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Granddaddy Purple Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Granddaddy Purple (which is also known as Grand Daddy Purps or GDP) is an indica-dominant hybrid that is very famous in the cannabis markets of the USA. It is the most well-known cannabis strain that emits a purple hue in its plant structures. As a staple in almost every garden in the West Coast, the Granddaddy Purple Feminized is a classic that has withstood the tests of time! Parent strains of this hybrid consists of some Purple Urkle and...

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Granddaddy Purple Regular Marijuana Seeds

Undoubtedly the most popular 'purple' cannabis available in the market, Granddaddy Purple, or otherwise known as Grand Daddy Purps, is an iconic and sought-after Indica strain. This legendary cannabis was created by Ken Estes back in 2003 and is fairly new, compared to other iconic varieties out there. With a goal to create the ultimate Indica hybrid, GDP is the result of crossing the incredible genetics of Purple Urkle and Big Bud.  Granddaddy Purple or GDP regular strain is a...

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Grandaddy Purple Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

GDP or Granddaddy Purple is among the legendary cannabis strains that deserve a spot in your garden. Your life as a cannabis grower won’t be more fulfilling without her. GDP is available in different variants, including this autoflowering variety. Beaver Seeds is your one-stop-shop for quality cannabis seeds like her. This is shipped without packaging

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Grandaddy Purple Feminized Seeds

Grandaddy Purple is a highly potent indica strain that will bulldoze every tense part of your body with its THC potency of up to 35 percent. Taking this strain will have you flying across a field of bliss where none of your troubles can reach you. In addition, Grandaddy Purple embodies a strong berry profile that smells and taste like grape jam mixed with blueberries and cherries. Breaking apart its buds will tickle your nose and make your mouth...

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Granddaddy Bruce Feminized Marijuana Seeds

These Granddaddy Bruce Feminized marijuana seeds are an indica-dominant marijuana hybrid that is made up of 80% indica and 20% sativa. Considered as one of the most potent and pungent strain types out there, Granddaddy Bruce Feminized certainly does justice to the parent strains that gave rise to this jaw-dropping beast. It makes use of some Granddaddy Purple and rich Bruce Banner, both of which are legendary and classic strains in their own rights. This Granddaddy Bruce Feminized strain...

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Granddaddy Black Feminized Marijuana Seeds

The Granddaddy Black is an extremely strong indica-dominant hybrid that is believed to have first originated in the United Kingdom. As the spawn of some very well-established strains in Granddaddy Purple and the reliable Black Domina, this Granddaddy Black does a fine job in displaying all the best attributes of its predecessors. Both beginner and long-time smokers can surely get some awesome deep relaxing effects from having a go at this strain. As it also has some intense tropical...

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Tropicana Cookies Purple Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Coming from a great lineage, this Indica dominant strain is composed of the genetic mixture of Tropicana Cookies and Purple Punch. The Purple Punch is a mix between the Larry OG, an OG Kush offspring, and Granddaddy Purple which gives this plant its evidently purple color. On the other hand, the Tropicana Cookies is a descendant of Tangie which gives its highly Indica properties. The Tropicana Cookies Purple Feminized often leaves its users mind blown due to its instant yet...

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Purple Punch Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Feminized seeds from Purple Punch deliver incredibly powerful buds through the highest level US chromosomes. These genes originate from Grandaddy Purple, with some of the finest beautiful purple/blue buds you can find, become renowned for reliably 20% + THC amounts. The Larry OG genetic modification tends to give additional yields to the harvest season and a rich OG flavor to an otherwise outstanding range.  Thanks to the use of strong, potent parent genetics, Purple Punch feminized seeds are simple and...

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Purple Punch Fast Version Marijuana Seeds

The sedating and sweet union of two Indica-dominant classics is Purple Punch. The amazing trichome filled Purple Punch has been born, starting to smell of blueberry muffins, grape candy, and tart Kool-Aid by reproducing Granddaddy Purple and Larry OG.  The strength of this cannabis strain offers its users a one-two hit to the head and body, touching down between both the eyes at first and settling back into its limbs. Purple Punch is a tasty cannabis strain of dessert...

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How to Grow Purple Weed

Every cannabis plant has different characteristics. They have different sizes, effects strength, and even colors. If you have noticed, some of the marijuana plants have purplish color that hence is capable of turning as a purple weed. One that is very eye-catching and alluring, several cannabis cultivators seem to be enticed and are looking forward to growing their cannabis plants to weed with the same perspective, to make sure that they are purple.  In this article, we will be talking...

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