What Are Hybrid Seeds?

Hybrids seeds are seeds that contain the genetic traits of an indica strain and a sativa strain or an indica and ruderalis strain and sativa and ruderalis strain. A hybrid can also be a combination of all three cannabis types, and this is at varying levels. For example, a hybrid can have 70% indica/30% sativa or a balanced 50% indica/50% sativa.

Hybrids will have a mixture of the traits and the growth behaviors of the parent strains. It’s also possible that a characteristic trait of one parent strain is suppressed in a hybrid. To make hybrid strains, stable strains are used by breeders. And when growing hybrids, both the growing needs of the parent strains are considered very carefully.

Why Sonoma Seeds for Hybrid Seeds?

Sonoma Seeds is where to buy quality hybrid seeds. You’ll get seeds fresh, ready to grow, and the best for growing your own recreational or medicinal weed or breeding new plants. A lot of growers and breeders trust Sonoma Seeds because of the following reasons: 

  • You can select seeds from their large collection of hybrids for recreational or medicinal weed growing.
  • Sonoma Seeds have a high germination rate at 80% on all kinds of seeds 
  • You’ll only get fresh seeds that are guaranteed ready to grow
  • All seeds are inside quality breeder’s packaging to preserve their freshness
  • Stay tuned for great shipping deals and free seeds available all year round.
  • Customer service 24/7 for all your cannabis growing questions.

What Are The Best Hybrid Seeds from Sonoma Seeds?

Tired of the ordinary cannabis strains? Why not check out these top hybrids from Sonoma Seeds?

  • AK47 Feminized Seeds – this is a recreational and medicinal strain rolled into one potent strain.
  • Bubblegum Feminized Seeds – with a distinct fruity delicious flavor with a delightful high.
  • White Widow Autoflower Seeds – a strain with high THC, fast flowering, compact shape that won’t let you down. 
  • Blue Diesel Autoflower Seeds –  a strain with very potent cerebral effects with a steep 23% THC
  • Hawaiian Gold Autoflower Seeds – this is a well-balanced hybrid with a delicious, fruity, tropical taste and flavor to match its potent effects. 

How to Grow the Best Hybrid Cannabis Plants?

To cultivate quality hybrids, you need to have quality seeds. Buy your top-quality hybrid strains only from reputable and experienced seed banks like Sonoma Seeds. And for any questions about germinating or growing Sonoma Seeds marijuana seeds, contact the company.

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