How CBD is Changing the Marijuana Industry 

How CBD is Changing the Marijuana Industry 

In the year 2018, the Cannabis industry obtained high-scaled investment due to major developments. This incredible shift opens doors to new opportunities.

The legalization of both recreational and medical marijuana in many states of the USA gained many interested people. It’s also the same case with the legalization of the same plant in Canada.

The business competitors in the Cannabis industry gained high-profile achievements. CBD has contributed to this increase of enthusiasm given to marijuana in the market.

CBD or cannabidiol has its own marketing line that gained popularity. It will be worth $16.32 million by 2026 in the United States of America. 

Brief History

Cannabis is known to be one of the first herbs that were cultivated by humans. The products of this plant played a major role in establishing the foundation of the US economy during the Great Depression.

Although it brought good consolation in that time, prohibitions arose due to the psychoactive substance. It escalated around the 1960s.

This restriction fueled a rebellion against the harsh laws and system. Conventions of banning marijuana were held and supported by countries all over the world.

The proponents are very passionate in fighting for its legalization. This setting is still happening as of the present time. 

There are two types of Cannabis plants which are hemp and marijuana. The latter has gained popularity with its psychoactive properties that may bring negative effects when overused.

Hemp that contains CBD is covered by marijuana’s shadow as recreational use became rampant. But the change of luck happened.

All About CBD

CBD is short for cannabidiol and it is one of the hundreds of compounds found in marijuana. It doesn’t induce the psychoactive effect that most people expect when smoking weed.

Its role is to impart its healing and therapeutic properties. So there are two kinds of products made from this compound which are food or edibles and therapeutic grade. 

To be exact, it is sold as oil, creams, pills, oral sprays and edibles like lollipops and gummies.

MarketWatch that the therapeutic grade of CBD is valued as 59.90% of the market in 2018.

Cannabidiol Products

Cannabis plants include hundreds of chemical components. The extraction of CBD has been applied to many products such as bath bombs, drinks, vaping products and many more. 

This substance has been marketed to cure an array of ailments like insomnia. It can also work as an effective pain reliever.

It’s difficult to confirm this claim but it can’t be denied the immense widespread interest that it gained from the public. Individuals who are not concerned about getting high become fanatic of this compound.

The unstoppable proliferation of CBD products is expected for the months to come. It even entered the skincare products that would entice many people. 

The biggest glory of CBD is its medical properties. It’s what made medical marijuana famous and gained many patients that depend on it. 

A pharmaceutical CBD oil was the first-ever FDA approved Cannabis-based drug. Companies like Cara Therapeutics and GW Pharmaceuticals are on the rush in developing CBD-based drug treatments.

They need a lot of time but it will be rewarding once it’s refined. It would stabilize the CBD industry further and it would be proof that would strengthen the medical claim of the Cannabis plant.

Cannabis Drinks

The collaboration of Constellation Brands which is the producer of Corona and Modelo beers and Canopy Growth Corp hit the headline. The force of the top producer of alcoholic drinks and the largest Cannabis producer would create something interesting.

Another similar merging is done by Molson Coors and HEXO. Both of them are based in Canada. 

Individuals who depend on medical benefits that weed can bring would be thrilled to know CBD-infused drinks, seltzers, juices or coffee. They can be marketed as healthy drinks which can reduce inflammation and anxiety. 

FDA Softening Stance on CBD?

The current rule of FDA or Food and Drugs Authority on drugs containing CBD is on the category of Schedule 1 substance. It means it requires the agency’s approval. 

In 2018, it was the first approval of CBD which was derived from marijuana plants that came from the said agency. Epidiolex created by GW Pharmaceuticals is placed on Schedule V which is the least restrictive level. 

Schedule V is in the Controlled Substances Act of the US Drug Enforcement Administration. This category means there’s a low possibility of abusive consumption.

On the other hand, federal law is entirely different. It doesn’t allow to market any food or supplement that contains CBD.

FDA suggested that this law may change in the future. It said that allowing the pharmaceutical ingredient to be used in supplements and food is their means of evaluating the process should go on or not.

