How to Make a Shatter : A Guide for Beginners

how to make a shatter

How to Make a Shatter : A Guide for Beginners

What is Shatter?

It is a form of marijuana concentrate which looks like an amber glass. The name came from how to make a shatter and its structure that looks breakable and ready to shatter when dropped. With the rise of many cannabis advancements and devices in the market today, enthusiasts always have a balance to it by making their customized materials. Shatter is the main ingredient when doing dabbing – another way to consume cannabis.

Home-made shatter

Creating a shatter at home is dangerous, depending on the materials you are using. In some cases, enthusiasts make shatter at home by using butane, which is not recommended because of its danger. Nevertheless, there are other ways how to make a shatter without getting into trouble.

Making a shatter using kief


  • Kief – at least a quarter size of a parchment paper
  • Wax paper or parchment paper
  • Straightener
  • Oven gloves


  1. Pour the kief to the parchment and make a neat square shape if possible.
  2. Tightly fold the parchment paper surrounding the hash in square shapes. For better support, use a tape to keep the parchment paper covering the kief. With scissors, cut any extra parchment paper around the kief. Next, start wrapping the square kief in another layer of parchment paper.
  3. Set the hair straightener to the lowest temperature and let stay like that for 1-2 minutes.
  4. Clip the hair straightener on the rectangular shape of the kief, making sure that its tight.push down as hard as you can and hold it for at least 10 seconds, make sure not to burn yourself.
  5. Take out the parchment paper from the hair straightener and unfold it. Upon opening the folded parchment paper, you will see a honey-colored material squeezing out of the edges of the article – and that is the shatter. If you have more kief in the parchment, fold another sheet around it and repeat steps 4 and 5 until there is no more kief.

Making a shatter using BHO

This shatter-making method is said to be dangerous; however, some enthusiasts still try doing it. Well, no one can stop a cannabis lover who insists on trying how to make a shatter using butane. After all, proper knowledge and doing it the right way will make it successful.

Materials needed:

  • Plenty of trichomes
  • Hollow glass tubes
  • Cans of butane
  • Clamps and coffee filters
  • Holding dish for the oil (preferably glass)
  • Oven set at the right temperature
  • Vacuum pump


  1. Pack the cannabis material tightly and fill the tube glass until the top. Plant materials may consist of buds, leaves, and popcorns buds. On this procedure, it is ideal for grinding all of it until you get finer pieces to fill in the butane.
  • Once the tube is filled in, take a coffee filter and put it around the top of the tube. Wrap the filter around the BHO extractor tube, then using a cable tie, then secure the filter on the tube. Once the filter is positioned, take off the excess from the edge.
  • Push the butane through the cannabis to release the butane into the air. Since butane is flammable, it should not be inhaled. Make sure to do the shatter with this method away from sparks and flames.
  1. Start spraying the butane to the hole in the bottom of the tube. The butane will go through the cannabis material until the filter runs out.
  • Get the pyrex container to catch the BHO from the end of the tube.
  • Repeat the process of filling up the tube to extract more BHO. When the cannabis is gone, get a jug with a butane mix. Pour the liquid through two filters placed on each side to filter the remaining bits.
  1. Let the butane evaporate. Place the filtered butane in a shallow bath of lukewarm water. With a little temperature, the butane will rise and will evaporate. And remember to do the procedure in a ventilated area where there is no sign of flame.
  • The mixture will start bubbling until it slows down. When the bubble slows down, it means that the butane has fully evaporated. After that, add half a jug of isopropyl alcohol and stir until the oil dissolves.
  • After mixing well, set it aside. Once it’s cool, place it in the fridge to keep its potency.

The cannabis world has a lot to offer, and yet, it demands more. Enthusiasts are going over different things to develop their interest and love for cannabis. Making shatter is only one thing that an enthusiast loves doing. Aside from getting healed or having fun with weed, these innovations in the cannabis world offer unique experiences to cannabis users. Cannabis will never be an annoying plant for those who love them. Making shatter is just another way of keeping passion and interest stronger. However, with the fun of making it, users should be careful not to harm their selves.

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