Making Use of Nutrient Film Technique in Hydroponic Cannabis Growing

hydroponic cannabis growing

Making Use of Nutrient Film Technique in Hydroponic Cannabis Growing

While every single hydroponic cannabis growing framework offers better approaches to develop plants, cultivating progenitors couldn’t have even envisioned, however, Nutrient Film Technique hydroponics frameworks are the main ones that rely upon flowing of supplements to sustain plants, with the root dangling down into the water as though plunging their toes in. 

In NFT, the plant roots are suspended over a surge of constantly flowing supplement solution that furnishes them with all the water, supplements, and oxygen they need to have solid plant development. 

This gives the perfect condition of having a steady flow of supplement, disregarding the very tips of the roots while the upper part is left to the sticky condition made inside the developing chamber, which gives the roots a rich supply of oxygen. 

NFT gives an extreme measure of oxygen to the roots, in a sodden-domain, while yet giving the supplements the plants need. Nutrient Film Technique is a flexible hydroponic cannabis growing framework that incorporates segments similar to Ebb and Flow yet very easy. This framework is magnificent for lesser plants like herbs, lettuce, beans, and strawberries, to give some examples. 

How Does a Nutrient Film Technique Hydroponic System Work? 

There are different approaches to structure a nutrient film hydroponic cannabis growing technique framework; be that as it may, generally, each of them utilizes a tubing framework to run a shallow supplement solution over the root of the plants. The uncovered roots of the plants will ingest the supplements when they come into contact with the water and use the air to assimilate oxygen. It’s, in reality, better to have flattened channels for these units as it gives more conducive space for the roots. 

The NFT framework is like the Ebb and Flow in that the two of them use a water pump to convey the supplements to your plants. 

In Nutrient Film Technique hydroponics, the chamber that the roots develop in appears as a cylinder-like channel that is set at a slight grade so the supplement will move through it. However, various short-run channels will be stacked, one over the other in an A-Frame kind of setting with the supplements of the top channel streaming into the following one and further down into each channel and afterward at last again into the repository. 

The plants are placed in openings in the highest point of the net pots with hydroton in them, so the roots are suspended over the supplement inside the chamber while the crown stretches out above. Since the water is being pumped up from the store into the highest point of the elevated channel and afterward streams down all through the framework before depleting once more into the supply, NFT is a shut framework that reuses the nutrient solution enabling you to moderate water and supplements. 

NFT and Aquaponics? 

NFT can likewise be joined with Aquaponics. Simply swap out the repository and supplant with a fish tank! 

Apparatus used to construct NFT 

  1. A supply to contain the supplement arrangement
  2. Nutrient siphon
  3. Air siphon
  4. Airstone(s)
  5. Tubes to disperse water from the supplement siphon to the NFT developing tubes
  6. Channel for the plants to develop in
  7. Net pots to contain plants and developing media to begin seedlings in 
  8. Return framework (tubing, channel) to direct the utilized supplement arrangement back to the repository 

Some NFT producers discard the air machines and airstones and simply depend on the moving water to give enough air circulation to the roots; however, it is suggested to ingest the most extreme measure of oxygen to the supplement solution as could be expected under the circumstances. The pump and airstone can be bought cheaply in any pet store and will guarantee ideal development. 

In the NFT framework, there are 2 fundamental parts: the develop channel and the repository that contains water and supplements. In the develop channel, there are net pots that contain the developing media (Rockwool and hydroton) to hold the plants and enable their underlying foundations to dangle down into the channels. The developing channels must be slanted at a proportion of 1:30 or 1:40 to keep the water moving and not pooling. The supplied size relies upon the number of plants that you need to develop. If you need to grow a solution of 40-50 plants, you need a supply with a base 5-gallon limit. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of the NFT System For Hydroponic Cannabis Growing


  1. Low water and supplement utilization 
  1. Environmentally well disposed of – limit the danger of utilizing restricted groundwater 
  1. Relatively simple to sanitize roots and equipment in correlation with other framework types 
  1. Plant roots can keep up a uniform PH and conductivity. 


