Why Sonoma Seeds for CBD Seeds?

Sonoma Seeds is the company for quality CBD seeds. All seeds are fresh, ready to grow, and perfect for cultivating high-quality medical weed. Many growers and breeders consider Sonoma Seeds because of the following reasons:

  • Has a large collection of CBD seeds for all kinds of aches and pains, mental conditions. 
  • With a high germination rate for seeds, at 80%, which is an unbeatable number!
  • All seeds are guaranteed fresh and ready to grow
  • All seeds are placed inside quality breeder’s packaging, so these arrive fresh
  • Take advantage of great shipping deals and free seeds promos.
  • Customer service available for customers 24/7

What Are The Best CBD Strains from Sonoma Seeds?

The best CBD strains are just a few clicks away at Sonoma Seeds. Check the most popular CBD strains here:

  • Auto Critical CBD Seeds – this is a potent hybrid cannabis strain with high CBD content and mild THC. You’ll enjoy relief for pain, anxiety, stress, and depression as you feel a mild high.
  • Cali Kush CBD Seeds – a Golden State strain popular for its huge and dense buds loaded with delicious trichomes.  
  • Super Silver Haze CBD Seeds – every bud of this potent CBD strain is coated with rich trichomes, evidence of its very prominent medical effects. 

Aside from CBD seeds, you can also buy Sonoma Seeds high CBD, indica, and sativa strains. All these seeds are covered by Sonoma Seed’s high germination policy.