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10 Cannabis Strains Perfect for Insomnia

You may have the most common ideas on how it is to become insomniac. You are already in bed and you want to sleep and rest, but your eyes won’t just cooperate! You have already tried different sleeping pills and drank warm milk hoping that these will help you get asleep. You have tried so much, but unfortunately, you did not succeed. That is insomnia that is attacking you! And many understand the burden of lack of sleep. Maybe there are so many nights that insomnia has left you weak and helpless. And for sure you do not want to prolong this agony. You want to look for the best medication that will finally save you from your condition.

Medically speaking, insomnia is a kind of sleep disorder which some people are going through. If an individual is regularly dealing with insomnia, then he must understand what a horror it can be.

There are several reasons why people get insomnia. Some are established by a medical condition, while others are due to psychiatric or mental problems. Further, people can also experience insomnia because of poor sleeping habits. Several issues like hypertension, anxiety, chronic pain, stress, trauma, or depression can lead to insomnia.

Moreover, engaging in activities that would require a person to stay awake until a late hour which causes the adrenaline to pierce can also trigger insomnia. Even the habit of drinking caffeine during late afternoon or in the evening can also be a great contributing factor for insomnia.

Approximately one out of three people suffer from insomnia. It is said that a healthy sleep among adults should be seven to nine hours. A sleep that falls short on the ideal hour may be reflective to one’s health.

Some Facts About Insomnia

  1. Around 10% of the total population goes through a chronic insomnia
  2. You are at higher danger of being exposed to insomnia if you are over 60 years old, a woman, have physical health issues, or have mental health issues.
  3. You are probably to experience insomnia if you already have kids.

Insomnia can become a serious condition. The lack of sleep can develop psychological results as it can really wear you down. Probably you have observed that when are relatively tired than the usual, you are more prone to becoming short-tempered.

To point it out, there is so much trouble when one gets insomnia:

  1. One can encounter an accident
  2. One may not be able to work effectively
  3. The value of life declines
  4. The simple and easy tasks may seem difficult and overpowering
  5. One may see his motivation depleted

Because insomnia is definitely a disturbing case, around 95% of insomniacs get help from a certain type of medication to comfort them with their sleep. But what is good is that even if you are dealing with insomnia, you are not the only person who is going through it. In fact, insomnia has become a very prevailing condition, which has triggered the creation of various treatment alternatives. Lately, a lot of patients are making use of weeds to aid their sleeping problems, giving credit to the relaxing effects that these weeds produce. The best marijuana strains for sleep medication can free your running mind, alleviate chronic pain, soothe your body, and assist you to get asleep.

How Should You Handle Insomnia?

If you find it helpful to change the schedule of your bedtime so that your insomnia can be solved, then do not hesitate to implement these changes! But if your insomnia is triggered by anxiety, depression, or pain, then you might just want to try marijuana to help you with your situation. There are some tones of marijuana that are ideal in calming insomnia that is influenced by chronic pain. Other types of marijuana work better for insomnia that is triggered by anxiety. Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, is the primary psychoactive ingredient of cannabis, is also recognized for its soothing characteristics.

Nonetheless, if you are having difficulty with your sleep because of anxiety and apprehensions, the so-called cannabidiol or CBD would be a better treatment for you. The proper intake of high CBD cannabis product or maybe just the ample intake of CBD to neutralize the effects of THC can be much beneficial for insomniacs as it can finally put an end to their trouble in sleeping.

For the time being, cannabinol or CBN is five times much soothing compared to THC, hence it can also be another alternative for the medication of your insomnia.

There are various options for marijuana strains, thus it is really important to find the best marijuana strain for insomnia. So far, the indica strains appear to become the most working strain, giving relaxing fallout that is opposite to the “upper” result which certain individuals encounter with sativa strains. Further, also contemplate consolidating your chosen strain to a comestible, since the results of comestible are likely to endure longer compared to vaporizing or smoking. Lastly, if the insomnia is triggered by anxiety, you may find it necessary refraining high-leveled THC strains. Some people have only worsened the indications of anxiety when exposed to high-leveled THC.

List of 10 Cannabis Strains That are Best for Insomnia

1. Girl Scout Cookies

This type of marijuana contains 20% of THC and 2% of CBD. People who are under depression can make use of this kind of marijuana because it has this kind of characteristics wherein it provides a sedating, relaxation results to the body, thus making it a good alternative for those who have insomnia. However, people must be aware that Girl Scout Cookies is a very compelling strain; therefore people are recommended to go moderately as it can generate a powerful psychoactive result.

2. Harlequin

This kind of marijuana strain is 75% sativa-dominant hybrids. Harlequin contains CBD and THC, with CBD in a higher ratio that is 5:2. Further, it has the ability to relieve the pain, depression, stress, and anxiety. Even though it is a given fact that Harlequin is superior in sativa, it is also recognized as a calming marijuana strain that aids people to get a good and longer sleep. It is specifically ideal for individuals who have insomnia that is driven by anxiety because it only involves a very minimal, or totally zero psychoactivity.

