Why Sunwest Genetics for Autoflowering Seeds?

Sunwest Genetics is the seed bank for the best quality seeds, especially organic seeds. It also places value on quality, especially on their customer service. Many growers and breeders prefer Sunwest Genetics because of the following reasons.

  • You can select from a wide variety of autoflowering cannabis seeds.
  • Grow only fresh and potent seeds.
  • All seeds covered by high germination rates.
  • Order your favorite seeds no matter where you are.
  • Take advantage of their stealth delivery options.
  • Purchase more automatic seeds to get free deliveries and free seeds.
  • You can contact Sunwest Genetics 24/7 to take orders and ask growing questions.

What are the Best Autoflowering Strains from Sunwest Genetics?

The following are the best autoflowering cannabis strains that you can purchase from Sunwest Genetics:

  • Bubblegum Autoflower Seeds – this is a potent indica-dominant cannabis strain with a relaxing high. It has a small and compact body, making it the perfect strain for indoor growth.
  • Cheese Autoflower Seeds – pungent yet very much in demand, this is a special kind of strain with a high THC level. It has strong effects but not too overwhelming for users.
  • Northern Lights Autoflower Seeds – this is one of the easiest strains to grow as it has automatic genetics. This is a very potent that will get you hooked. 
  • Purple Kush Autoflower Seeds – this is an indica-dominant strain but with a sativa growing characteristics. You’ll have dense and potent buds teeming with delicious resin.

Aside from autoflowering cannabis seeds, you may also buy feminized and regular cannabis strains from Sunwest Genetics.