Sonoma Seeds – Indica Seeds

Are you in the market for relaxing indica strains? Why buy indica weed when you can grow your own with indica seeds? At Sonoma Seeds, all indica seeds are fresh, ready to grow, and are perfect for growing indoors or outdoors. Get quality seeds to grow the healthiest, high-yielding plants with Sonoma Seeds. 

All indica seeds from Sonoma Seeds are sure to sprout quickly. The seed bank backs its products with a high germination rate. Simply follow Sonoma Seed’s special germination guide, and you’re sure to sprout your seeds properly.

Why Choose Sonoma Seeds for Buying Indica Cannabis Seeds?

Sonoma Seeds is where you can get the best quality indica seeds. This is your seed bank for fresh, ready to grow recreational or medicinal weed seeds for growers and breeders alike. A lot of consumers prefer Sonoma Seeds because of the following: 

  • At Sonoma Seeds, you will enjoy their wide collection of indica strains for recreational or medicinal growing, for indoor or outdoor cultivation. 
  • Sonoma Seeds’ high germination rate at 80% is unbeatable. 
  • This is where you can get fresh seeds that are ready to grow 
  • All seeds come inside the breeder’s packaging to preserve their freshness and top quality.
  • Get amazing shipping deals and free seeds with Sonoma Seeds special deals.
  • Customer service is available 24/7 for all breeders and grower’s questions.

What Are The Best Indica Seeds from Sonoma Seeds?

Love indica strains? Sonoma Seeds have the best strains for you. Check these best strains out: 

  • Blueberry OG Feminized Seeds – is a medical strain with an overwhelming relaxing effect. 
  • Cream Caramel Feminized Seeds – is an indica-dominant strain with a heavy relaxing effect due to its high THC content.
  • LA Confidential Feminized Seeds – is a powerful cannabis strain with very high THC for a relaxed and sleepy effect. 
  • Northern Berry Autoflower Seeds – this is a strain with a strong berry and blueberry aroma that will surely get you hooked. 
  • Northern Light Autoflower Seeds – this is a small indica with a huge relaxing effect to deal with stress, anxiety, pain, and insomnia. 

Why Buy from Rocket Seeds Instead of Going Direct to Sonoma?

We are an exclusive distributor of Sonoma Seeds thus we have the same pricing with Sonoma. We also handle sales for other top marijuana seed brands. You don’t have to buy your favorite cannabis seeds from multiple websites as you can do it from here.