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How to Make your Own Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Discover the easiest, cheapest, and most natural way to make your own feminized seeds.

If you cultivate your own weed or would like to learn this skill to stop growing male plants that will end up pollinate those buds and make them have seeds, making a decision to DIY feminized Cannabis Seeds is wise.

Maintain Quality

The reason why you feminize seeds is to maintain the quality of a good crop. You want to recreate the harvest that you like at this cycle, you can feminize the seeds. That means you are saving that generation of seeds for it to be the next gen without men plants so your buds will not be pollinated to have any seeds.

Keep Your Crop Protected

If you are a breeder, this protects your seed strain. It ensures that propagation by seeds of your weed strain won’t happen as the buyer will only have female plants that won’t bear seeds as there is no male. Another marijuana plant can be made from a female plant would be by using the clone-only method or other methods, but that would complicate the process of propagation. As such, it is more profitable in the long run for breeders just to sell feminized seeds as their weed strain would be more difficult to replicate.

Simple Breeding Process

Making feminized seeds is a thing that some breeders do, and you will become a home cannabis plant breeder when you do this procedure. Doing this process makes your gardening skills much better. It is a simple process that can be done for crop production and to save money, also. You might be aware that feminized seeds are more expensive than regular seeds. Making your own saves you money.

For Storage of Seeds

It is also good to create these kinds of seeds for storage. Cannabis seeds that are kept properly will last for a long time. Seeds are collectible and can be kept as novelty items. You would love to store feminized seeds if you have no plans of growing them right away.

There is also a profusion of weed seeds that can be harvested, maybe much more than you are allowed to cultivate. That extra, bountiful amount of seeds can be kept for future use. Seeds have value and who knows, it can even be left to be passed down to future generations. And, the value of those seeds can increase. You can also keep the seeds to be part of your holocaust survival items so that you can propagate those, just in case the world gets devastated and you need to grow marijuana plants.

When Deciding to Cultivate

One of the steps to take when planning to grow a marijuana plant is what kind of seeds to use. There are 3 seed types to choose from which are regular, feminized, and autoflower. Regular seeds will germinate both male and female plants. Feminized seeds will grow into flowering cannabis plants. Autoflower seeds will grow cannabis plants that do not require the changing of light cycles to flower. Autoflower seeds will go female plants and these seeds are feminized.

Advantages of Using Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Eliminates growing male plants. It is a practical decision to prevent the waste of time and effort to growing male plants that will ultimately be discarded, anyway. After nurturing a male plant for a number of weeks, you might have spent good money on it to just trash it.

Growing a Mother Plant

Weed strains are made by crossing two or more plants. It is possible to extend the vegetative time for that stage to get cuttings for yet another yield for uniformity of crop product and even larger production.

Light Scheduling

Feminized seeds are photoperiod strains. That means that it requires the changing of light cycles for it to flower. It gives you the control to shorten or lengthen the time of the vegetative stage which can be done by light scheduling.

More THC Content

Feminized weed plants have more THC content than male cannabis plant because of the trichrome in their flowers. It will also contain more CBD and CBN if these are present in that weed strain.

Naturally Made

It is a common misconception that feminized seeds are genetically modified. These are not and are made through natural means, especially when using the method featured in this article.

Imagine, the time and effort required to take care of a male plant that you might have to get rid of after such a long time. When those male plants enter the flowering stage where the sacs meet the stem, you will notice it is a male plant. That will take at least 5 weeks of nurturing the plant until flowering time. That means all the expenses are wasted if you plan to remove the male plant.


Rodelization is the cheaper and easier way to create feminized Cannabis Seeds. It is the process of manipulating the biological factors of the cannabis plant to create feminized seeds. This is an all-natural process that has its advantages and disadvantages.

Rodelization is the easiest, most natural, and cheapest way for you to get feminized seeds from the strain of your choice.

The main advantage to this method of feminization is that it is all natural and you won’t have to rely on chemicals to do this. The downside is that it requires you to apply some stress on a female marijuana plant that can be tricky.

This is the act of having a female cannabis plant essentially fertilize itself and will often result in seeds with female characteristics.

How to Make Feminized Seeds Using Rodelization

The main purpose of rodelization is to keep a female marijuana plant in their flowering stage long after their harvest time to get them to create pollen sacs on their own. This can be a bit tricky since you won’t know the reaction the plant will have at this state unless you are working with a particular strain that is known to react positively to rodelization.

The main effect that you are looking for with the female plant is for them to get stressed enough or near enough to the end of their life cycle to start producing their own pollen sacs.

It is more recommended to use just one female plant to start off with if you are still new to this.

Once the pollen sacs have emerged, you can then choose the colas and buds from your other female plants for pollinate to create all female seeds. Note that this can also create hermaphrodite marijuana plants especially if the strain you are using is prone to this.

