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Chemdawg #4 Feminized Seeds

Intense, Chemdawg#4 brings you up into the clouds when smoked. Power-packed and known for fast-acting pain relief, this weed strain is one of the most popular among the Chemdawg phenotypes. Indica-dominant, it has the sativa mind-expansion capacity. It brings about relaxation and inspiration at the same time. The high of this weed can skyrocket up to 26%. To cultivate this tall cannabis plant that reaches sativa height with buds that have the indica body buzz is harvesting the best of both types. To cultivate this weed strain is a great gardening experience as it will give high yields with the proper marijuana care. You’ll be amazed at the impressive crop you’ll get when you plant Chemdawg#4 feminized seeds by Blimburn seeds.

Cannabis Seeds in California

California is a well-known state all over the world for its luscious wineries, surfing beaches, and celebrities. However, on November 2-15, the golden state introduced Proposition 64 which made legal the cultivation, selling and consumption of Cannabis Seeds for recreational marijuana. This was built on a 20-year history of the liberalization of cannabis law in […]

A La Mode Feminized Cannabis Seeds

The well-balanced hybrid A La mode Feminized cannabis is a cross of Chemdawg and Sunset Sherbet. An indica-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis called A La Mode Feminized Cannabis Seeds has a sweet, fruity scent and a high THC level. Because of its simple cultivation and abundant production of resinous buds with THC concentrations that average approximately 22%, this strain is well-liked by cannabis fans. Cannabis connoisseurs love it because of its distinctive flavor and scent. Overall, A La Mode Feminized Cannabis Seeds is a strain that is highly regarded in the cannabis industry. Make sure to have yours from Rocket Seeds now so you won’t get left behind!

Cookie Dog Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Cookie Dog Auto strain is an indica-dominant hybrid (70%) strain created by crossing Chemdawg with Girl Scout Cookies’ sweet taste. This bud is very mild and focuses only on your mind. Cookie Dog marijuana takes the subtle flavor of Girl Scout Cookies and makes it more intense using many chemicals.

Triangle Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

The Triangle Kush is a homage to the top 3 cities in Florida that produce cannabis: Miami, Tampa, and Jacksonville, which illustrates a triangle like shape on the map. It is said to believe that this strain has OG Kush genetics that is often associated with Chemdawg, Hindu Kush, and Lemon Thai strains. This Indica dominant plant has a high THC level with low CBD which gives an uplifting feeling to its users and at the same have properties that results to a tranquil experience. Growing this plant is a delight as it can thrive in any environment and yields at a medium level.

Stardawg Feminized Cannabis Seeds

The Stardawg marijuana strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid between Chemdawg #4 and Tres Dawg. This long-lasting strain has a 20% THC level that packs an energizing high which is perfect for social settings. The mix of diesel, lemon and pine makes the flavor and odor of this strain standout.

The Stardawg strain when grown into a full sized dark-green plant is eye-catching to say the least. With its long and thin light green leaves filled with dense buds coated in thick and sticky trichomes, this strain is truly something special. In as fast as 7-8 weeks, this average-sized baby yields an incredible 500-700g/m2 when grown indoors and 800g per plant outdoors.

OG Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

The OG Kush Feminized is definitely among the most common strains worldwide. Known for its strong high punch, this tasty strain has several parental hypotheses, with the parents being the most decided upon by the Chemdawgand Hindu Kush  

Being an Indica leaning strain, it delivers a moderately extreme cerebral high combined with relaxing and euphoric relief, weighing in at 25% Sativa and 75%Indica. There’s a reason this strain has achieved such prominence over the past three decades, with hints of lime, herb, and citrus tastes and also nuanced earthy scents.

Sour Diesel Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Be prepared to take a trip to another plane of existence with the help of Sour Diesel. Also known as the “Top Cash Crop Strain,” this extra dank weed is ideal for anyone looking to take a psychedelic trip having to deal with couch locks. You’ll have additional energy to go about your business but sights, sounds, and sometimes even smells may take another form of reality.

Enter a room with the Sour Diesel plant and prepare yourself for its pungent presence. It strongly reeks of fuel that any lover of the smell of burning engines will immediately fall in love with this bud. This cannabis strain already earned its reputation to loyal marijuana fans around the world thanks to its ability to provide strong mental and physical effects with no worry of couch locks. It’s guaranteed to bring good vibrations throughout the duration of its highs.

Also commonly known as Sour D, make no mistake as this notoriously fast-acting Sativa-dominant cannabis strain will make you see and feel things. This cross between the Chemdawg, NL, and Skunk strains will surely make you come back for more.

Top 10 Strongest Marijuana Strains

Experienced cannabis advocates may reach for their favorite strains to address anxiety, pain or even depression. With literally countless strains available in the world and new phenotypes constantly being developed, it can help to have the strongest marijuana strains curated for your ease of access. Today, we are going to take a closer look at ten of the strongest […]

Choosing the Best Marijuana Feminized Seeds to Cultivate

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]If you try to cultivate marijuana, then you are in the perfect place. New growers should understand the value of using feminized seeds; seasoned growers would know the difference already. It is choosing the best-feminized marijuana strains available, regardless of your level of cultivation expertise. The development of useful pot plants takes a lot of […]

12 Best Indica Strains in the World

Though the competition for which type of cannabis strain is the best, your preference is the top priority. Studies show that the best Indica strains are suitable for both medical and recreational use, so you can still enjoy a smoke with benefits or experience the addicting effects while you recover.  Indices give off a relaxing […]

10 of the Strongest Weed in the World

Every strain of weed has something to offer, and when it comes to their effects, they share many similarities. It is a big competition for cannabis in terms of the strength from their THC levels, the most prized attribute by all users. To do the search for the most potent strains, we have gathered the […]

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