Top 10 Celebrities that Use Cannabis

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Top 10 Celebrities that Use Cannabis

Hollywood has its share of celebrities who openly admit that they smoke weed. In fact, these superstars don’t just smoke cannabis; they also support cannabis rights and legalization. From singers to actors, musicians to artists, we have the top 10 list of celebrities that use cannabis for you.

Why Do Celebrities Use Cannabis Anyway?

With a growing number of famous people supporting cannabis, you may have wondered why they really love weed. Well there are a number of reasons why.

  • They use medicinal marijuana

It’s no secret that cannabis is useful for a number of medical conditions. There are top CBD strains used for the treatment of anxiety, stress, and depression while there are THC-rich strains used for pain and inflammation. Cannabis is natural, potent and also enjoyable. Who wouldn’t want to get rid of a headache and still enjoy a good high?

  • Weed helps them become creative

There are cannabis strains that can help you concentrate, strains that can help you feel positive and inspired. You will also feel that creative side come out as you ride the high. Some artists like song writers, musicians, and visual artists rely on cannabis for inspiration no wonder movies, songs and the like are becoming more and more awesome year after year.

  • Cannabis makes them more focused

A number of cannabis strains can make you more focused so you can accomplish more tasks. These strains reduce physical and mental fatigue and give you an unusual burst of energy. Successful celebrities work hard and they play hard too. They need cannabis to focus and to fight fatigue so they can work on their projects day or night.  

  • They just want to get high!

Growing up from a family and from a community who openly use cannabis is one of the reasons why some celebrities consume cannabis. Who could blame them? They just want to feel that amazing high! They want to enjoy the company of people who consume and love what they love.

The Top 10 Celebrities who Use Weed

  1. Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen’s comedic presence is pure talent and possibly influenced by weed as well which he claims that he has a prescription for. The “Sausage Party” star is known for his amazing blockbuster movies like “This is The End,” “The Interview” and “Neighbors.” He has admitted to taking weed for a medical condition known as ‘I ain’t got no weed on me right now.’

The actor has tons of videos and posts online proving he has smoked tried every weed consumption method. Seth was even on a video showing how he smoked pot from a huge gravity bong! He has also graced TV interviews where he talked on and on about weed.

And it looks like the Canadian actor won’t be giving up on weed soon with new movies and shows coming his way this year and beyond.

  1. Bob Marley

Bob Marley is the face of marijuana. The Jamaican singer was famous for his quote “Why drink and drive if I can smoke and fly?” Of course, he was referring to the high that weed gives to users.

Born Robert Nesta Marley, he was a singer and songwriter who popularized reggae and ska songs like “No Woman No Cry” and “Redemption Song.” Bob had his own distinctive style of songwriting and vocal style that has created a strong following all over the world.

Bob called cannabis a “sacrament,” a healing plant. He believed in the therapeutic power of marijuana and spent most of his later years campaigning for its legalization. He thought that cannabis use was included in the Bible saying that Psalms 104: 14 supported his belief. The singer considered consumption of marijuana as important for religious growth and as a way to become wiser as well.

Bob Marley died committed to religion and his music. He died of skin cancer in 1981 at the age of 36.

  1. Miley Cyrus

When Miley Cyrus shed her Disney image, the whole world was shocked. Not only did she changed her image but she once openly admitted that she consumed weed, even calling cannabis the best drug on the planet.

Born Miley Ray Cyrus, the “Wrecking Ball” singer wrote and sang her own songs. She is pure talent on TV and on stage even being very creative and bold in everything that she does. At one point in her life, she quit taking weed saying she needed a break to focus on her music. But now it looks like she is at it again.

From a recent interview on the “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” the multi-awarded singer said that she might smoke the drug again. She said that weed was actually her “first and true love” and that it may not be for her now but she is sure that there will come a time when she will happily indulge in marijuana again.   

  1. Snoop Dogg

What would a top ten celebrity stoner list be without the legendary Snoop Dogg? The American singer, rapper and record producer is one of the foremost supporters of marijuana use and in fact, he mostly includes cannabis every chance he gets whether he’s on television, on the radio, and on stage.

Marijuana is part of Snoop’s image. He once claimed that he smokes 80 blunts per day and that he has received certification for the use of medical marijuana to treat his migraines. But there was one time when Snoop announced that he was quitting marijuana for good in 2002. His abstinence did not last long though because he was smoking weed again after a few months.

  1. Jerry Garcia

American singer and songwriter Jerry Garcia once said: “A person’s relationship to drugs is like their relationship to sex.” The psychedelic rock singer was lead guitarist and vocalist of Grateful Dead. He rose to super stardom during the counterculture era in the 1960s and was known for songs like “Sugaree,” “Touch of Grey” and “Friend of the Devil.”

