Sonoma Seeds

Why Choose Sonoma Seeds?

Sonoma Seeds have premium-quality cannabis seeds that will improve the way you cultivate cannabis. Many growers and breeders prefer Sonoma Seeds despite their small collection of seeds because their products are the best quality. Sonoma Seeds should be your seed bank because of the following:

  • All seeds from Sonoma Seeds are premium quality seeds.
  • It has a high 80% germination rate on their products.
  • All seeds are viable, placed inside a special freshness-sealed breeder’s packaging.
  • It offers indica seeds, sativa seeds and hybrid seeds
  • Get free shipment on qualified orders; promos and deals available all year long.
  • Fast worldwide shipment available
  • Customer service available 24/7

What Makes Sonoma Seeds Better?

There are many seed banks online, but many growers and breeders prefer Sonoma Seeds because it is very particular about quality. They scrutinize all seeds and make sure that customers get their orders fresh and in perfect condition. If you prefer to grow the classics, then you’ll surely find the best strains at Sonoma Seeds.

What Are The Best Marijuana Strains from Sonoma Seeds?

You can find the following popular marijuana seeds strains when you order from Sonoma Seeds:

  • Acapulco Gold Feminized Seeds – this is a luxurious and potent strain ideal for first-time and advanced growers.
  • AK47 Feminized Seeds – a strain with amazing therapeutic and medicinal properties.
  • Auto Critical CBD Seeds – a strain with a perfect balance of indica and sativa characteristics and growing qualities. 
  • Blue Diesel Autoflower Seeds – a very powerful cannabis strain with high THC to give you resistance to pain, stress, and anxiety. 
  • Blueberry OG Feminized Seeds – is a medical strain with a very potent and relaxing effect.

Sonoma Seeds is your seed bank for regular seeds, hybrid seeds, indica seeds, sativa seeds, CBD seeds, and more. Check out their website for their strict germination guide.  

What is The Germination Rate of Sonoma Seeds?

Sonoma Seeds has one of the highest germination rates. The Canadian seed bank claims an 80% germination rate as long as you follow their germination guide. This is an easy to follow germination guide that will guarantee safe and fast germination of your seeds.

How to Contact Sonoma Seeds? 

For any questions about seed germination and growth, contact Sonoma Seeds through the following methods:

  • By phone – 1 885 766 6627 (Monday to Sunday 9 am to 8 pm PST)
  • By email – [email protected] 
  • Live Website Chat