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Cannabis Seeds in California

California is a well-known state all over the world for its luscious wineries, surfing beaches, and celebrities. However, on November 2-15, the golden state introduced Proposition 64 which made legal the cultivation, selling and consumption of Cannabis Seeds for recreational marijuana. This was built on a 20-year history of the liberalization of cannabis law in the states, while California was just starting its medical marijuana legalization way back in 1996. California is probably the best state in America to really get involved in cultivating marijuana, which has such a well-established marijuana culture in the place. In this article, we will discuss everything about Cannabis Seeds, or we would know if selling Cannabis Seeds in California is legal.

Is selling Cannabis Seeds in California legal?

The Recreational Marijuana Act of Adult-use of Marijuana allows the sale, distribution, and manufacture of weeds. However, anyone who ever sells marijuana in the states must comply with the provisions of the Adult-use and Medicinal Regulations and Safety Act. This series of laws regulate the retail law of marijuana in the state. Despite the overall stance on the matter of the state of California, the government of the county and city have the right to ban or restrict the marijuana business in their place. The testing, sale, and distribution of marijuana in the state is enforced by the Department of Consumer Affairs or Office of Cannabis Control. While the commercial production of the substance is supervised by the Department of Public Health. And the Department of Food and Agriculture is the one who is responsible for the production.

Is the cultivation of marijuana legal in California?

Cultivation of marijuana is legal in California, however, there are conditions that you must obey to make sure that you stay in the right place of the law. And if you’d like to grow marijuana for retail purposes, you probably need to purchase a license that could be acquired from any of the 3 state regulatory authors. These include the CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing, the California Department of Public Health Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch, and the Office of Cannabis Control.

In conformity with the Act on the Adult-use of Marijuana, people living in California may “possess, plant, harvest, process or dry not more than 6 live marijuana plants and possess the produce of marijuana.” All marijuana harvested should be kept inside the private residence of the grower or even within the limits of their property like a garden. They should be in a closed space, and that they must not be accessible to the public. When these conditions are breached, a fine of $250 may be imposed on the individual. The government of counties and cities have the right to limit cultivation for personal purposes. But they’re not allowed to entirely ban marijuana cultivation on the inside of a private house, and neither can they ban it in a building that is “fully enclosed and safe.” This restriction does not apply to registered medicinal marijuana users who’ve been technically allowed to cultivate as much marijuana as they need.

Can you buy the seeds of marijuana in California?

California has a wide range of marijuana dispensaries and related businesses all around the state, with thriving cannabis industry. That being said, for the sake of accessibility and selection, you can’t match purchase online.

Best marijuana strains to grow in California

California is extraordinarily well suitable for developing almost any kind of marijuana you select, with lengthy, hot summers and relatively rainy spring seasons. However, to give you just that little advice, here are some of our favorite marijuana plant that we suggest to California growers:

  • California OG Kush Haze

The California OG Kush Haze strain is a marijuana strain classified as moderate, in terms of growing difficulty, as well as the usual flowering time under the best conditions would be around 10 weeks.  California OG Kush Haze, with 500rams when grown indoors and 300 grams when grown outdoors. The THC content of this strain cannot be discarded as it reaches more than 34%. Amnesia Haze and OG Kush are both enormously popular marijuana strains that also have built a reputation for themselves with their unquestionably strong and long-lasting effects, and high potency. This outcome strikes a good balance between both the effects of these two-parent marijuana strains, providing euphoria and relief of stress.  California OG Kush Haze is the perfect uplifting strain as it is a perfect treatment for those people’s days spent dealing with performing boring tasks and attending boring meetings. Just have a taste of this cannabis strain, and you’ll spend the next few hours cheerfully, slowly powering up as your mind keeps forgetting about your stress. This is a great strain to develop if you really are vulnerable to excessive stress or have friends or family who is suffering from stress-related illnesses as well as other health issues.

