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Cannabis Seeds in Washington

Washington is a well-established state in the growing marijuana industry, and one of the most progressive states of marijuana industry. In 1998, Washington was one of the first states to legalize medicinal marijuana plants, and the legalization of recreational marijuana took place in 2012, making the state of Washington the first state in the US to legalize the recreational marijuana possession, and the second to authorize the purchase of recreational marijuana. In this article, we will feature the laws on medical Cannabis Seeds in Washington state and know if you can buy Cannabis Seeds in Washington.

Are Cannabis Seeds Legal in Washington?

In 1998, medical marijuana was legalized in Washington and the doctors prescribed these qualifying conditions to be able to be treated using a marijuana, like PTSD, chronic pain, and seizures. The use of medical cannabis in the privacy of your own home is legal in the state of Washington. In addition, people who register with the Washington Voluntary Database were also able to cultivate up to 6 weed seeds plants and possess up to 8 ounces of marijuana that they collect from those plants on their own.

When was medical marijuana legalized in the state of Washington?

In 1979, the state of Washington was one of the first states to implement a medical marijuana program, when the Washington Court of Appeal governed that there was a medical defense for the consumption and possession of marijuana. Consequently, no action has been taken against the ‘qualifying’ patients, however at the time there’s no legitimate method for anyone to obtain medical marijuana. There are series of ‘marijuana clubs’ opened around the state throughout the 1990s wherein, amidst acting in direct contravention of federal law, have not prompted local law enforcement acts. They were totally dismissed and eventually led to the formal legalization of medical marijuana in 1998. It was predicted there were already about 75 marijuana dispensaries in Seattle and over 55 in Spokane, by the year 2011. The  medical marijuana infrastructure of the state was basically in place and open for business long until the written policy came into force.

Medical Marijuana Users may Grow their own Marijuana Plants

Recreational marijuana is legal in the state of Washington, but recreational users are not allowed to grow their own weed seeds plants under the Washington law. However, a medical cannabis patient is  legally allowed to grow a limited range of medicinal Cannabis Seeds. Upon the written advice from a physician, a person with a qualifying medical condition may grow up to 6 plants for their own medicinal reasons under the Washington Medicinal Cannabis Act. And at least 15 plants can be grown in a single residential unit like home, apartment, or mobile home, even if numerous medical marijuana users live together.

When was Recreational Marijuana legalized in Washington?

In November 2012, the possession and consumption of recreational marijuana was legalized in the state, when I-502 had a fairly small margin–55.7%-44.3%. At the beginning of December of that year, it became legal for adults to have a total of 1 oz of marijuana on their own. Nevertheless, it stayed illegal to grow, distribute cannabis free of charge in any quantity. A year later, in November 2013, the US Department of Justice mentioned that it will not act quickly against policies of each state in the field of medical marijuana. And after that, Washington successfully green-lighted the marijuana industry, highlighting plans to introduce over 330 retail store licenses. The first recreational marijuana store in the state was opened for business on 2014 July 8.

Where are the Washington Marijuana Stores located?

There are a massive network of marijuana stores all over Washington that you are not going to have to look far to find one. Nevertheless, marijuana stores cannot operate within 1,000 feet from school, park, library,  public transport center, recreational center or playground. Applications for the dispensary license are subject to considerable scrutiny on the grounds of the intentional location of the business.

How Much Can You Buy Cannabis Seeds Washington?

How much can you buy Cannabis Seeds in Washington? There are still a number of criteria that you must achieve to make sure that you are on the right side of the law, even though marijuana smoking is legal on private property with the permission of the owner. You may have less than an ounce of consumable cannabis and also other weed paraphernalia, like pipes or bong. In addition, you can possess up to 16 ounces of solid cannabis in a blended cannabis product and not more than 7 grams of marijuana concentrate. Smoking of marijuana in any public place is illegal in the state, and the consumption of weed is only permitted at a private home with the owner’s permission. Consumable cannabis is a dried marijuana flower, according to the Washington State Law. Marijuana-infused products refer to baked goods like brownies and pot-containing biscuits, and even to marijuana-infused liquids like soda.


Washington is the first North American state to legalize recreational marijuana and one of the first to implement a medical marijuana program. The marijuana culture of the state is one of the most advanced in the United States and has led to the formation of an extremely large marijuana tourist trade. Washington is famous all around the world for its relaxed approach to marijuana use by policy makers and citizens. The path of the state to the legalization was not totally smooth, nevertheless, Washington was the first North American state to legalize the recreational use of cannabis. This was followed by a prohibition that started nearly 100 years ago.

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