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Obtaining Cannabis Seeds in Pennsylvania

You can’t legally buy Cannabis Seeds from any marijuana retail stores in Pennsylvania and would have to depend on the Internet if you want to purchase, because Pennsylavania doesn’t have any medical marijuana laws or dispensaries. Purchasing your Cannabis Seeds online is the best option as both the cultivation and possession of marijuana are strictly banned in the states, and if caught then it would surely result in a punishment of jail term. In this article, we will see if there are any Cannabis Seeds for sale in Pennsylvania, and or are there actually marijuana seed laws.

Is it legal to buy marijuana in Pennsylvania?

It is still illegal to purchase marijuana in Pennsylvania unless it is for medical reasons. There are many municipalities and cities in Pennsylvania that have legalized cannabis, and these include Lancaster, Philadelphia, Erie, and Allentown. In these areas, a small quantity of marijuana for recreational or personal use is subject to punishment with a small fine for the small offense. However, large amounts of recreational marijuana are still illegal. Even though it’s still waiting to get enough support to be passed, there is a new Act being proposed that will legally allow the recreational use of marijuana. With restrictions and limitations, marijuana for medical purposes is legal in Pennsylvania. However, the use is limited to people that have the approval of their licensed physicians and those who are suffering from one of the qualifying medical conditions listed in the Act. The qualifying medical conditions include PTSD, cancer, some gastrointestinal diseases, and a lot more. Only those non-smokable types of marijuana can be dispensed between the start of the Act in the year 2016 and 2018. Since then, this has been removed from the legislation.

The Legality of Buying Cannabis Seeds

Currently, marijuana is considered a novelty item in all states in the US, so they’re not included in the possession of marijuana act. This means that someone in Pennsylvania could buy Cannabis Seeds as a souvenir. Growing Cannabis Seeds is also illegal, however, Pennsylvania will also be gravitating towards legalizing recreational marijuana in the coming years if the latest bill will be approved. However, it’s still legally possible to possess and purchase Cannabis Seeds.

Medical Cannabis Pennsylvania

A medical cannabis program in Pennsylvania was signed in 2016. This will not permit any kind of residential cultivation, but only marijuana-infused pills, liquids, topical ointments, tinctures, or oils are permitted to be used. Registered medical marijuana patients may receive a 30-day supply at a certain time. There will also be dispensaries across the state, but they’re not yet functional. And once they do, it can often be possible to cultivate your own cannabis.

Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Difficulties

These days, states are changing or reviewing their marijuana laws in quick sequence, with many either broadening their medicinal cannabis services or contemplating and organizing for recreational legalization. Sadly, this forward movement does not really mean that issues are a distant memory. Recently, a medicinal cannabis patient in Pennsylvania has been imprisoned as being too slow in supplying papers that confirm that he can legally use marijuana. The man would have to stay in prison till his doctor can gather the required documentation needed to prove that he was indeed a registered medical marijuana patient, but after being released, he stayed on parole, that could tamper with his capacity to use (even in medicinal purposes) what’s been federally regarded as an illegal substance.

Possession of marijuana in Pennsylvania

Possession of any amount of marijuana at this time is a crime in the state of Pennsylvania. Below are the related crimes that are subject to punishment:

  • Below 30 grams = Federal Crime: Fine ( $500 or 30 days in prison)
  • More than 30 grams = Federal Crime: Fine around $5,000 or 1 year in prison
  • First-time prosecution = around 1-year parole (depending on release rather than prison term)
  • Consequent judgement = Double penalty count

Concentrates and Hashish

Hashish and THC concentrates are drugs of Schedule I in the State of Pennsylvania. The possession of these drugs shall be punished as follows:

  • Below  8 grams = Federal crime: Fine around $500 or 30 days in prison
  • More than 8 grams = Federal crime: Fine of $5,000 or 1 year in prison

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