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Obtaining Cannabis Seeds in Texas

The Lone Star State is famous all over the world because of its bustling brash and size character. Texas also is a conservative state, but then again, particularly out the front of major cities such as Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. The state of Texas had already underperformed behind, in which most other states had also pursued cannabis legalization and outright decriminalization. The current situation is a little bit complicated, but ungerminated Cannabis Seeds can be legally possessed and purchased. In this article, we would know more about Cannabis Seeds in Texas, we would know if there are Cannabis Seeds for sale in Texas, and if Cannabis Seeds shipped to Texas.

Texas a conservative state who has changed its attitude towards marijuana

The state of Texas is politically conservative, even though you may not always know it by walking to its laid-back streets of Austin. A million residents that live in the tiny towns hold the political balance angles to the right, even though the residents of the biggest cities appear to move to the left. As a matter of fact, previous attempts to legalize cannabis in Texas have managed to meet with pretty severe oppositions. The situation has improved, as far as cannabis supporters are concerned. A bill which would have legalized the possession of marijuana across Texas has protected support from several of the high profile Republican legislators in 2019. However, the punishment for possession of marijuana is still loosened, as the pragmatism pressured the Democrat that introduced legislation to wash it away. Any advancement is welcome since the state arrests more than 10,000 people every year for cannabis-related crimes. Also, the democratic policy of the Texas Republican Party is now calling for the legalization of cannabis possession, a change that would be inconceivable not so long time ago. However, for the time being, Texas stays almost all stuck in with relation to the official legal position of the possession, distribution, and consumption of marijuana.

Is Cannabis Seeds legal in Texas?

Marijuana has been illegal in Texas since 1931. The Texan federal government has made the decision that hemp can be legalized in 2018, although cannabis could never have been produced even if it had grown from the very same plant. Cannabis is a plant that contains THC which is still illegal, while hemp is a plant that contains CBD or cannabinoids, that are widely used for medical purposes. When the state legislature passed HB 1325, in 2019 hemp was legalized in Texas. On June 10, 2019, the law came into effect, allowing marijuana with less than 0.3% legal hemp as THC, while something much more important is considered cannabis.

Medical Marijuana in Texas

When Governor Grey Abbott agreed to sign the Texas Compassionate Use Act, weed oil has also been legal since June 1, 2015, which allows the use of low CBD THC oil to medicate epilepsy in Texas. Abbott cautions : “I am convinced that Texas must not legalize cannabis, it must only open the door to standard cannabis for medicinal purposes. This was followed by a vote in the house of 96-34 on SB339.


Punishments in Texas stay as one of the most serious in the United States. In the summer of 2019, the Texas Department of Public Safety ordered the authorities to not arrest people but to issue summonses whenever possible in misdemeanor cannabis possession cases, which still carry a punishment of up to one year in prison and a fine of $4,000. Other cities, like El Paso, are considering implementing “cite-and-release” laws. The City Council voted against fining and arresting citizens discovered in possessing marijuana and to stop spending money on THC testing in Austin. Although there was a backlash from the chief of police who asserted that he could still continue to issue a ticket and make arrests, regardless of the fact that there will be no punishments. It is a confusing time for the people concerning growing marijuana in Texas. The rules may very well be further relaxed in the long term. The latest survey proposed that a majority of the voters had been in favor of legalizing cannabis, particularly for medical uses.

Cultivation Law in Texas

In Texas, there are still no separate growing laws. If you really are found to be developing marijuana, it is classified as possession, unlike most other states, in which cultivation laws are subject to separate punishments. If you’re caught, you can impose punishment varying from 180 days in prison to $2,000 in fines to some of the worst cases of prison life and $50,000 in fines.

Is Cannabis Seeds for sale in Texas?

Yes, amazingly, given the rest of the marijuana laws, the great news is you’re not going to break any rules. Ungerminated Cannabis Seeds are lawful for purchase and possession in Texas. It is because ungerminated Cannabis Seeds merely don’t contain appropriate amounts of psychoactive THC to ever be considered drugs in their very own right. And so is the case with most American citizens, Texans also are permitted to buy and possess Cannabis Seeds for personal reasons, like a collection.

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