Tips On How to Dry Weed Buds Fast

how to dry weed buds fast

Tips On How to Dry Weed Buds Fast

What Are Weed Buds?

Marijuana plants, or cannabis, if you prefer, is considered a unique plant that can be utilized for a variety of ways. Mainly, marijuana is used to enhance the mood as well as to cure certain illnesses. Cannabis plants are grown indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse and have a wide range of strains that offer different flavors. They need both basic and some specialized, caring techniques to grow healthy and beautifully. However, the most favorite part of cannabis enthusiasts is the buds. Along with this question, how to dry weed buds fast?

From the seeds to the flowers, and the buds of a marijuana plant, growers can find some delight. However, the most favorite part of cannabis enthusiasts is the buds. Marijuana buds are the most flavorful, tasty, and aromatic section of the plant. They can smoke it or extract oil that can be added to other goodies.

The Right Time for Weed Bud Harvesting

Growers must be alert in checking their crops, especially during harvest time. Harvesting too early and too late may result in a low-quality of buds. Collecting the plants at the right time is as important as how one grows cannabis. They might lose potency, and the yield may be less.

Therefore, to help seasoned growers and newbies, here is a list of the steps to follow for the right time for harvesting your beloved crops.

The knowledge of when the right time for harvest is – either from a manual or research you conducted, you should keep in mind the exact day for harvest.

Keen observation and eyes for visual inspection – you should be able to notice considerable changes into the appearance of the sensitive parts of your cannabis like the pistils, buds, and the leaves. They tell so many things about you cannabis aside from ripening.

Use of a magnifying tool – there are some parts and attributes that are not visible to the naked eyes, which calls for a little help of devices like the magnifying glass to see even the smallest changes in your crops.

Preparing the Weed for Consumption

When you already know the right time for harvest, the next thing to do is perform the yield of cannabis crops.
To begin the harvest, you must also prepare the necessary tools listed below beforehand:
Trimmers – specifically, this includes handheld scissors, mechanical, and electric trimmers, which are very important in the process.
Trim Trays – this tool helps in holding harvested crops as well as in catching the excess kief and sugar leaves through its wire screen. It makes harvesting easier since you do not need to take a table with you during collection.
Gloves – this hand tool shall protect your hand in terms of the sticky resin of the plant, including the stinky odor that may last long after trimming and then prevent the contamination of the buds. Your gloves may be nitrile or latex.
Lines – clothing lines are where you are going to hang the plants. It doesn’t matter what material it is, but make sure that it is sturdy enough to hold the cannabis up until drying is done successfully.

Tips on How to Dry Weed Buds fast

After harvesting your precious weeds, what you need to prepare for next is the drying of the marijuana buds. Just like in harvesting, specific steps need to be followed in doing it the right way.

Tip #1 Use brown bags, and computer fans – brown bags that you get from bakery and groceries are suitable materials for drying up cannabis. Leave the marijuana in the brown bag for 2 to 3 days and then another three days for another complete drying. After that, use your laptop computer for the next step. Notice the exhaust fans that release hot air for keeping the internal parts of the computer working well. Place the half-dried cannabis buds in a brown bag to the direction of the hot air. After 10 minutes, the herbs will be ready.

Tip #2 Sun-dry the weeds – this is the traditional way of drying the buds that have been practiced many years ago. However, this may not be the most efficient method to perform because the sunlight and the heat can lower their quality. If you do not find this one successful and productive for your purpose, try using a rock to weigh down the bud bags exposed in direct sunlight and wait for a day or two during warm or sunny weather. After that, you shall have a bag of crunchy buds to smoke.

Tip #3 If you have a drying room at home, convert it into a drying room – with the boiling water keeping the room cozy and less humid, drying the bud is undoubtedly natural. Just keep them in that room for a day or two.

You must not feel bad or tired of the things that you must do for your marijuana crops, for at the end of the process, you shall receive the most beautiful reward of great enjoyment.

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