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Rocket Seeds: The One-Stop-Shop for Premium Cannabis Seeds

Welcome to Rocket Seeds, your one-stop-shop for premium Cannabis Seeds in the USA! Now that more than half of the country has legalized medical or recreational marijuana, grow enthusiasts have more options and flexibility to start their own cultivation endeavors. With seeds procured from the world’s top seed breeders, Rocket Seeds has a diverse selection for new and experienced home growers. Rocket Seeds offers several different types of Cannabis Seeds, including female seeds, auto-flowering seeds, standard seeds, CBD seeds, and fast-flowering seeds, from the top seed banks.

⦁ Crop King Seeds
⦁ Sunwest Genetics
⦁ Sonoma Seeds
⦁ Mary Jane’s Garden
⦁ Beaver Seeds

Customers have the option to purchase potent, high THC seed products, or something more mellow with high CBD content. To help customers find the perfect seeds for them, Rocket Seeds gives growers the ability to indicate whether they plan on growing indoors or outdoors, if they want female seeds only, or if they prefer seeds that can germinate as male or female. Rocket Seeds also has a large selection of hemp seeds that are low in THC but can be grown for various different needs.

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  • Feminized Seeds (289)

    Feminized Seeds (289)

  • Autoflowering Seeds (140)

    Autoflowering Seeds (140)

  • Regular Seeds (31)

    Regular Seeds (31)

  • CBD Seeds (29)

    CBD Seeds (29)

  • Fast Version Seeds (31)

    Fast Version Seeds (31)

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Feminized Seeds

Rocket Seeds extensive collection of feminized Cannabis Seeds have been cultivated so only female marijuana plants develop. Female cannabis plants are guaranteed to have cannabinoid-rich flowers and with growing feminized seeds, it is not required to cultivate male cannabis plants. Without the hassles of unintended pollination with feminized Cannabis Seeds, and with strong germination rates, it will be easier to increase.

Auto-Flowering Seeds

Regardless of the light period, the extensive collection of auto-flowering seeds have been expertly bred to bloom. Auto-flowering seeds take less time to bloom and can be cultivated several times a season. The Cannabis Seeds within the breeder’s package are fresh and of pristine quality. These Cannabis Seeds can save energy, time, and money, with growth almost instantly.

Standard Seeds

Regular Cannabis Seeds develop male and female descendants in nearly equivalent amounts. Regular seeds are also chosen, possibly for their breeding experiments, by old school growers trying to produce male and female plants. There is a large range of regular seeds in Rocket Seeds, with the best germination rates. Following the germination guide, the seeds will be ready for development at the moment of plant.

CBD Seeds

The high CBD Cannabis Seeds can grow into cannabis flower with low THC and high CBD containing buds. Rocket Seeds provides the highest line-up of CBD strains. The strains are ideal for aches, discomfort, inflammation, as well as mood-boosting. Customers searching for a specific strain, required for their particular medical issue, can find anything they need when purchasing from Rocket Seeds.

Fast-Flowering Seeds

Rocket Seeds fast version seeds are in a fast flowering period, meaning they bloom one to two weeks quicker than the normal versions. All fast-flowering seeds are regular seeds meaning these will grow with the use of a 12-hour light and 12-hour dark lighting schedule. For restless growers anxious to receive their precious harvests, as well as for growers in northern regions with harsh environments, the fast-flowering strain is perfect for developing the iconic Rocket Seeds genes while maintaining their top qualities.

Your Guide to Growing

The team at Rocket Seeds enjoys helping customers make the proper choices, whether they’re planning to grow their seeds on a small or large scale. Rocket Seeds provides guaranteed shipping protection and reliable customer service. The team is happy to provide advice to newcomers getting into the industry and guidance on what Cannabis Seeds are trending. As a top cannabis seedbank renowned for its credibility and quality, Rocket Seeds is always sourcing new products for its community of growers.

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