Learn How To Get Paid Just By Smoking Weed

learn how to get paid by smoking weed

Learn How To Get Paid Just By Smoking Weed

Things have turned positive for the medical and recreational use of marijuana. States and countries legalizing its use and trade are increasing, giving way to a new industry that is now generating revenues and especially new jobs.

New job titles and descriptions for weed-related works are now booming, and many are shifting into the marijuana industry. You might as well benefit into this whether you smoke weed or not but is jobless and in need of work. You can see lists of jobs into the lower part of this article for non-weed smokers.

For weed smokers, you have various jobs to apply to so you can smoke some free weeds and get paid for it. This can vary in other places, depends if weed is legalized where you are or not. You can check about it and see what jobs can be applied to you. 

There are states where medical use of marijuana is legal but not for recreational. Nevertheless, you can still land a job as there are many dispensaries that could be found in areas where it is not legal for recreational use and also growing and breeding cannabis plants.

Thanks to the continuous research and studies that prove the effectiveness of marijuana in certain illnesses and health conditions. Now, the negative view on marijuana is being lifted due to its positive effect and help it gives to people that need it.

Weed has had its negative views for many years because of its illegal trade and use. But there is currently a change of direction with the help of research and science. As studies show the positive and effective use of cannabis medically, states and countries are making it legal. 

Now let us look into the various jobs you can do whether employed or self-employed so you can begin your career in the marijuana industry.

Marijuana Products Tester and Review Provider

This job covers a broad scope that could be dissected according to the need and purpose of the employer.

Product review provider for online weed companies

Product reviews are very important to make sales for any products, and this is also applicable to marijuana products. Companies can make a search for themselves of weed smokers that are located within the area where they are operating to be a product reviewer. If you have a physical address, a social media account, or a website related to marijuana, an experienced weed smoker, or anything that they find useful, they can contact you for the job. 

You will be provided free weed buds to try or any weed-related products they are selling. In turn, you are to give them an honest and reliable review based on your test. You can directly post the review on their site or make a link from your site for your published review. 

There are many weed-related products you can review that includes vapes, extracts, edibles (food products, capsules, and lozenges), gears, bong, and many more. They can generate high income. If you have an existing website or a YouTube channel, this will add points to you getting this job. You can contact companies yourself and let them understand why you can be a product reviewer.

New Strains Evaluator

This same approach is being carried by cannabis dispensaries for their new products to be released. You will be sent with a cannabis strain and test them. You need to make a record in detail judging from their appearance, potency, smell, flavor, trichomes, effects, and others according to the requirement of the company. Evaluators out there have even received a microscope so they could make a detailed evaluation of each strain received. 

This is differentiated from the marijuana tester as it has a more in-depth analysis and detailed recording of each strain, and they could be tested more than once for more reliable evaluation.

New or Existing Strains Tester For Medical and Recreational Dispensaries

You will be given different strains to test and give some reviews that are helpful for customers of companies, especially patients that are looking for the perfect weed for their specific need. You have to provide a detailed and specific review so they can know things like how the strain works when smoked in parts of the body, the negative effects, how long the effects last, and other essential information.

You can either post your review directly on the website of the company or posts it on your own website or social media accounts. You can also submit your review to be posted by the company.

Other companies require video documentation in various parts of the testing process. It could be during the unboxing process and after you had tested it. Others require you to be on camera while you are high with the strain for a more accurate observation and documentation.

Traveling Marijuana Strain and Related Products Tester and Reviewer

You are given the privilege to try products that includes vape, extracts, strains, and others for free and travel to events promoting these products and meeting other personalities. Companies look for heavy hitters for this job as you can be high on testing a strain and still required to socialize.

If you like weed and traveling, your earnings are just a bonus. You can be required to use your own social media account to posts and promote the products you are testing.

Marijuana Ambassador For Online Cannabis Dispensaries

Cannabis dispensaries are found throughout the United States and Canada where cannabis has been made legal (though not all states are legal). Most states had legalized cannabis for medical and recreational use, and that calls for a marijuana ambassador that will promote the cannabis brand online.

You will get paid through the referrals and purchases being made through your affiliate link provided. Other online dispensaries would require you to use a specific platform to promote the products. 

Marijuana Blogger 

If you can run a website, you can make one and write things related to marijuana. You will not receive payment through the writings you are doing but through the sales generated through your sites. 

You will earn through affiliate product promotions, advertising, and selling marijuana-related products like books and bongs. 

Marijuana Topics Article Writer

If writing is your niche and wants to earn through it, you can by writing articles for various sites. You can be a regular writer or will do ghostwriting for these marijuana sites. 

Be a Marijuana Book Writer

If you love weed and writing, you can try being a weed writer. You can write and publish a book if blogging is not your niche. The difference in this from a marijuana blogger is you do not need to maintain a website. 

You can choose any topics related to cannabis and make it into a book like marijuana recipes, tips gathered, how to grow marijuana in your area, how to smoke a marijuana strain for harness its best effect, and experiences while smoking weed

Marijuana Journalist

You can also choose to be a marijuana journalist that is now a job role newly opened by some newspaper companies where marijuana is legal. Part of the job is to make a review or critic of certain products and specific strain on a journalistic and professional way. 

Volunteer For Clinical Trials

Studies and research can be completed with clinical trials, and companies pay people to join and be part of these clinical trials. You can be part of the team that is studying how marijuana affects cancer cells, body pain, sleep, and other health concerns.

Posting original pictures of weeds and related items on your social media

Utilize your social media and earn income with weed and related items pictures. It can be a picture of your newly bought marijuana or a cannabis gear favorite. You can post as many pictures as you like and see which one will bring income.

You can post them on Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, and other sites like Reddit and Quora. Attach a social media site with an affiliate URL related to cannabis. It can be a cannabis affiliate, amazon product, or any affiliated link. You will earn an income through the purchases made through your affiliate link.

Other Opportunities to Earn Through Marijuana

Invest in Marijuana Stocks

Welcome to the era of investing in legal marijuana. There are many profitable possibilities for marijuana that people and businesses are now setting their eyes on. You can now earn through individual stocks or mutual funds investment.

It does not require you to be an expert investor or day trader to try this investment. Search where you can start investing now.

Jobs in Dispensaries

Job dispensaries job opening you can apply to include being a budtender, edible makers like cookies and brownies, vaporizer retailer, store manager, cashier, security guard, product manager, website manager, delivery person, harvester, and others. 

Dispensaries are hiring for these positions, and if you want to have a higher career in the cannabis industry, you can start from any of these positions you are qualified for.

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