When pollinating the female marijuana plants, break open the sacs carefully into a clean container to avoid them spreading around. You can use a sheet of paper or a gloved hand so that you can apply the pollen into each of the colas more carefully. This will initiate the fertilization process and the plants will start creating the feminized seeds.

However, if you only want to get feminized seeds from a small number of the female plants that you have, be sure to isolate them from that plants you wish to keep untouched. This is so that you will be able to harvest colas without any seeds.

Other Methods of Making Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Harvesting the pollen. When the colas are ready to harvest, there might be a few male flowers that will appear. That also signifies that the cannabis buds are totally ripe. It is said that pollen can be harvested by placing a newspaper on the ground surrounding the plant but that is the lazy way that can be a fail. The most efficient way to gather the pollen is with an unused watercolor brush. Open the sacs and use the brush to gather the pollen. Then, brush the pollen on the flowers of the same plant or the other female plants that you wish to fertilize.

This pollen can also be stored in a small glass or metal container. It can be stored for a few months in the refrigerator or freezer for future use. Female pollen is currently being sold by some cannabis farms as there is the demand for this marijuana product because of the growing popularity of making your own feminized seeds.

Chemical Methods

There are 3 chemicals that are used to make feminized Cannabis Seeds. The chemicals are gibberellic acid, silver thiosulfate, and silver nitrate. These three chemicals work as an inhabitant. It inhibits the capacity of the plant to produce the hormone that works to promote female flowering. This hormone is called ethylene.

Colloidal Silver

These are minute particles of silver which are suspended in water. It is also natural and is safe to use. The colloidal silver can inhibit the ethylene hormone also.

Choosing the Right Method

As rodelization is the most natural way to make your own feminized seeds, take note that in the other methods that require using a paintbrush as a tool for pollen gathering is also an organic procedure. Gather the pollen carefully as bees do so to create honey, and you will be like a busy bee, making feminized seeds.

There is the ease of when using the chemical methods and colloidal silver. It is said that there are harmful effects when using such chemicals yet that is a common misconception. It is still not organic products though colloidal silver is natural. Yet, it does bring about a chemical reaction in the cannabis plant.

When deciding what method to use, the first thing to consider is if it is organic or not. That should be the basis of the decision as we must all go back to using natural methods in cultivating our marijuana plants. Cannabis is natural medicine and if a chemical is applied to it, it will disrupt the process of the production of a certain hormone. If pollen is placed, then that is natural.

Pollen gathering using the hands, paper, or a brush tool is a process that should be done with gentleness. Pollen is delicate and the flowers and sacs are also fragile. Do this task with light hands to prevent harming the buds and other plant parts during the pollen gathering and pollen application procedure.

Be Organic

We nurture plants for these to grow well, to the best of our ability. To ensure that our finished product is organically grown and harvested, we must also ensure that our feminized seeds are also organically made. Avoiding the use of chemicals is just the thing to do. There are many commercial growers that do use chemicals. These chemicals are readily available to buy yet, we have to make the right choices.

Though these chemicals are safe, it is advisable to choose to grow marijuana organically. It may present some difficulty to home growers as even the choices for organic products to use such as fertilizers can be limited – but there are those products that can make the change that we need to save our planet.

Marijuana is Natural Medicine

Going back to basics is necessary. When weed was recognized as medical marijuana, it made the changes necessary for us to stop being dependent on synthetic drugs as that was then the only option for a prescription. Now, we have the medical marijuana option as a prescription medicine. It gave us treatment to stop the side effects of cancer treatments such as chemotherapy. Marijuana is natural medicine and should ideally be grown in the most natural way possible.

We have to invest in containers, growing medium, and other things that our cannabis plant needs to thrive. Using the natural method eliminates the need for buying chemicals. That means savings while choosing the better option.

Grow Marijuana as Naturally as Possible

Now that you have learned how to make your own feminized seeds, you can do so without using chemicals. It is a fun procedure to do. It will make your gardening skills improve. It will be an interesting challenge to open those sacs and get the pollen. You can get to save the precious pollen and get to store the feminized seeds.

Ensure that the feminized seeds that you will use are made without the use of chemicals. Make your own. Marijuana flowering time is exciting enough as the buds will be ready to harvest soon and yes, it can be collectible seeds that do have a monetary value that can be kept. You’ll have the additional Cannabis Seeds product to store. The price for any given weed strain’s feminized seeds is more expensive than regular seeds.

Replicate Nature

When marijuana is grown indoors, the ideal atmospheric conditions are created to replicate nature. When making feminized seeds, replicate what a bee would do so it would be natural. The value of improving your gardening skills is priceless. In this easy tutorial on how to make your own feminized Cannabis Seeds, you have learned to do so using the most natural way possible.

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