cannabis seeds. Autoflowering cannabis is perfect to grow. Regardless if you are a newbie or veteran to cultivation, you will surely be awed by the recent super quick autoflowering strains.

The autoflower seeds can be the succeeding procedure in breeding marijuana. By bringing altogether the indicas and sativas with their lush and ferocious sisters Cannabis ruderalis, the breeders are able to govern to obtain nearly excellent strains which give you a large yield, great efficiency, and impressive genetics which lets you plant and grow marijuana easily and rapidly.

Modern autoflowering cannabis strains are the perfect option for growers who are just starting or those that are “first-timers. These are also great for people who do not have enough patience needed during the photoperiod flowering days. What makes the modern autoflowering cannabis strains outstanding from the rest is that they not dependent on photoperiod. Thus, they do not need a lowered cycle of light to bloom.

Whatever type of cannabis seeds that they would want to grow, their common ground is that they all like to begin with the best kind of cannabis seeds. The diversity of autoflowering cannabis seeds is distinct from the other two growing options. Autoflowering flowers by its own that are not beyond four weeks. Moreover, autoflowering cannabis seeds grow rapidly.

Here are 10 best cannabis strains that belong to the variety of autoflowering:

1.    White Widow Automatic – It only takes around seventy-five days to grow the seed into bud. White Widow Automatic smells like citrus and tastes sweet and sour. Normally, one can anticipate around forty to one hundred sixty grams per plant, relying on the condition of the environment.

2.    Sweet Skunk Automatic – This is a quick-flowering strain that is a mixture of Big Devil #2 and Green Poison. It takes around eight weeks for the seeds to grow and become ready for harvest. Each plant is expected to weigh forty to fifty grams depending on the condition of the environment. These seeds can grow even in areas with limited spaces like balconies and gardens. The Sweet Skunk Automatic is recognized for its very powerful smell and taste and guarantees to provide a suave, calming smoke.

3.    Royal Creamatic – For cannabis strains that are known for sweet taste, the Royal Creamatic is recognized for its forceful, sweet flavor and aroma of caramel, with heavy but calming physical results. These seeds are perfect for flourishing in indoor gardens that are small in space. Each plant is expected to weigh around eighty to one hundred ten grams and will be ready for harvest after eight weeks.

4.    Northern Light Automatic – People who enjoy the traditional weed and even the newbie’s would love to use this strain. This seed starts to blossom with flowers nearly instant and is available for harvest after nine to ten weeks. It can grow very well in indoors, but it can also survive and grow in outdoors given that the climate is warm. There is a great chance for this kind of seed to become of the maximal yielding plants ever occurred. Some of these seeds are planted out-of-doors in Spain and they were known to generate plants that weigh two hundred grams each. Meanwhile, the same seeds that are planted and grown indoors weigh ninety grams per plant by average. Northern Light Automatic has a sweet taste and complacent effects to the physical body. Further, this seed is also an excellent option among medical marijuana consumers.

5.    Royal Cheese Automatic – This kind of plant is ideal for people who love cheese. Royal Cheese Automatic is popular for its distinct, powerful scent and cheese-like taste. This seed is said to grow and become ready for harvest after 10 weeks. If planted and grown in best conditions, each plant is expected to weigh forty grams by average. It guarantees a powerful, visceral and calming effect.

6.    Royal Dwarf – This plant is considered to be one of the most condensed plants accessible. Together with its compact buds, you can grow these seeds either in outdoors or indoors in the most limited spaces available. Thus, if your room is not that spacious, Royal Dwarf is the best plant recommended for you. Each plant can weigh up to sixty grams and will be ready for harvest after eight to nine weeks. Royal Dwarf produces a very powerful scent and creates moderate and soothing effects.

7.    Royal Critical Automatic – This plant is actually a combination of Sativa, Ruderalis, and Indica strains. It is much known for its powerful growth and huge yields. Royal Critical Automatic becomes ready for harvest after nine weeks from the planting, from then you will see a very firm plant with large thick buds. Each plant is anticipated to weigh seventy to eighty grams.

8.    Royal Jack Automatic – This plant is harvestable after ten weeks. Each plant is expected to weigh forty to seventy grams. It grows not too tall which becomes ideal for places that have smaller spaces. Royal Jack Automatic is recognized as a compelling strain and guarantees an instigative and imaginative but calming effect. People enjoy its smooth and fresh taste, with slight incorporation of spiciness.

9.    Royal Haze Automatic – This plant provides a different taste and instigative effect. Since Royal Haze Automatic grows short, it can be planted and grown in places where other plants cannot survive.     Under a good environment condition, each plant is expected to weigh around eighty to one hundred grams. Royal Haze Automatic becomes ready for harvest after ten to twelve weeks.

