Regular Seeds

Regular Marijuana Seeds

Regular cannabis seeds are also called photoperiod seeds. These are seeds from regular plants that possess traditional features. Regular seeds can be either male or female, which means a bag of regular seeds will have male and female seeds. You won’t be able to tell which are males or females as well.

Regular plants will only flower when these are exposed to a 12 hour light and a 12-hour darkness schedule. So unless you expose your plants to this lighting schedule, these will remain in the vegetative stage. In the wild, regular cannabis plants take a long time to flower. You can expect regular strains to bloom in 10 to 12 weeks.

Why grow regular marijuana seeds?

Regular cannabis seeds are a part of a stable and successful cannabis breeding program. When breeding new cannabis, you need female and male plants. Regular seeds will let you grow stable, healthy plants under the right growing conditions.

Growing regular seeds will let you grow a variety of recreational cannabis strains as well as medical strains. It’s a fact that the prices of recreational and medicinal cannabis are becoming more and more expensive due to the growing popularity of weed. You can save money by growing your own supply at home.

And if cannabis growing and use are prohibited in your area, you can benefit a lot from growing cannabis at home. You can choose from regular indica strains which are the perfect size for growing weed indoors. You may also cultivate cannabis strains that yield more despite the minimal effort. This is something that can help you harvest more weed even when you’re growing in a small space at home.

Regular cannabis seeds are among the most affordable cannabis seeds from local and online seed banks. But if you want to grow cannabis fast minus the 12/12 schedule, then you must check out autoflowering cannabis strains.