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How to Care for Marijuana Seedlings

Marijuana seedlings are greatly fragile and therefore should be guarded by all means. But how can you strengthen the young seedlings in order for them to grow into healthy high-producing plants? If you like to enjoy an optimum harvest once the growing phase ends, then it is important that you place proper care on your marijuana seedlings on every stage of its life. Some growers have the tendency of only putting their care and focus to their plants one the harvest season is already near approaching. Conceivably, the most significant phase in the life of marijuana, the phase of a seedling is the moment when the plants are ultimately defenseless. A hearty phase of plant seedling can signify a powerful groundwork for the vegetation phase as well as the blooming growth in the latter part. How can make sure that your plants can grow successfully with endurance?

Understanding the Basic Concepts of Seedlings

Seedlings take place when some procedures occur at the start of the marijuana’s life. The moment the seed is planted flourishingly, it breaks up into two as its bud develops right from the husk. The tail vegetates earthward, plunging deep-seated into the ground until it created sufficient edge to develop higher ground too. The husk which possesses the two halves of the Cannabis Seeds will crop up from the soil and penetrate solar energy in order to release chlorophyll. What is left in the growth of your plant carries on from there? This is how the stage of the seedling is being illustrated.

The growth of the leaf of an immature seedling starts through sucker leaves. Sucker leaves are known to be the initial two leaves which appear during the period by which the seed has broken up into two. Next to the coming out of the sucker leaves appear two three-lobed leaves, that develop, that shoot out on the center of the sucker leaves. After which, you will find five-lobed leaves. Lastly, you will see the common seven-lobed leaves which are well recognized and conveniently pointed out as the leaf of the marijuana. The entire new leaves from there on will be characterized with seven lobes.

Safekeeping the Seedlings

Given the fact that the marijuana plants are in their most defenseless stage during the phase of seedling, it is the ultimate significance that you go far and wide to ensure and keep their safety. You may consider it as a form of an investment – it will be your investment for the forthcoming stage of vegetation, and also for your final harvest. The protection of the seedlings is minimally referring to the danger of them being found, but it is more of them encountering and handling other kinds of dangers.

Rodents, insects, and other types of pests have a special attraction for the seedlings. They would be very happy to eat them! Hence it will be best if you can use some kind of home to throw these pests away. You can make use of some dome or see-through bubble to carry out the plot. A lot of growers find the comfort of constructing these homes by themselves through the use of transparent plastic bottles which they cut in two and utilize the lower portion to be put over every seedling. Never miss the idea of cutting holes to obtain appropriate ventilation. The dome that you would like to create can potentially guard the young marijuana plants against the pests. It will also guard the plant against the danger of sudden frost, acting as an efficient insulator.

As the seedlings demand guarding and protection against some things, they also require plenty of other factors, such as water and sunlight. The soil surrounding the seedlings must be moistened all the time. Further, plenty of sunlight is also needed. The dilemma or comfort of acquiring these requirements may rely on your exact location. Climates situated further north have a shorter period of spring days, thus sunlight is expected to be lesser. If the seedlings fail to get sufficient sunlight, they shall start extending crossways until they grow too tall that they can no longer stay erect. Hence, you must do everything to prevent this thing from happening.

With this justification, a lot of growers choose to grow their Cannabis Seeds in an indoor environment. You can refer to artificial lights in order to supply the seedlings with the kind of nutrition which is required to keep them healthy, durable start. This, certainly, also brings the difficulty of having to transplant your plant latter. It is really important that you contemplate first your options before you finally make up your mind and decide which one to choose.

Watering the Seedlings

Well, the most occurring problem with watering the seedlings is overwatering. This often happens especially if you are just new to this endeavor. In this situation, the volume of water is actually not the real problem. Instead, the issue is the insufficient oxygen caused by a huge volume of water. This usually happens among plants which are being grown in containers. The easiest way of recognizing the manifestation of overwatering is the dropping of leaves. If you see this kind of manifestation, then you are expected to act on it immediately.

How Can You Resolve the Problem of Overwatering?

A lot of growers are amazed to find out that overwatering happens most normally if they are vegetating small plants in huge containers. This is what likely can happen – with a huge container and small plant, growers are allured to supply the container with the highest volume of water that the container is capable of holding. This leads to overwatering.

To stop this thing from happening, you have to see to it that the seedlings are grown in containers that are suited to their size. There is a perfect time of moving them to a larger container – wait some time until it grows enough. However, if you have already grown your plants and then realized that you have wrongly planted them in larger containers, then simply concentrate your plant watering on a little radius surrounding the stem of the plant. Pause until you notice the top inch portion of the soil gets dry again, and then you can water again.

