Beaver Seeds

Beaver Seeds

If you are looking for Beaver Seeds marijuana seeds, then look no further because we have this brand for you. We offer all kinds of cannabis seeds, including regular, feminized and autoflowering cannabis seeds from Beaver Seeds. If you’re looking for recreational cannabis seeds, then we have the best selection of high THC strains from Beaver Seeds. And if you want medicinal cannabis seeds, then you’ll surely find high-quality CBD-potent strains from none other than Beaver Seeds. We even have the most popular strains including landrace and organic seeds.

Beaver Seeds is opened its doors to customers in 2009. It is a 100%-owned, popular seed bank that carries only quality seeds compared to other companies that have inferior seeds. Beaver Seeds also have the most popular cannabis strains that consumers are looking for, and this allows them to buy popular cannabis strains in bulk with the best prices.

Beaver Seeds is known for its quality and affordable seeds. There are outdoor seeds for growers who want to cultivate cannabis in a garden or yard. There are also indoor cannabis seeds, perfect for the stealth grower. All cannabis seeds from Beaver Seeds have high germination rates, so it’s a guarantee that your seeds will grow to lovely plants in no time.

Just some of the best Beaver Seeds products include the Acapulco Gold Feminized seeds, Behold-The Devil’s Crack, Blackberry Auto Flowering, Chocolate Chunk Regular, Great White Shark Feminized, Green Crack Regular, and Kali Mist Feminized to name a few.

Beaver Seeds has several store locations in Canada, including its main location in Vancouver, BC. If you have questions about their products or you just want to talk to a representative about their company, then you may send your inquiry via email at or use their phone Live Chat service. You may also visit their official website at