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Beaver Seeds


Welcome to Beaver Seeds

With his Beaver Seeds in tow, Beaver set out on an expedition from Canada to Woodystock to bring American growers Cannabis Seeds and plant knowledge. Beaver was thrilled to deliver his premier seed bank to international growers who could appreciate his creation as much as he did. While on his journey in 1969, he realized supplying growers with just his seed bank would be doing a disservice to his product and his peers. Beaver saw first-hand how outdoor agriculture was damaging wildlife habitats and ecosystems and from then on, has made it his mission to educate cultivators on sustainable grow practices and support organizations that protect wildlife and the earth’s natural resources. Beaver wants everyone to feel good on the inside and out and welcomes everyone to follow his lead on their cultivation journey.

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Why Beaver Seeds?

Beaver’s successful trek from Canada to America is the newest and hottest buzz around the world. Beaver can’t leave his dam without swarms of paparazzi on his tail. Though he doesn’t like the attention much and would rather everyone focus his seeds, Beaver is committed to making the most of his time in the spotlight. Beaver is known for arriving in style wearing a selection of trendy outfits and delivering a variety of Feminized Seeds and Autoflowering Seeds. Among his fans, Beaver’s most popular strains are Blackberry Autoflower and Tangerine Dream Autoflower. Beaver also knows that fame comes with a price. To remain humble, Beaver keeps an extra seed under his tail so everyone gets a little more than they bargained for in each Beaver Seeds purchase.

Community Partners

In an effort to help his wildlife friends while leaving the earth better than he found it, Beaver partners with the American Humane Society, American Forests and Animal Welfare Institute. Beaver Seeds customers will be able to enjoy the medicinal and recreational uses of the plant while also supporting environmentally conscious organizations. Recognizing the collective power of the seed community, Beaver has petitioned to make every day Earth Day and encourages people to treat it as such.

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