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screen of green growing marijuana method

How to SCROG – The Screen of Green Growing Marijuana Method

Over the years, the main goal of most cannabis growers is to get better yields and this is the screen of green growing marijuana method or "SCROG". There are actually many ways to ensure that you’ll get good yields. You can use improved fertilizer mixes, use soil mixes exclusive for cannabis plants and use high-intensity lighting. Aside from these, smart and experienced growers also “train” their cannabis plants to grow more yields. Training is growing plants in a different way...

growing cannabis plant

Growing Cannabis Plants with Seeds

Now, the option of growing a cannabis plant with seeds is apparently more trouble-free, assured strategy for the newly growers. This is the most complacent and the most doable approach to creating access to the cannabis plants. You can also choose cannabis seeds based on your desired size, flavor, flowering times, and effects. If you think that it is terrorizing to grow plants that came from seeds, then perhaps you can rest yourself now because it actually suggests less...

indoor marijuana growing

Potting Soil or Gardening Soil: Which is Best for Indoor Marijuana Growing?

You might have learned the basics of Indoor Marijuana Growing together with its relevance, importance, and scope of the said practice in modern society where we live today. Indeed, this gardening movement is an important technique in these high times where most of the governments in our world. However, as we go along this practice, you might have this dilemma in choosing the right soil for your Marijuana Seeds. Will you ever go for Potting Soil? Or with the Gardening...

Growing marijuana seeds

How to Grow Marijuana from Seed

Growing marijuana seeds are entirely attributed to the quality of the seeds. There is no chance for the plants to grow better than the seeds to which they grow from. Back then, seeds shops were nowhere to find. Hence seeds were preserved from unique buds – however, this was entirely a shot in the dark with plenty of tests with possibilities of errors. Fortunately, people now understand more about marijuana seed growing. The growing of marijuana seeds is not a...

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