A Guide to Marijuana Grow Tent Ventilation

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A Guide to Marijuana Grow Tent Ventilation

As many people realize the significance of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes, some opt to grow their own plants either for personal use or business goals. If you are one of them, you should establish a strong foundation of growing skills. Then, you should begin with an exclusive guide which will surely make this business worth investing.

After purchasing grow light and tent, you are one step closer to planting your cannabis seeds. However, it is a must to focus on critical things such as having the perfect grow tent ventilation system. This page will help you grow marijuana plants successfully considering the room or tent ventilation system.

The Importance of Proper Cannabis Grow Tent Ventilation

In the first place, you might be wondering why you need to cannabis grow ventilation system or simply grow tent ventilation. If you are planting marijuana indoors, there is a possibility that you miss some key elements. One of them is the sunlight. Appropriate sunlight is a crucial factor in most plants in order to thrive.

This condition usually occurs in various urban settings and indoor gardens. Thus, a grow tent and grow lights play a vital role in the survival and growth of your indoor cannabis plants. These things can help a lot in reflecting the necessary amount of lights needed by the seeds or plants.

Unfortunately, there are few issues from using these things. One of these problems can be the heat buildup caused by the production of LED light in a small isolated area. Then, it leads to the need for marijuana grow tent ventilation.

On the other hand, ventilation is essential for all grow tents because it can prevent the production of mold. It takes place when the tent becomes humid and moist. No grower desires to see this unsightly thing as mold contaminates the plants particularly the seeds. The key is to ensure that your grow tents are well-ventilated. If you have done this correctly, you can avoid such common problem easily.

Marijuana Grow Tent System Checklist

You already know the essence of proper ventilation in grow tents. The next step of the process is learning the different equipment and tools in controlling the humidity and temperature within your marijuana grow tent.

Please take note that these are only suggestions. You may be confident in your cannabis growing skills. But, it is still helpful to consider these tools and equipment for your grow tent.

  • Oscillating Fan – This equipment is very useful to grow tent ventilation. What makes it more beneficial is that it is cheaper compared with other extractor fans. Moreover, an oscillating fan keeps air fresh and moving within the marijuana grow room.
  • Extractor Fan – There are various kinds of extractor fans which vary according to the size, specifications and quality level. Generally, an extractor fan is a convenient tool inside your grow room. It works by pulling out the hot air from your tent. Then, it will pump fresh and cool air in it. This type of fan is a bit pricey yet it makes a great investment in maintaining the ventilation of your grow tent.

Tip: If your grow tent is big enough (more or less 48 inches x 48 inches x 80 inches), look for a six-inch extractor fan for best results. Finding the right extractor fan for your tent makes a great difference in keeping humidity and temperature within your tent.

  • Carbon Dioxide Injection – Basically, all plants should breathe in carbon dioxide (CO2) to thrive and grow. This is the reason why considering the sufficient amount of carbon dioxide inside your cannabis grow tent is a must. If you have this extra tool, you are increasing the chances of growing healthy plants and good harvest.
  • Dehumidifier – Dehumidifier is an ideal tool used to get rid of humid inside your marijuana grow room or tent. There are three main functions of a dehumidifier: dehumidifies prevents bacteria, and removes hair and dust. If your grow tent is spacious enough, adding this thing can be a good investment. You should know that not all dehumidifiers are equal. You must spend some time researching for the perfect type to guarantee proper ventilation of your grow tent and excellent growth of your plants.
  • Thermometer – This handy tool is highly essential in times when you are not sure about the temperature inside your grow tent. By using a thermometer, it is easy for you to adjust fan speeds and the lights to obtain a proper temperature for your marijuana plants.

On the other hand, there is also a myriad of grow tent accessories to choose from various stores. These can be:

  • drying net or drying rack;
  • rope clip hanger;
  • wall mount fan;
  • duct vent blower; and
  • organic carbon dioxide generator (hydroponics)

These tools and equipment are also available in the best online dealers. You can also search and walk around to check some of the most trusted local and international stores. These products are not must-haves. However, they are extremely helpful in times you are doubtful of your cannabis growing knowledge and skills.  

Setting Up Your Ventilation System

As mentioned earlier, there are three major factors you need to consider when growing marijuana especially if you do it for business. These important considerations are water, air, and light. However, there are other vital elements you need to check as you set up your grow tent ventilation.

Whether it is the level of carbon dioxide, the smell, humidity, temperature or the ventilation, you need to arrange these factors perfectly. This way, you can create the best environment for the plants. It may seem a big step at first, you will surely reap the fruit of your labor. Thus, you should not forget every detail provided in this article. Here are the details of key elements you need to know in maintaining and creating an ideal growing environment for the marijuana plants and seeds.

