Beaver Seeds

Why Buy Marijuana Seeds from Beaver Seeds?

There are many reasons why Beaver Seeds is considered one of the best places to buy seeds. 

  • Buy cheap seeds
  • Wide variety of seeds to choose from
  • Get top-quality seeds
  • Discrete shipping
  • Reliable customer service

What Makes Beaver Seeds Better?

There are many seed banks online, but many still come back and order only Beaver Seeds cannabis seeds. Why is this so? 

One reason why many growers prefer Beaver Seeds is because of its good quality seeds at the most affordable prices. This makes it easier for growers to order cannabis seeds in bulk. You can save money and save time when you order your seeds this way. 

Another reason why people love Beaver Seeds is that they have actual store locations in the country. Beaver Seeds headquarters is in Vancouver, and therefore it is accessible for people who want to order their seeds personally. 

What Are the Best Strains to Watch Out for at Beaver Seeds?

Beaver Seeds is the place to find the best quality, most popular strains in the market. Here are a few of them: 

  • Blackberry Autoflower Seeds – a high-yielding sativa dominant hybrid with an energetic high
  • Chocolate Chunk Regular Seeds – a pure indica with a wonderful relaxing high
  • Great White Shark Feminized Seeds – all-female sativa with a very potent bite
  • Sour Grape Seeds – a balanced hybrid with lovely, fluffy and potent buds
  • The Devil’s Crack Feminized Seeds – energetic sativa that will make you productive all day long
  • You’ll find a wide variety of strains at Beaver Seeds. You can purchase regular seeds, feminized seeds, indica and sativa seeds, autoflowering cannabis seeds, CBD seeds, and THC seeds. All seeds are freshly packed inside a secure breeder’s packaging to ensure freshness.

What Is Beaver Seeds Germination Guarantee?

Beaver Seeds has high germination guarantee as long as you follow its strict germination guide. You can find this guide with a complete list of the things you need and instructions on how to sprout your seeds from their official website. 

How to Contact Beaver Seeds?

Beaver Seeds has a reliable, easy to contact customer service team. There are several ways to contact Beaver Seeds.

  • By phone at +1 (833) 688-8581
  • Through email at [email protected]
  • By visiting their store at 112 E 6th Ave Floor Vancouver, BC V5T 1J5, Canada
  • By live chat available in all the pages of their official website
  • Through a customer contact form from their official website.