10.    Royal AK Automatic – This is a dominant hybrid of Mexican, Afghani, Columbian, and Thai cannabis strains. Royal AK Automatic is capable of growing in any place. Depending on the condition of the environment, each plant is anticipated to reach a weight of seventy to one hundred twenty grams. This plant becomes ready for harvest after nine to ten weeks. It has a powerful, mild taste and an aroma that is the piquant-sweet scent. It guarantees an ecstatic and rushing effect.

The Advantages of Autoflowering Cannabis Strains

Familiarizing yourself with these lists of autoflowering cannabis strains, you will understand their basic and common characteristics. There are several positive explanations why it is great to grow autoflowering cannabis strains:

1.    Quick harvest and flowering period – This is an enormous benefit for the growers who want to achieve their important harvest the soonest time possible. Further, it is an enormous benefit for people who are flourishing plants in some areas of the world where being quick to harvest are important needs.

2.    Autoflowering plants are solid and small – They do not require large spaces for the planting.  This aspect is influenced by the admittance of cannabis ruderalis genetics. Because of this characteristic, autoflowering strains grow compact and small. This given fact is an enormous asset to certain growers who are searching for the perfect output out of their increasing space.  The fast cycle of growth and compact measurement of autoflowering strains turn them the utmost option for obscured growing spaces.

3.    There is no alteration required for the photoperiod – Autoflowering strains do not demand an alteration in a light cycle to produce flowers. Rather, they flower while earning age. Autoflowering strains instantly flower unconcerned of the cycle of the light they intake. This grants outdoors the primary potential benefit – it is doable to grow numerous harvests each season. And if you happen to forget the planting of cannabis seeds on time, you still have the option to begin late the season with auto then perform harvest in time just before the weather shifts to cold.

4.    They are durable – Autos have ruderalis genes, thus they are more durable than other types of marijuana plants. Put in mind that they are categorized on plants which were able to survive and grow in the rough weather condition of Russia.

5.    Continuous harvests – Even though it is not doable to keep the autoflowering strain as the mother plant to generate a duplicate, they are still qualified to fit well for continuous harvests. Flowering that is not dependent on the extent of light that they draw – you eradicate the requirement for a mother. You can acquire plants from different stages of growing all in the same room. To achieve a continuous harvest, begin with some number of plants, and once they start to blossom with flowers, put additional plants in the room.

6.    Easy growing and less trouble – These autoflowering seeds possess strong genetics of ruderalis. This illustration explains why it is easier to grow them. You do not have to put your focus on the schedule of the lights. Plants are tougher and normally indulge colder weather.

7.    Excelling resistance to climate – Autoflowering strains can withstand colder weather and possess a better resistance against different kinds of diseases. Whether it is fungi, mildew, pathogens, or mold that you encounter trouble with, then perhaps you contemplate in growing these autoflowering strains. You will definitely rescue yourself from getting worried and being stress.

8.    Size is easier to manage – These autoflowering strains commonly do not grow higher to 1.2m. This is a great advantage for growers who plan to grow these seeds both indoor and outdoor. If you plant indoor with smaller space, autoflowering can work best for you. If you prefer to plant outdoors and like to get a quick harvest, then you must also refer to autoflowering genetics.

Guides to Autoflowering

When you decide to grow autoflowering cannabis strains, it is very essential that you make sure that your plants receive enough support all through the entire process. Auto is characteristically more favorable, but it also provides far limited room for mistakes than common marijuana plants. Basically, you will start your autoflower planted and grown indoors while incorporating artificial lights which you can manipulate. This strategy lessens the possibility of error and boosts the chance of beginning strong. Veteran growers suggest performing the harvest gradually. This step permits the lower buds to mature a little prior they are being harvested.

A lot of growers obtain their kind of cannabis seeds from a particular seed bank. People who purchase cannabis seeds from a seed bank commonly want to get the perfect kind of seeds to ensure promising results.  Relatively, many buyers also go online since it is easier to find the best option if you simply browse the website. There are numbers of prominent websites which sell autoflowering seeds. You must know that buying the best kind of autoflower seed can really daunting at first. But if you manage to make use any of the listed cannabis strains above, there is no question that you will achieve results that are very satisfactory. When deciding for the best option, the following questions can be your best guide:

1.    What type of growing circumstance will these seeds be grown?

2.    What is your ideal aroma and taste?

3.    How many levels of CBD and THC are you searching for?

The step of making use autoflowering cannabis strains are turning and expanding popularity. It is an intelligent strategy which gives you the alternative of harvesting the seeds within ten weeks from the planting. It does not require big space, thus you can immediately start the growing with your comparatively small space. They are stronger compared to their photoperiod competitors. The remarkable progress in the enhancement process signifies that these autoflowering plants are also releasing more effective marijuana. Nonetheless, the autoflowering plants are small and release a portion of the turnout identified with the old school marijuana.

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