This statement was released after passing the Farm Bill which legalized the regulated production of hemp. 

It gives hope to companies even the legal status is murky. Does it mean that investors can count on having CBD listed in Schedule V or totally unscheduled soon?

It may not be completely closed to a final, clear decision. Th e USA has signed international treaties regarding these issues.

It’s only FDA’s authority to put something on Schedule V. It can approve a marijuana-derived drug that has low THC.

CBD Production

There’s no method to increase the CBD content that Cannabis plants normally produce. Cultivators can pick a certain strain that is high in CBD and grow it with optimal care.

In order to unlock the CBD content of the marijuana plant, there are necessary factors such as warm air temperature, warm soil temperature and lower levels of water. Higher CBD levels can also be achieved by positive general care and harvesting done at a specific time.

Beverages with CBD on the Rise

CBD might cause a shift in the stand of Cannabis legislation. This plant released itself from the black market and proceed into unexpected industries like big pharmaceutical companies, beauty products and the rising product from it is the beverages with CBD content.

CBD-infused beverage market would reach $1.4 billion by 2023 based on Zenith Global. It’s one of the fastest-growing sections in the entire industry. 

Subsequent challenges can’t be avoided and they will help to shape the future of the Cannabis industry.

Things you Need to Know about CBD Beverages

Drinking this kind of beverage is considered the healthiest ways of putting it inside your body. It’s available almost everywhere like supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants and even online.

It’s also a good substitute for coffee as you can get the same effect of caffeine from it. You can be alert without being on ‘edge’.

The dosage is set per serving so you’ll know how much you’re taking in. It’s usually around 2mg to 100mg per liter.

It’s not only the healthiest way of ingesting CBD but it’s also the most effective. It’s water-soluble so most cannabinoids are taken by the body.

Product Categories 

Non-alcoholic: water, tea, coffee, kombucha, sports drink, juice

Alcoholic: wine, beer, spirit

Companies that Merged to Create Beverages Mixed with CBD

  1. Molsoon Coors and Hexo

Non-alcoholic, Cannabis-infused products are what these two companies agreed upon. They may likely concoct hot drinks in the future.

  1. AbInBev and Tilray

It costs $100 million venture on the needed research and production of non-alcoholic CBD drinks.

  1. Newage and Docklight

The target of this duo is to create a globally recognized CBD beverage for relaxation in the US market.

  1. Youngevity and Icelandic Glacial

A premium water brand company collaborated with another company to create CBD drinks that will be at the forefront to attract potential of working together with other companies.

How to Shape the Future of CBD Beverages Based on Trends

  1. Bringing Change to the Preference of Customers

The taste of customers changed based on the decline of alcohol sales around the world. Some people might be conscious of their health.

The decrease in sales of alcohol may continue as more and more people turn to Cannabis products.

  1. Innovation

Transparency on ingredients, sustainable packaging, personalized strain, convenient and ready drink solution are the factors that can create a product innovation in this aspect.

  1. Big Players and Influencers

Terrel Travis – He’s a former NFL player. He launched his own CBD-infused drink called DEFY. This drink’s purpose is to alleviate pain or ache from working and hasten recovery.

Willie Nelson – He’s a famous singer who started ‘Willie’s Remedy’ which is whole coffee beans infused with Cannabis. It is the first of the numerous products he put his name into.

Primary Focus for the Future of CBD Beverage

It was mentioned that transparency on product ingredients, product labeling, and dosage level are important details that most customers want to know. The mandate set by Indiana is a good example.

The manufacturers should QR codes on the label of their products. Consumers can scan it so they can check if it has adequate and passable quantities of THC, CBD, other compounds or if there’s any presence of pesticide.

Many companies that produce CBD drinks use nano-emulsion to let the CBD steep in. This is one of the new methods to transform the beverage market. 

But fat-based microscopic particles accumulate in the organs so it develops health concerns. So it’s the reason why it’s a priority to create CBD as a compound that is water-soluble.

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