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Sonoma Seeds

If you want to buy Sonoma Seeds marijuana seeds, then we are happy to tell you that we carry the brand. You can buy regular, feminized and autoflowering cannabis seeds from Sonoma Seeds here. You can buy therapeutic indica seeds and grow your supply indoors and outdoors. You can also purchase top sativa-dominant strains with no more than 20% indica, and you can also buy a balanced hybrid, which is currently the most popular among customers.

About Sonoma Seeds

Sonoma Seeds is a West Coast company that provides the best marijuana strains to customers all over the world. The company stands by the impressive quality of its seeds, whether you’re looking for recreational cannabis or medicinal cannabis strains.

Sonoma Seeds is proud of its organic strains. You can count on these seeds to be free from dangerous chemicals that can only bring harm to your health. These seeds were grown in the most natural way, therefore, all seeds from Sonoma Seeds are guaranteed to have the best genetics.

Sonoma Seeds’ motto is “grow organically” and recommend their customers to do the same. By sticking to this simple ethic, you’ll be able to ensure the best quality end-product as well as a cannabis plant for more generations to come.

Sonoma Seeds have strict germination instructions that must be followed to the T. The company recommends only spring water to eliminate 99% of any factors of tap or well water that can affect germination. You’ll find the complete germination guide from their official site.

Just some of Sonoma Seeds’ top strains include Acapulco Gold, AK47, Auto Critical CBD, Blue Diesel Autoflower Feminized, Blueberry Regular, Bruce Banner Hybrid, Chocolope Sativa, Hawaiian Gold Autoflower Feminized, Juicy Fruit Autoflowering Feminized, Sweet Tooth Indica, White Widow Autoflower Feminized and many more.

For more information about Sonoma Seeds, call their dedicated customer service hotline or email your concern and they will reply as soon as they can.