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Northern Lights Auto

The Northern Lights Auto is our autoflowering version of the famous strain from the 90’s. Famous for its potent and euphoric high, the auto version keeps all the traits of the original plant. Compact flowers inherited from the Afghani and a strong smell that can get some metallic notes. A great smoke for creativity.

Critical Northern Lights Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Critical Northern Lights is an Indica leaning hybrid that gives a  potent mood uplifting, euphoric, and deeply relaxing effect to its users. Obviously, the genetic lineage of this cannabis strain is the legendary Critical Mass and Northern lights marijuana strain. This weed inherited the heavy, dense buds of the Critical Mass while users enjoy the deep sedating body high from northern lights. With a THC level of 18% expect to get a powerful relaxed and calming feeling that may put you into a deep sleep soon. With the heavy body high this strain produces, it is highly recommended to enjoy the stone at night

Northern Lights #10 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Northern Lights #10 feminized is an indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain with a short flowering period. It is easy to grow, but it must be done inside a greenhouse or indoors. Your plants are able to grow up to a height of 200 cm and yield 20 percent THC. Northern Lights #10 fem is not a novice strain, needing a temperate, sunshine setting. To increase its yields, this strain should be grown indoors or ideally inside a greenhouse. 

A popular predictor with an outstanding flowering period and a herbal aroma and flavor is Northern Lights # 10. It’s a strain that makes you feel absolutely comfortable, ready to fall asleep. Its extreme sedating effects make insomnia, discomfort, loss of appetite, anxiety, and stress a powerful and natural remedy.

Northern Lights Regular Seeds Cannabis Seeds

Get ready to feel the legendary effects of Northern Lights strain. It is a hybrid made from the union of three powerful strains, and thus, NL has excellent flavors and effects. You’ll love to use this for relaxing, especially during lazy afternoons. It’s also easy to cultivate and is not demanding at all in any growing area.

Northern Lights Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Gaze at the stars as you dive into the sweet relaxing effect of Northern Lights from Sonoma Seeds. This fantastic strain comes with a pungent, sweet and spicy aroma that comes from its dense and crystal-coated buds. Northern Lights give you a potent relaxing effect that will settle deep in your body and inside your mind. You will be overpowered in dreamy euphoria which will last for a long time.

Northern Lights offer comfortable relaxation and laziness. You will be completely relaxed and at the same time very sleepy allowing you to forget about negative depressive thoughts and stressful situations. There are a number of Northern Lights phenotypes that are available in the market, choose the best one that will match your mood.

For growers, Northern Lights is easy to grow and will yield more buds than any other indica strain. It flowers in just 7 to 9 weeks but remains a small plant which means it is ideal for growing indoors and in stealth situations.

Northern Lights Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Northern Lights Seeds Autoflower from Sun West Genetics is a superbly easy plant to grow. There is no need for the light cycles to be changed as this cannabis plant will flower on its own, no matter what light conditions are. This indica-dominant weed strain has in the Northern Lights infamous lineage with the ruderalis cannabis plant genetics that makes it flower automatically in as short a period of 8 to 9 weeks. Highly resilient, Northern Lights Seeds Autoflower makes the process of cultivating this weed strain a much better gardening experience. From the time it is planted to the harvest of the resinous buds, this marijuana plant will prove to be a joy to cultivate. The purple-hued buds are thickly covered with crystalline trichomes that shall provide the lovely high and effects of Northern Lights pot when dried and process for smoking, vaping, or when made into other marijuana products such as cannabis oil.

Northern Lights Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Indulge in one of the most popular strains today – Northern Lights Autoflower! If you are looking for one strain that will satisfy your preferences, this strain will give you highly memorable scent, and unique stoned high. There is nothing to expect but quality from this award-winning strain. This strain is tried and tested, ideal for giving you and your friends a good knockout time. Whether you are up for smoking this strain or growing it for commercial purposes, you know you made the right choice!

Northern Lights Strain Profile: The Origin Of A True Indica Classic

  If you’ve ever laid eyes on a cannabis plant, you’ve probably heard of the Northern Lights strain. Available from Rocket Seeds in Autoflowering, Feminized, and Regular seeds, Northern Lights […]

Northern Mango Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Northern Mango Auto is a very tasty and tropical strain that has plenty to offer, from its qualities down to its wonderful effects. This Indica-dominant autoflowering cannabis is created by crossing the Mango, Northern Lights, and Big Bang Auto strains. Thus, the creation of a strain that has a mouth-watering, rich, and fruity aroma with a very quick growing cycle. 

Harnessing award-winning genetics, this herb is considered to be perfectly well-rounded, producing effects that are ideally suited to both recreational and medicinal use. And it has kept all the delectable flavors of the original strain which are very pleasing to the senses. Moreover, it is impressively quick and easy to grow and is a provider of high-quality and decent yields. Northern Mango Auto strain is just like its predecessor, a truly special marijuana that’s worth its award-winning lineage.

Northern Wreck Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Together with the Northern Lights marijuana variety, the Northern Wreck Auto cannabis plant has always been one of the favorites. These two groups are possibly both of the planet’s strongest, most accepted marijuana strains. Northern Wreck is an extremely high Indica-dominant hybrid. A lot back in the day, it used to develop and it was a star crop, flowering in as little as 6 weeks. This strain of Northern Wreck has the same quick bloom time and heavy yield as Train Wreck, but like Northern Lights, with a more detailed high.

Northern Critical Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Northern Critical is the result of Northern Lights and the Critical. This Indica-dominant combination comprising as much as 19 percent THC should not be overlooked. This herb will delight your taste buds before you even heat up, producing aromas of wet and muscular earth with zesty notes. But combusting this pot is the ideal reprieve from life’s everyday stressors, quickly and hard-hitting enough just to shake you into a pleasant psychoactive position before you’ve had space in your chair to get relaxed.

It provides a hard-hitting euphoric buzz right after intake, which gradually transforms into a relaxed state accompanied by a dreamy glow. For recreational and medicinal use, other good results make it suitable. Moreover, in the growth space, this strain also performs admirably. Cultivating and producing generous yields composed of colossal, coated trichome buds is simple.

Northern Berry Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Northern Berry Seeds Autoflower is a strong blueberry scented strain which never fails to amaze even the veteran smokers. It’s a complex blend of both sativa and indica worlds, but the strain often induces an invigorating and relaxed feeling.

This hybrid is well-balanced and sure to give both the soothing and uplifting effects that you deserve. That makes it a good option when you want to unwind late at night. Northern Berry Seeds Autoflower provides extreme cerebral effects and a partially psychedelic state. This will offer you the best smoking experience that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.

Once tasted, you will surely crave for more! There’s no problem with the supply because this cannabis plant can yield consistently throughout the year. Therefore, you will have new buds to harvest even before you run out of buds from your previous harvest.

There are so much more things you will enjoy about this plant. You will discover them only when you add Northern Berry Seeds Autoflower in your garden. If you like this plant, get your seeds now at Sonoma Seeds.

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