1 If the progression of supplement stops, the roots will dry out and become focused rapidly 

2 The channels can get hindered by foundations of fiery developing plants 

3 Pump disappointment can cause the demise of harvests in a couple of hours 

4 Not appropriate to develop plants with enormous tap-root frameworks like carrots. 

Supplement Film Technique Kits 

Note that the bigger ones requiring their repository never accompany one so you should go to your nearby shop and purchase a Rubbermaid (or whatever brand of misty, nourishment grade plastic container with a tight-fitting cover) and drill an opening in the top to bolster the tubing and wiring for the siphons in. This enables you to purchase the supply size that you require for the number of plants you plan on developing. 

CropKing Desktop NFT Kit 

A total NFT hydroponic developing framework with 6 plant destinations planned and fabricated by CropKing. This unit incorporates a nourishment grade supply, 2 nourishment grade NFT channels with 3 plant destinations in each channel, a siphon, 1-inch shake fleece 3D shapes, 2 little packs of manures, bibb lettuce seeds, pre-amassed tubing, and directions. 

Complete NFT hydroponic unit for developing new lettuce, herbs, and other verdant greens 

1 6 plant destinations intended to acknowledge 1-inch Grodan shake fleece 3D shapes remembered for the unit 

2 Includes point by point guidelines to rapidly gather, work, and develop new verdant greens inside 

3 No soil required, just include water at home and compost included with the pack 

4 Grow lettuce, herbs, and other verdant greens for the freshest plates of mixed greens and most delicious dishes 

Advantages of using CropKing Desktop NFT Kit: 

  1. Flat bottomed channels for ideal root inclusion.
  2. Comes complete with totally all that you need. 

Disadvantages of using CropKing Desktop NFT Kit: 

No airstone is given in a framework; however, the arrival water falling into the repository ought to be sufficient 


This is the littlest and most minimized framework ever out there. If you don’t need a bigger framework, this is the ideal one for you! 

Main Tube with 36pcs of net Cup Hydroponics System NFT 

Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) NFT gives no medium help to roots. Ordinarily, it sits in a long inclining water system channel. The supplement is presented at the channel and permitted to stream over the roots, after which it channels into a supplement store. It is then re-siphoned over into the channel to rehash the watering procedure. 

You can undoubtedly develop your preferred herbs, a plate of mixed greens, strawberries, or other little verdant greens in your home with no sloppy chaos and requirement for watering the plants consistently. Hydroponics is the perfect strategy to develop plants in urban regions. It makes a great diversion that causes you to unwind, and it is enjoyable as you watch plants develop in NFT hydroponic garden for your weed.

The water repository is excluded from the unit. One unit incorporates, 1, tube outline 1set; 2, Hose-1.5Meter; 3, siphon 1pc; 4, Foam 3D square and net plate for beginning seed-1set; 5, Mechanical clock 1pc; 6, Net cup-36pcs 

Advantages of using Main Tube with 36pcs of net Cup Hydroponics System NFT;

  1. The vertical unit, so it takes up less square feet for the number of plants contrasted with a level unit 
  1. Comes with froth solid shape and net plate for beginning plants 

The disadvantage of using Main Tube with 36pcs of net Cup Hydroponics System NFT: 

  1. Needs a repository 
  1. You should purchase your very own supplements; however, that is standard in a unit of this size where they don’t know precisely what you will develop. 
  1. Needs an airstone 
  1. Comes with net pots however you will, in any case, need hydroton to fill around the froth blocks 


Since it is vertical, it occupies less room than others that will develop the same number of plants which way it is used. 

CropKing NFT 4-6 Hydroponic Leafy Greens Growing System 

A starting framework intended to slide cultivators into utilizing the supplement film strategy to develop hydroponic plants. Appropriate for verdant yields, for example, lettuce and herbs, this framework lands with all that you have to begin, aside from a repository. Removable top covers make cleaning a breeze. The entirety of our channels is made of a nourishment grade PVC to guarantee that all plants are developed without the dread of granting destructive synthetic substances. 

Food-grade NFT channels with 1″ square gaps intended to acknowledge 1″ Rockwool solid shapes or other developing media 

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