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Cannabis Seeds in Michigan

Michigan has rapidly developed into a major game in the growing industry of marijuana, since the implementation of the legalized recreational marijuana in November 2018. Michigan has become the first in the Midwest and 10th US state to legalize recreational marijuana in the midterm elections of November 2018. In this article, we will dig in some information on the marijuana laws in Michigan, know more about medical Cannabis Seeds Michigan.

Is purchasing Cannabis Seeds in Michigan legal?

Marijuana is 100% legal for both recreational and medical use in Michigan. This was started in 2008 when Michigan Compassionate Care Action plant voted a deciding 63% vote, which legally allowed cannabis to be accessible on prescription for medical reasons. Ten years later, the Michigan Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Bill had passed 56% of votes, permitting Michigan-based cannabis enthusiasts to cherish their weeds without fear of being sued by the authorities. You will need to obtain a license if you’d like to grow marijuana on a commercial spectrum, however for personal usages, the only requirement is that you stay from carrying too much cannabis when you are out in public and keep your maximum stash within those boundaries. This is equivalent to less than 2.5 ounces of marijuana on your person and less than 10 ounces of marijuana kept at home. In addition, the Act also requires that its bulk of your supply of weed is stored in a secure container.

Is it possible to grow weeds in Michigan?

Yes, it is possible and legal to grow weeds in Michigan. Actually, the total number of plants that are allowed to grow is 12 plants is considerably more generous than in other states that have also legalized marijuana, like  California, where marijuana enthusiasts are only allowed to grow 6 marijuana plants, or in Oregon, which only allows 4. Those who are planning to set up a retail marijuana-growing venture in Michigan would need to obtain a license to grow cannabis. The authorization shall apply to the fulfillment of requirements which shall have included a check of the criminal history. You may also have to apply with one or more relevant licenses based on how you plan to run your business, information of those are obtainable from Michigan Cannabis Regulatory Agency. As seems to be the case in those other states that legalized marijuana, you will have to be over 21 years of age if you’d like to grow marijuana for commercial or personal reasons. As well, growing marijuana plants outside of Michigan is also forbidden, even though if you’re not using a room inside, you can set up a growing tent.

Growing Conditions in Michigan

When you have already decided to grow your own cannabis plants, it is important to know the intricate climate of Michigan. You can’t just plant your Cannabis Seeds and cross your fingers and hope that the plants will survive and flourish. These Cannabis Seeds are an invaluable asset and that it’s smart to classify them as being such. First, you have to consider standard climate patterns that identify Michigan climate patterns. Especially in comparison to other areas of the United States, you will find a shorter growth cycle in the Northern Midwest. Such seasons appear to expand somewhat longer close to the Great Lakes because lakes support to slow the progression of the very first snow. And in the center of the main growth cycle, it is not unusual for Michigan to see cycles of cold, damp, frosty weather. Even so, your best option is to hang to a flavorful marijuana strain, like Indica. Most Indica-dominant cannabis plants would then continue to flourish and in the harshest climates.

Can you purchase Cannabis Seeds in Michigan?

Yes, you can legally buy Cannabis Seeds from a wide range of marijuana dispensaries, seed shops, and specialized marijuana seed retail chains all around the state. As you might expect, these are concentrated in urban areas, particularly Detroit. Although for the widest possible variety, you can’t match searching online.


Buying Cannabis Seeds Michigan is very simple and easy. You can either visit a friendly local Cannabis Seeds shop or go online to find out what is available. But before everything else, you have to check and learn about the state’s marijuana laws to avoid uncertainties.

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