3. White Widow

This kind of marijuana strain is a balanced hybrid. It is known to be more analytical and calming as it gives a well-neutralized psychoactive effect. It contains 20% of THC and 2% of CBD. White Widow is best recommended as medication to people who have insomnia that is affiliated with depression and pain.

4. Cookie Jar

This kind of marijuana strain is a lovechild of Platinum Girl Scout Cookies and White Fire Alien OG. This can provide effective relief to both anxiety and headaches. Moreover, this strain is generally acknowledged of providing an entire body calming effects. With this being explained, Cookie Jar becomes ideal for people who have insomnia.

5. Kryptonite 

This kind of marijuana strain is a combination of Killer Queen and Mendocino Purps.  This kind of natural alternative possesses a high grade of THC, which can even go up to 25%. It can be used to ease anxiety and pain while offering the benefits of body relaxation so that one can finally get a good sleep. It is necessary to perceive that there are certain people see this marijuana strain to compel stimulation. It is also good to know that the results of Kryptonite to a person can vary. There are people who see it innovatively invigorating, while there are also individuals who see it as the best marijuana strain that can help them in easing their sleep.

6. Hawaiian Purple Kush

Hawaiian Purple Kush is an 80% indica-superior combination that is an infusion of Purple Kush and Hawaiian. It contains 15% of THC with a minimum grade of CBD. It is popular for promoting excellent muscle relaxation and possessing pain-alleviating characteristics. This Hawaiian Purple Kush has the capability of promoting a comprehensive relaxed environment which becomes an ideal approach to the medication of insomnia.

7. A-10

This marijuana strain contains a higher content of CBD and THC. It is acknowledged with the ability to combat chronic pain, benumbed migraine, and lessens anxiety. The high content of THC has turned it to become beneficial in eradicating the issues of insomnia. In the intervening time, the high content of CBD also helps an individual to keep asleep while neutralizing any psychoactivity generated from the high grade of THC. A-10 has an enduring potency, which facilitates in boosting a good sleep.

8. Grape Ape

This kind of marijuana strain releases a couch lock. Nonetheless, the results are not expected to come abruptly, which becomes perfect for assisting people in getting good sleep and stay asleep for an ideal number of hours. Grape Ape produces an effect that is both calming and sedative, and it is also admitted to being beneficial in comforting anxiety.

9. Hindu Kush

This one is an indica that possesses 14% of THC. It is recognized for its capability to annihilate severe headaches and pain. People who have insomnia that is driven by pain may use Hindu Kush as a medication. This cannabis strain is also beneficial in relieving pain, stress, anxiety, and even mood disorders. Further, Hindu Kush persuades a deep soothing result which can assist people to feel relax and eventually fall asleep.

10. Afghani CBD

This marijuana strain is high in CBD. It is acknowledged to provide a therapeutic and relaxing experience. Because of its high CBD content, this strain is specifically beneficial in lessening anxiety while assembling a soothing result which can aid people to get asleep. Moreover, Afghani CBD is best in relieving chronic pain and lessening spasms of muscles, which can lead to assistance to people who are going through a condition such as Parkinson’s disease.

These are the common options for cannabis strains. It is important that you are able to select the perfect strain that will best fit your requirements. You must know that these cannabis strains or varieties are largely flexible and their results will execute to help you get a good and sufficient sleep. Moreover, they will enhance on supporting in safeguarding against the contradictory results of other issues too such as depression, stress, and pain.

In finding the best marijuana strain, you must bear in mind that it is best to be sure. Look for a supplier that is both dependable and legal. Also, the best method of finding the best cannabis strain is to determine the reasons why you are having trouble getting sleep. The reasons can be due to biological aspects, depression, reflux issues, or even hypertension. The aspects which identify which marijuana strain will be most useful for you are identified by your unique symptoms and the exclusive qualities of the strain you have decided to treat them. You can still improve the quality of your lifestyle by achieving good sleep.

Fortunately, the marijuana industry offers plenty of choices with numbers of suppliers. The assortment of the dispensary menu is created to offer a wide array of choices even with the particular groups such as sativa or indica, allowing the patients to look at options and tailor-make their medication plan. Majority of the patients really appreciate the knowledge that they are given and offered products that are cultured particularly for medical consumption and have went through lab tests to ensure safety and effectiveness.

It can be challenging to decide which marijuana strain to choose once you will be facing down a dispensary menu. But when you know what you really need and you equip yourself with the basic knowledge on these known marijuana strains, then you will eventually get the best and the right item. Also, you have to make sure that you check the reputation of the online marijuana store or dispensary before you buy anything from them. You have to make sure that the quality of their products is indeed great and that the price is reasonable.

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