Skilled growers will have arrays of pot sizes available for the different life stages of their marijuana plants. This frequently covers to growers who like to have their plants grown in containers during the entire season, instead of moving them out to an outdoor site.

But what happens if your container is too small for your seedling? In this situation, the seedlings are most probably turn “root bound”. This means that the roots will create an underground obstruction right in the circumference of the outside portion of the cup. This will stop the water from running out outside just as it is expected to do. The “root bound” plant shall encounter all kinds of issues, thus you must prevent this thing from happening.

Another issue that can occur to lead to overwatering is the improper container drainage of your seedling. You have to make sure that holes were created in the bottom portion of the container. It is also important that the holes are large enough to provide access to water for escape through. If drainage is not installed, the issue of overwatering can go to the extent of threatening the life of the plant. To prevent this, it will be best if you use the kind of soil that is able to drain properly. Do not use soil that is so much clay-based. If you notice issues on drainage, use perlite in order to boost the oxygen that is present in the soil, and lower watering until the plant returns to its normal condition.

How Can You Resolve the Problem of Underwatering?

The issue of underwatering, though not a common problem, can also lead to calamitous effects on the seedling. The problem of underwatering can be determined with the manifestation of drooping which underwatered plants illustrate. Underwatering happens when growers recompense and trigger the contradicting problem.

To sum up the requirements of water for the marijuana seedling, the roots demand constant water access. Just as when any roots of the plants penetrate water, the said water shall be delivered to the plant and is adrift through the process of transpiration of the leaves. Because the transpiration process is unceasing, if the seedlings will not acquire passage to sufficient water to help it, there is a tendency for serious issues to occur.

One method of determining the issue of underwatering is to check the soil whether it really keeps apart from the container. Soil will really separate from the container if underwatered because it is too dry. You must be particularly involved when watering the plants if the soil that you are using is fortified with nutrients, since the result of underwatering when placed with nutrients can be ultimate.

Good thing underwatering can be simply transposed if caught in time. All you have to do is to provide the plants with more volume of water. If you can do it so, the plants are expected to throw in again in just a short period of time.

Nutrients Needed for Seedlings

Feeding the seedlings with nutrients is also something you need to do with care. The expansion of nutrient toxicity is a critical and implicitly ruinous issue for immature marijuana plants. If the seedlings are being grown in soil that is filled with nutrients, then it will be helpful if you indemnify for it through adding more amount of water. Generally, it is not a brilliant idea to provide young seedlings excessive in the form of nutrients. You can also use a potting mix in top quality to do this scheme, even in the absence of additional nutrients, until the seedlings reach a few weeks of age.

On the spectrum’s opposing party, there is also a possibility of giving the seedlings lesser than they require. This is known as a nutrient deficiency. You will know if the plant is being affected with nutrient deficiency once the leaves start folding and become yellow. Eventually, these leaves will fall off. Hence, it is significant to make sure that the marijuana plants possess just the right amount of nutrients all through their life stages, particularly if they consume their soil. Plants that are grown without the use of soil also need nutrients.

Additional accomplish of nutrient problems in the seedling can be the unbalanced pH level. Unbalanced pH level can actually hinder the plants from penetrating the proper volume of nutrients, regardless if those nutrients are enriched within the ground.

The Temperature for the Seedlings

Generally, the most ideal temperature in growing hearty seedlings is at seventy-three degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures that go beyond that will lead to the snug of the leaves. And if the leaves really snug, you can still rescue the situation by simply reducing the heat, or perhaps transferring the lamp more distant from the marijuana plants. When mixed with underwatering, this can have an extreme injury to the young plants.

Recommended Lights for the Seedlings

For seeds that are germinated indoor, you can place the seedlings below the lighting of a fluorescent. Fluorescent lights are energy efficient and they also do not make too much in the form of excessive heat. For safe placement, situate the light within two to four inches distance from the plants. Execute seedling lights with a gap of eighteen hours of light, and six hours of dark.

For outdoor-germinated seeds, you will be relying on the sunlight. Overall, you will not exceed the limit of sunlight for your plants except if you disregard the other factors for their maintenance. If the seedlings are starting to grow slender and taller, this signifies that they are elongating to catch more amount of light – which means that they do not possess sufficient as it is. You must understand that if you notice your plants elongating, then a problem is existing. The plants must have strong and durable stems to help the vegetation and flowering stages during the latter period. If the seedlings start to elongate, you can try curving back the stem to push them to reconstruct the parts which have curved and torn, thus heading to a generally stronger stem. If it will be doable for you, give the plants more amount of light to prevent this issue collectively.

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