Garcia loved reminiscing the first time that he smoked cannabis. He recalled smoking with a friend, going up the foothills of San Francisco with only two joints. He said the he got so high that he laughed so hard going down the streets having a fantastic time.  

Jerry Garcia lived a life dedicated to his music. Later in life, he struggled with smoking, obesity and drug addictions. He died of a heart attack in 1995 in a drug rehabilitation facility in California at the age of 53.

  1. Woody Harrelson

Woody Harrelson is a popular comedian, actor, and playwright. He is best known for his roles in “Zombieland” and quite recently, “Venom.” He once called cannabis’ effect as euphoria publicly admitting that he smoked weed even during a dinner with Donald Trump.

But like Miley Cyrus, Woody once said that he would like to quit cannabis so he could get his head straight. The marijuana advocate was able to keep his abstinence for two years but thanks to his close friend fellow marijuana supporter Willie Nelson, he is smoking weed again.

Harrelson was interviewed by Ellen Degeneres in 2018 where he said that he was actually weed-free for more than two years. But peer pressure caused him to return to his cannabis smoking ways after being unable to resist Willie’s Reserve vaping cartridge.

Harrelson smoked weed on a regular basis for 30 years before deciding to quit in 2016. He also revealed that his buddy Willie took every chance he had to offer him smoke but he was able to resist.  

  1. Brad Pitt

One of the reasons why Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie split is because of his weed use. Angelina revealed that she can’t stand Brad’s weed smoking ways and he is becoming a bad example for their kids.

Brad once admitted that he had no regard for anything and just smoked weed every time he got the chance. Reports say that the “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” actor has a long history with cannabis.

He continuously smoked weed while married with ex-wife Jennifer Aniston who also confessed to consuming marijuana as well. He was actually so open and honest about his weed use that he was often very excited about smoking pot. Brad once said that he smoked with a very popular co-star in his trailer and that he is an artist when it comes to rolling joints.

The “Fight Club” star once went to France with director Quentin Tarantino to promote their movie “Inglorious Basterds.” The legendary filmmaker revealed that Brad had a brick of hash and he used a knife to cut him a big portion. Tarantino asked if he had a pipe with him and Brad simply handed him a Coke can to use.

  1. Whoopi Goldberg

“Sister Act” star Whoopi Goldberg is very open about her weed use. She once said that she has a “private relationship” with her vape pen but it looks like that relationship is out in the open now that she has her own company that sells medicinal cannabis products.

Whoopi has decided to follow what she has always loved: marijuana. Together with Maya Elizabeth, founder of Om Edibles and recipient of seven High Times Cannabis Cup awards, they started Whoopi & Maya medical cannabis.

Whoopi & Maya is where you can find signature medicinal cannabis products that are designed for pain relief. The multi-awarded star recommends that her customers to “Soak, Savor, Rub and Relax” with her heavenly products. Whoopi & Maya products are yet to be available all over the US but now they are ready for orders in California and in Colorado.  

  1. Matthew McConaughey

“Interstellar” actor and marijuana supporter Matthew McConaughey said that he actually coined the catchphrase “Alright, alright, alright” while he was “high as a kite.”  The actor is very open about his weed use that even in an interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” he revealed that he smoked weed on the set of his movie “The Beach Bum.”

He said in 2018 that it was actually his co-star Snoop Dogg who was responsible for his smoking weed on set. He thought that he was smoking fake weed but the rapper swaps it for a real one. The unsuspecting “Serenity” star did not know that he was smoking the real deal and thought he was using a prop made from crushed oregano.

After the scene ended, Matthew exclaimed “Oh, you son of a gun. Now the next nine hours were a lot of fun.” The actor admitted that he “got Snooped” referring to the prank that the rapper did to him.

  1. Steve Jobs

If marijuana could make you smart as Steve Jobs then count us in! The Apple co-founder admitted that he ate pot brownies in the 70s. He also stated that smoking both marijuana and hashish was not unusual for him back in the days. He and his friends indulged in drugs and had a great time because cannabis made him more creative and helped him relax.

Jobs admitted that the last time that he got high was back in 1977 and he used anywhere from smoking once a week to indulging only once a month.

Steve Jobs even confessed to using LSD and called the drug one of the “two or three most important things” that he ever did. He thanked LSD for opening his mind and allowing him to view the world with fresh eyes. The Apple CEO also narrated in a security check interview, how he used LSD. This was the exact same interview that he said he was no stranger to cannabis use.

Other A-list celebrities who smoke weed are Madonna, Rhianna, Jennifer Aniston, and even former US President Barrack Obama. Actors like Megan Fox should also be part of this list. The “Transformers” actress think that cannabis should be legalized everywhere. She once said in an interview that if ever marijuana was to be legalized, she would be the first one in line to buy a pack of joints.

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