  1. Temperature – Generally, the right temperature for cannabis plants usually ranges between 68 and 77 degrees or 20 to 25 Celsius. However, you need to research the level of temperature for the type of cannabis strain or variety you want to grow.

Extreme heat can cause major destruction to your plants. It can also be the reason why your plants tend to grow weak and have heartburn. According to some pros, the best temperature for indoor growing should be 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. It should not be lower than 64 degrees or beyond 86 degrees.

For a grow tent, learn about the standard size of the exhaust fan if you want to invest in it. If possible, choose an exhaust fan with a filter. This filter helps control the smell of marijuana plants. See to it that you will purchase a grow tent ventilation equipment that matches your needs and standards.

  1. Carbon Dioxide – Plants consume carbon dioxide quickly. However, you should be very mindful of your indoor system. The amount of carbon dioxide within your grow tent can affect the photosynthesis process which is essential for the plant growth.

Bear in mind that if you do not intend to add more CO2 into the room or tent, you must allow the ventilation or exhaust fan run all the time with lights on. This way, you pave the way for quick photosynthesis.

Furthermore, you can keep your plants dry and cool by ensuring enough carbon dioxide level within the grow tent. Your ventilation system determines your success in indoor growing. Apart from this aspect, you can add a good electric system or power outlets. Consider these processes as an investment. Soon, it will give you an abundant yield and healthy cannabis plants.

  1. Humidity – The average humidity level should be at least 40% and a maximum of 70%. You can measure the humid levels within your grow tent using a hygrometer. There may be other tools or equipment that can measure humidity, expert growers often choose an electric hygrometer. It is because they find it more precise with automatic functioning for better control over humidity.

Now, what will happen if your grow tent has low humidity levels? Here are some of the consequences:

  • Cannabis plants become stressed;
  • High risk of stagnant growth;
  • Attraction of mold, pests, and mildew; and
  • Death of the yield.

To maintain and secure the health of your plants, make it a habit to check humidity and temperature factors in the grow tent. Otherwise, you will fall into a growing disaster experienced by some cannabis growers.

If there is too high humidity within the grow tent, expect the following results: too wet grow room, lockout or burn of nutrients, the decay of roots, and nutrient deficiency. On the other hand, too low humidity level can cause curling leaves, too dry growing room, stunted or small plants, wilting leaves and attraction to spider mites.

  1. Airflow and Ventilation – Most growers know how difficult it is to control air movement and aeration in indoor growing. However, you cannot just ignore these two essential factors because they are as vital as light, water and nutrients.

Proper airflow gives you a stable supply of temperature, carbon dioxide level, humidity and aromatic nature control within your grow tent. For ventilators, see to it that these will be spaced out to various locations in your grow tent. Doing so helps the air to move around and maximize the efficiency level of the ventilation units.

Additional Tip from Experienced Growers

Just like human beings, plants sleep and wake up. As the grow lights are turned on, they also wake up. If the grow lights are turned off, they go to sleep. Furthermore, they have two cycles of growth which are flowering and vegging.

This is where controllers (timers and scheduling) come in place. It means that you need to turn the lights off and on for a certain time. It will depend on the stage of growth or cycle they are in. Thus, you should also be familiar with two terms in this aspect. These are the following:

  • Mechanical – Using the timers is simple and they run on an exact time as you set them. With these things, you can also take control of the A/C units, fans, grow systems and all those that can be turned on and off.
  • Smart Controller – The second term you should learn is the smart controller. This refers to the activation of the airflow devices, watering and hydroponic pumps, lights and all things inside your grow tent. It works by setting the temperature and the humidity levels, carbon dioxide emitters, feeding times, and more. In other words, using smart controller makes the growing process more efficient. You can assure that the plants will not get sick or not infested.

In this part, you can also encounter two more terms which can help a lot in growing your plants. These are the PPM and pH levels which refer to the things present in the water and nutrients when feeding your cannabis plants. The PPM or parts per million refers to the soluble matter and mineral concentration in the plant. On the other hand, the pH levels of a water source tell about the alkaline and acidity level of the water.

Know what your cannabis plants and seeds need. Whether you are a novice or an experienced grower, you should already be aware that not all marijuana plants survive in the same condition. With this guide to grow tent ventilation, you can get tips from experts. This also implies that you can lower the chances of risking the health of your plants. At the same time, you can save money as you know what you should provide right from the beginning of the process.

Final Thoughts

Your grow tents serve as useful tools for urban and indoor gardening. However, having these tents alone with no proper setup will lead you to disastrous cannabis growing. If you choose to plant indoors, you should plan and prepare for specific details of the process.

If you cannot equip your cannabis to grow room with these ventilation accessories, find at least an oscillating fan as a minimum. To keep your seeds or plants healthy, make sure you consider this guide to marijuana grows tent ventilation. Then, you will see an abundant harvest in the future.

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