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Cannabis Seeds Massachusetts

Just like any other state in the United States, Massachusetts is one of the states in North America to legalize both medical and recreational use of marijuana. However, there are still limitations implemented in the consumption, cultivation, and possession of marijuana in the state. The decision of legalizing the recreational use of marijuana in Massachusetts is a little bit of surprise, as all the polls that lead up to the formal voting had suggested successfully to pass the new legislation was unavoidable. In addition to that, the state of Massachusetts had always been known for some time for having the largest adult-use of marijuana rates in the country. The formal legalization of the recreational use of marijuana has brought the state of Massachusetts to be at the top of the topic as one of America’s leading pro-pot states. In this article, we will discuss more the laws of Cannabis Seeds in Massachusetts and we would know if it is legal to buy Cannabis Seeds in Massachusetts.

Are Cannabis Seeds legal in Massachusetts?

Luckily, the state of Massachusetts was very forgiving for both medical and recreational use of marijuana. The state of Massachusetts has legally allowed the medical and recreational use of marijuana since 2016. People who are using weeds are legally allowed to obtain 1 ounce of dried marijuana, 5 grams of marijuana concentrates, and 10 ounces of flowers. And also, the state has approved to legally grow their own Cannabis Seeds on their private property. The residents of the state are legally allowed to cultivate 6 marijuana plants and yield any kinds of strains.

When was marijuana legalized in Massachusetts?

In 2018, Massachusetts residents had decided to vote for the legalization of the consumption and possession of small amounts of marijuana. And after 2 years, Massachusetts had become the 18th state in North America to legalize the medical use of marijuana. A 2010 survey found that nearly 10% of Massachusetts residents had been using marijuana in the last month, while more than 15% were using marijuana once in the last year. The consumption of recreational and medical marijuana in the state of Massachusetts was the high time of the vote for the decriminalization that took place in 2016. Since the legalization of medical marijuana, the state of Massachusetts has become a famous marijuana destination to international and national tourists.

Who are eligible for purchasing Cannabis Seeds in Massachusetts

In November 2016, was the formal legalization of recreational use of marijuana in Massachusetts. And in November 2018, the first official sale of recreational marijuana had taken place. And since that time, the marijuana industry has been little by little finding its legs, leading to the emergence of numerous commercial marijuana stores all around the state. Under state law, anyone 21 years of age or older with a valid ID can legally purchase marijuana from any state-licensed marijuana stores. There have been no specific limitations and restrictions with regards to tourists, however, they must provide any form of valid ID considered acceptable to the marijuana stores they’re visiting. Marijuana users that purchase their weeds from state-licensed marijuana stores can expect that their ID will be thoroughly checked, especially if it’s an unaccustomed kind of ID.

Will Massachusetts Cities or Towns Ban Marijuana?

Hypothetically, this could happen. Though if the jurisdiction or town  in question voted in favor of the existing decriminalization of marijuana, a new election would have had to be placed on the people. This is not as easy as local lawmakers simply saying that citizens can or cannot lawfully access marijuana. The encroachment of revised local policies is possible and it is already taking place in some areas, but a complete ban on marijuana in some cities and towns is not likely to be a reality.

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