If you know the notion of a marijuana strain that gives excellent THC and great harvesting sounds too good to be true, then think again. Because it’s totally what you are getting from the Gelato hybrid Indica-Sativa. Actually, this awesome crossbreed can hold references to an amazing THC content that reaches up to 25%, with yields of about 350 to 450g for every m2 when developed indoors. Better yet, outdoor cannabis growers can look forward to the same larger crops, with just a single plant usually producing around 250g of yields.  Gelato is perfectly suited to the climate of California and therefore will survive in milder weather, as originally produced in the Bay Area of San Francisco. It would even adjust well with the humid conditions and immensely praise the attention and care of even an experienced grower. Gelato can grow to a decent height of 1 meter if grown indoors, even though they can grow to twice that even when grown outdoors. Expect your crop to be ready to harvest in around 8 to 9 weeks. Your cannabis plants will possess abundant, thick buds with such an attractive dark blue shade, and they will shimmer brilliantly with such a dense layer of THC crystallites. Savor every bit as good as it makes it look, your Gelato will also have a tasty fruity flavor with a little bit of mint undertones as well as an alluring aroma with notes of vanilla and citrus to pair the stimulating, relaxing, and creative high.

  • California Kush CBD

California Kush CBD is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain that produces huge, dense buds that have a little or no good amount of pistil, very light blue with light green shades. Its flavor and aroma are pine and citrus, with undertones of spice and coffee. The level of its THC content is average only about 13% and is known to differ so that pre-consumption or purchase testing is suggested. This should leave the consumer in a calm position, easing tension, pains, and aches throughout the body and at the same time increasing his mental state. Users of this strain note the ability of this strain to help with nausea, pain, insomnia, anxiety, and depression. Some of them have encountered giggles when using this cannabis strain. Adverse side-effects other than dry eyes and mouth involve dizziness, headache, and paranoia at higher doses.

  • Girl Scout Cookies

This amazing combination of OG Kush and Durban Poison was developed in the state of California, so it is no surprise that it perfectly adapted to the beautiful weather of California. It can thrive both outdoors and indoors, and also has the ability to reach a powerful THC level of around 23%. Girl Scout Cookies also have a delicious taste profile, with a little bit of mint and chocolate, and a unique, spicy scent. As being a low-maintenance plant, this cannabis strain is greatly a wise choice for newbie cannabis growers. However, the more experienced marijuana growers always value its abundant, strong branches and its susceptibility to diseases and molds. Expect your plant to grow around 1 meter tall if grown indoors, and maybe double that when grown outdoors. This strain is expected to flower around 7-9 weeks, and it is good enough to justify using the techniques like SCROG (Screen of Green or Topping. The yields vary widely from 500-600 grams, even though it is required to boost your plants outdoors as compared to indoors if you’d like to reach the top of this scale.

  • Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is widely regarded throughout the world, as one of the most potent marijuana strains in the world. Created in California, whereas the exact genetic makeup of such a uniquely acidic cannabis variety stays a mystery, and those who know it highly doubt that this is the outcome of an amazing crossbreeding between Super Skunk, 91 Chemdawg, and Northern Lights. You must be able to harvest your crops approximately 12 weeks after planting them, as it only has a flowering period of around 10 weeks and a fast germination time frame. You’ll harvest a decent amount of yield of around 400-500 grams for every plant, but it’s suggested that you use the Sea of Green technique to achieve it. And also, you can expect your buds to be quite high-quality, with the perfect blend of traditional Afghani-Indica genetics and a traditional Sativa. Sour Diesel strain can thrive in a warm climate, and also, they can be perfectly adapted to grow under the bright sun of California. Effectively, your plants can grow to 3 meters tall in ideal outdoor conditions. As far as its effects are concerned, Sour Diesel provides a high which produces feelings of euphoria and replaces you with energy, making it a great choice for experienced marijuana lovers searching for a regular smoke that will not interrupt their busy schedules.


It really doesn’t get much better than California for newbie marijuana growers and professionals. You’re sure to provide some achievement whatever strain you want to grow, so the one you choose can mainly be directed by your very own individual preferences. Just keep in mind that it is being outlawed to carry more than 1 ounce of sweet marijuana in public and also to check with local authorities to make sure that you are informed about any other current laws and that you are golden.

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