Sonoma Seeds – Sativa Seeds

Buy only the freshest, ready to grow sativa seeds from Sonoma Seeds. Sativa seeds from this Canadian seed bank are inside breeder’s packaging if you are in Canada and inside a sealed for freshness packaging and discreet shipping if you are in the USA or outside of Canada, all set to grow right after you sow. Get ready to give your plants a lot of room because sativas will grow very tall and wide. All seeds will sprout on time as all come with high germination rates. 

You can take advantage of Sonoma Seeds’ special promos and deals if you buy from us. Buy more sativa seeds and get free deliveries and free seeds. And whether you’re growing sativa plants for their medicinal value or recreational purposes, you’ll surely get the best value.

Why Sonoma Seeds for Sativa Seeds?

Sonoma Seeds is where the name for top quality sativa seeds. You can have sativa seeds fresh, ready to grow and perfect whether you’re growing for recreational or medicinal uses. Many growers and breeders use only Sonoma Seeds marijuana seeds because of the following reasons: 

  • Sativa seeds are a part of their large collection, whether you’re looking for recreational or medicinal strains.
  • Sonoma Seeds come with a high germination rate at 80% for sativa and all kinds of cannabis seeds. 
  • Always take home fresh seeds that are ready to grow as soon as you sow.
  • Your seeds are inside quality breeder’s packaging to preserve their freshness
  • You can take advantage of great shipping deals and free seeds that you can get all year.
  • Have any questions? Call their customer service 24/7.

What Are The Top Sativa Seeds from Sonoma Seeds?

Sativa plants are indeed one of a kind. If you love sativa then we know you’ll love the following sativa plants from Sonoma Seeds:

  • Acapulco Gold Feminized Seeds – this is a very luxurious rare strain with a very stimulating effect. 
  • Chocolope Feminized Seeds – a true classic cannabis strain with a sweet and earthy-sweet coffee flavor that you will love. 
  • Strawberry Cough Autoflower Seeds – this is a very popular strain with amazing recreational and medicinal quality. 

Why Buy Sonoma’s Sativa Seeds from Rocket Seeds?

We are a worldwide seed company that sells multiple quality brands so you don’t have to buy marijuana from multiple websites. You can order your favorite marijuana seeds from world class seed brands from our website. It’s a one-stop-shop for your quality cannabis seeds sold by top brands in the industry.